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Our Ace Does His Part

Our Ace Does His Part

… and there is no question who our ace is – it’s Clayton Kershaw!  His now sitting with a 2.76 ERA and should have won his 9th game.  Here’s a sick stat:  Clayton has allowed 5 HR all season, placing him 217th among all major league pitchers and the guys he is close to have pitched like 40 innings!  This kid is the real deal.  It’s too bad Broxton has a million dollar arm and a 10 cent brain.  However it is just a lack of sitiational hitting that is killing the Dodgers.  13 hits banged out, 2 runs!   Some of that crap is because you have a middle-of-the-order hitter hitting #8.  FELONY STUPID!

  • The Mariners traded for Jack Wilson and they are still in ythe race, so they aren’t about to trade Washburn now… maybe later.
  • The Giants are much better offensively with Ryan Garko at 1B and Freddy Sanchez at 2B.  The Giants had to give up their # pitching prospect, however.
  • Scott Elbert was scratched from his start in Albuquerque last night, leading one to believe that he may be re-called with Leach going down.
  • It ain’t how you play right now.  It’s about how you play down the stretch.  This is a blip in the road, but I question our coaching and managing and the fact that we have a female psychologist counseling the staff as to how to treat certain players (“They are too sensitive to be criticized….”)  Horsebleep!

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  1. SteveM says:

    Let’s get right to the point: we are still the proud owners of baseball’s best record. There I said it, now calm down and be reasonable about all that’s currently going on. I’ll break this down for you all.

    1st, this team needs to work it’s way past the dog days and look towards peaking in October. The fact that it took this long to experience a losing streak should be a reminder of how good this team is, not that the sky is falling.

    2nd, Torre has to be better with his pitchers, especially his bullpen. Big Brox should be on a regular rotation: even if it isn’t a save situation. He needs to pitch. Didn’t see the game last night but it sounded like he was rusty. He’s pitched on consecutive days only 8 times this year, I think he’s more sturdy than that. Stop blowing out the middle relievers and work the endgame more, Joe. It would be nice to have a fully staffed bullpen right about now: Wade and Bellisario, in particular. But we all know how important those April games are.

    3rd, Halliday would be sweet but, I think we can do some damage with what we got. Billingsley and Kershaw are a potentially devastating 1-2 punch. After the fast start by Bills, it was easy to forget he’s only 24-25! (Happy B-Day Bills) Erstwhile ace Kershaw, at 21! is still a baby. Both have long successful futures ahead – hopefully in Dodger Blue. I keep preaching patience, is anyone listening?

  2. John Doe says:

    Kemp, Blake, Martin hey everyone can’t bat 8th. Joe moved A-rod to 6th or 7th a couple years back when he was slumping, time to shake it up a bit. Is Manny our new defensive specialist. I wish someone would teach Brox to take a tad off instead of trying to throw it thriugh the backstop. I am not worried in the least but ….. with Dr. Hiroki and then that bald guy[ who everyone begged to retire a few days ago] going next ….

  3. DRomo says:

    Steve M, What nakes you think Billingsley can show up in a big game? I haven’t seen it. Last night was a big game, it looked like guys were giving just alittle bit extra out there. Kershaw stepped up BIG TIME! He got some curious calls early in the game but he didn’t complain, he looked in at the home plate umpire a little perplexed, but he went right back to work. 8 very strong innings when the team needed it. And against maybe the toughest right hand dominant lineup out there. That was clutch, maybe Billingsley can learn something.

    Brox blew it with 1 strike to get. That hurt, but a broken bat blooper is a tough way to give up the lead. Can’t really blame him.

    Has anyone noticed the way the ball jumps off Hollidays bat? Even when it hits the ground it jumps a little more. Kemp had trouble again with his ball and Manny had to “dive” at the one that came his way. I don’t know anyone else who does that to the ball when they hit it.

    Speaking of Manny he did make some great plays in the outfield. He is far from a gold glover but it appears as if he is trying out there. The effort is apprieciated.

    Peace guys this team Lets hope we break out of the funk. Right now we need it!!

  4. DRomo says:

    by the way Schmidt gets the start Friday? Really? Is Mark Loretta busy that day?

  5. Ken says:

    Go Ace Clayton

    More On Torre

    The Best Record in Baseball is a Terrible Stat. It just proves that Torre is trying to boost his EGO and that the Dodgers will fade like HIS Yankees and the Diamondbacks because Torre never rests anyone until they have been in a slump for a month or their arm falls off. The teams that will make this year’s WS started slow, are surging now and made some trades (or coaching changes).

    There is no working past the Dog Days when Torre is drinking his Big Ego Tea. (See Above)

    Broxton is not a closer. He is an automaton that needs to pitch one inning every other day come rain or come shine or he reverts to rust.

    Weaver pitched well last night. For the 100th time the Dodgers need more long relievers and a coach that knows how to utilize, not use, them.

