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Perspective. It’s All About Perspective!

Perspective.  It’s All About Perspective!

It’s all in the perspective, unless you want to look at it some other way. ;)

Jenna Elfman ready to wind up.

Jenna Elfman ready to wind up.

  • Chad Billingsley is a bum, because he has been horrible and has a 4.05 ERA!”  Did you know that Cole Hamels has a 4.07 ERA and the guy who some want to take Bills place in the roattaion has a 4.02 ERA?  Did you know that Jake Peavy had a 4.09 ERA in 2006 (for the season)?  He had sub-3.00 ERA’s the two years before and two years after.  It’s all about perspective.
  • Cole Hamels just reveled that earlier in the year, he had an elbow problem, which was preventing him from throwing all his pitches.  “He’s a trooper -he plays through pain.”   “He’s selfish, putting himself over the team.”  How you feel depends upon your perspective.
  •   “We can’t win the Series without Billingsley.”  “We can’t win the Series with Billingsley.”  Again, it’s your perspective!

I can’t say if Chad Billingsley will be in the playoff rotation, simply because there’s still time for him to turn it around.  Will he?  I have no opinion.  How you look at something depends upon a variety of factors, including how you were raised, your relationships, your life experience and your proclivity to negativity or positivism.   Your perspective is unique to you and we all have some type of different perspective.  Perspective keeps things interesting.  Keep your perspective, but be respectful.  That’s all!  


  • One bunt this year and Casey Blake gets it down perfectly today.  While there are lots of better 3B, there aren’t many better role players and teammates.  Maybe he can teach Russ Martin how to bunt…
  • A couple of months ago, someone regailed me when I said that Andre Ethier could be a 40 HR player next year.  Does anyone still think that’s not possible?
  • Ronnie Freaking Belliard!  What a pickup!
  • I might take back what I said about us not being able to win the Series without C-Bill – Something tells me that Garland, Wolf and Kershaw will step up!  Kuroda too…
  • According to Ken Gurnick, “No player in franchise history has had a season with at least 25 homers, 100 RBIs, 30 steals and a .300 average.”  Matt Kemp might be the first.
  • Who IS the Dodgers’ MVP?  Ethier or Kemp?  Or both?
  • From Kensai of Memories of Kevin Malone

A baseball prospect for the San Francisco Giants is the main suspect in the killing of a 25-year-old man in the Dominican Republic, police said Sunday.  Angel Villalona turned himself in 12 hours after the man was shot at a bar in the southern coastal city of La Romana, Col. Adrian Urbaez told The Associated Press.  The 19-year-old was considered the Giants’ most prized prospect when he signed and was chosen the top prospect in the Arizona Rookie League two years ago. Villalona will appear in court Monday and could face up to 20 years in prison if found guilty in the Saturday night killing of Mario Felix de Jesus Velete, police said.

  • From Eric Stephen of True BlueLA: ” Randy Wolf passed the 200-inning plateau for the first time since 2003, and triggered the final incentive bonus clause of his contract, bringing his total 2009 salary to $8 million.  Over his last six starts, Wolf is 6-0 with a 2.41 ERA, and he has pitched at least six innings in 16 consecutive starts.”
  • Magic Number to Clinch Playoff Spot – 4
  • Magic Number to Clinch Pennant – 7
  • Take a day off tomorrow!  Colts vs. Fins Monday Night!
  • Dodgers in DC on Tuesday.

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59 Responses to “Perspective. It’s All About Perspective!”

  1. if chad pitches we will lose the play off…he’ lost 5 or 6 in a row..and i dont believe he can turn it around.i dont care what his era. is.


    hey guys! (and gals)


    …anyone else making it to the nations capital???????

    a manny bear hug is my goal….go dodgers!

  3. New guy says:

    Go Dolphins!!!!

  4. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Go Raiders!!!

  5. DRomo says:

    OK Mark, do we want to compare Hamels to Billingsley? Chad is scheduloed to go against the Nats Wednesday. Hamel has had an average year at best but last week faced the Nats and turned in 8 innings, 1 run and 5 hits!! Lets see Chad come close. C Bills needs to step up or shut it down and get his head right. If he is hurt he needs to say something, but all indications are he is healthy and just not getting it done.

