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08/03/09 Minor League Report

08/03/09 Minor League Report



Raptors edge Casper 7-6.

CONTRERAS (2.66),  went 5 innings and gave up 3 earned runs on 8 hits, one walk and 2 Ks.  SUITER (5.00), was equally ineffective going 1 inning and giving up 2 earned runs on 2 hits and 3 walks while striking out 0.  GUADI (W, 2-1, 3.55), saved the Raptors collective butts going 3 perfect innings and fanning 3 in the process.  A tip of my “Colbert hat” to GUADI!

WISE (.343) Martin’s eventual replacement?  Hit his 4th home run in the 9th–a 3 run dinger! HERNANDEZ (.281), YOUNT (.308), IDEN (.241), and ORR (.244), all smacked doubles. YOUNT and WISE had 2 hit games.minorleaguerept-logo


The Isotopes beat Nashville 3-1.

Three Isotope pitchers shut down Nashville without giving up an earned run.  POLLOCK (5.81) went 5 and allowed an unearned run on 4 hits, 1 walk and 6 Ks.  CHOI (W, 6-1, 1.83), continues to pitch “lights out” going 2 perfect innings and striking out 3.  He’s ready Joe! WADE (S, 1, 2.45), finished up pitching 2 shutout innings of 1 hit, 1 walk ball while fanning 1.

TONY ABREU (.343) blasted his 7th home run and his 13th double while going 3-4.  HU (.275) continued his upward run towards true respectability hitting a triple and going 2-4 on the night.  Kudos to both.


Lookouts outlast West Tennessee 12-11.

The pitching wasn’t pretty, but the Lookout offense looked good Monday.  ADKINS (4.60) went 3.2 innings and gave up 5 earned runs on 7 hits  and 2 walks while striking out 1. RODRIGUEZ (3.39), shined pitching 2 innings of 2 hit shut out baseball, walking 0 and fanning 2.  SARTOR (BS, 2, W, 3-4, 3.55), “vulched” the win by first blowing the save and then holding on pitching 3 innings and allowing 4 earned runs on 4 hits, 3 walks and 3 Ks.

JAMES ADKINS and SARTOR were afraid to go out on the town for dinner after the gamer without first decking themselves out in Groucho Marx fake noses, eyebrows and glasses to stay undetected by the local irate fans.  It could of been worse.  We could of lost the game!

EDUARDO PEREZ (.269), hit his 8th dinger of the season, a 2 run shot in the 3rd.  RUSS MITCHELL (.222), added a triple.  TOMLIN (.313), SELLERS (.304), and GODWIN (.252) all whacked doubles proving once again that our farm system probably has more gap hitters than any other system in baseball.  SELLERS was 3-5 and had 4 rbis.  LUCAS MAY (.311), went 2-4 with a BB proving we have 2 .300 hitting catchers in the minors waiting for their chance to hit major league pitching.  Hopefully one of them will be adept at catching HAEGER’S knuckleball when he gets the call later this year.


The 66ers were idle.


The Loonies out-sluged Dayton 10-8.

The hitting was great but the pitching was nothing to write home about.  MICHAEL REDDING (5.04) got mugged going 3 runs and giving up 7 earned runs on 9 hits and struck out 1.  Good news is he gave up nary a walk!  SMITH (W, 2-1, 3.12) shined going 3 innings and gave up 1 earned run on 4 hits, 1 walk and 2 Ks.  GARCIA (S, 3, 2.85), was even better going 3 perfect innings and fanning 3.  GARCIA gets a Colbert tip of the cap for his work yesterday.

SONGCO (.138), finally connected with a long ball, a 2 run shot in the 3rd.  PEDROZA (.261), hit his 30th double.  KYLE RUSSELL (.269) whacked double #28 and went 3-5.  Hard to believe, but the rest of the hits were spread out and no one else had a multi-hit game. Every starter except the catcher MATT WALLACH (.249), managed to get a hit.  The Loonies scored 10 runs on 10 hits.

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