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Are You Crazy?

Are You Crazy?

I was surfing the net yesterday and I have to say that I was amazed by the people who were criticizing Russ Martin.  “Trade Him”  “Bench Him” and all the rest of the things that people

Future All-Star!

Future All-Star!

 who have no clue write.  Here’s why I like this site:  say something stupid, we will call you out.  Say something without artuculatiung why, we will call you out.  Bench or trade Russ Martin?  Are you crazy?  Some say Martin can’t throw – Well he can.  Watch and see.  He hasn’t caught every runner and at Memories of Kevin Malone, Kensai, who is a smart guy (except when he disagrees with me), had this to say about Russ Martin:

The problem I notice most frequently is his (Orlando Hudson’s)  inability to tag stealing baserunners. He always shies away from throwing his wrist into the runner to apply the tag, and it costs both Martin and Brad Ausmus outs. 

Martin was named the #2 defensive Catcher in the NL (behind Yadier Molina of the Cards) by Baseball America and he is having a bad year – his first!  Have you ever looked at what other catchers are doing?  Joe Mauer doesn’t count – he’s a freak!  The Cubs Catcher Geovany Soto who hit .285 last year and was heralded as the next great offensive  catcher is hitting .217.   Catcher  are up and down, and the fact of the matter is that no catcher has caught as many innings as Russ Martin over the past four seasons.  Bring us AJ Ellis or Lucas May?  Are you crazy?  You have no idea what they can do…  Geezzzz!  Are you crazy?  AJ Ellis and Lucas May may or may not have a future as a starting catcher, but they are totally unproven.  My sense is that AJ Ellis is a backup, at best!  He’s not a Top Prospect.

Yes, Russ Martin is under-performing, but who are you going to replaced him with who is better?  If you say May, Ellis or Santana, then you Are Crazy!  Get real.  This is Russ Martin’s team.  Get used to it and watch and learn!  Some players, frequently catchers, have off years for whatever reason.  Russ lost a lot of weight before the season and says he just didn’t feel right.  He has since gained back a substantial amount, but he is having an off year, no question.  You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.  His defense has been stellar and his CS % has improved, but our pitchers are not great at hold runners on and the O-Dog is not great at applying that tag, both of which cost Martin (and Ausmus) a few points on their CS %.  Yeah, I wish Russ was hitting .290 with 15 HR and 80 RBI, and I think he will again.   Anyway, among NL catchers, even in a really bad year, Russ Martin is 2nd to Yadier Molina in OB% with .360 (Molina is .364).  Let’s see what happens next year.


  • Last night’s game was what it was.  I only wonder why Joe decided to sink or swin with Jimmy Mac?
  • Clayton pitched well last night, but it wasn’t enough.
  • Again, we out hit the winning team – we just didn’t hit when it counted.
  • Andre Ethier is again red-hot, but we need James Loney to find his stroke.
  • The Arizona Fall League Roster have been announced.  The Dodgers are sending 8 players:  Javy Guerra, Eric Krebs (the pitcher we got for Delwyn Young), Travis Schlichtling, Lucas May, Russell Mitchel, Justin Sellers, Andrew Lambo and Trayvon Robinson.
  • Ivan DeJesus, Jr. is back playing in Arizona after recovering from his broken leg.
  • Randy Wolf’s hat is wool.  Does that make him a wolf in sheep’s clothing?
  • 2 game lead – it is what it is.  Just don’t panic.  The Rockier have peaked too early!  Wait and see!

Minor League Recap – 8/25/09 by Jared of

Albuquerque lost 4-1

Chin Lung Hu – 0 for 4, 2 K’s (.287 BA)
Blake DeWitt – 1 for 3, BB (.244 BA)
Jamie Hoffman – 0 for 4 (.285 BA)

Josh Lindblom – 2 IP, 3 Hits, ER, 2 BB, 0 K’s (2.91 ERA)
Chattanooga won 7-6

Trayvon Robinson – 0 for 3, R, BB, K (.185 BA)
Lucas May – 1 for 1, 2B (.296 BA)
Andrew Lambo – 0 for 1 (.257 BA)

