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Can The Dodgers Ignore Tony Abreu?

Can The Dodgers Ignore Tony Abreu?

It’s been a while, but unless you havn’t checked, Tony Abreu is back… with a vengence!

Tony Abreu

Tony Abreu

What is a player who is switch-hitter, can play all the infield positions (shoot, probably all the outfield positions), has decent power and above average speed, worth?

Tony Abreu (former TOP 5 Dodger Prospect) is back and better than ever.  He has 148 AB’s at ALBQ and here’s his stats:

  • .988 OPS
  • .342 BA
  • .377 OB%
  • .612 Slugging
  • 8 HR
  • 34 RBI
  • 13 Doubles
  • 3 for 4 in SB

Yeah, Mark Loretta is a good teammate, but put him on the DL for a hangnail and call up Abreu who can pinch hit from either side of the plate.  A couple of years ago, Dodger Brass thought that Abreu was “jaking” it.  Two or three surgeries later, the doctors fixed his groin problem.  He WAS injured.  He’s back and he’s a hitter.  Can you keep him down long?   This Guy Is A Stone-Cold Hitter!

Question of the day?

What to do with Jason Schmidt?  His control is poor (it has been in every game) and it is painful to watch him pitch.  It would have been a nice story, but I really don’t see him being effective.  Now, we only scored 1 run lat night, so it wasn’t his fault we lost.  We average 5+ runs a game.  If we score our average, we win.  Instead gets a leadoff HR and we only can manage 4 hits after that.  Wade, Belisario and Lindblom are all ready.  What do we do with Jason Schmidt?  How about Jeff Weaver?

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39 Responses to “Can The Dodgers Ignore Tony Abreu?”

  1. DRomo says:

    Schmidt will make his next start I have heard. I think I would be upset if I bought a ticket to see the boys and Schmidt takes the mound. It is sad but I think it is time to turn the page. Call up Stults!

    Didn’t Abreu threaten to sue the Dodgers (via Scott Boras) because he was sent down and taken off the 40 man roster when he was injured. He then was going to lose major league service time, something to that effect? I wonder how that turned out. He would be a great addition at least to give him a shot. I always worry about Hudson getting hurt at any moment.

    Don’t look now but the Giants are catching us!

    • Dale Baker says:

      When Manny was suspended we were 6 1/2 games up I believe and now we are still 6 1/2 games up. Sure it was nice when we were up 8 but no need to sweat now with this team. Go dodgers.

  2. Momma Cass says:

    I wanted to see little Fielder’s response if Broxton had hit him instead of Mota!!

  3. Badger says:

    Just back from California. Had a chance to watch the Giants and Cain (box seats up close) shut down the Pirates. The Gints look very good. As good as the Dodger? No, but they don’t know that.

    Our team is unfolding just about as I thought it would. The biggest surprise to me is obviously Blake. I thought for sure he would put up his usual numbers but he is doing much better than his .266 career average. He has never hit .287 so, maybe he can finish strong and pull it off. I sure hope he can sustain as we are going to need everybody. BTW Bill, did the push-ups – took 3 sets.

    Schmidt? Valiant effort to make it this far, but did anyone other than Mark really believe he would get it back? Not me. Didn’t matter last night though, you score one run with only 5 hits you won’t win.

    I thought Abreu might be used in a deal for the power arm we need. That might still happen, but the odds went down after July 31.

    As for the thread about you hit mine, I am old school and believe that kind of nonsense will continue. If Bills had the control that a Gibson or Drysdale had, he could pitch inside without hitting anyone. Dust ‘em off right away is how I would do it. If the hitters know your starter is not going to do it, they will continue to dig in. Your reliever does it in the 9th? Big deal. Not effective. You want the hitters thinking it cold be coming at any time. That is Bills’ job, not a 9th inning pitcher in a blow-out.

    Loretta is doing exactly what most thought he would do. He’s a good teammate and a steady back-up, but, that is what he is, a back-up and has been for a while. I would rather have Abreu playing for the rest of the year.

  4. Ken says:

    If Loretta was allowed to start once a week he would be a better pinch hitter. But the way that he has been utilized by Torre naturally results in an average player producing like a has been.

