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Breathing Room

Breathing Room

Randy Wolf pitched a masterful game and the Dodger bats came alive just in time to add some separation between the Dodgers and the Giants.  After last night’s loss, the Giants are now

The Last Big Thing

The Last Big Thing

 7.5 games back with the Rockies 6.5 games back.  Neither team has the horses to catch us.  Our malaise is behind us and there is clear sailing to the pennant.  The plan now is to rest some players (pitchers especially), so that we can be ready for the playoffs.  Bills needs to rest and I would just go ahead and DL him.  Then in early September, Kershaw needs to rest a couple of weeks.  Kuroda had his rest and Wolf should pitch out of the pen in the playoffs.  Pitching?  We don’t need any more stinkin’ pitching!  Smoltz, Padilla, Arroyo and all the rest?  Forget it!

Manny, Andre, Matt and James are all heating up again.  Look out, Linecum.  It’s the Weaver and Knuckleball show today.  Lawdog will have to take a few Prozac to calm down about his boy Charlie Haeger.  I wonder who will catch him?

Dodger Notes:

  • Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times reports the following tidbits:  “Manny Ramirez was moved from third in the lineup to fourth. “Just to do something different,” Torre said, adding that he wanted to move up Russell Martin, who had an on-base percentage of .483 in his last eight games. . . . James Loney sat because a left-hander, Jonathan Sanchez, started for the Giants. Mark Loretta started in Loney’s place. . . . Will Ohman, who has been on the disabled list since May 28 because of shoulder and elbow problems, is throwing off a mound.”
  • Hernandez also reported that Ramon Troncoso admitted his arm is tired.    Time for more rest.  Shoot, how about 15 days on the DL?  I think Torre’s relievers should spend 15 days on the DL every 40 days.  Don’t let him use them up…
  • Tony Abreu hit his 10th HR last night at ALBQ  (162 AB’s) and Scott Elbert pitched 4 scoreless innings (2 hits).  He has logged 100 innings so far, so the Dodgers are just limiting his exposure right now, as they are also doing with a number of other young pitchers.  Elbert pitched 14 innings in 2007 and 48 innings in 2008 after surgery.  In 2006, he pitched 146 innings and then had surgery.  I think what the Dodgers are doing is wise.

Minor League Report from Jared at

Minor League Recap – 8/11/09
Albuquerque lost 9-5

Tony Abreu – 1 for 5, HR (10), RBI, R, K (.340 BA)
Blake DeWitt – 0 for 3, BB, K, PO (.252 BA)

Scott Elbert – 4 IP, 2 Hits, 0 R, BB, 3 K’s (5.16 ERA)
Josh Lindblom – 1 IP, 2 Hits, 2 ER, 0 BB, 2 K’s (3.12 ERA)
Chattanooga did not play
Inland Empire won 3-2

Preston Mattingly – 1 for 5, R, 3 K’s (.238 BA)
Trayvon Robinson – 1 for 4, 2 R, BB, K, SB (.305 BA)
Scott Van Slyke – 1 for 3, 2B, 2 RBI, BB, K (.291 BA)
Steven Caseres – 0 for 4, 2 K’s (.269 BA)
Great Lakes lost 10-5

Dee Gordon – 0 for 5, K (.298 BA)
Alfredo Silverio – 2 for 5, 2B, HR (11), RBI, 3 R, 2 K’s (.285 BA)
Kyle Russell – 3 for 5, 2 RBI, K, 2 SB (.274 BA)
Jerry Sands – 0 for 4, 3 K’s (.179 BA)
Mario Songco – 1 for 3, 3B, RBI, R, BB (.167 BA)

Ethan Martin – 3 IP, 2 Hits, 2 ER, 3 BB, 5 K’s (4.19 ERA)
Nathan Eovaldi – 2.1 IP, 8 Hits, 7 R (5 ER), 2 BB, K (3.63 ERA)
Ogden won 16-6

BCG – 1 for 5, HR (11), 3 RBI, 3 R, BB, K (.332 BA)
Blake Smith – 1 for 3, 2B, 2 RBI, 3 R, 2 BB, K (.217 BA)
Nick Akins – 2 for 4, 2B, GS (1), 5 RBI, 2 R, K, HBP (.167 BA)

Brett Wallach – 3 IP, 2 Hits, 0 R, 0 BB, 2 K’s (5.65 ERA)
AZL lost 5-4

Jonathan Garcia – 2 for 4, 2B (.283 BA)

Dan Danielson – 5 IP, 6 Hits, 3 ER, 0 BB, 8 K’s (3.69 ERA)
Bolivar Medina – 2 IP, 2 Hits, R (0 ER), 3 BB, 3 K’s (2.51 ERA)
Roberto Feliciano – 0.1 IP, Hit, ER, 2 BB, 0 K’s (1.50 ERA)
Player of the Day – Alfredo Silverio, OF

Fredo has been one of the hottest hitters in the minors this month. Since the 1st, he’s batting .395 with 4 doubles and 3 HR. He’s collected 4 straight multi-hit games with extra basehits in 3 of his last 4. Hopefully Silverio figured something out after the All Star break and he can ride this hot streak for the next few seasons.

