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Destiny’s Dodgers?

Destiny’s Dodgers?

Do the Dodgers already have a ticket to the dance with Destiny this October?  After flirting with mediocrity for a couple of months, thedestinysdodgersDodgers are starting to peak late in the season.  It’s too early to anoint them Champs of anything, but they do have a magic number that we will post that until they clench.   The Rockies are fading as the Dodgers are surging (sure we are playing the AAA affiliate of the Indianapolis Indians)


  • 11 to clinch the NL West
  • 10 to clinch a Playoff spot  

Stats Matter But The Human Spirit Rules!

The Dodgers lead the league in team ERA and bullpen ERA, and baring a total collapse will end the year with the best ERA in baseball.   The Dodgers are first in batting average and forth in runs scored, and forth in fielding.   Stats matter, because of our stats, we are in first place.  Stats do matter, but stats aren’t the “end-all, be-all.”  Stats matter, but the human spirit rules!  How do you explain the power of the only at-bat in the 1988 World Series and how that one at-bat changed the course of Dodger history?  How can a lame, cold, bench-sitting  injured player with two bad legs hit a home-run off Dennis Eckersley, arguably the best relief pitcher of all time and turn the Series around with just one at-bat?  Get me a stat on that!

Which brings me to the point:  Our pitching staff with the best ERA is all of baseball and the best bullpen in all of baseball with probably have to face teams that have two ACES.  Can the best pitching staff in baseball beat two ACES?  In poker,  12 “JACKS” beat 2 ACES? 

Andre Ethier hit the biggest HR of his career and the biggest of the season last night, which could be the blast to our past (returning to the

Photo - LA TImes

Photo - LA TImes

 World Series).  I predicted Andre would hit 30 HR this year, but I never thought he would be Mr. Clutch.  Something tells me he wants to take the tile as “Mr. October.”    He has 30 HR, 40 doubles and will soon have over 100 RBI.  He has to be one of the Top 10 offensive players in the NL.  Matt Kemp is right there with him!


  • Randy Wolf was solid as always and our pen was lights out!
  • If you want to know our bullpen ERA for the past 3 or 4 weeks, buy a microscope!
  • Clayton Kershaw is pitching beyond his years according to Ken Gurnick of
  • Gurnick also says Billingsley is confident he will turn his season around.
  • Check out this blog by Brian (somebody) on Hu.  Hu? 
  • In March, I said that Manny was not the key to this team.  What do you know?  He’s a good player, but not the force he was last year.  This team belongs to Kemp, Ethier, Loney and Martin.  I vote NO on Adrian Gonzalez!
  • The 2010 schedule is posted on the top navigation bar on this site.  We play in Boston, with Detroit and the Yanks coming to the Ravine. 
  • Brett Tomko pitched a shutout for Oakland!  Will wonders never cease?
  • Hiroki Kuroda pitches this afternoon before an off day and a trip by the Bay to give the Giants their last rites!
  • Dee Gordon’s father is Flash Gordon, so I now christen Dee as “Slash” Gordon!

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49 Responses to “Destiny’s Dodgers?”

  1. ClemsonRamsDodgersMatt says:

    Had to listen on XM. Wasnt on MLB Extra Innings. My recording on XM stopped right at the end of the top of the 13th. So I was pissed but real happy when I opened…..Would have liked to hear Steiner’s call.

    • Kay in L.A. says:

      I heard Steiner’s call. I think he was crying and couldn’t speak for a few minutes. Another Kirk Gibson moment for Andre.

  2. Blue Haze says:

    Mark Timmons you never answered my direct question (might be a future in the WH as a spokesman) that I posed to you last week. Here goes, do the Dodgers really have what is needed to win the WS? Are they really the Destiny’s Dodgers, if so, nothing but a title matters.

    News Release from Dodgers Stadium today: “Starting today at the noon game, the Dodgers are happy to offer a new ice cream treat in the park. The Andre Ethier Soft Serve Cone will now be on sale at all concession stands. The Andre Ethier Soft Serve Cone will come in vanilla only and will not be offered after the 8th inning.”

  3. Badger says:

    Stats do matter. That is what I have been saying all year.

    But others have said they can be misleading and that of course is true too.

    Stats like the Dodgers have put them into a position to win the West. After that, what matters is how the team is playing at the end of the year.

    If Manny would hit like he is supposed to hit (that is like a $25,000,000 hitter – not the 0 for 5 hitter last night) I would be very confident going into post season. He shows signs of it now and then.

    Finish strong.