    Might as well put Loretta on waivers and see what kind of offer is received. LawDog needs Loretta’s spot on the 40-man roster for his boy Haeger.

    Bring up Abreu with the kids in September when the schedule is Easy.

    Free Stults. Hopefully Stults will only pitch 3 innings tonight for ALBA so that he can get on schedule with Schimdt next week.

    Bring up Stults, move Schmidt to long relief, and send Mac to AAA and stretch him out for September Starts in the Big Show.

  5. Purple Haze says:

    I wish to thank the Dodgers for lighting a fire under my Brewers when they stupidly hit my boy Prince. Now we will win the Wild Card!! Go Brewers!!!

  6. Badger says:

    Yeah, go brewers. There just can never be enough beer in our galaxy.

    Like I suggested, it wasn’t effective to hit him that late in the game. The chin music should have been delivered early.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    If anyone needs to go for Abreu why not Castrol. Abreu is the only one more fragile then Hudson. I think Hudson and Abreu should take a trip to the True Blue Tattoo parlor for Fragile stampped on their Foreheads. Nice seeing Badger stumble out of the Opium dens of the far east for a return on the LA Dodger talk board. Just kidding Badger but if you read back a few posts we were all worried about your health and safety. My stomach is still soared by the series loss to the Brew crew. We’re just not playing good ball right now.

  8. Badger says:

    Thanks for the concern Bill, I am all right. Except maybe the extra pounds. The thinning hair. Elevated cholesterol. Insomnia. Increased sweating. Sensation of spinning. Frequent urination. Irritable bowels. Confusion. Mood swings. Halluciniations. Skin rashes. A feeling everybody is out to get me.

    If Abreu is finally healed, he is a better hitter than our current back-ups. Can he play everywhere like Loretta? Can he pick-em like Castro (though I have seen him blow a few). Is he as moody as Mondesi? Does he puff up like Pena? Hey, he can hit. We will find a place for him, even if it’s on another team in exchange for a starter.

  9. New guy says:

    Ive always liked Abreu…the guy can flat out hit and field like you say…if we dont resign O-Dog he could take over next year…

  10. OrelSax says:

    I like Abreu a lot

  11. DRomo says:

    Badger and BRuss are right. Abreu should be brought up only when he is going to play alot. Otherwise keep him down until Sept. 1. Castro would be the one I let go first to create space. Loretta is a key bench guy, veteran presence, & solid enough back up. He is the right handed Meintkitwczxtwz (you know who).

    BRuss, True Blue Tattoo…Fragile…did you just say that? That is too funny.

  12. lawdog says:

    Think twice before suggesting McDonald in a trade. His stuff is just as electric as Kurveshaw’s, only he’s right handed. Actually, his fastball is a little faster but doesn’t have all the magical late movement of Clayton’s. But McDonald can throw an excellent cutter with every bit as much movement. Both pitchers have the same curve. The difference maker? McDonald can throw a dandy change of pace. Kurveshaw is still trying.

    Don’t think of McDonald as a throw in in a trade. He’s got great stuff and is finally coming into his own.

  13. Badger says:

    I wonder who might have asked about McDonald. And, Elbert. When that guy is on, he is difficult. By the way, I have been out of touch, is Elbert still with the team? He hasn’t pitched in a few days.

    Wife: Let’s go out and have some fun tonight!

    Husband: Ok, but if you get home before I do, leave the hall light on.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    What’s truely funny Romo is OrelSax. I thought they, heorshe, was going to say they like something else besides Abreu. Keeping it clean is the way to go. Great name however.

    I am taking Lawdawg’s word for McDonald. Every time I’m about really to say “put him in the rotation”, he starts getting liteup like a cuban cigar. Hopefully he will develop into what we need soon, which is a #5 starter. Besides, he wouldn’t sign my baseball in spring training. He had better change that kind of behavior. I have to go work now. Why couldn’t I have been born with a silver spoon? Peace

  15. Harold says:

    OK Mark, have you been coaching Joe Torre? This is what he said about Matt Kemp. Not a negative but not a positive either.

