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Did We Just Sign Ted Bundy?

Did We Just Sign Ted Bundy?

Headhunter or Inside Pitcher?

I have heard that the newest Dodger, Vicente Padillais a really bad guy.  His teammates allegedly hate him and he’s a cancer in the clubhouse.  Hey, it’s starting to sound like he’ll be right at home with Manny Ramirez who has fought with teammates, punched a 65 year-old traveling secretary, failed to hustle on every play and quit on his teammates.    So, I thought I would get the inside information on Padilla, knowing for certain that I would uncover information that he was Jack the Ripper or Ted Bundy.  Here’s what I found:

  • He’s never been on America’s Most Wanted and John Walsh has never heard of him;
  • He’s not on the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted List;
  • The Federal Bureau of Prisons has no records on him;
  • He’s not on the Sexual Predator List; and
  • There are no outstanding warrants on him.

What I did find out is that a few of his teammates in Texas didn’t like him, but didn’t specifically say why.  Some say he’s a “headhunter”  – he says he just pitches inside (maybe Bills could take some lessons).  Ken Gurnick of went to current Dodgers who know him and here’s what he reported:

Torre said Padilla’s acquisition was supported by third-base coach Larry Bowa, who managed Padilla in Philadelphia. Randy Wolf, who pitched with Padilla as a Philly teammate, also endorsed the acquisition.

“When I played with Pads, he was great,” Wolf said. “I like him a lot and we got along great. I don’t know what transpired in Texas. Obviously, it wasn’t a peaceful parting. He was a quiet guy in the clubhouse who worked hard and I think a second chance here in a pennant race will help him and help us.”

Wolf said, when asked by officials, he didn’t believe Padilla would be disruptive.

“I told them exactly what I’m telling you about my experience with him in Philly,” he said. “On the mound, he’ll give you seven innings. I didn’t see any distraction. He had good stuff, he mixed his speeds. I think he’ll do better here. It’s better weather, a better park to pitch in. I think there are a lot of positives coming here.”

So, maybe he’s not such a bad guy.  At least he deserves a chance and with Kuroda down we need another pitcher.  He’ll make a start in ALBQ and then come to the Dodgers.  Tony Abreu has temporarily taken Kuroda’s place until Padilla is activated.


  • Well, at least Broxton didn’t blow a save last night!  Someone needs to sit him down and find out if it’s his toe and if it is, he needs to go on the DL before he kills us.  If it’s not his toe, he needs a sports psychologist.  The last two times I have got on my whipping boy, Jon Broxton, Jon Weisman has called me out and now I have it all figured out.  Jon Weisman, Jon Broxton – I have never seen them together.  They are the same guy!  I mean, look at Weisman… add another 160 pounds and presto… he’s Jon Broxton.  Can you see it?  I wonder how he pulls off the muttonchops?  Jon Weisman writes that Broxton was charged with kidnapping the Lindbergh baby.  See, I told you he was no good….
  • Our pitching was spotty last night but 4 hits won’t cut it.  We didn’t deserve to win.  Who is that in Manny’s body?
  • I guess we can blame Martin for the SB by Pujols, but in reality, Russell had no chance.  That base was stolen on Broxton who wasn’t holding Albert on base.  I guess he figured he didn’t need to.   Our pitchers are sometimes brain-dead when it comes to holding baserunners.
  • Nice HR’s by Ethier and Blake – too bad no one else came to the party.
  • The Cards have established that we are their AAA Affiliate and dominate us.  Suddenly, they are the team to beat in the NL.

