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Double Whammy

Double Whammy
Loons Warming Up -

Loons Warming Up -

It was not a pleasure to go to Ft. Wayne, Indiana to see the Ft. Wayne Tin Caps beat the Great Lakes Loons like rented mules (9-4) and then return home and watch (recorded) the Dodgers also get beat like rented mules.  It was especially bad that the Dodgers were beat by Bad Penny!  However, the Rockies also lost, so everything is fine. 

Great Lakes Loons

Sunday was the second game of a three game series between the Loons and the Tin Caps and the final game will be played Monday night to determine which team advances.  This season is the first season for Parkview Stadium which is the Tin Caps new park and it’s hard to imagine a AAA park being better than this one.  The stadium is a state-of-the-art facility that impressed me immensely.  We sat in the scouting area and a $12.00 ticket got us extra-wide cushioned seats with a server and an area to set the food and other things you might have.  It is a spectacular stadium.

Danny Darwin instructing the loons pitchers -

Danny Darwin instructing the Loons pitchers -

Kyle Russell's sweet swing.

Kyle Russell's sweet swing.

  • Dee Gordon is very fast and has TREMENDOUS RANGE at SS.  I mean, he covers more ground than ANY SS I have ever seen!  He moves effortlessly and seem to be a very quiet and understated-type guy.  He is Raw, Raw, Raw!  But, wow!  is he talented.  He was the Co-MVP of
    Loons Closer Cole St. Clair -

    Loons Closer Cole St. Clair -

    the league with Russell and hit .301 with a .362 OB%.  He was 73 of 98 in SB’s and struck out 90 times while walking only 43.  He has a lot to learn and next year will be his biggest step.


  • Kyle Russell is a gazelle – he runs very well, has a slightly above-average arm and a sweet swing (it’s long and has holes).  He had a nice hit to RF and he plays RF pretty well.  His base-running is excellent.  He was Co-MVP pf the league with Gordon and hit .272 with a .371 OB% (.916 OPS).  He struck out 180 times (481 AB’s), but did have 72 BB.  He hit 26 HR with 102  RBI and had 26 doubles and 7 triples.  He was 20 out of 22 in SB’s.  This guy has a very high ceiling.  I see him as Adam Dunn with Speed and he reminds me a lot of Jason Werth.  Some people may say that’s he’s 23 and too old.  Let me remind you that Jason Werth had his first good year LAST YEAR at 29 and at 30 he now has 33 HR.  It takes some people longer than others.  The sad thing is that if it takes Russell that long, he will aslo be with another organization by then…
  • I spoke with Cole St. Clair for a few minutes before the game.  He’s a 6′ 5″ LH closer for the loons and is a very articulate and polite young man.  He was 4-1 with the Loons (he was the closer after Javy Guerra was promoted to Chattanooga) and had a 2.48 ERA with 15 saves.   He pitches in the low 90′s with his fastball and has a wicked slider and great change-up.  He’s a player who could move up quickly, as he is 23 years old, having pitched for 4 years at Rice.
  • 2B Jamie Pedroza had 27 errors at 2B and I can see why – he has the hands of a butcher!  I watched him make 2 errors and bobble 4 other plays, including relays.  He was at Inland Empire last year and moved back to Great Lakes this year.  He’s not a prospect (career minor leaguer), as far as I am concerned.
  • CF Nick Buss impressed me.  He covers a lot of ground, runs the bases well, hit a HR and looks like he could have a future as a 4th OF, but that’s just the impression after one game. 
  • Jerry Sands is a big strong 1B (I’m not sure he can play OF), who looks like he can be  a player… someday…. maybe… possibly…
  • Final impression – the Loons looked tired!
  • Dodgers’ Game

    • At least Russ Martin got to Penny. 
    • Chin-lung Hu = Juan Castro.  They are the same player.
    • Something is wrong with Billingsley (I don’t mean mental).  He’s not getting lit up, but he’s not right!  I think it’s his hammy!
    • Blake DeWiit is up for the 6th time this year, probably a record!
    • Dare we hope that Russ Martin is going to get hot?
    • Kensai at Reflections of Kevin Malone  says that Chad Billingsley is fatigued and writes this:  “The Dodgers should skip one of [Billingsley's] starts, not because he’s a lost cause, but because he’s the opposite.”  Which is a quote from Jon Weisman at Dodger Thoughts, who also says the same.  Interesting stuff.
    Jamie Pedroza and Dee Gordon warm up.

    Jamie Pedroza and Dee Gordon warm up.

