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Mr. GoodWrench Really Makes Me Mad!

Mr. GoodWrench Really Makes Me Mad!

It turns out that Chad Billingsley’s pitching problems are the fault of the guys who work on his car.  Mr. GoodWrench is at fault!  Boy, that really makes me mad and I know that he’s bent

Mr. GoodWrench Is At Fault!

Mr. GoodWrench Is At Fault!

 out of shape about it as well.   Joe Torre informed us of the situation and Ken Gurnick of wrote it down:  “Mechanics at heart of Billingsley’s woes.”  Well, that’s comforting.  I hate it when the guys who work on your car mess things up.  So, all Chad has to do is hire some new mechanics, and his problems are behind him (kind of like someone with hemorrhoids).  Now, that we have that problem solved, we are ready for the World Series.  LOOK!  Even Ray Charles can see it’s a mechanical issue.  That, or he’s tipping his pitches.  I’m sure that the Dodgers are putting out feelers to other players they know to see if that’s the case.  I’ll say it again - I WE WIN IT ALL, IT WILL BE WITH CHAD BILLINGSLEY PLAYING A SIGNIFICANT ROLE.

Seriously, I questioned the Ronnie Belliard trade, but after hitting a Grand Slam off of Bad Penny, I would have traded Kershaw, Martin, Ethier and Kemp for him!  Anyone who hits a Granny off the Mental Midget is worthy of becoming a lifetime Dodger.  Don’t annoint him our starter next year though.  He’s just a journeyman and Ned caught “lightening in a bottle” for the third year in a row (Marlon Anderson in 2007, Manny in 2008 and Ronnie, Padilla and Garland in 2009).


  • Kevin Baxter of The LA Times has an excellent article of the emergence of Andre Ethier as a star.  One thing I have noticed and was confirmed by Baxter is the fact that Andre Ethier is hitting .314 with 18 home runs and 68 RBIs with Manny in the lineup, without him, he’s batting nearly 80 points lower with fewer than half as many RBIs.  Hopefully, he can step up and be THE man after Manny moves on.  By the way, Baxter reminds us that Ned Colletti fleeced Billy Beane on this deal.
  • As NJ Slimers of the LA Times  points out, Home Field Advantage is critical to toe Dodgers post season success.  We currently have the best record- we need to maintain that!  BTW, I have now christened TJ Simers with a new name “NJ SLIMERS”  – “NJ” stands for Nut Job!
  • Ken Gurnick of  gives Ned Colletti some well-deserved praise.
  • Vicente Padilla is 3-0 with a 2.01 ERA in four starts for the Dodgers. Jon Garland is 2-0. 3.32 in three starts. Not too shabby.  Cliff Lee has won less games than this pair in the same time period.  Maybe we can overwhelm the Phils and Cards with Sheer Numbers of Pitchers?
  • As maligned as James Loney has been, he could finish the season with 15 HR/95 RBI and a .290 BA!   That ain’t chump change.  I am beginning to believe that the Dodger Brass is right – James Loney has 25-30 HR power.  He’ll get there.
  • Which brings us to whether the Dodgers can lockup their young stars.  Here’s the problem:  They are going to want to be paid on future production.  Based upon that, here’s what their agents will be asking for:
    • Loney – $12 mil/5 years
    • Martin – $10 mil/5 years
    • Kemp – $15 mil/5 years
    • Ethier – $17 mil/5 years
  • The Dodgers will want to pay them for what they are currently doing.  The question is whether they will compromise? 
  • When I was in LA in May and met with Colletti and Company, Ned was asked what player he was most likely to sign long-term and his response was “Chad Billingsley.”  My, how times change!
  • MSTI makes the argument that the 2009 Dodgers bullpen is the BEST EVER!  I’ve been on that bandwagon for some time.
  • The Dodgers are 43-23 against the NL West.  Nice!
  • Wolf and Lincecum today

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38 Responses to “Mr. GoodWrench Really Makes Me Mad!”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Which brings us to whether the Dodgers can lockup their young stars. Here’s the problem: They are going to want to be paid on future production. Based upon that, here’s what their agents will be asking for:

    * Loney – $12 mil/5 years
    * Martin – $10 mil/5 years
    * Kemp – $15 mil/5 years
    * Ethier – $17 mil/5 years

    There isn’t a chance in hell the dodgers can sign all those guys for five years for a total of $54 million. I think it is time to back away from the pain meds, Mark Timmons. Then again, maybe it is time to start distributing those pain meds to the rest of us.