    “I would never have dreamed on the batting average side,” Torre said of Kemp’s No. 4 status, “but he gets a lot of soft base hits because his speed helps him on some of them.” Soft base hits – getting one on speed isn’t soft. It is hard to do. Just aska a whole lot of guys.


  16. DRomo says:

    I have personally heard scouts say McDonald has a higher ceiling than Billingsley. I think the kid can be great, but he has to work through his issues at this level. If Schmidt gets bombed again I throw McD into his spot for the rest of the year.

    The OrelSax thing is kinda old. I heard that joke in 1988. Sax’s wife was pregnant and he wanted to name the baby after Hershiser, so Orel Sax was born! It was funny to me then.

  17. mark says:

    I have been told told by people on this site that “soft” is not a baseball word, but I first heard it when it was said that Von Joshua hit a “soft .300.”

    It is true, that Matt gets some of those “soft” hits, but as the saeson has progressed he is gettig more hits in pressure situations than anyone.

  18. mark says:

    I am on record that McDonald will be an excellent reliever. I am not convinced he will be even a #4 starter.

    Lawdog is comparing McDonald’s fastball in relief to Kershaw’s fastball in starting. McDonald can touch 96 or 97 MPH in relief, but when he starts it’s 92 or 93. Kershaw can touch 96 to 97 in starting and can probably hit 100 in relief.

    I have watched McDonald pitch and he has trouble the 2 or 3rd time through the order, plus I you think Billingsley gets rattled when the going gets tough, McDoanld is 10 times worse!

  19. DRomo says:

    But Mark, Bills comes apart because he is a young fragile child, and his manager doesn’t throw a fit when he gets a bad call.

    McDonald is much older than Bills and much more seasoned so he doesn’t deserve another shot.

    By the way, I had a thought on Derrick Lowe making his return to Dodger Stadium… hide Lindsay Soto. Let’s not take any chances.

  20. mark says:

    Bills is 4 months older than McDonald and I don’t dislike McDonald. I think he’s an excellent reliever, maybe a closer. His psyche is curremtly more fragile than Bills, but I don’t think either one will stay fragile long.

  21. Knickerbocker Dave says:

    uh, why is everyone ignoring the 800 pound gorilla in the room?? Prince Fielder stole second last night bringing his 5 year total to 14. That is the definition of ‘pimp slap.’

  22. Blue Haze says:

    Get off my street corner, Purple Haze!! Damn kids!

    McDonald has some nasty stuff, for sure, can it be tamed is the question?

    Speaking of Kershaw’s velocity, he has become much more a dominant pitcher now that he is throwing the fast ball in the low 90′s. He now gives himself literally a new pitch by just taking 5 to 6 mph off his total cheese.

    Raining in the valley of California, go figure. I say rain, rain, rain, drive those mourning dove down to my hunting grounds near Gonzo HQ. I trust it is staying nice and bloody hot down there, Gonzo? Speaking of that, have you had much rainfall (thunderstorms) this spring and summer, Gonzo? (Just gathering a little hunting intel).

  23. Southpaw says:

    I think Charlie Haeger has EARNED a shot at the #5 spot in the rotation. Look at his season thus far. he leads the league in wins, innings pitched and complete games. he’s the perfect #5 with the ability to go deep into a game and extend relief to the bullpen, especially late in the season. Why doesn’t the Dodger brass give him a shot?

  24. GoNzO says:

    When I die and sent to hell, I’ll be able to tell Satan to turn on the heater. Very minimal rain about a month ago. None since.

    Hopefully abreu can take over Hudson next year, since he’s non commital about starting.

  25. Bill Russell says:

    I think the real question is Can the Dodgers afford to let Hudson go and hand the job over to Abreu next year? I wouldn’t/couldn’t trust Abreu to play a full season. I think Hudson is Fragile but Abreu is made of very very thin glass. I would run Abreu’s value up in the minors and use him as trade bait this winter resigning Hudson.

    Is the reason the knuckballer hasn’t been given the call is because no one can catch him? Has Assmuff ever caught a knuckballer? J Martin hasn’t either.

