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The Next 20 Days Will Be Interesting…

The Next 20 Days Will Be Interesting…
  • Do you remember Harvey’s Wallbangers?  They had nothing on Joe’s Wallbangers!
  • That wasn’t a “soft” Grand Slam by Kemp.  It was pressure-packed, because he saw Broxton (the Arsonist) was in the pen, and he knew the Dodgers would need those runs.
  • Everyone seems to think that the Dodgers need another starter… and maybe they do, but if Jason Schmidt notches another good start, he will get an opportunity to start for the Dodgers before the trade deadline.  Eric Stults will be healthy in a few weeks.  Before Ned pulls the trigger, he will want to be certain that our starting pitching solution is not “in house,” so I don’t look for any dope-fiend moves by him.  I fully expect to see Jason Schmidt start a game for the Dodgers within the next two weeks. 
  • Yes, Roy Halliday would be nice, but I can’t see it happening.  It’s really not prudent to re-sign a pitcher that old.  Just my opinion…Harveys-Wallbangers
  • I also think we could see Ned pick up another reliever, and a LH one would be nice.  How about George Sherrill?    Scott Elbert and another prospect or two could pry him away from Baltimore.  He would look nice in our pen.  I can’t see Ohman being a factor thus year.
  • It was speculated that Manny Ramirez might sue the doctor who prescribed the female fertility drug found in his system, but according to writer, TJ Quinn, that doctor emphatically denied  that he ever prescribed ANYTHING for Manny.  Could it be that this is not over yet?
  • I don’t think we’ll see Belisario again until Mid-August.
  • Manny Ramirez tied Mickey Mantle for 15th on the All-Time HR list.
  • Let’s not forget that Doug Mientkiewicz will most likely be back by Early August.  He’s a key piece for us.  Watch his rehab.
  • Clayton Kershaw and Chad Billingsley have more walks than any two other starters.  No surprise!
  • Carlos Santana is hitting .266 at AA for the Indians.  Maybe he’s not Superman after all!
  • Ken Gurnick reports that Eric Miltons’ back is very painful and not to expect him back soon.
  • For those of you who pine for Derek Lowe, read what Jon Weisman says about him and his replacement(s):

Former Dodger Derek Lowe is scheduled to start tonight for Atlanta in Colorado. Here’s a comparison between Lowe and those who took his place:

Derek Lowe: 18 starts, 106 2/3 innings, 5.93 innings/start, 4.56 ERA, 92 ERA+
Randy Wolf: 19 starts, 114 2/3 innings, 6.03 innings/start, 3.45 ERA, 121 ERA+
Dodger No. 5 starters: 22 starts, 102 innings, 4.63 innings/start, 4.76 ERA, 89 ERA+ (approx.) 

Lowe would have been an asset so far and possibly even more so as 2009 progresses, but considering the Braves had to commit $60 million to sign him through 2012, it’s hard to fault the Dodgers for not retaining him. (Not that many have really brought his name up in a while.)

  • It turns out that we really do not miss D-Lowe at all!  $60 mil?  Please!
  • Jeff Weaver will start todays’ game.

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49 Responses to “The Next 20 Days Will Be Interesting…”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Well BRuss, you can see why I sometimes have to ask for some to remember to share the love. Friendly jabs are often left sitting in a precarious positions, waiting to be bashed and causing huwt feewings.

    LADodgerTalk pledge (maybe plea is more accurate): Enjoy each others posts, don’t look or go out of your way to get your feewings huwt, agree to disagree without being disagreeable (okay, some pussies came up with that one, which still makes me ROFLMAO), if all else fails, do the following – Find crowbar, insert crowbar in ass crack, wedge and or drive crowbar between ass crack and underwear, lever crowbar against wadded up undies and remove said wadded up undies.

    Don’t sweat it BRuss, I’m sure CBadgeLoose was just having a little fun with ya (note: also add “give others the benefit of the doubt” to previous paragraph).

    I’m seeing a very disturbing pattern with Broxton, he has stopped pitching and now has reverted back to being a “chucker” (not the game bird). The harder he chucks it, the more peril looms.

    How come our two all-stars (Broxton and Hudson)are totally sucking right now? Funny, we have the best record in MLB, yet these are the guys that everyone will see representing Dodger Blue.

    Lately, if Broxton is coming in, there is no such thing as a “soft” run, we will need them all, and then some. Closer may be the one thing that actually knocks us out of an appointment with an AL in the WS.