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    Yes, the Dodgers can win it all. Manny will have to step it up (he looks bored right now) and I believe that in October, this team will be a monster with an offense of Furcal, Martin, Ethier, Manny, Kemp, Loney, Blake and O-Dog peaking all at once.

    Our pitching is solid from top to bottom, but our starters, particularly Billingsley, will have to step up.

    Those cones are “FLASH FROZEN.” Mr. Softee left town!

    Like I said, these could be Destiny’s Dodgers….

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Andre Ethier used to be the guy, I didn’t want to see come up in a close game. Now, he’s the guy I want in a close game.

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Speaking of stats, not too long ago there were a few in here saying that Ethier ranked dead last in MLB (stats) as a clutch hitter. I remember not believing it then and I’m not believing it now. I haven’t heard that echoing through the Dodgertalk halls recently. Stats appearently lie sometimes. Blake a career 260 hitter and is hitting 280 this year and is showing that he doesn’t have to hit in the 8th spot to be successful. Stats sometimes don’t give the true picture.

    I’m heading out to the Ravine with a broom in my hand. I hope I’m waving it by the sixth inning. The broom has LADODGERTALK.COM spray painted on it. Watch for it…….

  7. Blue Haze says:

    Just pulling your chain Mark Timmons.

    It is interesting that the topic of cancer came up the other day. I thought back to the first days I began posting, I think on the LATimes blog or something, as Dodgerman or Original Dodgerman. Anyway, to make a long story short, you and I got off to a terrible start, to say the least. At the time, I had come home from the hospital following being there all night at my wife’s hospital bed. She had had a radical mastectomy and things looked very bleak for her survival. (Thank God she has survived and is doing quite well, now working as a hospital RN). Anyways, I posted some stupid post since I was unable to sleep, you ripped my post and accused me of making the most stupid post ever or something like that (it probably was for all I know, I was in a fog). So being in a sad and sour mood anyway, I went at it with MountainMover. And regrettable posted some naughty, naughty trashtalk with him (still my apologies) Funny how a serious post can lead to good & healthy reflections. So cancer does touch everyone’s life in some way, some how and at some time.

    Back to baseball—screw that, back to the Dodgers.

    Okay, so now we are cleaning up on the teams we should be cleaning up on, Is that a good thing or a bad thing?
    Yes, it is good to get our confidence and mojo going, butttttt — Does whipping ass on inferior opponents really help or just give you a false sense of invincibility? I guess that question might be difficult to answer.
    Badger, you have played a lot of ball, what do you think? Are we getting better for a good run or padding our stats and we are really “sitting ducks” entering the playoffs?

    Anyone else care to discuss?

    Regardless, I am glad to be winning and in first place! It sure beats the heck out of the alternative.

    Go Dodgers (go Giants, at least today)!!!

    • A Shot of Haeger says:

      Blue Haze,

      The Dodgers don’t make the schedule… all you can do is beat the team you’re playing..regardless of how good or bad the team is…. will this affect how we play in the post season? I have no idea, but winning the games we’re supposed too…sure doesn’t hurt. We just have to do the best we can.

  8. A Shot of Haeger says:

    This team has the potential to win the World Series…in fact, at the beginning of the season, EVERY team has the potential to win the World Series… it’s all about performance and taking advantage of the opportunities given to you… and so far, the Dodgers have done a great job of that.

    Here’s something interesting… I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs about how they’re surprised that all of Andre Ethier’s walkoffs have come at home. Of course, they’re all at home…you can never have a walk-off on the road, because the other team gets to bat again… some people don’t realize what they write…it’s quite humorous.

  9. Mark Timmons says:


    Glad to hear about your wife. Every day is a good day!

    Sorry, I wouldn’t have ripped you if I had known…


    All I can say is “Ignorant Savages!”

    Speaking of Ignorant Savages, I own – I have thought about making it a You Tube-Type Site, where you can post pictures, stories and videos of Ignorant Savages (people who do stupid things).

    I have always called people “Ignorant Savages” when they do dumb things. For instance, on any give day one of my emplyees will come in and tell me about soem mistake they made and they know that the first thing I will say is: “Ignorant Savage!” It’s usually in fun. Not always! Sometimes I mean it!

  10. tdf says:

    Good morning everyone, man we have been so spoiled by Ethiers walk off heroics that i was kind of expecting something good from him last night in that inning. Dare i say Andrewood in right? I did see two things that concerned me last night, one was when Martin could not move the runner on a bunt again. Two Manny had a runner in scoring position in the 12th one out and instead of trying to get the hit he tried to hit the ball out of the stadium, or at least thats how it looked to me. Anyway its great that the Dodgers won, I hope Martin works a little harder on his bunting. Gooo Blue

  11. Kay in L.A. says:

    Yeah, the 12th inning could have been better after Juan Pierre got his triple. Also, choice of pinch hitters was questionable, especially bringing up Loney vs. a pitcher against whom he has been 0-fer. Guess what happened? Nothing. I forgot exactly what Monday said re Russell’s, er uh, bunting but it was funny.