Minor League Recap – 8/19/09 by Jared of
Albuquerque won 4-2

Chin Lung Hu – 3 for 5, HR (5), RBI, R (.289 BA)
Blake DeWitt – 0 for 5 (.244 BA)
Jamie Hoffman – 2 for 4, 2 RBI (.296 BA)

Scott Elbert – 2 IP, 0 Hits, 0 R, BB, 2 K’s (4.74 ERA)
Chattanooga lost 5-4

Trayvon Robinson – 1 for 4, RBI, 2 K’s, SB, OF Assist (.167 BA)

James Adkins – 5 IP, 6 Hits, 3 R (2 ER), 2 BB, 5 K’s (4.81 ERA)
Victor Garate – 0 IP, Hit, 0 R, 0 BB, 0 K’s (1.82 ERA)
Inland Empire lost 9-6

Jovanny Rosario – 3 for 5, R, 2 SB (.250 BA)
Scott Van Slyke – 1 for 4, RBI, R, OF Assist (.291 BA)
Steven Caseres – 1 for 2, HR (13), 2 RBI, R, 2 BB (.268 BA)
Preston Mattingly – 1 for 4 (.234 BA)
Great Lakes did not play
Ogden lost 7-5

BCG – 3 for 5, R, K, SB (.339 BA)
Nick Akins – 1 for 4, RBI, BB (.250 BA)
AZL lost 3-2

Jonathan Garcia – 1 for 3, BB, 2 K’s (.300 BA)

Carlos Frias – 5 IP, 4 Hits, 2 ER, 3 BB, 3 K’s (4.70 ERA)
Player of the day – Chin Lung Hu, SS

Remember him? All of a sudden, Hu is starting to hit. After batting .301 in July, he’s up to .404 in August with 2 doubles, 2 home runs and 5 triples. He’s even drawn 6 walks compared to just 3 walks. Now, he’s 25 and in the PCL, but it’s still nice to see him putting up some respectable numbers.

Over at, Ray LeRoux writes and interesting piece on the Dodgers.  Make of it what you will…


Various unforeseen circumstances have kept this old Dodgers curmudgeon on the writers disabled list for most of this season. It has not however kept us from being in a constant state of worry. In 2008, the Dodgers got lucky getting big help midway during the season on the cheap.

So far in 2009, the Dodgers have largely refrained from solving some of their problems – no secret throughout baseball – by, egads, spending money. Now we all know the country is in economic difficulties. Has anybody else noticed the price of the things we buy in the grocery store are up but the good are smaller in size.What used to be a half gallon of ice cream ain’t no more, but the cost for less is more.

If that ain’t a hidden tax increase, what is? My electric bill is up 40 per cent while using less. And on and on and on.

But all of that is no reason why the Dodgers, one of sports most lucrative franchises are and have been operating on the cheap.

Without any direct supporting evidence (where are sportswriters like Dick Young when we need them?), it sure would be interesting to see just how much of the Dodgers revenues are swiftly diverted and eaten up by large debt repayments. Did the McCourts buy the team with little money down and baseball inspired loans to cover the closing costs? – a Barney Frank special.

One suspects the big reason the Dodgers owners aren’t spending cash is maybe because they ain’t got none.

The Dodgers answered their pitching needs with numbers rather than quality.  Manager Joe Torre has never been exactly known for his adroit and discerning handling of pitchers (ask Scott Proctor, Cory Wade and others).

All of a sudden Russ Ortiz, John Smoltz and Vincente Padilla can be had for a pro rated share of the major league minimum. But is there a Jose Lima amongst this bunch? Is there anybody so cheap that will inspire fear among the likely post season opponents like the Phillies or Cardinals, much less the Yankees?  If there is it will be a bigger surprise than the guy from South Korea sticking it to Tiger Woods who tried to back into a championship and lost.

The McCourts, for whatever reason, have been the antithesis of the Washington spenders so far. If its not for the reason they cant spend what they ain’t got, maybe its because (a) the fact of what GM Colletti did with their money in the past has finally sunk in, (b) the history of how Joe Torre burns out pitchers in a sobering thought, (c) while pitching coach Rick Honeycutt may be serviceable, he’s has never been considered by baseball purists (as opposed to the sycophants who “amen” anything from the top down), or (d) a variety of all of the above.

Can the Dodgers hang on? Even so will they be really competitive in the post season?

God works in many and wondrous ways. That being said, says here the Dodgers will advance only as far as some improbable folk pull off a Mike Scioscia end of the game homer of Doc Gooden and then is promptly backed up by a gimpy Kirk Gibson hitting that back door slider off Dennis Eckersley way back in 1988.