    Hopefully, the boys give him run support or a giant lead so he can not worry about it and just throw strikes! If he blows it in Washington Joe will have no choice but to put him in the bullpen for the rest of the year and we probably wont see him again until Glendale. C-Bills is becoming C-Bust!

  6. DRomo says:

    BTW, We finally beat an ace!! Maybe we can build on that. Lincecum looked like he was struggling in the brutal heat yesterday but that is no excuse, WE BEAT HIM!

  7. Badger says:

    Hudson’s were nice rods, don’t you think? I remember them. King of the road for a while.

    Right now, Hamels vs. Billingsley? I would hope the match-up is on Dodger soil.

    “One perspective is that dogs look their masters and people act like the team mascot in their city.” sorry ken, I don’t follow you.

    Why is our 3rd baseman bunting? I wonder how many bunts Sandoval has this year. Mark Reynolds?

  8. Bill Russell says:

    No matter what our 3rd baseman does, someone in here isn’t going to approve of it. I just wonder if La Roche caught fire and passed Casey in 3 catagories, would someone in here still stay quiet? Anyway, I enjoyed watching Blake lay a bunt down successfully. If only Russell and several others on the team could do the same.

    Romo, I have to admit that the next start for Chad will be a key start for both the Dodgers and Chad. Even if it’s only against the Nats. I think Hamels will step up in the playoffs, almost everyone does including the members of the MLB network. So comparing the two is apples and oranges. One has been an Ace and the other was a good #2.

  9. SpokaneBob says:

    Lincecum had super stuff for the first 3 innings. In the 4th his speed went from the low 90′s to 87-88 mph and he lost what seemed to be pin point control. We were able to pad the lead in the 4th, but thanks to Ethier, we had the gone ahead while he was still at his best.

    I agree with Casey bunting in that situation. Aginst Lincecum getting an insurance run was important. The bunt put runners on 2nd and 3rd with one out and increased the chance that we could push one across.

  10. lawdog says:

    I think C Bills is just suffering from “dead arm”. Too many innings the last few years. He’s lost velocity and movement on his heater and is “wild in the zone” with his stuff. He can throw strikes, it’s just that what used to be at the knees on the black is now belt level down broadway too much of the time. Rest and then work each day on each pitch for a bout week should be enough to get him over the hump. Will he be ready for the playoffs? I hope so but who knows?

    Padilla is a decent sub for him. He throws harder and with better movement. And while he might not have as many off speed pitches, he can control his well and can change up on that curve ball, making it an Ephus Curve.

  11. lawdog says:

    Padilla has more consistently good stuff than Garland.


  12. DRomo says:

    Casey bunted in that situation because it was the RIGHT THING TO DO! Against Lincecum with only a 1 run lead you need runs. Kudos for knowing how to bunt! Sadly as we have seen this year dropping a bunt is easier said than done. You know, that is a prime example of why stat junkies and fantasy baseball has corrupted how we look at this game. Blake is old school, he does the things that need to be done, and the bunt was needed.

    I guess a better example was the other night I was watching the Yankees play Toronto and Cevelli got a game winning hit. Everybody said what a great job he did and he was the hero! What NOBODY noticed was the hitter before him did. Jeter hit the ball to the right side getting Gardner to 3rd. THAT was the right thing to do. That was good baseball. Jeter won’t get a sacrafice and wont get fantasy points but HE won that game! Thats good baseball!!

    Peace fellas & lady!

  13. Kay in L.A. says:

    I would have liked a sweep of the midgets, but I’ll take 2 out of 3. Go, Casey, with a textbook bunt. And, once again, the bullpen was solid.

    Mr. Mike: This one is for Blue “We can’t beat an Ace” Haze.

    LMBO!! I am also tuning out those nitwits on the post-season show from now on. They went on and on how something was wrong with Lincecum. I say, from Dodgers hitters perspective, something was right.

    Ken, we need a new song: “I’ve got pennant fever, he’s got pennant fever, etc., etc.” :-)

    Belliard over Thome, you’ve got no argument there.
    Oh, and my theory is that Belliard is to Loney as Manny is to Andre.

  14. Mark Timmons says:

    From my perspective, I didn’t like what was going on, so back to baseball…

  15. Blue Haze says:

    That bunt was the perfect play in that situation, and Blake did a textbook job of making the 3Ber field the bunt. Team baseball usually wins over individuals playing for themselves, that just happen to be wearing the same uniform. Please Kay don’t encourage Nutless Wonder about a new song, he ain’t clever or slightly entertaining.

