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8-7 & 8-8-09 Minor League Report

8-7 & 8-8-09 Minor League Report



The Ole'Lawdog  aka/Tom O'Shea

The Ole'Lawdog aka/Tom O'Shea

The Raptors edge Idaho Falls 4-3.

CONTRERAS (2.70), pitched a quality start going 6 innings and allowing 2 earned runs on 5 hits, 1 walk and 5 Ks. FERRERAS (BS, 1, W, 2-0, 1.93), followed and managed to blow the save and then “vultch” a win ala PHIL REGAN, (a Dodger reliever of old who used to routinely blow saves and then win the game.)  FERRERAS went 1 inning and gave up 1 earned run on 2 hits.  AMES (S, 5, 0.98), finished and earned the save going 2 innings of no hit, shut out ball allowing just one walk while fanning 4.  AMES was magic–and overpowering!

RUGGIANO (.336), whacked his 3rd triple.  MCGHEE (.271), and SMITH (.206), both smacked doubles.  CAVAZOS-GALVEZ (.335), went 2-4.


The Isotopes out slug Portland 17-7.

The Isotopes tried the old starter by committee approach which seems to be a disease which now has completely infected the Dodger Brass with what seems to be an obsession to develop the largest group of set-up relievers in major league history.  I guess the idea is if you have 12 set up men on the active roster you can save the big money you’d have to pay quality starters and your closer and you might fare just as well in the long run, right?  At any rate, it worked last night, primarily because Portland pitcher SILVA (6.49), gave up 9 earned runs in the last inning of play. For the ‘Topes: POLLOK (6.20), started and went 3.2 innings allowing 5 earned runs on 9 hits, 1 walk and 4 Ks. (He obviously had to be pulled so maybe the set-up man committee plan wasn’t in full force and effect last night after all.) LINDBLOM (W, 2-0, 2.52), followed and went 3.1 innings of 1 hit, 0 walk shut out relief in which he struck out 1. FELIX (S,1, 3.68), finished tossing 2 innings of 2 earned run, 2 hit, 1 walk ball while fanning 3.

JONES (.287), hit his 28th home run and went 2-5 with 5 RBIs on the night.  DEWITT (.254), hit his 4th tater and also went 2-5 with 3 RBIs.  HU (.284), whacked his 4th triple and went 2-5 raising his average ever closer to the magical .300 level.  MAZA (.288), hit his 4th triple and also went 2-5.  CLOSSER (.308) hit a pinch hit 2 bagger, his 10th.  And BROWN (.306) hit his 28th 2 bagger while going 3-5 with 1 walk.

All told, the “Topes had 20 hits.  Everybody in the starting 9 except the pitcher had at least one hit.  Except for POLLOK’s miserable performance, it was a very good night for the “atoms of chemical elements”.



Jacksonville spanks the Lookouts 8-3.

CORCORAN (L. 4-7, 5.48) started this mess going 5 innings and giving up 6 runs (3 earned) on 7 hits, 1 BB and 3 Ks.  SCHREIBER (2.45), was every bit as mediocre going 2 innings and giving up 2 earned runs on  2 hits, 3 walks and 1 K.  GARATE (1.94), fared better pitching 1 inning of 1 hit, 1 walk shut out ball with 2 Ks.  SARTOR (3.45), mopped up going 1 perfect inning with 1 K.

PEREZ (.280), whacked 2 doubles and went 2-4.  TOMLIN (.313), also went 2-4 as did ROTTINO (.261). 

All told, it was a sorry night in Chattanooga and there was no joy amongst the Choo-choo faithful.  Rumor has it that some in attendance were actually thought to be overheard muttering that the Lookouts should be paying them to witness such woeful attempts to actually play the game of baseball.


Stockton spanks the 66ers 8-3.

Think we’re starting to discern a pattern here?  The 66ers decided to “pitch by committee” again to further the Dodger Brass’ plan to develop the most set up men in Minor League History.  MELGAREJO (L, 1-2, 7.18), started and stunk so badly the game could not possibly be salvaged after his appearance.  He went 3 innings, gave up 5 earned runs on 4 hits, 3 walks and 3 Ks.  BRANNON (4.88), followed and was just as bad, going 2.2 innings and gave up 2 earned runs on 5 hits, 0 walks and Kd 2.  PRADO (4.45) was up next and was plain mediocre going 1.1 innings and allowed 1 earned run on 2 hits.  Only JANSEN (15.00), pitched well, and it was still a struggle for him as he mopped up and pitched 1 inning and gave up 0 runs on 1 hit, 1 walk and 2 Ks.

