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After his last start I had relegated him to the scrap heap and if anyone says that they thought Jason Schmidt would pitch 6 innings of 1 hit baseball last night, they are either lying or delusional!  But, he did it  and I couldn’t be happier – maybe that’s a tear in my eye.  If anyone deserves it, it Jason who has worked so hard to get back.  Maybe he can build on this and be even better…  He didn’t have great control (never has), but he was effectively wild (always was) and make the big pitch when he needed it.  Schmidt is a “fly-ball pitcher” (2 ground outs, 13 fly-outs last night), so he probably is subject to the long ball at times, but the guy is a pitcher and his understanding of how to set up hitters is what is making him effective.  I remember what a fireballer Schmidt once was – tall, imposing, scowling and fearless.  Now, he’s like a 3-legged dog who is just happy to be walking again!  I admire him very much for his courage and determination.  Bring on his next start.  He has earned it.  Will it last?  Dylan Hernandez of the LA Times has this quote by Jason:

“Very surprising.  I hate to say that because it doesn’t sound good. But it’s been a roller coaster from day one, from start to start. I’m enjoying it while it lasts. It might not be forever.”


Enjoy it while you can.  Hernandez also quoted Russ Martin as saying:  “He’s pitching like he wants to win.  It’s not looking like he’s pitching not to get hurt.”

Tommy Davis - 2009 Spring Training -

Tommy Davis - 2009 Spring Training -

Rants & Raves

  • Speaking of earning it, Andre Ethier’s3-run blast left the yard in record time last night.   That thing was a “scalded dog.”  Andre is becoming a force to be reckened with. 
  • Matt Kemp has more RBI’s in extra innings athan any other MLB player.  He needs to hit 3-4 or 5. 
  • Baseball is certainly a game of streaks.  A week ago, Casey Blake couldn’t buy a hit, now they can’t get him out.
  • George Cheryl, ‘er Sherrill make a nice statement last night. 
  • James McDonald and a guy to be on our roster soon (Josh Lindblom) will play important roles in our pen. 
  • I believe we have the strongest and deepest pen in baseball.
  • Too bad that Eric Stults is the odd-man out right now.  Hopefully the Dodgers will get him a new home next year.  He can be someone’s #5.
  • For the record, I do not believe the Dodgers tried to trade Russ Martin AND James Loney – maybe Loney, but not Martin.  Not that they wouldn’t ever trade him, but now’s not the time and AJ Ellis is no more than a backup.  Consider this.  in 200+ AB’s this year at Albq (where the ball flies) he has 6  – I SAID 6!  Extra Base Hits and  ZERO HR.  He’s a .300 singles hitter at AAA, which means he’s a .210 (or below) hitter at the Major league Level.
  • Corey Wade pitched one scoreless inning at AAA last night.
  • Doug M. had a double (.333) at ALBQ (I can’t spell Meintkieweicz and Albuquerque in the same sentence).
  • Hu is hitting .272!
  • Dee Gordon is now hitting .312 at Great Lakes.
  • Ned said that Josh Bell is a good prospect, but that we have depth at 3B with Blake, Baez and DeWitt.  He also said that due to the economy, he expects more waiver deals this year, and that if you put in a claim on a player, you’d better be willing to take him because he thinks teams will be dumping payroll. 

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15 Responses to “Schmidten!”

  1. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m not sure how Lindblom becomes a factor before September callups.
    The current staff, if my count is correct, includes 13 pitchers. They are:

    Starters: Kershaw, Bills, Kuroda, Wolf, Schmidt

    Bullpen: Broxton, Troncoso, Sherrill, Kuo, Mota, Weaver, McDonald, Elbert

    Both Wade and Belisario could be coming back, and maybe even Stults. That makes 15-16 pitchers. I can understand that Elbert could be sent back out, so we’re down to 14-15. Schmidt is still a question mark until he shows consistency (or not), but that still leaves an overloaded staff. With McDonald suddenly finding a larger and effective role, he’s not likely to be sent back out. Unless there’s a trade that sends out more pitching than it brings back, I’m not sure there is any room for Lindblom before September. I’m open to suggestions.

    By the way, I can’t understand why Troncoso was brought into yesterday’s game. Even though he didn’t pitch the night before, he did warmup in the bullpen. He’s become less and less effective lately, and it’s probably due to overwork. We’re carrying 13 pitchers, so I don’t see why he can’t be given some extended time off, especially since the under-utilized McDonald has been much more reliable as of late.

