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Bench Manny

Bench Manny
  1. Manny’s off the juice and has no power, so bring on Juan Pierre.dodgers_595x270
  2. Russ Martin cost Wolf the game yesterday.
  3. Andre Ethier tried but he couldn’t carry Manny – he was too heavy.
  4. I hate being beat by D-Lowe
  5. Billingsley vs. Jergens tonight – should be a good one.
  6. Good article about Doug Meintkiewicz by Kevin Baxter of the LA Times
  7. Here’s a great Link to yesterday’s minor league recap
  8. I’m on break today – make your own headlines!  ;)

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38 Responses to “Bench Manny”

  1. Harold says:

    I agree – bench Manny. I am also concerned that we have seen the best of Manny. That is, this whole controversy surrounding him has zapped him. Right now he is a liability in the line up barely able to get the ball out of the infield. Teams certainly aren’t pitching around him. In his last 33 AB’s he has 5 hits, no HR’s, no RBI’s and has 10 K’s.

    Put JP in. He will be motivated and don’t bat him eighth. Get him on base early in the game to stir things up.


  2. Ken says:

    Bench Martin

    Bring up another catcher so that when Martin does his next bone head ego play Torre can bench him immediately.

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Russell Martin had a very bad game yesterday. He throw a pickoff attempt into right field, dropped Ethiers throw home, and was 0-3 at the plate. Joe needs to sit him down for a few days in a row. I wonder if Joe will talk with Martin and Loney about their little pick off move at first? That play would have looked better in a Padres uniform.

    Bench Manny, Mark says. I love the way Pierre filled in for the 50 game’s Manny vacationed but if I’m Joe, Manny’s playing. It’s too bad Juan can’t catch (behind the plate). Base runners would have fun stealing bases but We’d get his bat in the lineup. When will the Dodgers send Juan through the waver process? Does anyone think the Dodgers will even waste their time sending Jason Schmidt through wavers? Schmidt was a huge surprise on Friday. I’m still wondering if he can ever repeat that proformance. Even if he does have another good outing, I’m not sure I’ll buy in yet. The stock must raise a little more before I’ll buy.

    Poor Randy Wolf, the guy pitches good enough to win but just can’t get the W’s. I guess another uniform number change is a must.

    I’m wondering what Romo’s prediction is for Bills today? I’m hoping for the Bills we once had to show up. We need to get out of Atlanta with the series today. GO BLUE

    Free CB, and Mario

  4. Blue Haze says:

    The sky is falling, the sky is falling.

    Manny definitely needs to take a day off and get his head together. He is pressing so hard, swinging at pitches he normally never swings at, then fouling off some meatballs.

    Ken stop whining!

  5. John Doe says:

    Joe can’t bench Manny. You never know how his fragile phsyce will react, he could pull up lame or start beating up 67 year old traveling secretaries or something. Since we have Sunday night baseball tonight, the redeye back to LA and on the field tommorow night at home Joe should fly Clayton and Manny home today. That way Manny is getting the VIP treatment[benching].

  6. Jim D says:

    I was sorry Russell Martin wasn’t traded for the Cleveland Indians catcher that the Red Sox got. He is the BLACK HOLE of the lineup, and even his defense is suffering. I have never seen so many pitches get by him, than this year. I wonder if he was on ‘roids, and is off the past season and a half. We need catching help.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    If Manny needs a day off, fine. Benching him makes absolutely no sense, unless the Dodgers know something we don’t. I doubt if this has anything to do with being off the juice. When Manny came back, he was hitting the ball hard. Either he’s suddenly gotten old (always a possibility at age 37), or his timing is just a bit off. From what I’ve observed, the latter seems to be the problem. He’s also swinging too hard at times, and seems to be pulling the ball a lot more than he did in the past. Manny generally hits the ball where it’s pitched, and drives balls hard to center and right center. For the most part he’s not doing that now.

    Manny is human, and he does go into slumps, just like any other hitter. Maybe that’s all it is. Let’s just wait and see. He could suddenly come out of it with a bang.

    Pierre was nice while he filled in for Manny, but he’s definitely not the answer for the long haul. Kemp has move up in the lineup the last few days. I would like to see him moved higher, and then kept there, not moved around.

  8. Ken says:

    Manny was in a slump for weeks when he knew that the Roids announcement was coming and ran out of the dugout in the 5, 6, or 7th inning and went AWOL when he knew the suspension was coming. In case you forgot the camera was on him when he ran out of the dugout.

    Here it goes again. His delicate mental state appears again at the same time as the new Roids anouncement.

    Do not be surprised if Manny’s hand still hurts and when he was lucky and hit that home run Torre stopped asking him about his hand so Manny gets to play slightly injured.

    Then again he is trying to win a gold glove. Wow!

    My new prediction is that Blue Haze is in fact Mike Hawk

  9. Roger says:

    I missed the Martin target pratice of throwing to right field. Was it that bad?