    Dodger bullpen rocks!!!

    Funny how they go so many extra innings on the night before a day game. Keep camping gear in the clubhouse!!

    I dub Andre Ethier, in a league of his own, the Chairman and CEO of the New Blue Wrecking Crew. You saw it here first and I bet Charlie uses it in his commentary today. LOL.

    Haze, I am so happy your wife is a survivor. What a blessing.

    On the subject of ThinkCure, tomorrow will be Dodger Day at the L.A. County Fair and a percentage of fair proceeds will go to ThinkCure. I’m goin’.

  12. Kay in L.A. says:

    “LOS ANGELES — Slumping Dodgers starter Chad Billingsley just got prescribed the best possible medicine for any struggling pitcher: a date with the Washington Nationals.

    Instead of Billingsley pitching on his normal schedule, which would have meant a Saturday outing against the same Giants team that knocked him around last Sunday, Dodgers manager Joe Torre elected to postpone the right-hander’s next start until Wednesday in Washington.

    Vicente Padilla pitches Friday against San Francisco, Jon Garland goes on Saturday and Randy Wolf starts the series finale on Sunday. “

  13. Blue Haze says:

    Thanks MM and Kay, she is doing great and is now 7 years cancer-free (or whatever they measure to tell you that).

    Yeah, I know the Dodgers don’t make the schedule, Haegermeister, just curious thought that I used to wander about when I was on the diamonds.

    Is it better to be hot or good? (I’ll take hot over good any day, b/c it is all about scoreboard) Over the long season, good is great, during the playoffs, hot is better.

  14. Mr.Mike says:

    I think Mr. Hiroki is going off the charts on Kens Ace-meter. If we get him a couple runs hopefully our Bill will get facetime with his broom. No Doubt, anymore nonbelievers out there?

  15. Badger says:

    I too am glad to hear your wife is doing ok Haze.

    Cancer has touched all families. I lost my mom, she was only 59, to cancer. I wish I could see a real effort to put money and resources to cure that dreaded disease, but like I mentioned, as a nation we seem to have other priorities.

    I’ll tell you what I think about this team Haze, I see intermittant fire. Some days they look like the ’27 Yankees, some days they look like the Yreka Zephyrs. Too often for my liking they squeak by. Like the series we are in now, yeah we won last night, and that is good. But we 9 for 44 against a last place club. Today, I just looked at the box and we are4 for 18. That’s hitting the Pirates at a .210 clip – in a race for the play-offs?!

    I would love to see some intensity in these guys. Maybe they are keeping a lid on it until the play-offs. Perhaps what I see as indifference is just confidence.

  16. Kay in L.A. says:

    Way to go, Kempie-Doll!! Way to go, Ronnie B!!
    Way to win one for Hiroki, Woo Hoo!!

    Bill, it’s all because you took your broom to the stadium with you,yeah:)

    I’ve got a FEVER!!!!

  17. DRomo says:

    Anyone notice Bills has been skipped over for the Giant series? Interesting. It will be Padilla , Garland ,& Wolf. You have to wonder if the post season started today if that is who is our rotation in the first round?

    Great win today! I too was there and looking for my boy BRusss.I didn’t see the broom. That would have been great! I am in traffic on my laptop (NOT DRIVING) What a game!! But lets remember…WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BEAT THE PIRATES! Lets keep it going win the series against the No-Cal Gigantes!

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Man it was hot out there. Hey Romo where were you sitting? I felt like I had gone swimming I was so wet in about the 5th inning. I don’t think the broom made the camera but I tried. Probably not a big deal sweeping the Pirates so why show a crazy like me? Belliard is making some heads turn which could cause O-Dogie and Blake to get more rest in the up coming days. I’m not sure if he can play SS or not but they should try him there also. This is a great way to roll into the Giants or Gigiantes series (what ever they’re calling themselfs). I wasn’t sure if it was a spring training game or not when they put the starting lineup up on the big screen today. The only 3 regulars in the lineup were Loney, Kemp and Ethier. Manny was not being Manny on his 2nd bobblehead day of the year. I don’t get it but I do think Pierre deserves some starts. I like the idea of Ethierwood in right field and Kempwood in center. They both deserve it and both deserve contracts extending their stay in Blue. I wonder if McCourt can void Manny’s contract and parlay that money into John Lackey this off season. Anyway, I must go take a shower before my wife gets home. Must keep the peace …..