  2. Blue Haze says:

    Add “team” following “AL” above. WHERE THE HELL IS AN EDIT BUTTON?

    In case someone missed it, enough of the huwt feewings in here, MAN UP, boys!

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Hear ya Haze. I’ve dealt with people that’s never been wrong before, I can handle the truth. I was one who was crying for D Lowe or one like him at the beginning of the year. Boy WAS I WRONG. I know that’s hard for some to say but I’m manning up for that mistake. If I remember correctly someone else was also calling for the horse to come back.

    I am thinking of a way to raise money for the LA Dodger talk web site. How about Ken VS Joe Torre in a 3 round boxing match for charity? I have had some times of scratching my head this year and wondering what Joe’s thinking is but not near as much as Ken. Joe must be the dumbest, winningest Manager in baseball. I guess he’s the type that drives his cars as hard and fast as be can and when they break, he gets a new one. Stay tuned.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out Broxton. The guy is an Allstar and can’t mop up an inning after he was named to the Allstar squad. Maybe that was his kiss of death.

    It was nice seeing five guys go deep last night. And the catch Kemp made to end the game was fantastic. No worries, he should be on the Allstar team for years to come.

    • Ken says:

      I am willing to pay the volunteer the time and pay the cost to establish afioundation for the benefit of Dodger pitches called “Safe on the Mound”. Maybe the Player’s Association will also chip in some funds. Nothing more OJ than someone who pretents to be great to people in public but has his own way of abusing people.

  4. Mark Timmons says:

    What’s the over/under in days until Troncoso’s arm falls off?

    • Ken says:

      Mark I was going to ask that question yerterday but thought that I might be a little over the top.

      Have your heard Torre’s new commercial? I heard it while driving in an area with bad reseption and it sounds like he is selling Big Ego Tea.

  5. Blue Haze says:

    I wasn’t take a shot at anyone, in particular, but this place has a tendency to go “petty” very quickly, it is a shame actually. However, you are correct, admitting mistakes or wrongs, is not a very strong point for some in here. Just hold on, BRuss, there are some good guys that really like a laugh in here, then others that like the feeling of wadded up undies in their ass, go figure!

    You are correct, DLowe could really eat up some innings, he will be more missed as this season advances.

    Ken going “cage match” with Torre, funny idea. You realize that Torre was a pretty tough and rugged ball player in his day. I’ll take a hundee on Joe. For an idiot, Joe sure owns a lot of jewelry!

  6. Badger says:

    Casey Blake hit .251 for us last year with a .313 OBP. I just figured a year older and his numbers would be the same. He is a career .266 hitter, with a .788 OPS. Very pedestrian for a corner htiter. La Roche is basically a rookie. I think it took some stones to make that bet. It was the easy road to take the veteran on a thumping club over the rookie on a crap team.

    Honestly, I hope LaRoche hits .300 with 100 rbi’s and Blake beats him. It would be worth it to me to have a 3rd baseman who actually hits like one. 100 push-up? I can do that many in 3 sets easy.

    Everyone has an opinion. We can back over the history in this place and see who thought Abreu would have a break out year, who thought McDonald would do what, who thought Hudson was done etc. etc.. This “bet” was supposed to be a friendly wager but it has taken on a strange tone. I have gone on record many times saying I want Blake to succeed because I am a Dodger fan. Some even asked me who was better? I listed about a dozen that were, and no response.

    Go Foundation! Kick ass Casey!

    Why does this site need money?

    Torre does some strange things, that’s for sure. But I think his moves would look a lot less weird if we had starters who could go 7 innings.

    And for heaven’s sake, move Kemp up and Blake down.

  7. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Actually, Roy Halladay is not that old. Birthdate is 5/14/77, which makes him 32. I get the impression that some people think he’s in his mid-30′s. Based on his track record, he would certainly be a nice addition. It all depends on the price.

    It was nice to see Mientkiewicz taking batting practice while I was at the Met game the other night. So I’m guessing he could be ready by August.

    With Broxton, I wonder if there are still lingering effects from his recent big toe miseries.

    I never thought that Derek Lowe was worth $60 million over 4 years. However, I do remember that he tended to get more effective as the season wore on. His sinker probably sinks more as he gets tired in the second half. But again, despite that, the investment, in my opinion, would have been a bad one.

  8. Blue Haze says:

    “Why does this site need money?”

    Rumor has it that Mark has made Tony Jackson his kept woman. Stay tuned as story develops.