Victor Garate – 1 IP, 2 Hits, ER, 0 BB, 0 K’s (2.08 ERA)
Inland Empire won 6-3

Scott Van Slyke – 2 for 5, 2B (.290 BA)
Preston Mattingly – 1 for 5, R, 2 K’s (.236 BA)
Great Lakes won 12-5

Jaime Pedroza – 1 for 4, HR (13), 2 RBI, 2 R, BB (.258 BA)
Kyle Russell – 1 for 4, HR (26), 4 RBI, 2 K’s, OF Assist (.273 BA)
Jerry Sands – 0 for 3, BB, E (.232 BA)
Alfredo Silverio – 2 for 4, 2 R, K (.276 BA)

Roberto Feliciano – 1 IP, Hit, R (0 ER), BB, 0 K’s (0.00 ERA)
Ogden lost 8-5

BCG – 2 for 4, BB, K, SB, CS (.337 BA)
Mario Songco – 1 for 5, RBI, R, K (.359 BA)
Nick Akins – 0 for 3, BB, 2 K’s (.236 BA)
AZL won 7-3

Ivan DeJesus Jr – 0 for 3, 3 K’s (.000 BA)
Michael Pericht – 1 for 5, HR (4), RBI, R, K, E (.216 BA)
Jonathan Garcia – 0 for 3, BB, K (.306 BA)
Player of the day – Kyle Russell, OF

Russell hit his league-leading 26th home run, 6 more than the next closest MWL hitter. His .552 SLG also leads the league and his .918 OPS is second. However, the category that worries me is strikeouts, where his 164 whiffs also pace the circuit. I have trouble believing that a 23 year old who strikes out this much in Low A will have success moving up the ladder, but I’d love for Kyle to prove me wrong.

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  1. Badger says:

    The Dodgers just want to make it interesting.

    I feel a September winning streak is forthcoming. It would be nice if that streak got a head start in Colorado in August.

    12 for 42 isn’t great, but it isn’t bad. Martin and Loney left a combined 9 on base. Ethier and Blake came to play.

    I am still waiting for my 5.5 runs per game.

    If Martin finishes right where he is, it will be a disappointing season, but not a disastrous one. If that happens, I would hope he puts himself on an off season program. He should hit at least .275 with 20 dingers and 80 ribbies. As for his defense, he is just trying to do too much. Stay cool, stay within yourself, be quick but don’t hurry and if a base is stolen, it isn’t stolen on you.

    Loney looks drugged. Somebody give him a shot of B-12.

    A 23 year old in lower A needs to look for different work. If a guy that age isn’t tearing up AA he probably will be a high school coach by the time he is 25.

    I will say it again, until Clayton can go a strong 7+, he will remain a back of the order pitcher. I like the guy, I think eventually he will be a star, but now? he is just a 21 year old kid with a million dollar arm and bright future.

    Are you serious about Hudson fearing applying a tag? I haven’t seen enough games to know. Are umps not given him the phantom tag?

    Has anyone seen our lead-off hitter? He is MIA.

  2. MSTI says:

    But this ISN’T Martin’s first bad year. He was our best hitter up through the allstar break last year and then was horrible in the second half. So now we’re up to a solid year and a half of sucking from him at the plate. I’m not calling for him to be whacked (yet), but you can’t ignore how lousy he’s been for well over a year now.

  3. DRomo says:

    Martin is a solid catcher. A few years ago he was an elite catcher in this league. I don’t know about the tagging out, and blaming O-Dog for his lack of throwing out runners. If Martin could still throw the ball on a line to 2nd it would probably help. Has anybody noticed the compression sleeve Martin wears now? Maybe he is hurting and that is why he can’t throw across the diamond anymore?

    I am sick of everyone saying “Don’t worry we will be fine” HELLO!! We are not fine! This team is taking on water badly. We simply can not beat the good teams. I’d like to know why we think it is going to magically reappear? There is absolutley no evidence of that. Kershaw wasn’t bad yesterday, but just like every other starter you have to get run support to win. Furcal looks terrible. Can Abreu play short?