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39 Responses to “Breathing Room”

  1. DRomo says:

    If we lose to Lincecum today are we happy we beat the back of the Giants rotation and won the series. Don’t get me wrong a win is a win, and we needed them. But it points out the Dodgers failings this year. We beat the 3,4,& 5 starter lose to the 1. The reason we hadn’t lost more than 2 in a row until St. Louis is because we hadn’t seen a good # 3 starter.

    With this lineup we should beat the best. We should beat Lincecum. This will be a statement game, if we win. We could use a statement game!!

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Every time I see a lopsided game like the one that’s coming up today, the underdog seems to win. So bet the house/farm on the Dogs today and you can have two homes/farms tonight.

    September will be an easy month for the Dodgers but I want to get out of August before I sound the alarms of victory. I don’t want to say it but Mark your just a little premature with your ideas my friend.

    Just wondering if anyone has an O-Dog update? Is it still day to day or is he heading to the DL? Same will Bills, I am hoping like Mark is that they don’t push him back to early.

    Manny is Baaaack. His swing is looking like the Manny of old. Ethier is just loving hitting in front of ManRam and is on fire. To bad Jeff Kent never benefited from hitting in front of Manny. Ha Ha. Martin finally got a bunt down which shows me that he’s a determined player once he sets his mind to it. Wolf pitched a gem, and even James Loney got a hit. Matt Kemp hit a rocket over the center field fence. CENTER FIELD. What a shot. He doesn’t even look like he’s swinging that hard. He’s slowly becoming a monster. Castro stepped in nicely, Furcal is doing his job and the foundation (Casey Blake) is just the anchor we needed. All is well in Dodger town. Get out the brooms, I’m predicting an upset……..
    Peace :smile:

  3. DRomo says:

    I hope you are right BRuss! I want to beat Lincecum badly!!

  4. Erik says:

    That was a great game. I had a feeling a division rivalry is what we needed go get the bats hot again. I have a good feeling about tonight. Weaver looked great out of the pen last time and if he can limit damage and the bats stay warm the sweep is on.

    Mark. I read everyday but don’t post often. I have to say this is the strongest dodger blog I have read in a while. Most don’t update daily or have alternate agendas. Keep up the great work and please don’t let the few hurt the many.

  5. Ken says:

    I hope Haeger does not turn out to be a slacker.

    Give Weaver the start today and keep one eye on Doug Davis’ status on the waiver wire.

    Only a More On could not notice that Troncoso had a tired arm
    , winter ball plus on pace for 93 innings plus no movement on his pitches.

  6. Ken says:

    Joe Torre’s Viral Baseball Academy

    Try to learn something from a 2 time losing World Series Runner Up and two time “could not even get to the WS with a team that had more than 100 wins”

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Hello, Bob Schaefer, is that you?

  8. DavidB says:

    One thing about Manny is that he is hitting to all parts of the feild. That shows that he is seeing the ball and going with the pitch and driving the ball. Kemp’s shot last night was a tape measure shot. Mark my words he will be a 30 – 30 or even a 40 – 40 player soon enough. Wolf had his stuff last night. What saved him was that his curve was down in the low 60′s and over the plate; then blowing the 89 fastball right by everybody.

    I know this might sound funny but is he taking pointers from Kershaw!

    Mark, I dont post often but I read this Dodger post every day. What you have put together here is a real tribute to the dodger fans. Thank You

  9. TheIlliniDodger says:

    Mark–I read here every day. Thanks for all your hard work. This is the best Dodger blog on the ‘net bar none. Let’s play November baseball!

  10. Ken says:


    You should give prizes to some of your “readers”. A lot of them have good insite and should post more often.

    Congrats to Wolf who saved the bullpen for today. Congrats to Martin for his first sacrifice.

    Regardless of what happens in today’s game watching it should be somewhere between very interesting and fun.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    It\’s good to hear from readers – I appreciate it very much.