    (Private note to BRuss: that is one of those statements that should cause laughter, however may cause undie-twisting. Actually Mark has a good sense of humor, he just appears to never admit to being wrong)

  9. Badger says:

    Mark doesn’t need to pay to make Jackson his beeatch. He could just grab him by the gluteals and stake his “claim”.

    Anybody notice the Giants pitching staff got going on? They are not going to go away.

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Sites can always use $. There are costs involved in running them. Mark put me down for two xl t-shirts. The real idea behind the charity boxing match was a joke not a real idea for raising money. Taking a chance bet? A veteran VS a rookie on a crapy team? Sounds like excuses to me. The only words out of your mouth during the early part of the year was how big of a mistake it was letting LaRoche go and resigning Blake. The bet is taking on a weird tone?
    Why is that? I like to put the stats out there once in a while after hearing comments like, he’s a #8 hitter, put him where he belongs, He made a costly error the other night, he was only 1/5 last night even after he hit the clutch triple, and he was a bad signing. There’s no weird tone going on here. I remember you telling someone in here a few weeks back about how the bet took form and it was a no brainer bet because you had the stats right in front of. Stats don’t lie. I have no beef with your either CB, I am just looking for some peace about Blakes shortcomings on a weekly basis and I know you can’t provide that. So we’ll have to agree to disagree about the Foundation. Do you really want me to believe that your rooting for Blake to our perform LaRoche?

  11. Bill Russell says:


  12. DRomo says:

    Hey lost in all the softie vs. clutch conversation is Chad Billingsley’s egg he layed last night. Thanks for showing up Chad! Thios guys is soft as they come. Last Oct. he showed he has no balls and now he looks like he can lose concentration at any moment.

    Look the hell out for the Giants! I tell you I like their rotation a lot better than ours. I know the kids Sanchez got lucky last night but he is their #5. Do you think our #5 will ever throw a no no? Hell can our #1-5 go 9 innings with out 250 pitches? If the Giants add a hitter at the deadline, I am serious, they will challenge us down the stretch for the division.

    Broxton looked like a typical closer with a big lead. He sucked. Its no excuse but they all do it, I sont get it. Now if he blows a save then I will worry.

  13. DRomo says:

    EDIT: I dont get it

  14. Bill Russell says:

    Hey, I heading out today to see the movie Hangover. I hear it’s really funny. Has anyone seen it yet?

  15. Ken says:

    No-hitters against the worst hitting team in baseball should have as asterisk next to them.

  16. Ken says:

    Just to clarify I believe that Torre only became a Moron in 2002, eight years ago, thus Henry the Eight parody.

  17. Badger says:

    Wrong again Bill.

    Each of us has selective memory, so I went back last night and revisited what we were talking about then. I suggest maybe you do the same.

    I never said we should not have let LaRoche go. What I said was that I would rather have him at third than Blake but I recognize that letting LaRoche go was necessary to get Manny. You were going off on what a great player Blake was, so I checked his stats, looked up his Fantasy rankings and realized you were full of it, so, I made the bet. I was looking for what exactly we bet on but I couldn’t find it. In my mind OBP was there because as you know, I think that is one of the most important numbers there is. Can’t imagine making a bet like that without including it, but, I took your word for it. Now I am not so sure that was a good idea. Neither was the bet. I still like LaRoche, and frankly would still rather have him at third. He is young, he now is healthy, and will be affordable for a few years, allowing McJamie to pay more for the arms we are going to need.

    My ego is not as invested as yours is in this Bill. I really don’t care. In fact, I will do the push-ups today and we can let this damn thing go. The fact that you think I am rooting against a Dodger is enough for me to just drop it. You win.


  18. Ken says:

    Mark as I have said all year they need 3 long relievers, a manager that knows how to use the bullpen, Greg Maddox as a pitching coach, and a bench coach like Kirk Gibson to manager the team while Torre motivates them.

    Who will return first:
    Schimdt or Milton?
    Belisario or Kuo?

  19. Badger says:

    There isn’t a pitcher on the Dodgers who can no-hit any team in this league. Hell, they couldn’t no-hit the Yreka Zephyrs. You have to go 9 to do it, and that disqualifies our entire staff.

    Saw Hangover 3 weeks ago. Funny.