There are young men going off to fight in Afghanistan who weren’t even born, those great days of Dodgers past occurring so long ago.

In the Book of Joel in the Old Testament, God says in the last days young men will have visions and old men will dream dreams. Being old ourselves, we have dreamed about the Dodgers short term future.

We have been dreaming that Tommy Lasorda has been shunted aside to being the maitre’d in the Dodgers dining room, Brother Colletti reassigned to managing the disabled list, Orel Hershiser hired as the new Dodgers GM, the surprise appointment of Angels 3b Coach Dino Ebel named the new Dodgers manager, anybody being brought in to be the new pitching coach, and other such irreverent reveries of the admittedly growing cynical of the same old, same old traditions that have disappointed the faithful lo now in our third decade and counting since the last championship. Yes, boys and girls, there once was a time when the Dodgers were on top of the baseball world.

Even from the sidelines this season, this old Dodgers junkie has seen enough to figure out the Dodgers so far have been luckier than good, have survived in spite of rather than because of any particular investments by the owners, skill by the front office decision makers, discernment in handling the band of gas guzzlers by the manager.

Down here in Florida, we notice the Marlins have a Ramirez just as the Dodgers do. The Florida version is young and has a future ahead of him. He is evidently clean, sports a decent hairdo, and still is able to hit a ton.

Over in Tampa, there are two largely unknown talents by the name of Ben Zobrist and Jason Bartlett in the middle of the infield and they are something to behold surrounding stars Carl Crawford and Evan Longoria.

Both of the Florida teams are loaded – loaded – with young pitchers. Boy, the kid Johnson in Miami can throw hard. He throws 96 and then steps it up to 99 when there is a need to.

Contrasting these two teams of youth and excitement and talent with the all of a sudden win-a-game, lose-a-game Dodgers is something to ponder. The Miami and Florida kids didn’t have to languish at Triple A (like Dodgers up and coming kids are wont to do).

The pitchers are not given to sit and watching the Jeff Weavers and Eric Miltons of the world picked because of the Dodgers fondness for experience first. We are reminded we once owned a Studebaker. It was experienced (read old). It was also awful.

In ending this epistle, we do have to remark the Dodgers were near awful in 1988 as well, given nary a chance to get very far in post season. Yet fate has a tendency to do funny things, just like that South Korean kid pulling a David against Tiger Woods’ Goliath over the weekend.

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32 Responses to “Did We Just Sign Ted Bundy?”

  1. Michael says:

    Reality check; we have won back to back games only once all month. Maybe Manny needs some Midol. Ever since Tommy pitched to Jack Clark, these guys have had our number. No matter what they say the tension must be getting pretty thick in the clubhouse. Time for a players only to clear it.

  2. Badger says:

    It would appear we don’t match up well with the Cards. Maybe we will get lucky and avoid them the rest of the year.

    We lost on unearned run in the 9th. Not exactly what the good teams do.

    Yeah, where’s Manny? Anytime dude.

    We talked about this team hitting the schneid and how they would handle it. All teams have runs like this. Obviouisly there is still plenty of time to pull it together. Right now the teams chasing us are in series’ against bad clubs, and we are playing a play-off team. We will have our chances to put some distance between us and the rest of the division soon.

    How about a few baserunners before those home runs? Furcal had a horrible late at bat, it could have been runners at first and second for Kemp, but no, he swings at ball 4 and end of inning on a comebacker.

    Hu has been playing well of late. I wonder what the plans are for him? DeWitt? Not so much. He should be hitting .350 down there and instead – .240? Yoiks. That doesn’t even make him look good in trade scenarios.

    So, Padilla. Maybe he will light a fire. We need one.

  3. Badger says:

    Nice article. Good points.

    But….. has anyone noticed that the Dodgers attendance levels are only down a little over 1%? Imagine that. Our payroll is down about 17% from last year, but attendance stays right up there. So, is it an impecunious owner, or, is it just cautious management?

    Didn’t see anything about how Kershaw is the second coming of Sandy this morning. No comments on 3 2/3 innings? A lot of foul balls. Yeah, that was the problem.

