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Letter To Joe Torre

Letter To Joe Torre

LineupDear Joe,

First of all, I respect your record and the air of professionalism you bring to the Dodgers.  I know we have the best record in baseball and the players like you.  I just have a laundry list of things I want you to consider:

  1. Don’t bring Mota in with runners on base.  He’ll always let them score.   Bring him in to start an inning and he’s good for two innings.torre
  2. Of all the great managers who have managed around 3,000 games, you have the lowest percentage of being ejected – 59 times in your career, but I can’t remember the last time.  Yes, I know you are laid back.  I know you are prepared.  I know you are not a screamer, but when your players get some bad calls (like that double taken from Ethier), I think you just need  to “go off” on an umpire to let them know you will defend your players and most importantly, show the players you have their back.  You can apologize to the Ump after the game and tell them you were just doing it for your “boys.”  Get kicked out of a couple of games soon, OK?
  3. Oh, and while you are at it, have Larry get kicked out a few times.  He won’t have any problems with that.  He knows what to do (maybe he can give you some free lessons). Get some fire going!
  4. You need to have a talk with Casey Blake who hurt his wrist lifting weights after a game.  He should be hoisting beers, not weights after a game.  Evidently they don’t raise them right in Iowa.  Teach him what to do.
  5. Rotate a pitcher back to AAA every other day and brin g a new one up, so you’ll have fresh meat available in the pen.  So, rotate Kuo, Belisario, Wade and Lindbllom every other day.  It’s really simple…
  6. Would you have someone beat Russ Martin over the head with a bat everytime he tries to pull the ball?  I meant it!
  7. Oh, and move Matt Kemp up in the lineup!


  • Belisario is on a rehab assignment to IE.
  • Corey Wade was optioned to AAA after his rehab was over.
  • Josh Lindblom pitched one shutout inning at ALBQ and now has a 2.75 ERA there.
  • Matt Kemp is becoming out best clutch hitter.  I mean CLUTCH!
  • Elbert looks like he will be useful.
  • Jason Schmidt does it all.  You cannot stop him, you can only hope to contain him.
  • Ethier, Kemp and Loney all with 3 hits – NICE!  Martin with 2. 
  • Milwaukee comes to town tonight – King Clayton goes for LA.
  • Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times:

Martin said dropping three games to St. Louis at the start of the trip opened the Dodgers’ eyes. “It made us realize what type of team we’re going to have to beat in October,” Martin said. “Both of these teams were tough, but St. Louis was tough. They don’t give anything away, they pitch well, they play good defense. They’re in the back of our minds, I’m sure.”


Oh, and play nice today!

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42 Responses to “Letter To Joe Torre”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    Well I see Romo conveniently didn’t show up until after the game so he wouldn’t have to predict Billingsley’s outcome yesterday. Great job Rome’s. Also who did Haze bait yesterday? Was it the Hawk? If yes, I believe Ken was the first baiter yesterday. Wow

    Where the hell is Badger? Is he OK? I miss his biased takes on the game.

    Mark’s Dear John letter to Joe was pretty much to the point of things that we all want to know. I hope he writes back.

  2. DRomo says:

    BRuss, I dont think so. I was too busy to drop my prediction on you. What I did see was Bills have a good outing but pulled when he got tired…errr…”injured”…err before he had a chance to melt down in the 6th Joe learned from Chad’s St. Louis melt down. Cramping? Dude Cramping? Maybe Conte needs to keep some Midol in his pocket so Chad can get through 7 innings. Did Chad just find out it was going to be hot in the ATL? Try mixing in some fluids the day before genius. Also wasn’t it just as hot for everyone else? I love how Martin was crying about cramping after squatting for 27+ innings in the heat…oh yeah he didn’t. By the way nice job fighting to stay in the game Chad, you showed a lot of heart. It is a lot easier to act upset for the camera on the bench isn’t it?

    I like the kid but he looks more and more like the cowardly lion everyday.