  19. ken says:

    Nice Clean Sweep. Speaking of clean, how about cleaning up the Dodger clean up hitter so he does not look like a Maasai Rastafari.

    Free Pierre MVP

    Good decision to rest Bills who is now a distance 6th on the ACE Meter.

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Kay, you say you got a fever. I just looked in the mirror and half my face is sun burned. I sat on the 3rd base side, so the right side of my face looks like a tomato. My question is, what do you do with half a red face? Makeup? I never saw a farmers tan on one’s face before. Crazy Go Giants

  21. Bill Russell says:

    My wife said that I look like a barbershop sign.

  22. Blue Haze says:

    Damn Redneck!

  23. Bill Russell says:

    No my neck is fine.

  24. Mr.Mike says:

    Did a day game at the Ravine in July [in the sun], I was one crispy critter. Billy, I almost expected to see you flying around on the broom after Matt went deep, thanks for the represent. Enjoy the ride all, I was in my 30′s in 88, so this has been a long time coming. Yippee-I-O Kai-A. Mark is right on, “Thinking positive” is the only way to live. You are what you think. :}}}}}

    • ken says:


      Yippie-I-ay, yippie-I-o is the polite “Ghost Riders” version

      You used the Bruce Willis nasty negative version

  25. DRomo says:

    BRuss i was in Lodge first base side last row. they weren’t the greatest seats but they were out of the sun :) That is the key for day games.

    One more thing:

    I want to call out dodger fans here tonight! How about a curtain call for Ethier or Kemp!? They have come up big for us. Sure Ethier has hit his walk offs but he has hit big ones during the game like Kemp did today and nothing in the way of a curtain call. Manny hits a meaningless shot and the stadium acts like he is a hero again! I want to challenge the fans to be smart fans and show some love to the real heroes of this team!!!

  26. Mark Timmons says:

    Manny’s HR was like the ones Ethier used to hit before he became Mr. Clutch.

  27. lawdog says:

    Has Manny become our new Mr. Soft-tee?

  28. Badger says:

    Manny will show up when it counts.

    That’s not to say these games don’t count….. it means… ah nevermind. Manny is currently one of the most overpaid players in baseball. He has been available for about what, 70% of the season? And he hasn’t played every game he has been available. So, that’s about $17 million he is costing us. We should be able to get a full year of what he is doing for that kind of money.

    I trust he will earn his dough in post season.

  29. SpokaneBob says:

    Playing well in October is key to going all the way. Back in ’88, the mets beat us every regular season game and we beat them in the playoffs. It wasn’t easy and it won’t be easy with the Cards or Phillies, but if we are playing like we can, we can beat ANYBODY.

    There have been some positive signs that we are starting to peak. Furcal, Loney and Martin have all started to contribute offensivly and we are in a position to have everyone rested and healthy for the post season.

    Job one is to clinch the division and get home field advantage. We just need to stay focused and take one game at a time.

    Just a hunch. Look for a brawl this weekend. Maybe on Saturday when penny pitches.

  30. DRomo says:

    Do you guys see what I see: The fans (for the most part) are ignoring the fact that Ethier and Kemp are carrying this team. Where is the curtain calls? Also you have to love the fact that Ethier who was every bit the monster last season after Manny came over was completely ignored by the promotional department this year. Manny gets 2 bobbleheads and a section named after him even after a 50 game kick in the crotch to Dodger fans and Ethier gets what? They even took Carne Asada day away from him! Where is the outrage? Andre the Giant deserves his due….I guess I should re-think that name….Mr. Miracle as Vinny called him is better suited.

    Dodger fans should be smarter and appriciate what we have right now. To be this close to back to back division championships is rare. We have not seen this since 1977-78. And for all the McCourt, Ned and Torre bashers, we have to give these guys credit for putting “our” team in this position. Don’t we?

  31. Badger says:

    Andre will be rewarded with a huge contract eventually. This year, $3.1M was his first arb year. How many do they get?

    Yeah, I’ll give some credit to McJamie and Jed for getting us here. The Jones/Schmidt era is just about over, and being handed Manny on a silver platter was a coup – but for $100 million we should be able to field a pretty good team, shouldn’t we? And we outdraw every team in the league, so, there is plenty of revenue flow. No other team in the West is really that close in either category.

    In my book, the real genius GM’s are the ones that put together winners with minimal revenues. Those guys and those teams always amaze me.