  4. Ty says:

    I think there’s a very good reason why management opened their ears to trading Martin last off season. I would’ve done the Adrian Gonzalez and Heath Bell deal for Loney, Martin and prospects in a second. AJ Ellis has not bat. Lucas May is not ready. Brad Ausmus is a below average starting C in the league at his age but it’s not like Martin was a key cog in our lineup. The guy is hitting .260 with 4 bombs.

    His D is solid though. He may not throw the guys out like a Pudge or Yadier but his work behind the plate at blocking balls and picking tough one hops and tagging guys out is very good.

    Should we bench Martin now? No. We don’t have a better option but we should’ve done that deal with SD. Martin’s value is very low right now so trading him in the off season wouldn’t be smart. You’d get 50 cents on the dollar.

    BTW, how do you know that the Rockies peaked too early? You’re thinking with your heart and not with your head. The Rockies did this a few years ago and rode it all the way to the World Series. How do you know that they won’t do it again? The Dodgers really should be worried especially since they’ve been a mediocre team for quite a while now.

  5. Badger says:

    At the risk of sounding contentious, Martin hit .260 with a .370 OBP after the break last year. He ended at .280. Not a bad year at all. And, he did win a Gold Glove in ’07, so we know he can do it behind the plate. I don’t throw him out yet. In fact, if he can be a Gold Glove again, I take the .260 and .370 OBP in a heart beat. I would prefer we were getting more offense from our corner infielders – like maybe 50 home runs and 200 rbi’s? If we could get that, we could just let Martin do what a catcher is supposed to do.

    Right now, I say Loney and Furcal are our biggest problems.

    The Dodgers are a .500 team of late. Obviously, that won’t get it done the rest of the way. I remain confident they will be better in the soft September we have coming up. It would be nice to leave Colorado with at least a 2 game lead, so, anytime boys.

  6. Mark Timmons says:


    Martin did hit only .260 last year after the All-Star break, but his OB% is still excellent. I would be in favor of having a catcher hit .300 with 30 HR and 100 RBI – if we can find one, then I’d be fine. It’s just that Russ is the best we have right now and his .360 OB% ain’t chopped liver.

    I can’t say that he’ll ever be what he was, but I can’t say he won’t either.


    In the Rockies 2007 run, when they won 21 of 22 games, including 14 of their final 15 regular-season games. That was in September.

    Since May 30th, they are 52-26, which is a .667 winning percentage. They won’t keep it up. No team plays that weel for that long. They were 18-28 before that. To continue that pace, defies the odds.


    This is Kyle Russell’s first year.

    • Ty says:

      And the Rockies have been known to go on ridiculous hot streaks. This is a hot streak that may not stop until the playoffs. They do not show any signs of slowing down so to just assume that their run will soon end doesn’t give them enough credit. To assume that we will end our slump is naive. We have shown no signs of getting on a run the past 2-3 months. That’s 2-3 MONTHS! We’re a mediocre team. We’ve been mediocre for the majority of the year outside of that blazing start.

  7. Jim D. says:

    I was a big Martin fan until last year. This year he regressed even more. In the month of August, 2 games were lost in the 9th inning due to bad plays by Martin, or bad throws. Having watched 90% of the games this year, I do not see him blocking balls any longer; more balls skip away from him than ever before; he does not use his body by moving it in front of the ball, but rather reaches out with the glove. His offense is the “black hole” in the lineup. Maybe he is not as hungry with a million dollar contract in hand, rather than $400,000. I hope he can right the ship. The team looks LOST !

  8. Badger says:

    Mover, Russell is 23. Though it may be his first year in pro ball, it ain’t his first year.

    “Russell hails from the University of Texas, and while there have many great players that have come from the baseball powerhouse, Russell is the All-Time Home Run King. Russell holds the program’s single-season and career home run records.

    “To have that title under my name is an honor,” he said. “Then (at UT) and now, that I was able to hit all those home runs there, too,
    is a great honor. ”

    Major League Baseball teams quickly took notice of Russell’s home run hitting ability with the Los Angeles Dodgers selecting him in the third round of the 2008 MLB draft.