  2. Badger says:

    It’s my opinion that the Dodgers can and should sign all those guys.

    I don’t know they will cost that much though, not this soon. I would think Loney would go for 5 years at an average of 9 per, Martin an average of 7 per, Kemp and Ethier both at 10 per. All of them would come out of those contracts near or under 30 and have plenty of time left to do it again.

    But knowing the Dodgers, they aren’t likely to offer 5 year contracts. They like the year to year or at best, 3 year deals. It should be interesting to see where this goes. If the Dodgers win it all, and these guys do well in the play-offs, they will be very interesting to other teams. If they fold again, then they’ll be easier to keep. Every one of them has their best years in front of them with Ethier and Kemp just about ready to have a string of monster years.

  3. Harold says:

    What a steal that would be! Those four guys for 5 years at $54M. Manny Ramirez makes almost half of that alone in one year. I expect that Ned might not go for five year contracts but it might be a wise thing to do.

    Even at what Badger suggests it would be a good deal compared to Manny’s, Schmidt’s, etc. Raffy and Blake are highly paid but will be off the payroll in a couple of years, Schmidt off for 2010 and Manny for 2011.

    I think it is possible to pay these guys very well, not forgetting, Bills (he’ll be OK), Clayton and Broxton.


  4. SpokaneBob says:

    First, Iam sure Mark ment per year. With Blake and Furcal leaving in two years I am sure if any long term (3 years or more) deals are done this winter, it they will be back loaded. Does anyone here know where each player stands with regard to free agency? Isn’t this the first year they are elgible for arbitration?

    And then there is Manny’s money. Does it become available this year or next and how does that play out.

    Bill, Belliard has exceeded my expectations but there is no way he starts playoff games ahead of Odog. You can’t give up Odog’s defense for slightly more power from Ronnie.

    And Badger, averages aside, you have to admit we are a better team with Blake at third than with any of our alturnitives.

  5. SpokaneBob says:


  6. SpokaneBob says:

    at least I can spell Bob

  7. Harold says:

    I don’t think any of those players are worth what Mark had posted per year. I know they would be projecting into the future as he suggested and Ned would look at now. Neither James or Russell are presently worth $12 and $10M respectively at this point. Russell certainly on a trend downward and James really not up from last year.

    Andre and Matt are both breaking out but it is a one year thing so far, not a consistent pattern. They too can’t command in the $15-17M range at this point. That would be totally unreasonable in terms of where they are and in terms of what the team has to do to keep progressing.

    I think Mark meant what he had written $/5 years.


  8. mark says:

    What I am saying is that is what those players will ask for and while we are at it, let me ask you that if they were free agents today, is there any doubt that some team wouldn’t offer them that?

    I think the Red Sox would sign all 4 at that number! That’s what we are up against!

    I am not saying they are worth that, but the market isn’t that far off from them.

    In fact, thise numbers might be low. Who would rather have Beltran over Kemp, but Beltran has a $122 mil contract?

    Ibanez makes $11.5 mil a year and is 12 years older than Andre.

    Boston covets Russell Martin, they’d give him $50 mil for 5 years in heartbeat.

    Who thinks that somone wouldn’t offer Kemp 10 years/$120 million?

    It may seen incredible, but that’s what other similar players are getting.

  9. GoNzO says:

    What the dodgers need to do with Kemp and ethier is give them the same type of contract MIL gave Braun.

  10. mark says:

    Haze, that’s PER YEAR, not for 5 years!

