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Chad Billingsley

Chad Billingsley

billingsley_laroche001I think some of you may misunderstand why I said Chad Billingsley “has deep-seated psychological problems.”  First, you need to know that I have been a Chad Billingsley fan way back to the beginning of his career.  I am still a big proponent of Chad Billingsley and… I’ll say it:  I think he should be in the playoff rotation.  I don’t think he nuts, psycho or a moron.  I think he is someone who has hit the wall because of his thought process.  Somehow, someway, he has a deep-seated issue with success and unknowingly sabotages his own journey to success.  Yes, he had a one-hitter on Wednesday, but after walking two batters in the 6th inning, his HR was too predictable, and he chose THAT MOMENT to hang a pitch.  This has become a pattern this year.  He pitches well for 4-6 innings and BANG, he blows it up.  It’s mental.  It’s psychological and it’s beatable!   Chad Billingsley is a winner and maybe he is already working on his problem.  This is a common problem which people in various walks of life face.  Chad is just on a public stage and his struggles are well publicized.  Chad will come back with a vengeance.  I am betting on it.  The immediate question is “Can he be effective in the playoffs?”  I say YES!  I like Chad, as our #2 for a long time, but he has to conquer this psychological issue first!

When I say he has psychological problems, I’m not saying he’s nuts.  We are all nuts anyway.  I am and so are you.  YES, YOU!  Get over it already.  Do you know how hard it is to do what Chad does?  He has been too good for too long for this to define his career.  Watch and see!  Our playoff  hopes hinge on two guys whose combined age is the same as Jamie Moyers – Chad Billingsley and Clayton Kershaw!  If they step-up in the playoffs, we will be hard to beat!

When I said Andre Ethier made a “bonehead play” on Wednesday, I simply feel that regardless of the situation, you play it out.  Just like a pop-up.  You run hard, and 1 out of 100 times they drop it.  Andre should have been ready, thrown the ball and, well you know the rest.  You just can’t EVER, EVER assume.  Last night Andre won the game with his arm by gunning down a runner at the plate.  Perfect execution by Andre and a perfect block of the plate by Russell.  It was as beautiful as it was ugly the day before. 


  • Poor execution:  Kemp triples to lead off and inning and the Dodgers can’t score him.  TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE AND FUNDAMENTALLY HORRIBLE.   You have to score a runner on 3B with no out EVERY TIME!   NO EXCUSES!  The batters who failed to advance him should have to run laps!
  • Will Padilla make the playoff roster?
  • Rafael Furcal is really playing like… Rafael Furcal!  When he plays like he is playing, the Dodgers can’t be beat!  We are a totally different team.  I’m glad Joe listened to me and kept him in the eladoff spot!  ;)
  • The Bison:  100 RBI!
  • I can see Blake DeWitt at 2B next year.  Forget his stats at ALBQ this year.  I say DeWitt will hit .270 with 15-20 HR next year.  He has more range at 2B than Belliard… by a long shot!
  • I take back all the bad things I said about Jon Broxton…  until he blows another save!
  • Magic number: 1
  • Garland today.  Bubbly tonight!  It ain’t nothin’ but a party!

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25 Responses to “Chad Billingsley”

  1. DRomo says:

    Bubbly tonight? I don’t think the Dodgers will celebrate just a playoff spot. I think the celebration will wait until the Western Division is clinched.

  2. Badger says:

    I agree. The Division is the immediate goal.

    Chad hung a curve. It happens. Most of the time you get away with it, sometimes you do not. I would say holding a team to one hit over 6 innings is an acceptable outing. 4 walks in 6 innings is not good but his stuff must have been pretty good. My main issue with Bills is his early exits.

    I agree about the LOB issue. Good teams don’t do things like that.

    I am not as sold on DeWitt as you are Mark. I would like to have seen him handle AAA pitching. And he has sucked up with the big club. .167? He looks overwhelmed.

  3. Ty says:

    The Dodgers tend to not score guys on third with no outs. Didn’t they fail to score with the bases juiced a few games ago?

    Padilla or Garland will be the long guy in the playoffs unless there’s another injury from the rotation (Wolf, Kuroda, Kershaw, Bills). I don’t see Weaver making the roster and McDonald is very iffy.

    That’s pretty optimistic about DeWitt. .270 is doable but 20 HR’s is a bit too much. More like 10-13 HR’s. Is .270 with 13 HR’s and no speed starter worthy? I’d rather have him as a UTIL IF guy with someone else starting or maybe a platoon with DeJesus

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    We can clinch the division with our win and the Rocks loss, so there can be bubbly tonight.