    But while it appears Kyle is on the fast track to the major leagues, he realizes he needs to be patient, enjoying it and taking advantage of his time in the minors. “It’s not about getting there as quickly as possible. It’s about learning the fundamentals and learning the game, more importantly and how to play it every day,” he said. “When you get to the major leagues, you’re ready and then everything will wind up happening to you and then hopefully you will end up having a successful career in the major leagues as well.”

    And with Russell already leading the Midwest League in homeruns, his future is looking bright. “He’s done a great job, and if he keeps going like that, he’s going to move up the ladder fast,” Bustabad said.

    Me – show me this kind of hitting at AA next year and I will be a believer. After 4 years in college, he should have been able to jump right to AA. Afterall, Division I is considered A ball level and he spent 4 years there.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    I have not caught much, but when the Catcher calles for a high-inside fastball and it’s 96 MPH in the dirt, I wonder how many catcher can move to get that ball?

  10. chucky says:

    I think it is time to look at reality. The first part of the year was magic. I loved it but there was so many one run wins and late inning wins that we must recognize that it was either luck, magic, the sign of a great team or at the worst DUMB LUCK. If the Dodgers are a .500 team then be it so. I think someone said that we need to look at our lead-off hitter and our 1st baseman. Manny has not come back from the his hiatus and it pissed me off when he allows those base hits to be a stand up double. Being a long time Dodger fan I always fear being let down in September/October. How many times have the Dodgers lost a lead in Sept/Oct and not make the playoffs. I love the Dodgers and will root for them but it is a love/hate relationship. Its like having a girl friend who you can’t get enough of but who constantly breaks your heart.

    They tortured me last night and I am hurting from that loss.

  11. Matt says:

    This too shall pass, keep the faith guys.

  12. Ken says:

    “To continue that pace, defies the odds.” And stats are not relevant when there is a good coach and players on a mission and a belief that there is life outside of baseball.. Remember the Rockies streak started not when Tracy was hired but when THEY believe that God answered their prayers and Torrialba’s child was returned safe after being kidnapped. Call the Rockies the Blues Brothers – “On a Mission From God”

    Martin needs to be limited to 140 games per year and be provided a league compliant stimulant to calm him done.

    Another interesting night from the Dodger bullpen. Torre abuses the bull pen all season and in the middle of a tight pennant race against a hot team nipping at their heals Torre brings in 3 of the 4 the pitchers with the LEAST amount of rest. When Will Frank Figure Out That He Made a Mistake Hiring Torre?????

    Another terrible lineup last night. What kind of More On superstitiously puts Loney in front of Blake just because in the past Loney has hit well in Denver even though everyone can see that some coach on the Dodgers has completely screwed Loney’s swing, and Loney is in the worst slump of his life. Dodgers would have won the game if Blake was hitting behind Manny.

    Futile is 3rd on my depth chart at SS.

    Something is wrong in the Dodger clubhouse – you can see it on their faces.

  13. Ken says:

    And one more thing… When the Dodgers call up the kids next week please call up some real coaches too like Wallach

    “A veteran of 17 Major League seasons as a player, Wallach was a five-time National League All-Star, a three-time Gold Glove Winner, and twice won the Silver Slugger Award.”

  14. Badger says:

    I still say Torre’s abuse of the bullpen is out of necessity, not choice. I would think he would welcome several complete games from his starting staff. To never have to use the pen would be welcomed by Mr. Torre.

    But, our starters are some of the worst in the league IP/S. That ain’t Joe’s fault.

    Eventually Kershaw and Bills will avg. 7+ per, and get 220 IP per year. But, that ain’t happening this year. Wolf is a pleasant surprise, but he isn’t a guy that usually gets 200+ per year. And the rest of those guys are all darts being thrown at the board.

    Thank goodness our pen has been deep this year. Without it, we are at best fighting for the Wild Card.

  15. DRomo says:

    Trevor Hoffman placed on waivers. Are we interested? If we had interest in Heath Bell why not Hoffman? Since our starters are only good for 6-7 innings, we could ask Hoffman to close the 7th Sherrill the 8th and Broxton to blow the save in the 9th…… errrr …..I mean….close the game in the 9th!