    How about Schmidt?! Wow are we getting our moneys worth out of this guy now or what. Pinch hitting extordinaire? 1 hit starts? The guy is unbelievable! (Read sarcasm)

  3. SpokaneBob says:

    Billingsly hyper-extended his left knee and was removed after finishing the inning. If it were me I would have not let him throw another pitch. It looks like he is ok.

  4. Slo Dawg says:

    Mark…you mail that letter to Torre and I will buy the stamp!!!!!

  5. Harold says:

    Romo you are full of beans. You are on Chad’s case like Mark was on Andre’s. Bob is right. After seeing his knee buckle I would have pulled him right there. Joe wanted to get him the win.

    Chad would have been in for only one more inning in any event, taking him to 100 pitches. How can you know how he is feeling, physically or emotionally? Yes, he has to stay hydrated, just like the football players that cramp from dehydration. Isn’t that part of the trainer’s job to see players are game ready, including all he can do to help them deal with the heat? And yes, he is still a kid. Unfortunately he hasn’t learned how to finish off hitters yet. His best solution is the K which takes a lot of pitches. That will come.


  6. lawdog says:

    Sometimes the solution to our problem is alive and well down on the farm. As I discuss in today’s minor league report, Charlie Haeger went 6 innings and gave just 1 hit and 1 run walking 3 and striking out 8! Who’d you rather have as your #5 starter, Haeger or Schmidt.

    Watch out for that flu that kicking around. Ruth and I got it from exposure at her doctor’s office and it put me flat on my back for almost a week. Not good for old geezers like me. I still feel weak, but able to at least post for about an hour at a time.

    I liked the trade for that lefty closer. I wish we didn’t have to give up that 3b prospect to get him since he’s basically a rental, isn’t he? But I think he’s the ticket. With he and Broxton, Belesario, Kuo, Troncosco and Wade. We’ve got that other lefty and MacDonald and Elbert as well–we are probably the strongest pen in the game. Our pitchers can go 5 and we can still win games. And when we get to the playoffs we can rotate pitchers every 2 or 3 innings like we already do half the time on the farm. :)

    Who is this imposter slo-dawg and why would he want to impersonate me?

    • Slo Dawg says:

      Lawdog….I am no impostor and I am not trying to impersonate you. Get over yourself!!!! lol…. I have posted here before. Please go back and read last week’s e mails. I think everyone knows that I am not trying to impersonate you but you!!!!

  7. Roger says:

    While driving around town today — I kept thinking about trades and prospects and all the fuss.

    When a team is in the thick of things, and needs a player or two to patch holes in the lineup or pitching . . . and thinks about going after the Gun (pitching) or the Stick (hitter) — so you give up 4 or 5 KEY prospects — fans yell out, “Think about the future, do not gut the farm…”

    So, say, a team makes the trade, gives up 4 or 5 high thought of prospects (really good ones) — but gets the Gun or the Stick that is needed.

    Now, I see several things happening on the Farm load below. Players in lower leagues, AA and A, begin to move up right away. Maybe some other “minor league” trades occure to fill some holes at all three levels. For instance, the players traded, and those moving up, new holes are filled by those minor league deals that go almost un-noticed.

    Some more Island and or Asian players are found and signed. Some players are asked to change positions because of projected future needs.

    I think some of the players that are moved up, will take the challenge and even develop faster. Heck, maybe even some of the players just traded away were keep the lower player down when they should have been up the chain farther.

    Then, the next June at draft time, the needs have changed a bit and the new targets selected.

    In the end, one more solid pitcher would have been nice in the Dodger rotation. But, maybe a wavier wire deal will happen yet.

    Also, the Rule 5 Draft held each years in December might bring on some others.

  8. DRomo says:

    Harold and Bob,
    Bills left the game with cramps. It had nothing to do with his knee. Facts is facts, boys.