  5. Badger says:

    DeWitt is lh, so I believe that will be and advantage for him to get close to .270. In 410 scattered at bats in the bigs he is hitting .254. So, maybe. I don’t see him hitting 20+ until he approaches 30, so I think his power will come further down the road. He will be 25 next year. I would be fine with him at 2nd if we had better players everywhere else. Blake will be a year older and will likely have more hammy type issues. Manny too will be a year older so we can throw a tent over him in left field. I hope Furcal is fully healed by next year. Loney, Kemp and Ethier will be one step closer to their most productive years. Martin should e fine. Depending on who we add, we could be even better next year.

  6. Franky says:

    I”m new here, so forgive me if this has been discused. I have a queastion about peoples lack of confidence in the Dodgers pitching heading into the playoffs. All I hear is how their starting rotation is weak, with no real aces on the staff. Because of this guys like Jhon Kruk put them at the bottom of the playoff pecking order. Ok, even if we completely ignore the fact that the Dodgers have the second best record in the majors (in arguably the second toughest division),and have by far the best run differential in the league, their pitching from top to bottom is better then anyone else. They lead the majors statistically in almost every major pitching category. If the only knock on them is quality starts, then even in that category they are better then both the Yankees and Angels, who many beleive are the 2 best teams.

    Basically, what I’m asking is that I don’t realy get where these experts are coming from. How do you point to a teams flaw, which isn’t even a flaw, and say that’s why they won’t win?

  7. tdf says:

    I think chad will be in the playoff rotation. Dewitt i think will be a solid mlb player. What i mean by that is not great or flashy but solid like Casey Blake. What happened to Abreu? is he going to be traded, whats the deal with him, he was a really good player in the minors this year. I thought he was going to be the future at 2nd.

  8. Kevin says:

    Mark the magic number is 4 so it would take 2 Dodger victories and 2 Rocky losses to clinch the division.

    Do you really write a blog on baseball?

  9. DRomo says:

    Easy Kevin, Mark just made a mistake. The wild card magic # is 1. The division magic # is 4. The Rockies have the Cards this weekend we have the Bucs. A combination of 4 games should not be a problem. I just hope we clinch with a win…not like last year!

  10. Harold says:

    Franky, my take on it is that we don’t have a Hammels or Lee or Carpenter or Wainwright. We don’t have an ace. It would be much easier if Chad and Clayton had reached ace status. Teams play with additional confidence with an ace on the mound, with an expectation to win because aces win so often,I believe.

    Having said that, I’m not sure why what has worked for us all season won’t work in the play-offs. The starter goes about six and the pen then takes over. There is more rest with travel days for our relievers. I suppose the argument could be that the Cards and Phillies, as well as Yanks and RSox or Angels have better hitting than we often faced during the season so a greater challenge to our pitchers. Our hitting isn’t too shabby either.

    What we should expect is the unexpected. That is, guys doing things they normally don’t do, like an average pitcher getting seemingly unhittable and average hitters being very difficult to get out. Wasn’t it about 1968 that Dennis McLean was to lead the Tigers to victory and Mickey Lolich wound up winning three games. Was Johnny Podres supposed to be the pitching hero for the Dodgers in 1955?

    It is almost as if our pitching has been flukey all season rather than a team effort solid, at least to the pundits. The stats we have accumulated didn’t happen by chance. I like being the underdog with other teams listening to John Cruk or whomever believing we are the weak arms on the block.

    Also somehow the other contenders seem to be more favored in the eyes of the commentators because of big bats. That is where we need Manny to revert to his former self.


  11. Badger says:

    Kruk said that?

    He is probably looking at where the starters are right now. Bills started fast, but looks iffy. Kershaw is questionable, Kuroda hasn’t pitched much really, Padilla is a time bomb, Garland hasn’t been here long and Wolf has 200+ innings for the first time since 2003. And then there is the bullpen, without looking I would bet they are the most overworked pen in the play-offs.

    Maybe Kruk just expects the wheels to fly off our go-cart at any minute. I know I have worried about the same thing all year.

    Kevin, the number is 4, but there is more than one way to get to it. What you describe is the quickest, but who knows, it might take 4 wins by the Dodgers to get it done.

    Yeah, what happened with Abreu? Is he a reptile that lives under rocks and eats rodents?

  12. chinole90 says:

    Padilla will not make the playoff roster. He was a nice pickup for us, but I’d rather have Garland’s experience.

    Furcal is stealing bases again. Could it be than they just shut him down on the base paths in order to keep him healthy for the post season? Looks like he’s finally healthy and confident for the first time in over a season. I watched several games last year before he got hurt, and yes…when Furcal is healthy and doing his thing, the Dodgers are at their best.