    I am tired of hearing how great our pen is too. Bella SORRY oh keeps rearing his ugly head to screw somebody out of a win about once a week.

    I have a feeling this is going to be de ja vu all over again. The way this team has played since July, they are not a contender!! Sure they have time to turn it around, but I am sure they had time to fix the leak in the Titanic too.

  16. lawdog says:

    I can tell you what’s wrong with Loney. I watched his swing carefully last night to see why he doesn’t seem to hit the ball hard anymore. He’s stepping in the bucket off the front foot by about 4 inches on every swing. That is, when he strides forward into a pitch, he used to stride straight forward toward the pitcher. This allowed him to cover the outside as well as the inside with the power/hammer paert of the bat making solid contact and he’d drive it where it was pitched. He had the ability to drive opposite field home runs as well as it homers to center and right. He could drop the head of the bat right on the ball and hit it hard where it was pitched. Now, by turning 4 inches away from the pitcher as he starts his downward swing, he can’t hit anything but a little slicing pop up to left, or a harmless grounder, and the head of the bat is going to hit pitched on the inside part of the plate foul if he makes contact at all. He’s set up perfectly to strike olut or hit harmless flies on pitches down the heart of the plate.

    It’s not as bad as Andruw’s problem last year. Andruw stepped in the bucket with his back leg about a foot and looked like he closed his eyes and let his way too long of a swing rip before the pitcher even released the ball. But I am surprised Donny Baseball hasn’t noticed this problem and fixed it. Just striding 3 inches towards the pitcher instead of 4 inches towards the Gaterade tank in the dugout and waiting on the ball to come to him instead of lashing out with his prolonged swing would add 50 points to his average and probably 10 home runs to his stats. And he’d stop striking out when the chips are down.

    If Torre doesn’t pitch Haeger this week he’s a complete idiot!!

    Torre demonstrated how to misuse a bullpen last night. First, he brings a n early hook to Kurveshaw who just struck out the first man he faced in the 7th and looks capable of cruising into the end of the 8th without allowing another hit or walk. Then with Sherrill, Broxton, andTroncosco available he opts for guys who aere just back from arm problems caused by overwork. Then when we actually catch them in the 9th and we have them on their heels, who does our brainless skipper go to? Broxton or Sherill? Obviously it’s got to be one or the other, but who do you use first? The answer, why rookie Jimmy McDuck who has great stuff, but confidence problems as this is what, his rookie year? Talk about felony stupid! As soon as I saw who Torre brought in I knew the game was over and Joe was conceding the game.


    He’s making Del look good for crying out loud! Was he trying to blow away all the confidence they’ve been trying to slowly build in the kid with the great stuff but low self esteem over the last two years? This was dumber than dumb. This was first degree murder stupid! But so where almost all of Joe’s moves last night. I really think they must be spiking his tea with a hallucinogenic and he manages like he believes he’s on the moon.

    Didn’t Beimel look pretty “soft” striking out Ethier with a 90 mph fastball right down broadway with one out, a runner on third and the game on the line last night? Torre was right. We can’t use a guy with his talent. And then we get beat in the end by a guy we used to have on the roster back when the club was in Brooklyn (Herges) who was just claimed off waivers by the Rockettes with a 27.00 ERA and absolutely nothing left..

    Only Joe Torre can make a man who is dumber than a bag of hammers like Del Tracy look smart.

  17. DRomo says:

    Lawdawg you nailed that one.

    You know what gets me is my fellow Dodger fans! How cocky everyone was when we started the season hot. How many times some of us said “it is a long season, we need to get better” and were shouted down. All the brilliant Dodger fans said we were fine and we are going to cruise. The same folks the said we didn’t need to step it up at the trade deadline. I said it then and I’ll say it now:


    Which one are we?

  18. Bob says:

    Dodgers missed on many opportunites yesterday, but the Rockies are not just on some streak. 52-22 since Tracy took over is not a streak… its the indiciation of a good baseball team. The Dodgers may come out top since the last three games of the season are in LA, but Colorado is a good baseball team.