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Am I happy?
    I’m happy about the teams progress this year. The good thing is that when some players slump, others are picking them up. O-Dog was the force during the beginning of the year with his bat and glove. Now he’s slumping with the bat but still very important in the field. Raffy although he couldn’t advance the runner from 3rd last night has picked up his offense over the last few nights after slumping during the first part of the season. Our starting pitching staff has kept us in the games for the most part athough we would all like to see them pitch through the 7th and 8th innings. The relief core has been brilliant but everyone is waiting for their arms to fall off. Russell Martin was very slow getting out of the gate this year but is now showing signs of the player from yesteryear. Blake, well enough about him. Loney has been consistant and Ethier has been like watching a roller coaster. Kemp is like watching a Star being born before our eyes. The sky is the limit with him. Manny is being Manny and Pierre has been a pleasant surprise. Hell Yes I’m happy.

  21. Badger says:

    Ok, me too.

    Since you avoided answering my question, I will assume we can now just move on.

    Schmidt or Milton? Milton.

    Belisario or Kuo? It’s a throw up but I will take Kuo since he is pitching now.

  22. DRomo says:

    I want to go on record as saying I was dead ass wrong about Kemp. This year he has been a joy to watch. His biggest obstacle was always between his ears. It looks like he wants to be a great ballplayer now.

    Ethier looks like the old Andre in front of Manny. That is cool.

    Say what you will about Torre (Idon’t think he is perfect) but I give him credit for moving things around and trying to find the right spots in this lineup, yet not having a different lineup everynight.

  23. Badger says:

    Some of Torre’s moves are head scratchers, but, the team has the best record in baseball. Can’t get much better than that.

    I think what he needs is a pitching coach who can get his pitchers to hit spots – like high and tight, low and away. Paint the black, get ahead in the count. I know it’s easy to talk these things, but I also think Major League pitchers should be able to do it. How did they get this far without being able to do it? Shoot, I was able to get high school pitchers to do it and I could still do it at age 50. It must be frustrating to a guy like Torre.

  24. Mike Hawk says:

    It’s Mike Hawk here, Dodger fan who can “grip it and rip it”.

    Quit fighting, so the LaRoche thing got interesting, then funny, then pathetic. Move on, the truth shall set you free.

    Mike Hawk out.

  25. Mark Timmons says:

    You can’t handle the truth!


    Schmidt will be back within 2 weeks. I doubt anyone will beat him back.

    You heard it here first.

    I thought I was wrong once…

    but I was mistaken…

  26. Badger says:

    Who is Mike Hawk and why should anyone care what he has to say?

    And anyone who ends with his own name and “out” is a Rome clone and completely unoriginal.

  27. Badger says:

    Schmidt has been “back” for a long time now. Sorry, can’t buy into it. Milton has back spasms. That can be serious or just need a little rest. Schmidt is 1 pitch away from being forever done.

  28. Badger says:

    I wonder what happened to Lowe? He was rolling along early, but in his last 9 starts he is 2 – 5 and having trouble getting through 6 innings. Did old set in?

  29. Bill Russell says:

    Just got back from watching the movie Hangover. I had my drink coming out of my nose. That was the funnest movie I’ve seen in a very long time.

  30. Mark Timmons says:

    Same lineup as last night…

    except for Weaver!

  31. Badger says:

    .324 .389 OBP and .503 slg.% gets you in the 8 hole.


    Sooner or later Kemp is going to get pissed about this and I won’t blame him a bit.

  32. Ken says:


    1 – Too many strikeouts
    2 – Not enough plate discipline
    3 – Don’t want someone to steal in front of Manny
    4 – Not enough power
    5 – Too many strikeouts
    6 – Yes
    7 – Yes
    8 – Yes Can start another rally, steal a base and be bunted over to 3rd

  33. Ken says:

    Kemp is Manny #2

    Manny is protecting Ethier and Kemp is protecting Hudson

  34. Mark Timmons says:

    Well, now we know for sure that Broxton has physical problems. This could hang on for a while – he may need some extended rest, which mandates that we trade for a closer.

    So, DeWitt was sent back down and Elbert is in the pen.

    Stay tuned…

  35. Badger says:

    Weaver couldn’t get through 4. Yeah, stay tuned.

    I know you were joking Ken. Kemp has a .389 OBP and a .503 slg % and can steal a base when needed. Who cares if he strikes out? An out is an out and he gets on base at near .400. You just don’t put people like that at 8. Shoot, they don’t even do that in the A.L..

    And I wouldn’t put him in front of Manny, I would hit Kemp 5th, after Loney.