  16. Kay in L.A. says:

    It’s all in the perspective, unless you want to look at it some other way

    Mark, is that a Yogi-ism? Cute.

    I would go so far as to say that Ethier might be another Sadaharu Oh.

    The magic number is 7?! That would be on LADODGERDAVE’S jersey, right? Will be lookin’ for you…..Get a picture of the hug.

    I see what you’re sayin’ there, Romo, and appreciate it. The little things and the fundamentals are what make baseball a great game.

  17. Badger says:

    OK, the bunt was a good thing. Everybody should be able to bunt. If you can’t, something went wrong in Little League.

    I already did my push-ups Bill. It’s over as far as I am concerned. However, if LaRoche wins I expect you to drop and give me 100.

  18. Mark Timmons says:

    Let’s bet on NEXT year.

    I will say this – I have a lot of respect for Casey Blake. He’s “Joe Lunchbucket” but he’s solid and clutch. He fits well on this team.

    Did you see what Torre said about Hudson and Belliard? It looks like O-Dog is losing or has lost his job:

  19. Blue Haze says:

    Just to make nice and to share the love, I am going to join both of you guys, Badger and Bill, and I am going to do my 100 push-ups (50 x 2, is my limit. if you guys are dong all 100 at once, my hat is off to you).

    Funny thing about bunting, from my experience, if you get a guy who is really shy (afraid) to put his hand near harms way, he will never be a good bunter. If you get a guy who listens and then actually places his hands correctly (including having the up hand with a somewhat rolled finger grip), much of the fear is eliminated and a decent bunter has been made. Is that how you see it, Badger?

  20. lawdog says:

    I think most players who can’t bunt have the problem because they don’t practice it in earnest.

  21. your wright about that lawdog because they swing for the fence all the time..same as martin..he seem to be going for the fence all the time.just to bad he cant find it..the younger player to me just not a good as the older guys..yes they have power..but the base hits and the small ball is what got us here.

  22. Bill Russell says:

    Are you kidding Haze, If I would have lost it would have been 10 x 10 to finish off the bet. That’s 10 days of 10 pushups and a few vicoden’s to support my back and neck pain. I’m not betting anything next year unless it’s money. Go Blue

  23. SpokaneBob says:

    Mark, I’ll bet you that Odog is the starter when we begin post season play.

  24. DRomo says:

    The funny thing about Casey bunting is when he bunted all I thought of was Andy LaRoche! I hope he was watching or his uncle (Mark) will show him that, THAT is when you drop down a bunt!! Not with the bases juiced! LOL

    Does anyone else think the Dodgers & Thome are going to have to bite the bullet and get him a start at 1B after we clinch? The reason is he needs 2-3 ABs in a game to get in the groove. Then we take our chances to have him come off the bench. If the postseason started today I think that guy is lost at the plate.

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      Jim Thome says he called Dodgers General Manager Ned Colletti before the trade was completed to say he was physically unable to play first base and could only pinch-hit.

      L.A. Times

  25. Bill Russell says:

    I agree Romo, we will have to find a way to get Jim more at bats before the playoffs begin. We need him DHing in the series

  26. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t know if I’d bet on the Belliard vs O-Dog thing yet. O-Dog saves runs on defense but he has to start hitting a little more to protect his job. If I had to throw down a bet right now, I’d bet on the Dog.

  27. Mark Timmons says:

    I won’t take that bet and I don’t really care. Maybe they will bring back Jeff Kent and keep them both on the bench…

  28. Mr.Mike says:

    Forget the clinching party, it’s all about the home field advantage and that race will go down to the finish. I really doubt that Thome even makes the playoff roster. It was a nice thought but he is just along for the ride now. It’s funny how all year people have been on Joe,Ned and Honey; now all they have is the best record in the league with the lowest ERA and they’re all getting ink praising their genious,that’s perspective. :}

  29. Harold says:

    OK, here it is, the secret to the Dodgers success this year. And some of you guys were dissing Rick Honeycutt.


  30. Badger says:

    Yep, that’s how I see it Haze.

    I did my 100 in three sets. If you can do it two, my hat’s off to you.