  19. lawdog says:

    It’s hard to project Dee Gordon our next superstar shortstop in 2011 when he just is finishing this year with the A level Loonies. The best two prospects I watched statistically coming up with the Raptures at Rookie Advanced level were Sands and Songco. I mean those two looked like a tandem of Ted Williams and Joe DiMaggio just crushing the ball and hitting for high popping power and average. Most of the year they both were well over .350 and hit 5 times as many home runs as anybody else right out of the box. Promote them to A and Songco is hitting around .160 and Sands isn’t much better at around .230 or less. Promote them to simple A ball and viola! DiMaggio and Williams have become two classic Mendozas.

    Gordon wasn’t hitting .350 with the Loonies–or anywhere close. His stats look good, but he hardly looks like the second coming of A-Rod.

    Try this lineup and see if we don’t get more pop for our buck:

    Abreu ss

    Kemp cf

    Ethier rf

    Manny lf

    Blake 3b

    Martin c

    Loney 1b

    DeWitt 2b

    Sit O-Rod and Furcal or start feeding them some amphetimenes.

    And go with a rotation of Kershaw, Haeger, Wolf and Bills. Learn to manage the bullpen and go with this lineup and rotation, Mr. Bigelow, and I’ll stop feeling sick to my stomach before the game starts.

  20. lawdog says:

    On another board, Badger agreed with my anlysis of Haeger as starting material now, not later, saying we should put him out there in the rotation until they figure him out.

    My response?

    The beauty of it all Badger is that they will not be able to figure out Haeger. No one can hit the best dancer Charlie Hough has ever seen when the pitcher can command it and throw it in that dixie cup whenever he wants. The knuckleball only gets hit two ways: 1) You’re name is Duke Snider and it’s 1955; 2) You get lucky and your bat happens to hit the ball as it dances here, there and everywhere. Torre was given a gift from Heaven when they brought Chuck up this year.

    What’s he do with it?

    He tosses Haeger out there for two starts–and he looks like Cy Young material. That’s too much for Torre who gets dizzy at the prospect of being able to have the best trick pitch pitcher in the game and the prospect of going with a 4 man rotation, so he goes out and signs a washed up head hunter and buries Haeger on the pine. Opportunity only knocks once. If it knocks and you put a trash can over it’s head and don’t seize it, you are going to fail and fail at the highest level.

  21. Badger says:

    Good posts ldawg.

    I agree about Gordon. I say again, do this a AA, a pitchers league, and I might get excited. Until then – A ball?

    Give Haeger the ball every 5th day until he gets figured out.

    I would take Hu over DeWitt at second base, otherwise, I am fine with that lineup. Furcal needs to go to his corner and meditate on what it is he needs to do right – get on base.

    Anybody watching the LL World Series? Some good ball being played. China has a group of guys who wear elbow pads, and when opportunity presents itself, they just stick that pad over the inside of the plate and take one for the team. Maybe Furcal can do that and get on base.

    I haven’t looked lately but seems our pen was at the top of the league not long ago. Pretty darn good for a group that has so many innings.

  22. Badger says:

    Actually, I meant Hu at short, Abreu at second.


  23. lawdog says:

    Hu has probably earned the shot. What he did this year at Alberquacky indicates he’s got doggedness and toughness–plus he has talent which is finally starting to shine through,

    You’d have to get him a custom made leather harness for that fluttering eyeball to make sure it doesn’t suddenly come back with the stress f having to face big league pitching again. ;)

    I’d prefer giving DeWitt the shot at second and Abreu at short simply because neither of them is really much of a gamble. We know they can both hit. And Abreu might be all star material in a year or two if given a chance. I’d rather trade Hu for a 44 year old closer. No! Wait! You don’t have to trade Hu! Trevor Hoffman is there for the signing (if you want to make sure you blow more games than you hold or save down the stretch.)

  24. Kay in L.A. says:

    “Randy Wolf’s hat is wool. Does that make him a wolf in sheep’s clothing?” LOL!!