    Yes, the teams that don’t draw are forced to do things like trade their stars for several young talented players. And that is why Tampa goes to the World Series, the Marlins win a World Series every now and then, and the Dodgers draw 3 million and go home early every year.

    Maybe the McCautious’ are watching how it is actually done.

  4. DRomo says:

    “The Cards have established that we are their AAA Affiliate and dominate us. Suddenly, they are the team to beat in the NL”

    Really Mark? I think it’s not so sudden, We stink right now and have for several weeks. It will be a short post season (if we make it) because we can not beat good pitching!

    3 1/2 games!?!?

    3 1/2 games, is all that is left of a double digit lead we had just before the break. We now get the struggling Cubbies but they are a desperate team. We need to stop the bleeding and fast. I predicted this would be a tough week but I sure hope we figure it out soon because after the Cubs we get the Rockies and they will be thinking of 1 thing…TAKING OVER FIRST PLACE! They may be well within reach by then.

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Kershaw was sick on Tuesday – flu and he looked tired to me last night. He was standing more upright on the mound.

    Our fate is in our hands as we head to Colorado next week! Hopefully, Loney will wake up in his favorite ballpark. (Nudge Manny too).

  6. Ken says:

    I hear the Rockies a comin’
    They’re coming ’round the bend,
    And they ain’t seen first place,
    Since, I don’t know when,
    I’m stuck in Dodger Freefall,
    And time keeps draggin’ on,
    But those Rockies keep a-coming,
    On up to First Place.

    When I was just a fan,
    My Mama told me, “Son,
    Always be a good fan,
    Don’t ever criticize your team,”
    But then I went to Dodger Stadium,
    and saw the poor team skills,
    When I hear that sucking sound,
    I hang my head and cry.

    I bet there’s Jim Tracy,
    In a fancy dining car,
    He is probably drinkin’ coffee,
    And smokin’ big cigars,
    But I know I had it comin’,
    I know I can’t be free,
    But those Rockies keep a-movin’ up,
    And that’s what tortures me.

    Well, if they freed me from this prison,
    If the Dodgers won the World Series,
    I bet I’d move out over a little,
    Farther down the line,
    Far from Dodger Freefall,
    That’s where I want to stay,
    And I’d let that lonesome whistle,
    Blow my Dodger Blues away.

  7. tdf says:

    Good morning everyone, i am frustrated as most of you are. Hopefully the Dodgers can get it going again. I have noticed one very important thing in this Dodger lineup. Manny is getting pitches to hit, he is being challenged with fastballs and he is not getting around them like he used to. Could it be that playing clean,age has caught up to him? If thats the case we are in trouble since manny is a huge part of our offence. Like any other fan I hope that is not the case, hopefully we get on a big winning streak and win it all. just my opinion thnks.

  8. Badger says:

    Manny. He has a hitch in his swing, as was pointed out by Steve Phillips the other night. As he loads, raising his front leg, he cocks his elbow up and as it comes back down, he is late.

    My opinion – Manny needs a lighter, maple bat.

  9. Blue Haze says:

    There are still 7 weeks left in the season, the Dodgers are still leading the West, so there is time for things to swing back around. The really disturbing fact about the Dodgers is the absolute waste of hits. I don’t think I have witnessed a team so futile at scoring runs, even if they consistently out-hit the other team (none more beautifully demonstrated in the 0-10 loss to the Cards in July, when they actually had more hits than the Cards).

    Manny needs to watch his old tapes. Stay back, stay back, stay back! Quit trying to hit everything into the Police Academy, DAMN IT!

    “And that’s what tortures me” — Johnny Cash

  10. DRomo says:

    I love it Ken!!

    Badger, I haven’t noticed the hitch but I will watch closer. What gets me is how hard he is swinging and it looks like he wants to pull or just plain crush every pitch. Manny does so much better when he goes the other way. The past few weeks he will get singles and doubles by just putting the bat on the ball, then he gets big and strikes out. But what do I know. Does anyone else see that?