  13. Harold says:

    Blake Dewitt, IMO, has had a lost year. He has been shuttled between Albuquerque and LA umpteen times this year. With the Dodgers many of his AB’s have been as a PH. That is a tough assignment for anyone. Just ask Jim Thome. Blake just hasn’t had enough stability to progress this year. I suggest that his development was arrested, if not regressive, and not of his own making.

    I like the way he plays ball. He doesn’t have superstar makings but is a hardnosed player. I hope Mark is right about Blake. Mark is often right – you know with Ethier, Broxton and so on. I do not expect O-Dog to be signed and Belliard is a journeyman on a hot streak. Hopefully Blake can emerge during ST and get the position so we can try to give it some stability for a few years and with a home grown player.


  14. Badger says:

    If this lineup is doing what they were all hired to do, we can play with and beat anyone.

    Of course, that could be said about all teams that make the play-offs.

    But I do agree that having Furcal doing his lead-off thing makes this team SO much better.

  15. Badger says:

    “Mark is often right – you know with Ethier, Broxton and so on.”

    Good one H.

  16. DRomo says:


    BTW Mark thought he was slick sneaking in a picture of him in the montage above.

  17. Badger says:

    LaRoche is a future Super Star.

  18. Harold says:

    Franky, in support of what you are saying, the Atlanta Braves went for years, first place forever, with Glavine, Maddux and Smoltz. Essentially they had three or close to three aces. They won the WS once. As I say, if our pitchers pitch as they did during the season, I don’t see why it can’t work. I guess Joe’s chore is to figure out what pitchers to keep on the roster, that is, which of the six starters starters, along with his relief staff.


  19. SpokaneBob says:

    You are right on Harold. Certainly Wolf,Kuroda and Kershaw are quite capable of holding a team down for 6 innings and then its
    to the bullpen. Of course if we havn’t scored or don’t have the lead, its Trancoso or Belisario instead of Kuo, Sherill and Broxton.

    I wouldn’t worry about what any of the so called experts have to say. The games still have to be played and nobody this side of heaven knows how things will play out.

    You know what they say about opinions.

  20. Badger says:

    Yep sure do Bob – if you want an opinion I’ll give it to you.

    (then of course there is that sphincter thing)

    The so called experts, like Kruk, supposedly know what it takes to win it all and are in a position to evaluate the teams and give that analysis/opinion. Their take is supposed to be objective. But we know some of those guys, like Gammons, are homers.

    I like our chances if we hit. If we don’t, it could be over quickly. Manny needs to bring his A game, as does Kemp and Ethier. The Blakes and Martins and Belliards need to contribute and everybody has to play solid defense. If this happens, we will win the NL pennant because our pitching will keep us close in every series.

  21. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Badger the Adam is a superstar in the making. That’s why Atlanta got him back.

  22. DRomo says:

    Andy is already a star!!! All he needed was a chance!!

    The guy will probably hit 3 HRs now that I said that. LOL

    Do you think they will give him & D.Young a sip of champagne after Sunday’s game?

  23. Badger says:

    Well he played a huge part in the Dodgers success, did he not?

    Adan is going to be 30 soon Bill. Not sure he is “in the making”. In the making usually occurs between the ages of 20 and 25.

    Not always though.

    Now that Andy is an everyday player, perhaps he can have a career as thunderous as averaging 18 home runs and 65 rbi’s while hitting .266 over 8 years as an everyday player. You know what’s interesting about those numbers, they really didn’t get started until that particular third baseman was 30 years old.

    And for the record, I was being facetious. Andy will probably have a decent career, but he won’t likely be a Super Star.

  24. Mark Timmons says:


    Thanks for pointing out my error. I write a blog as a hobby, but I haver a real job, and lately I have been working 14-16 hours a day on a big project, so I am not very sharp. Thanks for pointing it out. Maybe you can write the blog for me…

    • ken says:

      Mmm, mmm, mmm
      Mark Timmons
      He said we must all post our comments
      To make this Blog strong again

      Mmm, mmm, mmm
      Mark Timmons
      He said we must be fair today
      Good writing means no pay

      Mmm, mmm, mmm
      Mark Timmons
      He said we all must take a stand
      To make sure everyone gets a chance

      Mmm, mmm, mmm
      Mark Timmons
      He said Roger, Badger, Blue Haze, or LawDog,
      All are equal in his sight

      Mmm, mmm, mmm
      Mark Timmons
      Yes, mmm, mmm, mmm
      Mark Timmons


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