    Everyone at the ML should be able to bunt, but there are some guys who will NEVER be asked to bunt. Since Blake is hitting .235 WRISP, and doesn’t run particularly well, bunting the guys over so the next guy can hit them in is actually a smart play by Joe.


  31. DRomo says:


    I know Thome can’t play in the field. It is just my opinion that he ought to try for 6-7 innings to get some ABs. If you watched him in the AL he was always a guy who would strikeout 1 or 2 times a game then get big hits. It is like most good hitters they figure a pitchers tendencies from experience. Now he has no chance really to figure it out. It was the risk we took (I still think it is worth it). Also he will definately be on the playoff roster like it or not (unless he is hurt). The reason is to effect the way the other manager uses his bullpen. Even if he punches out we will make them use their lefty specialist.

  32. Blue Haze says:

    Surprised my old body, I can still crank out the push ups, got 55 first set and 45 second set (not bad for an old man that had already had a 45 minute lifting session this morning at 7. Started getting serious about my workouts 2 months ago, thus enabling me to volunteer for my “brotherly” support of you two gamblers.) I told you guys that I had two bulging disks very low in my back, which was my motivation to get my overall body strength back. Glad to say I have improved dramatically thru some sophisticated traction (decompression therapy) and what have now become some pretty tough workouts 4 times a week. Why do I bring this up? Warning to the youngsters to get serious about their overall health and conditioning, also don’t get up on a questionable ladder, the fall ain’t bad but the landing sucks.

    Hey Badger, I got a stat question for you, what does “GO/AO” stand for? It is a batting statistic and for the life of me I can’t figure out this acronym. You got me covered?

  33. DRomo says:

    GO/AO = Getting Old/ Acting Old ?

  34. DRomo says:

    I’m kidding Blue, I am listening to your advice. Staying in shape in my mid 30′s isn’t as easy as it used to be, but I know it’s necessary!

  35. Mark Timmons says:

    I’m still battling my hip – still pain when I walk. I walk 2 or 3 miles a day, do 8-10 miles on the stationary bike and do the hip adductors and abductors (3 sets of 15 @190 lbs), but my leg is still very weak and I have limp. I’m about 30% after 10 weeks and I think I am improving about 1/2 percent a day.

    Haze, I’m not Badger, but GO/AO is “Ground Out/Fly Out Ratio.” I don”t know why they don’t call it GO/FO!

  36. Mark Timmons says:

    My wife and I joined LA Fitness. She said she likes going there with me so that she can “workout with a dumb bell.” I don’t get it…

  37. Blue Haze says:

    Sorry to hear that your progress is somewhat slowed from your hip surgery, Mark Timmons. All I can say, is keep at it, if you don’t see real improvements, see another doctor. The main thing is to do what you think is right, you are the best diagnostic tool available for your health. Thanks for the explanation on GO/AO, now I am trying to figure out why that is important enough to list in a general set of performance measures. The only place I see that having some pertinence is to the batting coach that may be working with a player. Other than that, it seems like one of those stats that really is overkill.

    Good one,DRomo, don’t ever worry about good-natured ribbing, I love that stuff. Mean-spirited, unprovoked crap put out there with the sole purpose of just being an asshole gets my blood boiling, it is just so unnecessary. In my youth, crap like that earned the offender a bloody nose or worse. We are good, DRomo, you are breath of fresh air. Keep having fun.

    “Illegitimus non carborundum” — Blue Haze

  38. Badger says:

    I got shoulder issues that won’t allow me to lift heavy anymore. I have the perfect push-up tool I use for my p.u.’s which makes it a tad more difficult. I got the P90X series from my kid and it’s just a butt kicker and I only do maybe two of those a week. I am still doing the Sedona hikes for exercise. I just never get tired of the wilderness area around here. I live in a National Park.

    Mark’s right about GA/AO. It’s a pitching stat – ground out to air outs. GO’s are usually a better out cuz it keeps the big fly out of play. Also induces more DP’s.

    I agree about Thome. (Thome?) If he doesn’t get some AB’s the rest of the year, he is going to be ice cold come play-off time. I would think as soon as we got him he would be asked to take extra infield, 50 grounders a day kind of thing. Why not? The reason he didn’t before he got here is because he just didn’t need to. Now, he does. He should play 1b in the blow-outs – especially since we have so many of them. And, I would sure his him before Loretta in the PH role. He needs the work, how else is he going to get it?