    Minor League Recap – 9/13/09 by Jared of
    Great Lakes lost 9-4

    Dee Gordon – 1 for 5, K (.391 BA)
    Jaime Pedroza – 0 for 3, BB, 2 K’s, 2 E’s (.222 BA)
    Kyle Russell – 1 for 4, R, K (.190 BA)
    Nick Buss – 1 for 3, HR (1), RBI, 2 R (.316 BA)
    Alfredo Silverio – 0 for 3, RBI, 2 K’s (.200 BA)
    Jerry Sands – 0 for 4, 2 K’s (.200 BA)
    Ogden lost 7-4

    BCG – 1 for 3, HR (1), 2 RBI, R, BB, K (.143 BA)
    Angelo Songco – 2 for 3, 2 2B’s, BB, K (.429 BA)
    JT Wise – 1 for 3, R, K, HBP (.167 BA)
    Nick Akins – 0 for 2, 2 K’s (.200 BA)
    Blake Smith – 1 for 2, K (.500 BA)

    Brett Wallach – 3 IP, 5 Hits, 4 R (3 ER), 3 BB, 4 K’s (9.00 ERA)
    Javier Solano – 3 IP, Hit, ER, 2 BB, 2 K’s (3.00 ERA)
    Carlos Frias – 2.1 IP, 0 Hits, ER, 2 BB, 3 K’s (3.86 ERA)
    Steven Ames – 0.2 IP, Hit, ER, 0 BB, 2 K’s (13.50 ERA)
    Player of the day – Brian Cavazos-Galvez, OF

    Not only because of the home run, but because Mr Cavazos-Galvez was named the Pioneer league Prospect of the Year. The league leader in hits, total bases, home runs and doubles also finished second in SLG and RBI, as well as 5th in OPS. The numbers are impressive, but he’ll need to prove himself an offensive threat in full season ball before I proclaim him a top prospect.

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    37 Responses to “Double Whammy”

    1. Badger says:

      Thanks for the report but, what is it? Russell is hitting .272 or Russell is hitting .190? And, if he is that good, why at 23 is he in A ball? At that age, he should have a .900 OPS at AAA. Adam Dunn with speed? You mean he is 6’6″ 240 pounds and can run? Don’t forget, Adam Dunn ran a 4.6 when being recruited to play qb for Texas. Also, when Dunn was 23 he was in his third year with Cincinatti.

      How old are Sands, Buss, St. Clair and Gordon?

    2. Illini Dodger says:

      I hate to have to say it again, but tonight is another big game for the Dodgers. After our last poor homestand, we need to get off on the right foot tonight. It’s Garland’ first game starting as a Dodger against a team other than the D-Backs! The Bucs are the perfect team for him to shutout for 7 innings. I’m hoping Manny is back in the lineup tonight. Ethier just seems more confident when Manny’s hitting behind him. Could we be treated to the Martin and Loney show tonight? Stay tuned……

    3. Mark Timmons says:

      Russell in hitting .190 in the playoffs. He OPSed .916 this year, as I posted above. He hit .272 and had some very good stats. He played college ball at Texas (holds the HR record there), so this is his first full season. Next year, should tell the tale. The Dodgers resisted moving him to High A or AA this year… I don’t know why. Maybe because it is his first full year….

      I have read that Dunn ran a 4.6 as well, and I do not believe that for a second. Don’t forget, I watched Dunn play for years in Cincy and was never that fast. Not even close. Dunn is not a bad base runner, but he’s a lot bigger than Russell. Dunn is a smart runner in that he can steal a base on the element of surprise and good technique.

      Russell is built like Jason Werth and like Werth could mature later. He is a good athelete however.

      Sands and Buss are 22. St. Clair is 23 and Gordon is 21.

    4. Mark Timmons says:

      See you have guys like Dunn and others who are very good at 20 to 23 and are ready to play, but there are also guys like Victorino and Werth who only became All-Stars at around 30 yaers of age. It takes some guys longer…

      I think Russell is in the second group.

    5. Blue Haze says:

      I hope you are right Mark Timmons about Russell.

      Speaking of Russell, Martin is starting to put a few good at bats in each game, from what I have noticed in the last week or so. Loney is starting to show some power and Furcal looks like he is getting ready for a playoff burst. I think Furcal has been slowed this season from not totally physically back yet with his back. I have been fighting two bulging discs this year and I can tell you (as well as Mark Timmons can) it takes some time to really recover from a bad back injury. I think Furcal is now much improved physically and now actually feels well enough to play with more energy. Prolonged back injuries seem to rob your energy and make it difficult to totally push yourself.