    Secondly he is not a kid anymore. Stop using that as an excuse. He may be younger than all of us, but he has been around long enough to step it up.He should be coming into his own. 100 pitches should not be his finish line, Geez what is he in AA ball. There is nothing worse than a pitcher who is watching his own pitch count. He should want to compete. Chad is capable of throwing 110+ pitches a night. Look at the legs on this kid he is built to throw and he is out of gas at 5-6 innings? That is not right. I know that players in the NFL and other sports cramp up in the heat but here is a guy who has been in this heat for 3 days and had nothing else to do but get ready for his start and shows up not properly hydrated. Blame the trainer if you want but how about asking Bills to take responsibility for his own health.

    Until Billingsley shows he has some heart, he is the Cowardly Lion!

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    Chad Billingsley had a cramp in his right hamstring. Russ Martin said he could see he was in pain when he threw. Anyone who thinks Bills should have stayed in the game, only needs ask Eric Gagne what happens when you pitch when you have a leg problem. Torre said Bills almost talked him into staying in the game, but that he decided to take him out because he didn’t want to hurt his arm. I was watching the game and Joe Morgan spotted it immediately and said Bills was hurt.

    His coming out of the game had only to do with injury, nothing else. He had only thrown 83 pitches.

    If you have a hamstring issue, you’d better stop pitching – especially if you’ve got tree trunks as big as Bills. He was sweating profusely all night. That’s a trainer issue too.

  10. Anonymous says:

    “He was very strong-willed at that point,” said Torre. “I almost gave in, but I would have never forgiven myself if something happened. You pitch to compensate and all of a sudden you hurt your arm.”

    It was smart to have him out of the game we were up big and there was no need for an injury.

    Billingsley is also only 24, younger than Cain, Linececum and Hamels who is having an awful year by the way and just got bombed by the Giants.

    Also Billingsley has always projected to be a number 2 starter, if he is any better good for the Dodgers, stop acting like he is some 30 year old ace, he has been great for the Dodgers the last 2 years.

    “he is the Cowardly Lion!” Jesus enough with the nicknames I thought people would stop after Mark looked like a fool with Ethier and everything to stop with this whole name thing you sound like you’re 7. Like I said with Ethier it is a long season.

  11. Harold says:

    Where is `J`. Where else do you get debate like this. Good information, guys ragging on guys and it`s OK, humor, nostagia.


  12. DRomo says:

    Rather ironic that “Anonymous” has had enough with the nicknames? I love it. Chad is the Cowardly Lion. He has the stuff to be great but lacks the courage to use it. Certainly he should not have pitched if he was hurt. Gagne’s injury was a knee issue if I remember correctly and led to his arm trouble. That is different from cramping. I have issue with Chad not being properly hydraded. Sure you can blame the trainer for not cooling him down but HELLO if you have ever dealt with extreme heat or prepared for possible dehydration you know that starts days in advance. Doesn’t Chad as a professional athelete have to be responsible for at least some of that?

    I am a runner. I have run several marathons in warm weather and even some flat out HOT areas. I don’t get up and drink gatorade the morning of the race. You start days in advance. Bills had been in that dugout all damn series, should he not of been hydrating? Isn’t he from the mid-west? If you have ever been there in the summer it is pretty darn hot and humid. He has to share the blame with Conte on this one.

  13. Roger says:

    Anonymous, hey you are getting to know Mark — “…shoot ‘em high, shoot ‘em low, but shoot ‘em !!!

    OR, else, he was reading again in one of his favoriate books: The Wizzard of OZ.

  14. Blue Haze says:

    Let’s all post as anonymous for a month and see how everyone likes it. That would be hilarious.

  15. Anonymous says:

    That’s awesome, I’m in.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hey guys, I’m new to this site, love the anonymity of it all.

  17. Bill Russell says:

    I can’t post anonymous, everyone would recognize the mispellings and I would be found out anyway. If only I would have paid attention in school. I feel like Romo’s my little brother but I think he’s being just a little hard on Chad. Besidesn Chad took the time to sign a baseball for me in spring training and spoke with me about his groin pull and the progress he was making in the spring. We shouldn’t be in here fighting, we still have the best record in baseball. I had to say it because after this week we probably won’t be able to any longer. I hate the fact that the Angels are the hottest team in baseball. I still feel we missed out at the trading deadline and should have gotten Lee. We need to take it to the Brewers this up coming series. I hope Johnny Broxton gets a chance to pitch tonight, he’s always a bit rusty after time off. Keep up the good work in here guys. Peace. Free CB and Mario

  18. Anonymous says:

    Totally agree with you Mr. Timmons, but I still think I will take Joe’s managerial expertise over yours. But for sure Torre has to start backing up his players. He didn’t help Billingsley the other day when the umpire just stunk up the strike zone. But hey, how many rings does Joe own and how many of those rings do any of us own?