  12. Mark Timmons says:


    I send everyone a $100 dollar bill when they say good things.

    You didn’t get one?


    • Ken says:

      No. In fact here is an unexplained withdrawal in my checking account today.

      Speaking of money, if the Dodger want to save some money next year I suggest that they make Ausmus a player-coach. He could catch 3 times a month and be the Bench Coach the rest of the time. WOW what an improvement! Having a catcher as the bench coach will help to eliminate bad decisions by both the Manager and pitching coach, and I bet that same $100 back to you that the relief pitchers would love this idea.

  13. Hank says:

    Nice win last night. Hopefully we can do the same against Mr. Cy Young.

    By the way, go USA! Beat Mexico!

  14. lawdog says:

    We’re starting old geezer weaver when we have Chuck Haeger on the team and all ready to go? What better stadium to give Haeger his first start in than the SF field with the “triple zone” in right center where the wall is 325 feet or so from home plate?

    I say “start Charlie Haeger, he’s our man! If he can’t beat Linescum no one can!”

    Me fears if Wedaver starts, he’ll look good for a couple of innings and then give up 4 or 5 runs. Torre probably won’t let Haeger even sniff an appearance in the game, but I’ll bet if he started the knuckleballer, the Giants would have one helluva time even making contact with it.

  15. lawdog says:

    OOPs. Edit button. I meant to say the wall was 425 feet from the plate–but it might even be further than that. Weird dimensions to that park. It certainly is a pitchers park and not the “house that bonds built.”

  16. Ken says:

    Ok what is the general opinion here regarding who will pitch more innings today Weaver or Haeger.

  17. BleedinBlue19 says:

    question for all of you.. How do you all feel about the possibility of picking up Smoltz? Do you thing he is done being and effective pitcher? Do you think he would help out the younger pitchers in being more effective and dealing with situations?

  18. Bill Russell says:

    My prediction is Weaver for 4 inning, Haeger for 2 innings, Kuo for 1 inning, Sherill for 1 inning and Broxton for 1 inning. Dodgers win 2-1………

  19. Bill Russell says:

    Not sure about the Smoltz question. If he was on top of his game, I’m sure Boston would be keeping him. However, at minimum salary, he may be worth a gamble….. It depends on Haeger, Stults and when Bills is returning.

  20. Kay in L.A. says:

    Thank you, Mark, Spokane Bob, Michael et al for the welcome and responses.

    James Loney finally got his hits and his RBIs last night, what joy. I think he was leading the club in RBIs before his slump, but am too lazy to check. He is only exceeded by Kemp and Ethier in that category at this point. Team spirit!

    Speaking of Andre “Hot Bat” Ethier, I thought of how last time Randy Wolf pitched, which was pretty good but offense was quiet, Andre said post-game We’ll get a win for Wolfie next time. Nice.

    And how about Martin’s bunt single… woo hoo:)

    Baseball reigns supreme among sports, in my opinion.

  21. lawdog says:

    Welcome Kay! I think Ethier and Kemp are an rbi or two ahead of Loney, but I’m not that sure either.

    If Geezer Weaver starts, he’ll give up 4 or 5 runs by the 4th inning and the game will be lost. If that’s the case, we might not even see Haeger and his dancer. If Haeger pitches in relief, I’d expect 3 innings of 1 hit, 1 walk, 5 K shutout innings.

    If Torre had the courage to start Haeger I think he’d pitch 7 innings of 1 run ball.

  22. Kay in L.A. says:

    It’s time for Dodger baseball!!

    That’s what I meant, lawdog, Kemp and Ethier are a few RBIs ahead of James.

  23. Ken says:


    Please class up this website by adding some Nancy Bea organ music

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Welcome all new comers and Kay. This is one of the very best Dodger sites in the World. We welcome new opinions because Us regulars can predict what each other is going to say and do by now. Ken dislikes Torre, Badger isn’t a big fan of Casey Blakes, Mark likes draft picks, Lawdog wants Haeger in the rotation, Romo has a brother on the Giants, Steve thinks I’m only a fan, Gonzo is an ex player, Haze disagrees with anything Mark says, Michael is pretty cool but watches your spelling, Roger is a Doctor and keeps Mark in line, SlowDawg is kinda new and I’m the only one that knows what he’s talking about. That about sums it up for you guys and welcome aboard.

    I’m still predicting victory……. (8

  25. Ken says:

    Weaver – good choice to start and remove after 3

    McDonald – Bad choice because he has only pitched 2 days in a row twice this year. Haeger could have done better than that.