    I wonder how the crowd will treat D Lowe tonight? We should hire 20 beautifull women dressed in bikini’s to seat behind home plate. It would be worth the money as D Lowe wouldn’t be able to concentrate on the game. He would be asking out of the game by the second inning finding his way into the stands asking for phone numbers. Have them spell Derek Lowe on their well oiled belly’s twice with his number in the middle. Just a thought.

  26. Jim D. says:

    The Phillies starting pitching is beginning to worry me… is the Cardinals hitters. And Colorado & the Giants are coming……things are going to start getting hairy. We are but one losing streak away from falling out of first place.

  27. Blue Haze says:

    Thanks for the weather info, Gonzo, a little more rain this month would be perfect.

    I am not really concerned with Abreu being too fragile. His original injury was never taken care of properly in the first place. Since the correct diagnosis and procedure have been used, he has been fine. Abreu is a hitting machine with a semi-iron glove.

  28. Michael says:

    Kemp sits! DOH ?

  29. Bill Russell says:

    Robert Timm from Dodger Dugout is at the game in the press box tonight. The benefits you guys get are just crazy. He’s sitting in the dugout chatting with his bloggers watching the players take BP. How fun……

  30. mark says:

    Tony Abreu is actually a very good defensive 2B and not bad at 3B. Here’s what BA said about him in 2007 (before he got hurt):

    Background: Though often overshadowed in Los Angeles’ deep system—he was left out of the team’s 2006 media guide—Abreu quietly has established himself as one of its top position players. He won the 2005 high class A Florida State League batting title with a .327 average and had a solid 2006 in Double-A.

    Strengths: Abreu is an aggressive, instinctual player with four plus tools. He has above-average bat speed and lashes line drives to all fields from both sides of the plate. He stays inside the ball well, has outstanding plate coverage, can turn around inside fastballs and maintains his balance through his swing. A switch-hitter, he has more pop from the right side but uses the whole field better from the left. He’s an above-average runner with plus range. He has soft hands and enough arm to handle shortstop.

    Weaknesses: While he makes consistent contact, Abreu isn’t selective and doesn’t work deep counts. He could drive the ball better if he gets stronger, but projects to be more of a doubles hitter rather than a home run threat. His concentration wanes, and at times he exhibits lazy footwork defensively. He’s a conservative baserunner and could better utilize his speed on the basepaths. He’s streaky and the Dodgers would like to see more consistency in his game.

    The Future: Abreu profiles as an everyday second baseman who can hit .280-.290 with 8-12 homers while playing quality defense. He should spend most of 2007 in Triple-A.

    Blue Haze is right – he has only had one injury which the Dodgers botched.

  31. Mark Timmons says:

    I would sooner sign Kemp, Loney & Ethier long term and play Abreu at 2B. He’s a lot cheaper than Hudson and no way he’s as fragile.

  32. Mark Timmons says:

    Now that I am healthy again, I will be in the pressbox more in other cities (occassionally in LA). I tried to get a credential in Cincinnati at the end of this month, but the Dodgers said Cincy won’t allow blogger (they have the strictest policy in all of MLB). Bummer. I will be there anyway.

    No wonder they have a bad team!

  33. Michael says:

    Mark Loretta is no Mark Sweeney, TG. Go Dodgers! :}

  34. Badger says:

    I thought you said the Reds weren’t that bad?

    La Roche was saddled with that “fragile” tag by many and now he is fine and in the lineup everyday. I think Abreu should be fine too. I don’t know about Hudson. Abreu will get some late season at bats to make his case for 2010.

    With the development of our players, in order to keep them all, and sign the occasional $20 million vet, we will need to insert a few of the young players every year.

  35. Ken says:

    Free Stults

    Stults pitches 3 innings tonight, one run, for ALBA presumably so that he can pitch next time on three days rest while being moved in the rotation to the same day as Schimdt

  36. Bill Russell says:

    Softy Mr UnClutch again. What a game….

  37. Blackndgold77 says:


  38. DRomo says:

    “Who is this clutch guy wearing Andre’s uniform?”


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