    Sounds like your wife was maybe doing some dumbbell work-outs before you guys joined LA Fitness Mark.

    Just saw Informant! Weird movie, but, I did enjoy it.

  39. mark ..i had surgery on my 5 vertbra,s in my neck is now 9 month later ..and have had a stiff should and neck ever since..but been getting shots and epadrills in my neck and yes it take a while

  40. Blue Haze says:

    It’s a batting stat, I found it when I went to look up the stats of Casey Blake and Andy LaRoche (hey, I had to know if I was going to join in and do the PU).

    I know what you mean about shoulder problems, no longer can do bar dips or incline pushups, just to much pressure on the shoulders. Bench dips are still do-able for some reason, don’t kill me like the bar dips.

  41. Bill Russell says:

    I thought I had signed onto a senior living site and not Dodger talk. I guess I started it with my 10 pushups in 10 day comment.

    Romo sounds like our youngest of the group. He’ll have to carry the Dodger torch once we all move on.

  42. Blue Haze says:

    Speak up, Sonny, I missed that.

    I ain’t going anywhere soon, DRomo, I’m a young 48 (is that possible, or am I kidding myself) and full of piss and vinegar. I got a lot of Dodger Torch carrying left in me, you won’t be left alone.

  43. ken says:

    Have not heard of that drink at the local bar.

  44. ken says:

    Running sideways like a crab
    Making fielding work real bad
    From your feet to the top of your heart
    Go crazy with every pitch
    You don’t ever want to go to bed

    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!

    Watch your slugger boogie down
    Don’t you stop till they hit one downtown
    Feeling good, make it your desire
    You got to keep cheering
    The whole place catching fire
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever

    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever

    Pennant fever! Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever
    Everybody got a Pennant fever!
    Pennant fever! Pennant fever
    Everybody got a Pennant fever!

  45. DRomo says:

    HAHA MAYBE I am the baby of the bunch. But it sounds like you all have enough to keep up!

    If there was a drink called the Dodger Torch I’d take a double

  46. mark says:


    We can help you get over this. We can get you therapy…


  47. mark says:

    A year ago, I was the fastest 6′ 4″, 250 lb. 56 year-old you ever saw! ;)

    Now, I get beat by a 4′ 6″ 520 pound 65-year old.

    I am getting better, but it’s slower than I thought.

    It just the pain. I have most of the motion back. I can get in the catchers’ position with my butt on the back of my ankles and rise up in one motion. That’s hard for some people who haven’t had their hip replaced.

    I went up stairs yesterday two steps at a time, but it hurt! I hope to be fine by Spring Training. Last year, all the walking killed me (16 Advil a day – that will kill you too).

  48. Mr.Mike says:

    3 miles a day is not only good for the body but does wonders for the mind. Wow Indy might pull this out.

  49. Mr.Mike says:

    Geezer roll call, July 6 52!

  50. Mr.Mike says:

    Try Motrin Mark, works here. Signed Chatty Cathy. :}}}

  51. mark says:

    All Indy needed was the ball for 15 minutes the whole game.

    2 Words:

    Dallas Clark!

  52. Bill Russell says:

    I can tell Ken didn’t write for the Eagles, Beatles or Stones. Maybe the Police could have used him. Poor Sting repeated his lyrics over and over and over and over again. Message in the bottle , message in the bottle, message in the bottle, message in the bottle. I never knew if my album was skipping or if it was ok.

    Next mission is Washington and then the mightly Pirates with the slugging #4 hitter Andy LaRoche. If we can’t pass this test then_________.
    I’ll leave the fill in for the positive thinkers.

  53. GoNzO says:

    gonzo here 33 in Dec. Damn! I remember I was 18 or 19 when I started posting on the LA Times site time flys.

  54. Blue Haze says:

    DAng, I have surgery scars that have already celebrated their 33rd Birthdays.

    Mark Timmons, see if the doctor can give you 800mg ibuprofen instead of taking the advil over the counter stuff. Prescription strength ibuprofen uses better fillers (the non-pharmaceutical stuff that is what makes up the majority of any pill), better fillers actually will deliver the drug to your body more effectively and quicker. Trust me, it may make a real difference. If you can get the inflammation down for a prolonged period of time, your body will actually start to mend again.

    DAmn, we can argue about Dodger stuff, but we are definitely united in our aches and pains.


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