  11. mark says:

    What I am saying is that if we sign those 4 players, they will cost us at leat $54 mil A YEAR!

  12. mark says:


    The problem the Dodgers have is that unlike the Brewers, who did that in Brauns’s second year, the Dodgers have to deal with players who now have 3-4 years of experience. Arbitration and Free Agency are much closer, negating the Dodgers bargining power.

  13. ken says:

    ACE Meter for July 1 through yesterday including starts for all teams

    Wolf 2.54 (High innings, good ERA and low WHIP)
    Garland 3.03 (Overall good)
    Kershaw 3.44 (High WHIP & Lack of innings)
    Kuroda 3.56 (Low innings)
    Billingsley 4.01 (High ERA)
    Padilla 4.25 (Overall poor)

  14. Kay in L.A. says:

    I knew you guys would love Penny getting his yesterday. Do we love Ronnie Belliard or what?!!

    Loney is one of the lowest paid Dodgers right now. I hope he gets that contract next year (it won’t be quite that much) and, of course, that he earns it. Bill, I appreciate you had some doubts but thought of me when you expressed them. I want Batman to always remember: “Hit it where they ain’t.”

    I am also of the belief we don’t need an Ace. We have got a number of heroes starting for us now. It’s a matter of, “What have you done for me lately.” That’s it. Maybe the era of the Ace is over anyway.

    I’m all for everyone who contributes getting credit, and that includes Casey Blake. He seems to be a stepchild to some…

    Martin scared us when his talents went AWOL this year. Thankfully, they returned… and, how about Furcal? He has recovered from his injury/surgery, per the Rickster.

    In behalf of Manny, he is in the game more lately. Also, he has to wage a very special battle every time he goes to the plate. The opposing team uses every trick vs. Manny, delays, etc. and the strike zone magically expands, per the umpire.

  15. ken says:

    Marlon Anderson seems to have put on a lot of weight this year. Good pick up Ned.

    As of today I would limit the maximum post season starting rotation to Wolf, Garland, Kershaw and Kuroda, depending of course upon how many off days there are during a series.

    Mark Stats update: Garland 4 starts – 2.33 and Padilla 5 starts – 2.96

    I would pick Ray Charles over Honey any day.

    Ng will receive overtime pay this off season. You can take that to the bank!

  16. Blue Haze says:

    Just to note Bob, it is “alternatives” , it’s just like “team”, there ain’t no “i”s in team (nor in alternatives).

  17. Blue Haze says:

    Well except for the last “i” of course (where the hell is that edit button)

  18. Badger says:

    The reason I think giving extended contracts now, and for those reasonable numbers is simple to me – according to Rotoworld, Kemp, Loney and Ethier are all arbitration eligible until 2013 when all three become FA’s. The team controls them for a little while longer, but why piss them off by going through the arbitration hearings? Those meetings are not healthy, with both sides offering up reasons why these players aren’t worth what they are asking. The Dodgers avoided that with Ethier, giving him over 3 mil this year, but, let’s face it, he is worth a ton more than that to this team.

    I say show them the love and give them all 3-5 years right now, and tier the contracts so they all get heavy after the 2013 season. These guys are the foundation of our future, lock ‘em up and surround them with the right parts for the next several years.

    And yeah Bob, I have said repeatedly that Blake is our best alternative at third. I have also said there are three other third baseman in our own division I would rather have. I consider him a piece of this puzzle, but I don’t consider him the foundation of this team.

  19. Bill Russell says:

    Ethier is a beast. I agree Bob, O-Dogie will be playing 2nd in the playoffs unless he just stops hitting. He still amazes me with his glove.
    Hey just looking at some stats on Casey Blake. Do you know he was hitting .583 between 9/11 and 9/14.
    I know a women is with us now so I’ll be nice. Hey Kay, I hope Loney get’s a good contract also.
    Hey Mark, I hope Bills gets straightened out before the playoffs. It would be nice to have the good Bills pitching for us in the playoffs. Go Blue

  20. Badger says:

    “Hey just looking at some stats on Casey Blake. Do you know he was hitting .583 between 9/11 and 9/14.”

