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Twitter Weekly Updates -07-26-09

Twitter Weekly Updates  -07-26-09
  • One of the most well written pieces on steroids in baseball… Eventually forgiveness will prevail as history has proven. #
  • @benmaller I liked your suggestion to Casey Blake. He really does not have much of a sense of humor. I found him way too serious. in reply to benmaller #
  • Matt Kemp is becoming an animal. He always was a bison, but now he’s an animal! #twitter
  • Don’t be cynical. Root for Jason Schmidt tonight. He’s worked hard to make it back. #

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8 Responses to “Twitter Weekly Updates -07-26-09”

  1. DRomo says:

    Are we over Jason Schmidt yet? Doesn’t Weaver in hnis spot give us a better option?

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    Me or you in his spot is a better option.

  3. DavidB says:

    We need to look inot to getting Washburn from the Mariners!

  4. DRomo says:

    What are Washburns numbers? I have always liked him. He should be a lot cheaper to aquire since he is a FA at the end of the season. I am sure if we eat his salary he could be had for prospects or lesser pitchers (i.e. Stults,etc.)

  5. Roger says:

    At this point, I have changed my mind on any trade.

    Forget the really really really big guys out there: Lee, Doc-H, etc.

    A trade for them really pushes us to give toooo much in return, plus it might only be for a year and a quarter.

    Go after a good, solid pitcher that can go a decent 6 innings. Then, like most of the year, have the pen take over. If the Dodgers have a large lead at that point, the new guy can contiune a bit longer . . .

    That is how the Dodgers have such a big lead. I hate giving up all of the names the Doc H. or, Lee trades have mentioned. And if they do not win — do not even go there.

  6. GoNzO says:

    I think that Carl Pavano could help us, and he has performed in the playoffs before. He pitches about 6-7 innings per start doesn’t walk many and has only allowed 15 HR in 112 innings.

  7. lawdog says:

    Charlie Haeger is the man! If the flutterball can’t save us, nothing can!

  8. DRomo says:

    Pavano and Torre have history. I believe they dont like each other. That doesn’t mean he isnt an option but I dont believ there is much conversation there.


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