  2. Roger says:

    I just received a phone call from NED’S secretary in L.A. It seems they have two people reading all of the Dodger blogs each day to see if they can learn something from astute Dodger fans out there. It seems that yesterday there was only one Dodger fan board where someone perdicted that Jason Schmidt would be effective. That person was “I” — Ned’s secretary offered me a position as “Special Assistant Bench Coach to Joe, At Home.” They are working on a contract as we speak.

    If you forgot, here is what I posted yesterday morning.
    Roger says:
    July 31, 2009 at 9:29 AM
    I predict that Schmidt will be effective for at least six innings tonight. He will hit his spots, keep things mixed up. Out guess Brave’s hitters. Now it is up to the rest of the lineup to score some runs.

    Jason pitched 6 innings giving up 1 hit.

    The rest of you’s guys did not give him a flip. I see here an aging major leaguer, working to re-invent himself. Pitching somewhat in the vain of Greg Maddux and others.

    He was throwing somewhat like batting practice. But probably not many pitches were near the heart of the plate. With Schmidt, best to have the top fielding outfielders on the team out there, with all of those fly balls.

    Who knows if he was keep it up. Face it, in the last 11 Dodger games, Schmidt has won 2 of them. No one else has won that many.

  3. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Schmidt did well last night, and even hit 89 twice in his last inning of work. Who knows, maybe he’s getting stretched out, and will regain some additional velocity. Then again, a number of those “fly balls” last night were hard hit line drives, which fortunately for Schmidt and the Dodgers, did not find any gaps. Schmidt was a lot better, and perhaps he’ll continue to improve, but for now I still remain somewhat skeptical. Also, in the playoffs, what he showed last night would probably not cut it. One other thing, the Braves had a makeshift lineup out there yesterday. I for one am still hoping that Ned can find a good starting pitcher off the waiver wire before August 31. It’s probably a lot to expect that one of the younger pitchers will step up.

  4. Slo Dawg says:

    Hey Mark….I met Tommy Davis a few years back at On The Border in Rancho Cucamonga. A really nice man who did not mind talking about DOdger baseball. It was a brief conversation as he was with his family and I did not want to keep him…He joked about the year he had an MVP year and got beat out by WIlls for MVP…The year escapes me. All I know is it was a long dang time ago!!!!

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I believe it was 1962, when Wills stole 104 and Tommy Davis led the league in hitting at .346 with 153 RBIs.

    • Slo Dawg says:

      You are correct Brooklyn…He joked about all Wills did was run around the dang bases!!!! He was just kidding I’m sure…Nice man and looked like he could still hit .300!!!!!

  6. Bill Russell says:

    Slo Dawg is right, I met Tommy also on a Chino golf course. He’s pretty cool.

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    That photo was taken at Mesa.

  8. DRomo says:

    I don’t believe Ned would be foolish enough to trade Martin midseason, however I could see him using Martin as a chip only in a Halladay deal in the off season.

    Good for Schmidt last night, it just seems to good to be true. I can’t see it being of any significance in the big picture.

    In recent years teams have won it all with at least 1 HOT pitcher and an excellent bullpen. It looks like that is our plan this year. I am crossing my fingers.

    Ethier just got robbed of an extra base hit, what is the blue looking at?

  9. Roger says:

    When Mark and I saw Tommy Davis at Spring Training in Mesa last spring, he was with Feggie Jenkins and Feggie’s chairty deal. Some eight or nine former major league players were there signing book, jerseys, baseballs, etc.

    I bought Tommy’s book you can see him holding in the picture above, which he personally signed to me, and an autographed baseball. I presently have both sitting on the fireplace mantle.

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    Ned had an opportinity to sign Lowe for about $70 mil or Wolf for $5 mil. How long did he have to think about that?

  11. Roger says:

    I would have used another finger. Wolf is just so-so and cheap, Lowe was used up here and expensive.

  12. DRomo says:

    I think Lowe wanted out of LA. I know his fiance…errr…homewrecker did. OOPS.
    I really dont think money was the issue. Lowe wanted to go back to the East coast and was sure that the Mets would offer him a spot. I was told he even thought Boston would make a run at him. Not so!

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    He wanted to go to Boston or Detroit (home), but neither was interested (at the price he was asking).


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