    Here is tonights lineup as posted by

    SS Anonymous
    RF Anonymous
    LF Anonymous
    3B Anonymous
    1B Anonymous
    CF Anonymous
    C Anonymous
    2B Anonymous
    P Anonymous

    Ooops, hold on there, late change Anonymous will not make his scheduled start and Anonymous will be taking his place in the rotation.

  19. Joseph says:

    I wrote that post and sorry I forgot to right my name in. But it just proves a point that you would rather make fun of some stupid mistake then focus on the real issue. You don’t address any of my points other than you are a runner and so you think you know what it takes stay hydrated as a professional pitcher. Not to mention you have no idea if he was or not hydrating you are just assuming. But what you ignore is that Chad wanted to stay in the game and thought he was fine and could pitch through it, seeing as the game was a blow out Torre didn’t want to risk it and took him out. I don’t know what the issue is.

    The only time Chad has been “soft” was against the Phillies and it was his first time in the playoffs, he pitched well against the Cubs, but no lets ignore that because he had a bad 2 games against the Phillies. These whole labels of soft are ignorant, just as it was when we were talking about Ethier. I can’t imagine what you would be saying about Hamels right now if you were a Phillies fan.

    Chad is one of our best young players who has stepped up big time the last two years being our best pitcher over the last two seasons when we needed a pitcher of that caliber he has stepped up.

    Instead of your silly nicknames maybe you should focus on real issues concerning the team, such as the trading of Carols Santana who is killing the ball this season by the way and problems of Loney and Martin.

  20. SpokaneBob says:


    Are you a Dodger Fan? I want to see your credentials! :)

    Torre said Bills could pitch up to 120 before the game.

  21. Roger says:

    Romeo, I want to see your birth papers.

  22. Buddy says:

    Looks like Ausmus will start tonight. I think Martin should get at least two days off till the end of the season to make sure he rested for a playoff run. Ausmus is more than capable.

  23. Mark Timmons says:

    Hey Anon,

    How did I look like a fool with Ethier? He was horrible and couldn’t buy a decent hit for a while. I called him Mr. Softee when he was. Look at the stats. No argument. Since then he has turned it around and I no longer call him that. If I called him that now, I WOULD be a fool. Andre has grown and changed his thinking, which has changed his life. He still needs to imprve against LH and on the road. In case you don’t know, he’s about .200 (or less against LH and the same on the road), but he’s progressing.

  24. Joseph says:

    “Hey Anon,

    How did I look like a fool with Ethier? He was horrible and couldn’t buy a decent hit for a while. I called him Mr. Softee when he was. Look at the stats. No argument. Since then he has turned it around and I no longer call him that. If I called him that now, I WOULD be a fool. Andre has grown and changed his thinking, which has changed his life. He still needs to imprve against LH and on the road. In case you don’t know, he’s about .200 (or less against LH and the same on the road), but he’s progressing.”

    You look like a fool, because everyone at the time was saying he was fine and would get hitting like he has. In case you don’t know he has had an OPS over 900 3 out of the 4 months of season, calling someone Mr. Softee doesn’t make any sense when they are becoming on of your biggest producers in the lineup. It is a long season you don’t judge a player on one month. That’s what I said then and that is why you looked like a fool. All those complaining about Billingsley will look the same, he had one bad month give the kid a break. He has been our best and most consistent starter over the last couple seasons. You can’t get down on a player every bad stretch.