  36. Michael says:

    Killing me softly with his song… Roberta Flack

  37. Bill Russell says:

    Jumpin Jack Flash … Rolling Stones

  38. Bill Russell says:

    I’m a back door man …The Doors

    We need two …. Dodgers

  39. Michael says:

    Doh, a I mean Joe, you cannot use a pitcher every frickin day. I’m gonna sic PETA on you for cruelty to animals. We have some stats guys here, our staff must lead the league in pitches thrown per game. I think we may need a REAL pitching coach. Hurry, offer Orel or Maddox a gazillion. Oh good it’s Trevor time, we are his worst nightmare.

  40. Ken says:

    Okay Hold your breath and call up Schimdt. Can’t believe I have come to that conclusion.

  41. Michael says:

    Really, Joe is not as dumb as he may seem at times. He inherited the pitching coach. We all know that Mr. Torre needs a little help with the staff. Joe ,it is your team, tell Rick later. You deserve the right to name your coaches. P.S. Kirk Gibson should be your bench coach.

  42. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    To quote Ken:


    1 – Too many strikeouts
    2 – Not enough plate discipline
    3 – Don’t want someone to steal in front of Manny
    4 – Not enough power
    5 – Too many strikeouts
    6 – Yes
    7 – Yes
    8 – Yes Can start another rally, steal a base and be bunted over to 3rd”

    The Dodgers are currently playing the Brewers, so an appropriate comparison would be Kemp and Ryan Braun, the latter being a player that no one would argue should hit in the 8 hole. These are their numbers prior to tonight’s game:

    Kemp: 318 AB, 34 BB, 74 K’s, .324 BA, .389 OBP, 11 HR, .503 Slg., .892 OPS

    Braun: 323 AB, 36 BB, 68 K’s, .319 BA, .401 OBP, 16 HR, .545 Slg., .945 OPS

    Really, not a huge difference. Given that Braun hits in the middle of the lineup, he clearly gets better pitches to hit than Kemp.

    Strikeouts and walks are almost identical.

    Kemp is on pace to strikeout a little less than last year, and he’s only 12 BB’s below his walk total for all of 2008. Clearly, he’s making progress. Kemp is currently on pace to draw 64 BB’s in 600 AB’s. Those are not the numbers of an undisciplined hitter. And they can get better.

    As I’ve noted in the past, I prefer Kemp to hit third in front of Manny. First of all, I want his speed near the top of the lineup, where it will do the most good. I wouldn’t mind Kemp stealing some bases in front of Manny, even with the knowledge that Manny might be pitched around if first base is open. Pitching around Manny might even occasionally generate a wild pitch. And it’s not as if the hitters following Manny are automatic outs. Hitters like Loney, Martin, Blake, etc. would likely benefit by seeing better pitches to hit with runners on in front of them. Furthermore, I can’t think of a runner I would rather have at first when Manny blasts an extra base hit into one of the gaps. Who is more likely to make it home than Kemp?

    Also, Kemp on first is a distraction for a pitcher trying to pitch to Manny. And Kemp in front of Manny is likely to result in better pitches for the former to hit. I would expect Kemp’s power numbers to increase significantly in that environment. Furthermore, Kemp is still maturing (both physically and mentally), and his power numbers are also likely to increase with or without Manny. He’s got humongous power which he is slowly beginning to harness. Sooner or later he’s going to fully harness that power, and I believe hitting in front of Manny will make it happen all that much sooner.

    I’ve already thought about the steal a base and bunt over to third scenario. That strategy works best when there are no outs, allowing the runner to get to third with less than two out, when a fly ball can get a run in. And yes, I understand that no matter the number of outs, advancing the runner an extra 90 feet makes it easier to score with an infield hit or no hit at all. But there is also the drawback of attempting to steal with two outs, thereby assuring that the pitcher will lead off the next inning. But all that said, whatever advantages there are to having Kemp hit 8th, they are dwarfed by the advantages of having him hit higher in the order, where he sees better pitches to hit, can make better use of his speed, gets more AB’s, and is never pithced around as he is in the 8 hole.

  43. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I’m all for an “EDIT” button, “PREVIEW” button, or whatever it’s called. This post wouldn’t be necessary if we had one. In mentioning, in my previous post, that Kemp could score easier than anyone from first on a Manny extra base it, I failed to mention that he’s more likely than anyone to go first to third on a Manny base hit (or anyone’s base hit). That’s less likely to happen when the pitcher hits behind him.

  44. Mike Hawk says:

    If you think real hard, you’ll catch on Badger. Just hang onto Mike Hawk, be kind to Mike Hawk. Wait for it.


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