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Some Days You Get The Bear…

Some Days You Get The Bear…
  • … some days the bear gets you!  The bear got us yesterday, but I see it as no big deal.  It’s just another game, and we just need to get them tomorrow.  Move on…
  • Jason Schmit was lucky his first start – he’s toast.  It was a valiant effort to come back and his son got to see him pitch, but it’s over and you know it, Jason.  What could have been…
  • Jason should retire today!
  • The “blockbuster” with Cleveland was a hoax.kuo
  • Kuo Up – DeWitt Down!
  • Now that Hammerin’ Hank and Mike Schmidt are  campaigning for Pete Rose, Selig should consider re-instating Pete Rose.   I doubt the writers or the vets’ committee will voe him into the Hall-of-Fame right now, but 20 years is enough!  Do it now Bud!
  • Jared Washburn should be in Ned’s sights.  What they want for Lee and Halladay is way too much.   The price will drop as the deadline approaches, but it’s still to high.   We should be able to get Washburn for McDonald, Hu and DeWitt.
  • Billingsley and Kershaw will not be traded and you will be glad they weren’t come playoff time.

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24 Responses to “Some Days You Get The Bear…”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    If Stults is healthy we may not make a move. I wish we could get one more starter and one more relief pitcher but at the right price. The next few years are our best chance of going all the way. Ned needs to step up to the plate and hit one out like he did last year.

    Jason Schmidt should be a man and retire instead of taking the rest of the money from the Dodgers that he hasn’t earned. Be a man Jason, you have stolen enough already. Enough is Enough, throw in the towel and be a fan and father now.

    I hope this is OK to mention but I read one of Romo’s emails that he received from Fred Claire the old Dodger GM. Fred would not trade Bills or Kershaw for Halliday he stated to D Rome’s. I happen to agree with Mr Claire about that. Thanks for the e-mail Rome’s.

  2. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    When I look at Washburn’s numbers, I wonder why the Dodgers would want to give up much of anything to get him. Yes, he’s having a nice 2009, but there is nothing in his numbers the last several years that would move me to acquire him for anything of value. I wouldn’t have any qualms about including Hu and DeWitt, but I’d hesitate before including McDonald. Obviously, the Mariner’s wouldn’t accept just Hu and DeWitt, and I would be reluctant to include anything approaching a good prospect. OK, I’ll include Charlie Haeger, knuckleball and all.

    Can anyone tell me what Washburn is doing differently this year, and whether or not it’s something that we could expect to continue? Right now, I’m not convinced.

  3. DRomo says:

    NO biggie BRuss!

    You know a buddy of mine always asks me why do the Dodgers hate Stuts so much. It seems like this guy is the perfect 4-5 starter. Every year he comes up has a couple of great starts and then he is cast aside as if he is ….Schmidt material? I know the dude is hurt but I would like to see him back in the rotation.

    I do believe we will get another starter. Washburn would be great but even Harrang and Arroyo wouldn’t be bad at the right price.

  4. New guy says:

    I saw Lee pitch yesterday..the guy is a stud..he is what Kershaw will be in two years…if we can get him for 4 of our best guys in the minors, that is something we have to think about….

  5. Roger says:

    The next 4 days will be a great test drive.

    Can the Dodgers meet a solid team and do more than split the series?

    Holliday really helps their lineup. Hang on fans.

  6. DRomo says:

    this is going to be a rough two weeks for us. St. Louis, ATL, Milwakee, ATL again then the Giants (who are playing well now.

    I am holding my breathe for the next Billingsley start. Tough line up will he melt down again? Remember this aint exactly the Reds this time out!

    Who wants to bet me Wolf gives up a homerun in the first inning tonight. I only hope it is a solo shot. Just a feeling I have.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    The St Louis series should tell us where we are as a team right now. Although Philly just handed St Louis their buts. I’m afraid Philly and St Louis may be getting stronger while we sit idol. Hit one out Ned.

  8. Bill Russell says:

    Softy named NL player of the week…

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    … and I concur on the Player of the Week Part.

    I have removed the Softeee part…

  10. DRomo says:

    Yeah right until the next time you use it!