    Yes he has been horrible against lefties this year, which I am aware of and it is the most concerning stat of Andre’s, I don’t buy into the road splits, since most of his career that has not been the problem. If he doesn’t get better against lefties he might have to be platooned later in his career, but I say its still too early to say if they will have to ever happen, hopefully not.

    Baseball is a long season and it is best to look at there stats to judge how well the players are doing, because I along with everyone else know how frustrating it is watching the games and it can cloud your judgment. I was thinking Martin has just been awful lately, but in reality he had a nice month of July batting over 300 and posting his best OPS so far, so maybe he can turn it around in the second half.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Which Anonymous are you addressing?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, I feel disrepected, which Anonymous are you addressing, Mark?

    Very good point Anonymous, I am glad you pointed it out.

    Joseph, until recently known as Anonymous, don’t get frustrated typically the key point of most discussions are missed and the stupid and pointless issues in one’s post is discussed. Carry on Joseph and I liked your previous moniker, Joseph is so yesterday.

  27. Robert says:

    Hi Mark,

    Looks like some guy named “J” was causing problems this morning and referenced Dodger Dugout. Don’t know who he is or what is problem was. Just the usual riff-raff I guess. Sorry for the mess he caused.

    Keep up the good work.


  28. Mark Timmons says:


    I won’t even mention Andre’s choking in Septembers, because at the beginning of this season I predicted Andre would hit .300 with 30+ Hr and 100 RBI, but when he choked without Manny, I called him soft.

    You don’t think he was soft?

    He still has a ways to go. He hits .193 against LH and .227 on the road, so when he is out of his comfort zone, he doesn’t do well, but he’s getting better. Because of that, I lay off him.

    However, I could still call him soft and not look like a fool (like you say). In fact, you are a fool if you think 17 GIDP is acceptable and that a .228 BA with RISP is good and that a .185 BA with RISP with 2 outs is good.

    I don’t call him soft in those situations, ALTHOUGH HE IS, because I see improvement in other areas.

    Make sure of your facts before you call someone a fool, because the fool might be you!

  29. Mark Timmons says:


    No problem. I take ‘em all on.

    For the record, Tony Jackson and about 99% of the rest of the bloggers are better writers than me…

    Same to you Robert.

    I read ‘ya everyday.

  30. Bill Russell says:

    Robert is a class act and so is his site

  31. Mark Timmons says:

    J was also






    I am always who I am. If you are too big of a chickenshit to put your real name, then you aren’t much of a man. Grow a spine and come back!

  32. Mark Timmons says:


    I met Robert at Dodger Stadium and he is a good guy!

    Nice site!

  33. Roger says:

    Mark ——————- YOU still don’t get it. “Soft” is not a baseball word for the rest of us. That is the problem, your problem. Please let it alone.

    Players “choke”

    Soft is for ice cream, beds, silk, and other things, but not for hardball.

    In fact, it sounds stupid to say some player is “soft.”

    Like, “Andre is going home, to score . . . one way or another.”

  34. Mark Timmons says:


    Did it occur to you that you don’t get it? ;)

    Andre is moving away from his soft ways and I only hope he becomes a “monster.”


    Peace, out!

  35. Mark Timmons says:

    In another year, I see this as our middle of the order:

    3. Ethier

    4. Kemp

    5. Loney

  36. DRomo says:

    Joseph I know you are not calling me out on being a True Blue Dodger fan. I take a back seat to no one!

    ” The only time Chad has been “soft” was against the Phillies and it was his first time in the playoffs, he pitched well against the Cubs…”
    You know you are right. Unless you count his outing against the Cardinals last week, against Houston, &… you get the point.

    I tried to point out to you Joseph that Chad needs to be prepared, There is no excuse to cramp up after 80 something pitches. A professional athelete should have himself ready.

    By the way didn’t you call it a hyper extended knee. Nice that you are informed, I guess?

    Big Brother BRuss, Yeah I am hard on Bills. I like him but I think if he grows a set he could be GREAT! Only “if”.

    Kershaw looked human tonight. 1st time in about a month.

  37. Joseph says:

    That wasn’t me I never called it a hyper-extended knee. Regardless I don’t know what you are trying to prove pointing that out.