      I still don’t like what I see with the Dodgers inability to handle the oppositions top 2 or 3 SP. The offense just looks terrible for two or three games and then gets healthy on the low-rung pitchers on the opposition. That spells real problemos for the playoffs when you only see the top 2 or 3 pitchers each start.

      Hey Mark Timmons, what is your Destiny’s Dodgers meter reading right now? Is this team going to win the WS this year, yes or no?

    6. Badger says:

      I hope you are right Mark. I trust your judgment. But all those guys should be in higher ball right now. Low A is for high school kids in their first year of pro ball. If you have Division I experience, especially 3-4 years of of it, you should be able to skip A ball altogether. Division I IS A ball. So Russell and St. Clair (who else?) already have a few years at that level. At age 22, if you are a for real prospect, you had better be beyond A ball.

      Bills, again, didn’t pitch that badly. 3 earned in 4 innings is not good, but 6 K’s and no walks. He only threw 71 pitches, so if he had any run support, he could have maybe gone a couple more. He just isn’t sharp, and I agree that something ain’t right with him.

      I’ll take 2 out of 3 the rest of the way.

    7. Ken says:

      The former Ace Bills is the #6 starter now. Wow. Take a few starts off and get fixed.

      It is time for Donnie T-Ball to do his magic with Kemp. Is Kemp tired or does he need a mechanic. Either way take a few days off and get fixed.

      Last night was only the 4th game that Weaver has been in since 8/13. Apparently Bigelow neither knows how to manage a bullpen with too many pitchers or not enough pitchers. Would it be a violation of the collecive bargaining agreement to have active pitchers throw in a simulated game in order to stay fresh. D’oh!

    8. Illini Dodger says:

      There were a lot of bloops and bleeders vs. Weaver yesterday. He looked OK, especially with such little work lately.

    9. Illini Dodger says:

      Cain and Sanchez are #1 or 2, and #3 respectively. We beat them like old rugs. Penny, the #5 or 6, shut us down. Furcal, Martin and Loney are the catalysts. If they move, the team streaks. Ethier, Kemp, Blake, O-Dog and Manny have been fairly solid. IMHO.

    10. Blue Haze says:

      Cain might be a number two, but he has never (NEVER) beaten the Dodgers, I believe in 14 starts, so don’t count him, IllDodger. Sanchez is not a number one or two, the giants don’t even consider more than a 4. Yes, he had a no hitter but he is inconsistent to say the least. Penny has pitched like a 1 or 2 since coming to the giants, not to mention the extra motivation he had yesterday against his old team, that he hates, so not a very good example, IllDodger, care to look beyond the giants and the most recent of games?

    11. Brooklyn Dodger says:

      I’ve been wondering if Billingsley’s problems aren’t the result of his offseason leg fracture. It more than likely cut into his offseason workout regimen, thereby impacting his stamina as the season progresses. Just a thought with nothing really to base it on. If, in fact, it is the case, then perhaps he might benefit from an extra day or two between starts before the postseason.

    12. Badger says:

      IllDog is right about Weaver’s bad luck. Dinks, doinks, broken bat singles – but it hardly mattered now did it? We didn’t score enough to beat them legit anyway.

      Cain and Linecum are both #1′s. Put them on just about any team, including ours, and either of them immediately become the team ace.

    13. Ken says:

      The Dodgers are 85-59. They should be able to go 10-7 the rest of the season. If they can sweep the lowly Pirates then they will be 88-59 and will then only need to go 7-7 against some weak teams to presumably win the division. I doubt that the red hot Rockies 82-62 will go 14-3 the rest of the way. Tie goes to the Dodgers! Still too early for this streaky team to celebrate. Time for the players to take their ADHD meds and concentrate for 3 weeks.

      Updated ACE Meter (Dodger Stats Only)

      Padilla 2.88
      Wolf 3.04
      Garland 3.13
      Kershaw 3.24
      Kuroda 3.36

      Bills 3.74 Shut him down for the month Please!
      Haeger 4.17 Start him until Kershaw comes back Please!
      Weaver 4.22 Pitch in bullpen every 3rd day Please!

    14. there is a point where joe..the manager need to sit chad.. we cant afford to keep getting beat when he is out there… put chad as a long man..because usually we are behind any way.he is not mentally a pitcher.. he lets the small thing bother him.

    15. Kay in L.A. says:

      I am pitching a fit over those uniforms… Gigantes… pandering to the Spanish-speaking crowd. They did it in Arizona too, “Los D-Backs.” Soon we will see “Doyers.” Call me a bigot, I don’t care. English is our language. If you’re going to do Spanish, then do Korean, Japanese, etc.