  11. Matt says:

    Lets all take a deep breath and relax a bit. Look Im as ticked as anyone with the way we are losing right now but we are still in the drivers seat. We just played a really good team (faced their #1 and #2) and actually outscored them in the series, a couple plays here and it could have been a sweep our way. BTW if Kemp does not make a boneheaded overthrow to home I dont think Molina scores on the next single and could have been stranded at third. Matt looked a liitle tired in CF, the ball by Molina should have, and usually is, caught by Kemp. Maybe lingering flu symptoms, who knows. If we can get to September 1 with a 3-4 game lead I like our chances.

    Lets start by beating the Cubbies tonight, cmon guys have some better AB’s.

  12. Mark Timmons says:


    Now all we have to do is get Troy from West Virginia to sing it. I’ll e-mail him.

  13. A Shot of Haeger says:

    That was a good song Ken. Unfortunately it’ll only be relevant until the first week of October after we win the division. You need to write a song that will last a lifetime. Not one with a shelf life of 45 days. I know you can do it.

    • Ken says:

      My songs are meant for the current week only. However in mid July I predicted that the Rockies would catch the Dodgers by August 31st, thus the song, which was a long time coming.

  14. A Shot of Haeger says:

    Oh.. I’m also really ticked about how we’re playing. but I’ll be honest with you. I just have a feeling this team is going to win it all. It’s not based on any foretelling or statistical basis to back up my feelings.

    It’s just a feeling… which is probably why it’s a good thing I’m not the owner, general manager, or manager of this team.

  15. martin cant even reach second base..most of his throw bounce .. he good at throwing to first and to third..which is 90 ft..but a hundred and twenty is to far from him. just dont like his arm..when he throws to second or first ..he doesnt take a step ..but when he throws to must be his foot work..

  16. Illini Dodger says:

    Has anyone else noticed how Pujols has mastered Jon Broxton? Pujols seems to have the uncanny ability to know when the slider is coming and doesn’t even offer at it. The other Cardinals hitters don’t seem to have this ability. Is Pujols a machine, or is Jonny tipping his pitches somehow?

    BTW, how can a closer have no pickoff move? Be so slow to home plate that Pujols can steal a base? Bad, over-achieving, ill advised throw by Martin, but still on Broxton for the L, in my opinion.

  17. Ken says:


    Ted Bundy allegedly converted to Christianity before he was executed so maybe there is hope for Padilla’s attitude in the dugout before he has to negotiate for his next contract.

  18. Illini Dodger says:

    The Dodgers need a 5+ game winning streak to get their confiidence back. We have done well against the Cubs in the past. Let’s start the streak tonight!

  19. Ken says:

    Did we just sign a new Manager?

    A much better lineup moving Hudson up and 2 of the 3 slumpers to the 7-8 spots in the order.

  20. Ken says:

    Bullpen Night 2 nights in a row?

    Troncoso and Mota – long relievers?
    Belisario – Set up guy?
    Sherrill – Closer?

  21. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I think you’re right Ken… Broxton’s pitched three days in a row… it’s probably going to be Sherrill

  22. Badger says:

    The Phillies look pretty good these days.

    And Colorado just keeps winning. Maybe they don’t know we are the class of the West.

  23. Mark Timmons says:

    They didn’t get the memo…

  24. Badger says:

    Very quiet in here.

    Waiting for the other shoe to drop?

    An 8 pitch 4th inning for Gorzelanny – some guy with a 5.+ ERA. Now why can’t we take this guy to the woodshed in our own park?

  25. Ken says:

    That was a T-Ball pitch to Martin

  26. Bill Russell says:

    Russell needed that

  27. Ken says:

    Sweep these Bums before the trains are heard

  28. DRomo says:

    Well now that Russ Martin hit a grand slam in game 1 of this series I suspect he will be swinging for the fences the rest of the series. I hope I aam wrong but I see that pattern from him.

    We need these wins right now, hopefully the Rockies riun into some trouble here soon. They play the Giants at home so hopefully they struggle.

  29. Ken says:

    The Cubs are coming done with a case of the Ricketts


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