    “You know you are right. Unless you count his outing against the Cardinals last week, against Houston, &… you get the point.”

    How was the game in St. Louis or Houston high pressure starts? Also in the middle of those bad starts he had a solid start against the Reds, was that clutch? Does that make a player soft now? What about his game in Philladelphia where he put up a line of
    7.0 3 1 1 0 4 9

    Does that make him super clutch? I don’t get it. Or his start in Chicago?
    7.0 8 2 2 1 2 7
    Or do you not count those starts because of a couple bad starts in July.

    Also the whole hydration fiasco is irrelevant, he didn’t want to leave the game he was fine, Joe did it for precaution, because it was a blowout because of how well he was pitching, you should be happy it looks like his bad month was just a bad month not something more serious like an injury. He bounced back nicely. You should enjoy the Dodger young players doing well, and criticize all of the over priced veterans the Dodgers have on the roster that are clogging payroll.

    Mark it is not that he is clutch or unclutch, it is that you put too much value in the stat, I will take the guy with 900 ops for 3 out of 4 months over a guy like who has great clutch stats, but has very weak statistics for a 1st baseman. Do you understand? This whole forum for one thing puts way to much emphasis in “clutch” especially when there clutch stats are so drastically different from year to year, not to mention conflicting information such as Ethier’s walk offs, the most in the majors or his great clutch stats from last season.

    If a player is really unclutch and can’t get a big hit then how does he have that many walk offs? Was he clutch then and not other times, was he trying to hard then and not trying hard enough. I don’t buy it, yes he grounds into too many DP’s, but that happens sometimes, if he makes a career of this then okay go ahead, but Ethier has been a nice hitter and is developing into a productive bat for cheap he is what he is. I am not saying I love Ethier I am just saying your obsession with him is unnecessary as there are bigger reasons the Dodgers are losing games.

    He among several other players that are bailing out Colletti for his awful free agent signings that have handicapped this team from signing players in the off season.

    The basic point is there are some obvious players to roast on this team and some other players that are struggling that deserve discussion that are serious impairments to the Dodgers, rather than pointless nicknames for productive players of the Dodgers. Why not focus on the following issues.

    -Manny steroids, how can Dodger fans support a cheater, not to mention if you look at production for old steroid players off the juice it is not too good. I wouldn’t worry about this year as much as next year.

    - James Loney, is his future in L.A.? how long do you wait for him to produce at the plate, he is slugging 400 for a 1st baseman which is awful, a similar player Casey Kotchman got traded to the Red Sox and he is a defensive specialist.

    - Russel Martin – He has gotten worse for 3 years straight, with our next best catcher gone, what should the Dodgers do?

  38. lawdog says:

    Kemp should be hitting 3rd behind Ethier and Manny should be dropped to 5th behind Loney.

    I never noticed any “slow-dawg” posts until this morning because I was sick here this last week and didn’t post during that time. This morning I notice he’s posting like a regular while I was gone. Since the moniker implies the poster is both lewd and playing with less than a full deck, I didn’t want anyone to think it was me. And, I thought the poster might be mocking me because of the negative connotations to his moniker and the similarity to mine.

    But now I can see the poster might just have been a relief pitcher with no fastball and rode pine most of the time as a result–or he might not have been real fast in getting his butt through a door to take full advantage of a free, open bar at his in-law’s wedding reception.

    No harm no foul.

    Congrats to the Lakers in re-signing Lamar Odom. That probably buys them at least two more titles until the whole team starts to get old.

    Speaking of old, who’s been giving Manny geezer-ade to drink? Maybe someone needs to slip some speed into his afternoon beverage.

    Anyone know how many years are left on Sherrill’s contract? I think we stole ‘em if he’s not an FA at the end of the year.

  39. Bill Russell says:

    Hey LawDawg, glad to hear your feeling better and getting back to your old mean self again. I just checked Rotoworld and looked up Sherrill’s contract. 2009 2.75 million, 2010-2011 Arb Eli and 2012 free agent. Looks like we have him for a few more years.


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