      Yesterday, forgettable, except for Russ. And oh, a guy named Haeger struck out the side. Cool.

      Sit Billingsley.

      Last of all, James please listen to your Uncle Mark, and let’s see some HRs from you, “Batman,” at Chavez Ravine.

    16. Anonymous says:

      Just stop while your ahead Kay. Seriously…

    17. GoNzO says:

      That was me above

    18. Blue Haze says:


      Viva Azul!

      Mucho Gracias, Senorita Kay

      • Kay in L.A. says:

        LOL, Blue Haze. Okay, Gonzo, I guess “resistance is futile.”

        I’m a little concerned about playing a basement team. They have nothing to lose; they lost already.

        After Garland pitches tonight, the starting rotation is Wolf, Kuroda, Padilla. I see a rhythm developing. Sorry, no Haeger in the picture.

    19. DRomo says:

      i see what kay means. I am all for showing love to the latin heritage here in LA (my heritage too, BTW) But a classic Dodger uniform should not be messed with. When they tried the Blue jerseys &silver billed hats in 1998ish I was insulted.

    20. Mr.Mike says:

      Holy smokes Kay, Batman sprained his neck headbutting the joker in Gotham city. He says no prob, I’m a superhero and I’ll bring my bat. Batman and his trusty sidekick Robin [aka Russ]are the straw that stirs the drink.

      • Kay in L.A. says:

        Thanks for mentioning that, Mr. Mike. Wasn’t that weird? Wonder how the neck is today. Well…. Batman is bionic, isn’t he?

        Either Russ or Ronnie will do as sidekick, one size Robin outfit fits all.

    21. Badger says:

      Much ado about nada.

      However, I must admit that there are a lot of Hispanic fans wearing blue in the park. When I went to see the Dogs clinch in S.F. a couple of years ago, there were literally thousands of Hispanics there, and nearly all of them had blue and white jerseys on. So, honoring them is not a problem with me. It’s a freakin’ uni for crying out loud. VIVA LOS DODGERS!(como se dice Dodgers en Esanol?)

    22. Blue Haze says:

      Kay, you are beautiful!

    23. Fletch says:

      Sierra del fuego

    24. ken says:

      Welcome back Mota

      So long Patrick. I hear your shoes dancing on the clouds.

    25. Mark Timmons says:

      Sad deal about Patrick.

      You just never know.

      The Big C. Maybe we will beat it in our lifetime.

      I lost my wife and my 9-year-old son lost his mother to it at age 37. 14-years ago come December 31st.

      • Mr.Mike says:

        I am so sorry Mark, I never knew. When God calls me is a day I can’t wait for. Just imagine that you have conquered this dimension and you get to move on. We are all together and you got to be free. This is our year. TYVM for your service to us blue bloods!

    26. Mr.Mike says:

      Is it just me but is Andrew McCucthen and Lasting Milledge Milli Vanilli? I do like Andrew. 2 out of 3 the rest the way ought to do it. Don’t worry be Happy . :}

    27. Mark Timmons says:

      The Loons just lost 4-3.

      Cole St. Clair was the loser.

      Too bad!

    28. Badger says:

      Beat cancer in our lifetime? Not likely. There isn’t enough want to where it needs to be. That has become obvious lately.

      Doyers? I don’t think so.

      gints up early. That’s a good thing.

      Let’s get the first two against these guys huh?

    29. Badger says:

      Where is everybody?

      It was a good night. The Rocks lost a game and the gints stayed right where they belong – in 3rd place 7.5 back.

      And, we have the best record in the N.L. again.

      One day closer.

    30. DRomo says:

      Cancer has touched all over our families…some more than others. Lets hope in our lifetime we see significant strides for a cure!

      On a lighter note. MAGIC NUMBER IS 10!!!

      Looking at my schedule I bet we clinch in Washington next week. How about the Gigantes? Doing our dirty work! Do they own the Rockies or what? I hope Randy Wolf looks like the Wolf we have seen the last month or so despite his elbow woes. My fingers are crossed!

    31. Badger says:

      I am in my 60′s Romey, and I have watched for decades as our money and point of focus has been on things other than health care. If we do find a cure, and I hope we do, I sense it will not come from the scientists in the United States. That’s just a hunch really. We need a paradigm shift for that to happen here.

      Magic numbers. I like it. And, I like we are in the lead for home field. I really believe that will be important for this team.


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