    Good one Bill.

  21. ken says:

    When did Marilyn Manson start pitching for the gints?

  22. Mr.Mike says:

    This one is for Blue “We can’t beat an Ace” Haze.

  23. Badger says:

    “what really is the stat count in the Casey Blake v. Andy LaRoche pissing match?”

    It’s been over for a while Haze. Where you been?

    Yep Mike, we beat an ace.

    2 out of 3 the rest of the way and I believe we take the whole enchilada.

  24. ken says:

    As of today Belliard looks like a better DH choice in the World Series than Thome.

    Time for the Dodgers to decide whether to concentrate on obtaining home field advantage or letting Bills & Kershaw try to get back in rhythm by starting 4 of the last 12 games.

  25. Blue Haze says:

    As soon as they found out that Charlie Manson was going on the DL.

    I read that Blake is hitting .000 since 1 pm today, that dude sucks, cut him!

    Funny how Hudson went from being the team’s first half MVP to the second half bench-warmer, go figure.

    B-Killed went from ace of our staff to potentially being aced from the playoff roster (I know they won’t leave him off, just to protect his ego for the future, but he really doesn’t deserve a spot on it, unless he makes a sudden and abrupt improvement to his game).

    So since you guys are so hunkie-doorie now it may be safe to broach the subject, what really is the stat count in the Casey Blake v. Andy LaRoche pissing match?

  26. Blue Haze says:

    Hey Badger, I guess when I said that you guys were hunkie-doorie that didn’t register that I was acknowledging that it was over. You got to do something about all the misrepresentations you place on my posts, it really is getting comical. Dude, are you capable of giving it a rest or not? I guess a little decency is just beyond you. Geez, you either got a hard on for me or you have a hard on for yourself, either way, it ain’t a pretty sight.

    Just let me know how you want it, I will oblige you either way. You want peace, you can have it, if you want a war, just keep it up!

  27. A Shot of Haeger says:

    This was a nice series win for the Dodgers… playing really well going into this week. We have a winnable week against the Nationals and the Pirates. I really hope we can keep this up and put the division away this week sometime. Go Dodgers!

  28. lawdog says:

    You don’t suppose the fact that O-Rod is now getting paid an extra $10,000.00 per AB under his contract has anything to do with our picking up Belliard and basically paltooning him with O-Rod to cut down on those pesky $10,000.00 abs do you?

    Naaah! Belliard’s hot and O-Rod is not. Still, it’s in the Dogs best interests to rest O-Rod as much as possible.

  29. Badger says:

    Take it easy Haze, you are just a tad sensitive there buddy. Since you asked for an update on the stats regarding the “pissing contest” I thought maybe you cut class the day we settled it. And, it isn’t that difficult to check it out if you really wanted to know. Blake will win in all categories I think. And, he will also end up right about where I said he would. I just expected La Roche to hit better than .270. I was wrong. But, wait til next year.

  30. Mark Timmons says:

    Haze shoots first and asks questios later. ;)

    Yeah, LaRoche had a tough year. I am sure it is and adjustment going to an awful organization. However he has nearly 500 AB’s and has shown he can stay healthy. I still see him as a .285/25 HR Guy.

  31. Blue Haze says:

    Shameful Mark Timmons, you of all people.

    Ken, what is the thrill you get from Nuts? You seem to like them alot, how do you feel about fishsticks?

  32. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t get the O-Rod thing Lawdog. Where is the Rod in Dog or Hudson? or does it have other meanings???????

  33. Badger says:

    I think I just got spammed.

    and I had the O-Rod thing and ken’s nuts fetish figured out.

  34. Mr.Mike says:

    That is funny. I needed that. :}

  35. mark says:

    At first I thought you were crazy, but now I see your nuts!


    I “nuke” first. Questions? What questions?


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