    You’re on point with all topics, Mark. A good catcher is hard to find. The catcher does a yeoman’s job behind the plate. The postgame guys were saying the other night, there was a time catchers were not expected to be great hitters, to “do it all” as it were. Let’s be thankful for the defensive plays.

    Rick Monday had some stinging remarks for the Dodgers after last night’s loss. He is right also. They were not playing fundamentally sound baseball.

    A question still in some minds: what is up with Broxton? Could he have made a difference last night, instead of Troncoso…

    I am “on the bus.” I feel this will be a turning point for our Boys in Blue and they will pick up speed in September. They perhaps needed humbling/regrouping, whatever. Just remember you are a TEAM, not individuals. We love ya, so love us back:-)

    Last but not least, I can’t get over the MIRACLE that Kuroda is alive and well. That in itself is such a blessing.

  25. A Shot of Haeger says:

    We’re fine.. we’re going to win the World Series…

    You guys all make really great points superb analysis about everything that’s wrong with the Dodgers,Joe Torre’s managerial skills and everything else. My take…I don’t care.

    You can say I’m blind to the struggles the team is going through right now. You may be right. I don’t care. I’m a Dodger fan!

    Fan is short for fanatic or
    “a person with an extreme and uncritical enthusiasm or zeal, as in religion or politics.”

    I find it a lot easier and actually more enjoyable to just enjoy my team good and bad…rather than overanalyzing every decision that’s made..good decisions or bad decisions.

    I don’t allow the things I can’t control to control how I feel. What happens on the field..noone on this board has any control over.

    I know this team hasn’t played well for awhile. I just have faith that they can turn this around and win the World Series…

    Lawdog and all of you provide really excellent analysis..but you can’t predict the future. Sports isn’t the weather. All you can do is hope for the best… that’s what I do..hope for the best… and believe in this team… through thick and thin. I do.. I’m sure you do as well. just enjoy the experience.

  26. lawdog says:

    Up here in Seattle I can predict the weather. “On any given day, rain with possible sun breaks; and moss grows on food left uncovered overnight.”

    That’s good enough for a 99% accuracy rating, with or without double doppler.

  27. Bill Russell says:

    One of the biggest mistakes this year was letting Philly aquire Cliff Lee out from under our nose. A front line starter would come in handy once our hitting resurfaces. I agree that most everyone has good analysis in here but I too have to hope that the weak September schedule will help the boys regain their confidense for a good October run. My biggest fear is going to be pitching matchups in the playoffs. I know it sounds crazy still talking about the playoffs when we are only playing .500 ball and no front line starters on the team outside of Haeger. We have a boat load of #2′s and 3′s but not a true ace. We either have to be hitting the cover off the ball or have great pitching and great defense to make a soild run in October. None of that is happening right now. The defense has gotten bad and the offense has dissappeared. I think we are still trying to cling to something positive and hoping all the stars aline perfectly in order win it all. I am a Dodger fan and always hope for the best but in reality things are slipping away for what looked like a promising year in the beginning. Go Blue

  28. Badger says:

    That’s not crazy talk at all Bill. I know several in here, including me, believe the same thing about the Phils picking up Lee. I was hoping we would get him for the two obvious reasons – we need him, and I don’t want to face him pitching for the World Champions in the play-offs.

    Frankly, we don’t match up well with the Cards or the Phils. And the way we are going, we may start the play-offs on the road.

    September can’t come soon enough for me.

  29. Mark Timmons says:

    I will remind everyone that it’s our hitting that is hurting us, not our pitching. We are #1 in baseball in ERA and #1 in Bullpen ERA. You can blame the pitching all you want, but the hitting is killing us.

    I also think you will see us explode offensively and the Rockies will implode! Watch and see!

    It may start tonight!

    • Ken says:

      NL Batting #1; Pitching #2; Fielding #1
      Per Fox Sports

      Stats versus Heart – Who will win?

      The weighted average winning percentage of Dodger opponents is .514. Therefore the Dodger record is good (especially considering the current FreeFall)

  30. Bill Russell says:

    Yes Mark our pitching is better then our hitting right now but our pitching isn’t good enough to match up in the playoffs if our hitting ever returns. So Yes I agree. Like I said above.