  32. lawdog says:

    Bob is right. We won in ’88 because Orel broke Drysdale’s consecutive scoreless inning streak and everyone else jumped on the Mickey Hatcher bandwagon and played way over their collective heads in the playoffs. If everyone thawed out and played up to their ability, we should go all the way.

  33. lawdog says:

    If Fred has any brains at all he’ll sign Ethier and Kemp long term in the off season. Even with an economy that’s going down the toilet, those two are just starting to come into their own. Having them locked up long term would be like locking up Snider and Hodges in Brooklyn. (Or would it be more like locking up Snider and Mays)?

  34. Badger says:

    We are first in the Majors in attendance, averaging 45.9K, last year we averaged 46K, and payroll is down considerably. McJamie bought a couple new houses on the beach, we are going to the play-offs so all should be right in his world.

    Sign the youngins to extensions or we risk losing them.

  35. lawdog says:

    I forgot about Fred buying real estate in Southern California. Ouch! He is undoubtedly really taking it in the shorts for those investments! They might well be the reason he’s apparently strapped for cash in a world where cash necessarily runs the business.

    He bought those properties at the top of the real estate market. They probably are worth half of what he paid for them–and he probably mortgaged as much of the value as he could. He’s undoubtedly “under water” on both of them. This would explain why cash was more important to him than keeping Santana. And his desire to dump Abreu and his grievance on the D’Backs.

  36. SteveM says:

    Hey peeps. I don’t like to say “I told you so.” But I DO!

    At the end of last year and on through to Spring Training, I said continuously that Kemp, Ethier and Loney should be offered long-term contracts. I also said all these kids would improve offensively and we didn’t need Manny – especially at $25 mil! Ethier has exceeded my expectations, but Kemp and Loney are right where I thought they’d be, even if Loney has been a little inconsistent.

    Fast forward to the upcoming off-season and things are not pretty. On the starting lineup only Manny, Blake, Pierre and Furcal are signed. Kuroda is the one and only pitcher under contract. Even Ol’ Ned is unsigned after the current season. Lots of potential upheaval on the horizon.

    Just to be “fair & balanced”, I pushed hard for Pat Burrell (.228/14/62). Whew! What was I smoking?

  37. Bill Russell says:

    Good wacky tobacky Steve. Hey if anyone wants to hire a funny looking guy with half a red face for a small kid party, I might be free this weekend. The real problem is I don’t really like kids so keep that in mind if you decide to call.

    My first question is – Is Badgers real name Bob? I think I read a reply from LawDog referring to Bob so I’m just curious.

    I agree with Steve that locking up the young kids makes a lot of sense but I would start with Ethier and Kemp. Loney is Kay’s buddy so I will tread lightly here and I’ll just say start with Ethier and Kemp. I was wondering myself about what the Dodger Pitching staff might look like next year. Kershaw, Bills, Kuroda and ?????? I wonder if Lackey could join us and just retaining Padilla or Wolf would round us out. I think Wolf’s value will be going sky high so I truely don’t think he’ll be back unless he wants to be a Dodger. Padilla may or maynot have teams lining up to bid for his services but for a #5 guy, I think he would work out just fine. Well I’m just rambling today so I’ll pop back when my thoughts become cleaner.

  38. Bill Russell says:


  39. Bill Russell says:

    My thoughts are always clean

  40. Blue Haze says:

    Maybe you said it SteveM, but in all honesty, I don’t even remember your name, let alone your prediction. Just by chance, did you call the 50 game suspension for Manny and did you call C-Bills evolving into B-Chills during the season? Just curious.

    Now to your question, please don’t bogart it and pass it along.

  41. lawdog says:

    SpokaneBob made the comment first. I’m just echoing his sentimenst about the importance of being hot in October as per the Dogs in ’88. Badger and I agree on just about everything. Bob and I had extreme political differences which had caused some friction in the passed, but he and I have usually agreed when it comes to baseball and particularly the Dodgers.

  42. Badger says:

    ldawg, a one winged duck flies in circles and has a small brain.

    Lasorda does not look very healthy. But then, he never did.

    I remember Steve. Can’t recall any predictions.

    My thoughts are not always clean. Thought, action, result. Not much action anymore, so, I should be safe.

    If I am GM, I lock up all four of our starting young players.

  43. please dont pitch chad..for a while. he needs time off..he needs a head doctor, just too many pitches down the middle and his ball dont have any movement any more

  44. Badger says:

    He is getting some days off. From what I have seen, and it hasn’t been a lot, he has trouble with his breaking pitch early. If he could throw that for strikes, hitters wouldn’t be sitting on that tubed fastball as much.

    We are going to need him. He had better get better and he better do it quickly.


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