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Martin bounced his throw two feet infront of Loney on a pickoff play at first. Loney tried to ole the ball (catch it without getting infront of the ball) and it went into right field. It was a horrible throw by Mr Martin. Roger, You are lucky that you didn’t get to see it.

    Where is Romo’s prediction for Bills?????????

  11. SpokaneBob says:

    Brooklyn has it right. Joe knows every player has slumps and as a former player (MVP and Gold Glove catcher) he stays with his regulars and lets them play their way out of it. As Haze suggested, a day off wouldn’t hurt. But everyone here who has actually played ball knows that there are times when your eye-hand cordination is right on and you can square up pitch after pitch. Of course when your off you can swing through pitches you see coming but just can’t make solid contact, or any contact at all….very flustrating. I think that is whats happening to Manny. BTW Manny always swings hard, but he does seem to be pulling more, maybe if he started going the other way it would help him get back on track.

    Martin had a bad day, maybe he is having a bad year. It happens.

    Playing the “Roids” card is easy, especially when when the person throwing it has no basis in fact. And benching players you have determined to be your best, makes no sense. If they are not doing the job you expect over the long haul, trade or cut them.

    We need Bills to step up and get the job done tonight. Go Blue!

  12. Roger says:

    Folks, we cannot re-place or trade away every bad player that has a bad day.

    If they have several bad days in a row, or a month of bad days — then have the eyes checked, look for injuries they are holding back.

    I have been calling Manny out for over a week now.

    Key thing, Colorado won, Giants are winning. Do not want to see the lead cut. Like a buffer zone there.

    Billingsley is under the TV national game tonight. He needs to get his stuff together.

    Doesn’t Martin sit down on some Sunday games anyway.

  13. Harold says:

    Bob, I understand all that. However, other guys get moved around when they slump. Why not Manny, to another slot? I don’t expect him to not have slumps. What I do expect is that he makes hard outs. That is, hits the ball hard, works the count, goes the opposite way. I don’t expect him to hit the ball weakly to the infield and strike out so often. He is a big buck player, the difference maker, so I expect him to make a difference. That is, get the crucial hit, elevate the other guys in the line up, put fear in the opposition so they pitch around him creating opportunities for his team mates.I am a little less accepting of his poor performance than I might be of other guys who are not $25M guys. Probably not fair but that is the way I see it.


  14. Mark Timmons says:

    If Manny’s psyche is fragile he can’t be benched a game or two, then too bad. Big Poppy got benched too because he was off the ‘roids too.

  15. SpokaneBob says:


    I have no problem moving Manny in the order. I would like to bat Kemp 3rd and Manny 4th. Even in his current state he would get Matt alot of fastballs. The other team may be aware he is slumping, but Manny on deck will still effect the opposing pitcher. Droping him any futher would be counterproductive. Here is the line up I would like to see.


  16. SpokaneBob says:

    If Manny Andrew Jones it the rest of the year I’ll consider the roids theory. I expect him to come around soon and get back to Manny being Manny.

  17. Bill Russell says:

    My prediction is that Manny crushes the ball tonight.

    The thing I liked about Lasorda was that he had a set lineup and stuck with it most of the time. Joe moves players up and down from day to day trying to play the hot hand. When players hit infront of the same guy and have the same guy hitting behind them, they tend to pickup little things about what they would do in certain situations. The guy knows how aggressive base runners they are, where they like to hit the ball, their tendencies on when they swing and when they take. You would think just by watching the game they should already know these things about all the players on the team but I think it helps to follow the same guy for the most part. It’s funny how we all are frustrated with players in slumps during this season. Furcal was on the shit list not too long ago, Ethier was being called out, Blake last week was being called to hit 8th, Hudson can’t hit the broad side of a barn but carried us for the first part of the season. Martin needs to hit 8th, Loney was stinking up the place at one point. Kemp was swinging at everything low and away for a while. It’s just the ebbs and flows of the season. Like Roger said, if it persists over a long period of time, then make the adjustment. Adjusting for matchups is OK but not mini slumps. Just my take.

    Still waiting for Romo’s take on Bills tonight……

  18. SpokaneBob says:

    In the middle of August 1951, the Dodgers had a 13 1/2 game lead over the giants. You know what happened.

    Vinny was warning about over confidence and making assumptions. Still it is hard not to feel good about our team. Just the same we have a long way to go. I think the stronger bullpen we have will be a key factor in our success.

  19. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I agree that even in his current state, Manny’s presence behind Kemp would get the latter a lot of fastballs to hit. And if pitchers preferred to pitch around Kemp to get to a slumping Manny (I can’t imagine that they would), then that’s fine with me. I can think of no way to better bring him out of his slump.