  31. Bill Russell says:

    If we could only face Fogg every night, the offense would be well in a hurry.

  32. Mark Timmons says:

    If our pitching is better than anyone but SF, why don’t we match up?

    I don’t buy that. Yeah, Cliff Lee is unhittable, but the Phils don’t have the rest of the staff and their closer is horrid!

    The Cards are pretty good, but we need to realize that we have been at or near the top ALL year in pitching. That’s pretty impressive.

    Don’t worry. Our hitting will return and our pitching will stay stellar!

  33. Bill Russell says:

    I’ll Mark your word. But you’d better be right……..

  34. Badger says:

    Bills, Wolf, Kershaw vs. Carpenter, Wainwright, Piniero. And, the series starts in St. Louis.

    Who you got?

    Hey, I’m not sayin’, I’m just askin’.

  35. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I’ve got the Dodgers winning all three games in that scenario

  36. Mark Timmons says:


    I agree with Haegar. Dodgers sweep! Don’t forget Charlie Haeger.

  37. Badger says:

    You two would last 5 minutes in Vegas.

  38. A Shot of Haeger says:

    I live in Vegas Badger,

    and I have for 16 years… First house down payment.. winnings from sports betting…. I know what I’m talking about. Noone sees it..but there’s something about this team that I just see turning it on and destroying the competition.

    I agree about long as he’s there..we’re going to win… even if he isn’t there..we’re going to win.

  39. Bill Russell says:

    lol, Badger…. I can see Mark betting on the biggest longshot in the field and it winning by a nose. That’s why they call him Mountain Mover I guess. I’m with you Badger, Carpeter, Wainwright and were probably down by two games. Unless Manny, Furcal, Martin, Loney, Hudson, Blake and Kemp all start hitting like Ethier.

  40. Bill Russell says:

    Or if we face Fogg in the first round.

  41. Ken says:

    Say good bye to Schmidt tommorrow

  42. Badger says:

    Haeger, you think the Dodgers would sweep St. Louis IN St. Louis and you would bet money on it?


    And, my son lives in Vegas. Those who live there know better than to bet there. They don’t build those monuments to decadence because people go there and win money. They build them because people bet with emotions rather than common sense.

    What the Dodgers do in October depend entirely on how they play in September. I too believe they can get it together and compete in the post season. But I am not stupid enough to bet money on sweeping the Cardinals in a series that starts in St. Louis.

    • A Shot of Haeger says:

      No not really… but thinking we’ll be down two games makes my head hurt… and right now….my head hurting is bot tops on my list of things I’d like to have happen to me… so I’m going to think positively.

      I said I’m being the irrational fanatic for the rest of the season. You guys analyze to death… I’ll root in complete oblivion..

      I just love being a Dodger fan.

      You’re right about Vegas my friend…. my first weekend in college..spent 8 hours playing two dollar blackjack and Circus Circus… and won 2 bucks…. was well on my way to a gambling issue. Losing 1800 dollars in a weekend cured that…. now I only gamble when people come to town.

      As far as sweeping in St.Louis….we won’t have to..we’ll be hosting every series in the playoffs until the Series

  43. Bill Russell says:

    The Red Sox released Bad (Brad) Penny today. Please Ned, if you read this site, DO NOT PICK HIM UP. I’ll take two Padilla’s before taking one Bad Penny.

    Loney didn’t step in the buckle tonight because he was in the fogg zone. We need the win tomorrow guys.

    Mark, Mr McGlue is running in the 3rd race tomorrow. Shall I bet it?


  44. lawdog says:

    Crazy night. Check out Mr. Loney. He just stepped 4 inches towards the pitcher tonight instead of 4 inches towards the dugout and he drove the ball hard. Makes me wonder if he reads our stuff. Easy correction–quickly done. Now if he just keeps stepping towards the pitch he’ll start doing Ethier imitations with the bat and we probably will win the series–with Chuck Haeger..

  45. LADODGERDAVE says:


    please stop leading off


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