    I love Mark’s line the other night..”Who is this clutch player wearing Ethier’s uniform?” That was classic.

  11. Ken says:


    I read a few weeks ago that Washburn added 2 pitches this year.

  12. Ken says:

    Don’t give up on Schimdt yet – his July ERA is less than one run higher than Billingsly’s

  13. Roger says:

    This first inning Holliday hit . . . problems all over the field for the Dodgers on that one.

    Matt misjudged the ball.

    The relay looked to me on the original play, like it could have gotten the man at the plate.

    Then, no one was coverning 2nd base. But two Dodgers, I guess Hudson and Furcal were in short centerfield for the relay throw.

    Bad. Good, only 1 run scored.

    It was a bang bang total play. Hard line drive, about 15 feet off the ground to the centfield wall. Fast relay to the plate, that was cut off. Runner was dead getting back to 2nd, but alas, no one was on the bag.

  14. Mark Timmons says:

    If Loney had not cut that ball, the runner was toast!

  15. Roger says:

    I agree.

    Ah, Carpenter, a craftsman at his art.

    Did Manny make the team bus tonight?

    He has left 4 runners on, so far.
    So goes Manny, so goes the Dodgers.

    So goes Kemp, so goes the Dodgeres.

    Time to take this game over.

  16. Mark Timmons says:

    Carpenter is running out of pitches…

    So is Wolf.

  17. Roger says:

    Believe me. The Cardinal players and FANS there, are seeing this series as a play-off series. It is not just another game for them.

    It is to prove they are lee-jit.

    Is there a Dodger that can step up . . .

  18. Roger says:

    This is painful. McDonald does not look like what we want. He is still not ready for the bigs. No excuses. The middle relief guys are to come in and NOT open the door. McDonald leaves and makes the canyon deeper.

    No matter which Dodger would have pitched tonight, the pen, so far, has let the team down.

    Are the phones ringing ???

  19. DRomo says:

    So you guys still think we will be just fine going with the pitching we have?

    I hate to tell you guys this but we are NOT the best team in baseball right now. Not until we show we can beat aces in the league. Also not while our “ace” Bills keeps getting owned. Look for him to get a no-decision tomorrow after wilting yet again against a good lineup.

    This road trip is going to expose us. Do not be surprised if our first 3 consecutive loss streak is getting ready to happen.

  20. New guy says:

    Relax Romo…it’s one game…but we should shore up our pen with a trade..what ever happened to that guy we signed in the off season that was supposed to be our go to guy in the pen

  21. DRomo says:

    So you really think no other teams are better than us? OK.

    Who wants to bet me Bills has a melt down tomorrow and gets outpitched against the Cards #2 pitcher?

  22. Roger says:

    The Cardinals have been a solid club for years and years. Cardinal fans expect the best from their teams. Ownership there is solid and gets the players they need.

    They might have called some of their players Dizzy and Daffy, but they were good.

    The Dodgers were outplayed tonight. In the field, on the bases, on the mound, and at the plate.

    As I have been saying, move some of the relief arms back to the minors, and role some more up here.

    I do not know what to say about McDonald. Sometimes he looks so uncertain out there. Bounching balls. Getting hit. Then other times he looks great. But he is not ready for a winning to counting on him just yet. Maybe he will put it all together, but in tough games he seems to loose it somehow. Maybe he can turn the corner soon and be the minor league blue ribbon pitcher he is in the major leagues.

    Boy, this is a long season.

  23. lawdog says:

    Before you throw McDonald into a deal for a rent a geezer starter who is a free agent after September keep in mind he was hitting 97 and 98 on the gun today with good movement. And he has a great curve and a + change up. He just needs confidence. Give him away and he’ll come back to bite us in the butt like Pedro did.

  24. DRomo says:

    I believe McDonald will be an outstanding pitcher. I thought Edwin Jackson would be pretty good but you can’t wait forever for a guy. Jackson has grown up and learned to pitch at the big league level but should we have waited 5 years for him to figure it out? No! Sometimes you have to shrug your shoulders and say “oh well”.

    If McD can bring us a starter. A much needed starter in a deal, pull the damn trigger.


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