    Regarding SpokaneBob’s lineup, I might prefer to keep Ethier in the 2 hole for now, even if it’s in front of Kemp, and then Manny. Yesterday was a small sample size, but I’d like to see if hitting in front of good hitters with power continues to get Ethier good pitches to hit. In that case I would move Hudson back to #8, and hit Loney in front of Blake, since it would no longer be left following left with Ethier moved up.

    Giants did a good job taking 3 of 4 from the Phillies. They’re not likely to go away. I’m not as sure about the Rockies, but they continue to hang in. The only answer for the Dodgers is to start winning more consistently. I’m hoping that they have a nice streak in them.

  20. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually you don’t have to far back for an example of a team squandering a lead. In 2007 the Mets had a 7 game lead with 17 to play, and last year had a 3.5 game lead with 17 to play. The Dodgers also end the season with a 3 game series at home against the Rockies. It ain’t over till it’s over.

  21. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    “To go too far back”. Preview (Edit) button would really help.

  22. SpokaneBob says:


    We see things the same way. Right now I agree about Ethier and am willing to watch and enjoy it while it last. I was thinking about
    O-dog playing as he did at the beginning of the season, considering his speed or Ethiers lack of.

    Speaking of spped, what would you think about


  23. Mark Timmons says:

    I’d go for that Spoke.

    But, Kemp may be our best clutch hitter.

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Schmidt is the man. wow

  25. Roger says:

    Loney is getting close to .300.

    Billingsly is still on the roster.

    Elbert is back.

    The guys are awake tonight.

    On Manny. Remember a trend of Joe. If a player is stinking up the place, he plays them out of it. If a player has a great night, like single, 2 doubles, and a HR, he will rest them the next day.

  26. SpokaneBob says:

    But, Kemp may be our best clutch hitter.

    so hitting 2nd he comes up more often. Right?

  27. Blue Haze says:

    Blue Haze prediction is that Ken has “no hawk”.

  28. Ken says:

    Finnally 2 straight games with proper use of the bullpen. Amazing how 3 long releivers can help the bullpen.

    Hopefully Broxton will not be too rusty tommorrow.

    Mota needs some rest.

    Loretta will be a better pinch hitter if her starts periodically.

    Back to the cool of LA.

    Freeway Series – NOT

    Those last 2 games in St. Louis did help the players minds.

  29. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Kemp hitting second. But I still prefer him in the third slot, where I think he can better take advantage of BOTH his speed and power.

    I thought we had an overworked bullpen. So why is Torre removing Elbert (the least worked pitcher on the staff) with two out and two on in the 8th inning with an 8-0 lead? The result of course was the use of 3 relievers after Elbert. And why use the totally overworked Troncoso to finish up the game in the ninth inning with a 9-1 lead? I would have preferred Broxton, if only because he’s been wild lately when getting lots of time off between appearances. In the end, however, I would have kept Elbert in the game with hope that he could finish it out himself. But, then again, what do I know?

  30. grumpy3b says:

    Brooklyn Dodger:

    I was opposite of your thoughts on the pen tonight. It was well done. I would have probably left Elbert in for up to three runs then gone to the pen. They were going to the pen the next inning anyway.

    I was completely against Broxton into the game for one reason…the inflamation affecting the nerve in his big toe. If you have ever had anything like that you will know how genuinely painful it can be…I know he needs the work but every night out there these days he is in pain which can alter his plant and release. With his size and power, better take it easy on him for another week or two then build him up for the stretch drive.

  31. j says:

    Where’s Tony Jackson? This site sucks! Dodgerdugout, that’s the place for me.

  32. grumpy3b says:

    btw….if Billz had such “good stuff and control’ tonight…why did it take 83-pitches to make it through just 5-innings? Most he was going to go was one more inning anyway.

    He is a cock-tease just like Penny was…eventually he has what looks to be a good start or two but still cannot get deep into games for one reason or another.

    I am not convinced he is more than a #3 on this team right now. And there is no real #2. Only Kershaw looks to be learning anything. I keep hoping that Schmidt can stick and help Billz the was Maddoux did during his first tenure with the team. Lord knows someone needs to penetrate that Penny brain of his.

  33. Harold says:

    J – if Dodger Dugout is the only place for you, sayonaro my friend. Most of us check in on more than one blog. Mark’s posts seem to invoke as much thought as Tim’s. Two good blogs.


  34. DRomo says:

    Did I hear Mark call Kemp our biggest clutch hitter? Hmmm? ok

  35. DRomo says:

    J- Dodgerdugout is fine but this site is for the fans that can put more thoughts into their takes. If you miss Tony Jackson then you must be the only one on this site. Tony is a fine writer but never added much here.

  36. Mark Timmons says:


    Don’t let the doorknob hit ya’ on the way out!

    Your sparkling intelllect will be missed.

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    I deleted 2 posts. You know what they are and one of you started it and the other responded. I won’t have that stuff here, so knock it off!

    Haze, you have to stop baiting others…


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