As bad as the pitching was, the offense wasn’t much better.  ROBINSON (.308), managed his 28th double and went 2-4.  BECKER (.308), also went 2-4.


The Loonies blast West Michigan 10-2.

REDDING (W, 13-3, 4.93), gave us a quality start going 6 innings and allowing 2 earned runs on 9 hits, 2 walks and 2 Ks.  GARCIA (S, 4, 2.71), finished up going 3 innings of 1 hit shut out ball allowing 0 walks and fanning 3.  The Loons got some great pitching last night!

Offensively, the Loons were even better.  BUSS (.259), cracked his 9th tater and his 11th 2 bagger while going 3-4 and driving in 4.  WALLACH (.253), went yard for the 4th time this season.  SILVERIO (.279), smacked his 25th double and went 4-4.  SONGCO (.157), finally getting untracked a bit at the A level hit his 3rd double.  PEDROZA (.261), went 3-4 with 3 RBIs. 

It was a good night for the Loons.




Idaho Falls nips the Raptors 4-3.

MAGILL (L, 3-2, 4.60), started and went 4 innings, allowing 2 earned runs on 5 hits, 0 walks and 4 Ks as the Raptors, once again, decided to play the gsme with 3 short relievers and no starter.  THOMPSON (6.60), followed and went 3 innings giving up 2 earned runs on 3 hits, 0 walks and 2 Ks.  GAUDI (3.07), finished up going 2 shutout innings on 2 hits, 0 walks and fanned 3.

Offensively, the Raptors played a very mediocre game.  HERNANDEZ (.269), hit his second homer and went 2-2 with 2 RBIs.  MCGEE (.266), also managed a 2 hit game going 2-4 with 1 RBI.


Portland rallied to overcome a 5-2 deficit with 4 runs in the 8th and 1 in the 9th to beat the Isotopes 7-5.

Our man on the farm at AAA, CHUCK HAEGER (3.55), started and was pulled after just 4 innings despite putting up impressive stats.  He went 4 innings and gave up 1 run (earned) on 4 hits, 1 walk and fanned 5.  Why did they pull him after a performance like that?  Curiouser and curiouser.  BONILLA (L, 3-8, 5.79), followed and got bombed!  He went 4 innings and gave up 5 earned runs on 7 hits, 2 walks and K’d 3.  STRICKLAND (3.26), mopped up going 1 inning and allowing 1 earned run on 2 hits, 0 walks and managed to strike out 1 batter.  Only HAEGER really shined, but he was removed prematurely.

MAZA (.286), and DEWITT (.251), both homered and DEWITT managed to go 2-3 with a walk.  HARPER (.294), managed to whack his 24th double and went 3-4.


The Lookouts edged Jacksonville 4-2.

CASTILLO (4.52), went 5 innings and gave up 1 earned run on 6 hits, 5 walks and 3 Ks. GUERRA (W, 2-0, 4.50), went 2 innings and gave up 1 earned run on 4 hits, 1 walk and 2 strike outs.  GARCIA, (S,1, 0.00), pitched the last two innings of 1 hit, 0 walk shut out ball while striking out 3.

GILES (.275), hit his 10th home run, a 2 run shot, in the 7th.  GODWIN (.261) hit his 12th double and managed to go 2-4; and LAMBO (.266), hit his 33rd double and also went 2-4.


Stockton beat the 66ers 6-3.

WALL (L, 2-6, 5.82), started and looked bad going 5 innings and giving up 6 runs (4 earned) on 8 hits, 5 walks and 3 K’s.  PFEIFFER (3.63), mopped up going 3 shutout innings on 2 hits, 0 walks while fanning 4.  PFEIFFER deserves a tip of the cap for his performance.  WALL doesn’t.

CASERES (.276), hit his 22nd double and went 2-3 with a walk.  LARA (.268) hit his 11th double.


The Loonies blanked West Michigan 3-0.

MILLER (W, 1-0, 1.13), started and went 5 shutout innings on 3 hits, 0 walks and 6 Ks.  AGUASVIVA (H, 2, 1.65), followed and went 3 perfect innings while fanning 3!!!  ST. CLAIR (S, (, 3.29), finished with 1 inning of shut out ball on 1 hit 0 walks and 2 Ks.  A great effort by all 3 pitchers!

HATCH (.276), hit his 8th home run.  RUSSELL (.269), hit his 6th triple and managed to go 2-3.

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