    Kuo – Rested – Ok choice

    Belisario – Rested – Good choice

    Troncoso – Semi rested – Ok choice

    Thanks to Wolf the rest of the bullpen is rested.

    Anybody want to see the new long reliever pitch in the 12th inning today?

  26. Bill Russell says:

    I’ve never seen Russell Martin that fired up before…..

  27. SteveM says:

    Bill, Bill, Bill. You’re more than just a fan, it is very obvious that you are a great fan! Bet you didn’t predict that.

    Now that I got that out of the way, on to the business at hand:

    1st, I hope Haeger gets a chance soon. I’m interested to see what kind of stuff he has: I’m sure he doesn’t throw 100% knuckleballs. His career stats aren’t that impressive although in 2006 he looked OK for the White Sox.

    He can’t be too much worse than Weaverror, you’d think that every knowledgeable baseball dude out there would, by now, have come to realize that he’s never going to be as good “as his stuff”. How many “Brett Tomko’s” do you have to sign before it sinks in?

    Finally, I loved the game yesterday – SWEET! This is a team that will be fine and should be healthy come October. The pitching will surprise and I believe the offense will continue to improve. Positivity is the key. My mouth is watering just thinking about the stretch run.

  28. Bill Russell says:

    Softy is at it again…….

    Attention all new comers there are four more characters to warn you about.

    Fairly new comers Knickerbocker Dave and Brooklyn Dodger – I haven’t got a good read on them yet and Harold and Spokane Bob just tell it like it is. Go Blue

  29. Bill Russell says:

    Kemp is getting better in the field everyday, however he’s not a golden glover or any where near one yet. He should have caught that ball.

  30. Bill Russell says:

    We put up a fight. With their #1 against our #? , that was a hell of a game.

  31. Ken says:

    Ned – If you were trying to obtain negotiating leverage, with the teams putting pitchers on the waiver wire, by pretending that the Dodgers do not need another pitcher because they now have Haeger, then do not hold your breath because your strategy will only work if the Manager will actually let the guy pitch in a game.

    More On Torre – “I will always send an old tired armed reliever out to pitch over a rested rookie no matter how tired the experienced pitcher’s arm is”

    THREE tired arm relief losses in the past week, Troncoso – 1, Mota – 2.

  32. lawdog says:

    Info for Steve–Haeger throws about 80% knuckleballs. What makes him unique is that he can consistently throw it for a strike. Charlie Hough said he’d never seen a knuckleball pitcher with that quality of a knuckleball before they throw 1000 of them and usually reach age 28. Haeger’s is better than all who came before him at age 24 or 25. I think Hough made the comment when he was 23.

    Anyway, every year it gets better. He also throws a very average fastball–but when used as a change of pace to the 58-62 mph dancer, the 84-86 mph fastball looks like 105 mph and freezes the batter. He also has a breaking ball which is servicable and can be thrown for a strike. He’s probably the best knuckle baller since Wilbur Wood , who also had other stuff, won 20 game seasons and could pitch back to back complete games without any days rest.

  33. Kay in L.A. says:

    Enjoyed the game and another heroic effort from Andre. Fight, team, fight! Thankfully, the guys finally get a day off, whew:)

    Looking for it to all come together in the Arizona desert.

    I will take the cameos of other posters under advisement, BillR, thank you for the welcome. See you all after Friday’s contest, Kershaw to start!!:)

  34. Michael says:

    Great game although we lost. Somebody has to hit the “Kungfoo Panda” for real. Loved Russells reaction, can’t wait for round 2. Really dissappointed we didn’t get to see Merle Haggard er Charlie Haeger pitch [why'd they call him up?]. The 2 best pitchers in the NL not named Lincicome Friday, young Clayton vs Haren. Thanks Bill for the props and welcome back Kay[James is my fav also] and everyone else who makes this the place. Special thanks to Mark. Where’s Roger Dodger?

  35. BleedinBlue19 says:

    My big observation for the game… If you want to talk about someone being soft, lets start with McDonald after the confrontation with the panda. both of the pitches that martin called for up needed to not just be up but IN as well. Throw it in there again! dont hit him (if you do, oh well!) but let him know your still not afraid to go inside on him. McDonald fell apart after that, I was very disappointed in him. He really didnt want anything to do with him or any other hitter after that.
    I did like seeing Martin as fired up as he was. I would like to know what panda said to set him off. It’s a shame that his fly ball that advanced Raf didnt get out of the yard!
    just my $.02


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