    Time to shake up the line up

    Commando Big Pants
    Either (At Home) Loney (On Road)
    Loney (At Home) Either (On Road)

    The Dodgers hould have traded for Lannan

    Good Bye Leach, Hello Elbert

    WOW As with all General Rules there are exceptions WOW

  6. Ken says:

    Although Washburn has an ERA (2.67) lower than all Dodger starters and he lasts longer (6.66 innings) than all Dodger starter Ned does not want him?

    Will the Giants now trade for Dunn?

    The price for Sherrill will be too high with 8 teams still interested in him.

  7. DRomo says:

    something will happen, like it or not something will happen…and soon!

  8. Roger says:

    There is a mis-nomer out there —– that the Dodgers have had the best record in baseball for months and months, and are therefore the best team.

    That is history. The guys are in a slump. Everyone can see that. But I am not so sure that the team they have on the field can march to the victor’s line the same way they have up till about about two weeks ago.

    If I were McCourt, and I were in St. Louis, I would catch my jet in the first inning today and fly to Atlanta. The Cardinal fans will have their brooms out today.

    Broxton was fine last night. For those not able to see the game, that hit was a broken bat single and Broxton really sawed him off. Just bad luck. It happens.

    Mark, I would not put the ACE lable on Clayton now. That is pressure to say to a 21 year old, “Ok, you are now the ACE pitcher on the team with the best record, and we have our money on you kid.”

    In reality, Clayton should be the Dodger’s #3 man with two more experienced pitchers in front of him. Seeeeeee, that is the problem. Ned does not have a complete pitching roster that he needs for a winner over a full season. He did not take care of it. In fear of trading away prospects.

    How bad of a hitter has Martin become. He left 6 runners on last night. But this has been going on for weeks now. 0 for 7 last night.

    Face it, the Cardinals were ready. They were well prepared.

    Nice to see Kuo out there. He looked great. Mota did his thing. Weaver was strong till the very end. He hung in there. Kershaw was about as good as he could be. Not his fault that the Dodgers have shut down on hitting. Manny has been overmatched for days now. Hope he can put it together soon.

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    Nothing is something.

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    The Sporting News Named Their Top 50 Coaches/Managers of All-Time Today:

    1. John Wooden, college basketball
    2. Vince Lombardi, NFL
    3. Bear Bryant, college football
    4. Phil Jackson, NBA
    5. Don Shula, NFL
    6. Red Auerbach, NBA
    7. Scotty Bowman, NHL
    8. Dean Smith, college basketball
    9. Casey Stengel, MLB
    10. Knute Rockne, college football
    11. Pat Summitt, women’s college hoops
    12. Paul Brown, NFL
    13. Joe Paterno, college football
    14. George Halas, NFL
    15. Chuck Noll, NFL
    16. Bob Knight, college basketball
    17. Joe Gibbs, NFL
    18. Tom Landry, NFL
    19. Mike Krzyzewski, college basketball
    20. Bill Belichick, NFL
    21. Adolph Rupp, college basketball
    22. Joe McCarthy, MLB
    23. Eddie Robinson, college football
    24. Bobby Bowden, college football
    25. John McGraw, MLB
    26. Bill Walsh, NFL
    27. Woody Hayes, college football
    28. Connie Mack, MLB
    29. Bud Wilkinson, college football
    30. Pat Riley, NBA
    31. Pete Newell, college basketball
    32. Joe Torre, MLB
    33. Bill Parcells, NFL
    34. Tom Osborne, college football
    35. Walter Alston, MLB
    36. Bo Schembechler, college football
    37. Toe Blake, NHL
    38. Sparky Anderson, MLB
    39. Al Arbour, NHL
    40. Amos Alonzo Stagg, college football
    41. Tony La Russa, MLB
    42. Geno Auriemma, women’s college hoops
    43. Dick Irvin, NHL
    44. Ara Parseghian, college football
    45. Chuck Daly, NBA
    46. Bobby Cox, MLB
    47. Hank Iba, college basketball
    48. Tommy Lasorda, MLB
    49. Gregg Popovich, NBA
    50. Herb Brooks, NHL

    TSN’s panel who voted
    Richie Adubato
    Joe Altobelli
    Barry Alvarez
    Bill Arnsparger
    Leon Barmore
    Frank Beamer
    Jim Boeheim
    Bobby Bowden
    Scotty Bowman
    Myles Brand
    Marty Brennaman
    Rich Brooks
    Dale Brown
    Larry Brown
    Joe Bugel
    Tom Cable
    Bill Callahan
    Randy Carlyle
    Lou Carnesecca
    Marino Casem
    Al Cervi
    John Cooper
    Bruce Coslet
    Tom Crean
    Bobby Cremins
    Romeo Crennel
    Bill Curry
    Michael Curry
    Jim Delany
    Doug Dickey
    Gerry DiNardo
    Anne Donovan
    Vince Dooley
    Homer Drew
    Mike DuBose
    LaVell Edwards
    Bump Elliott
    Pete Elliott
    Ron Erhardt
    Craig Esherick
    Kirk Ferentz
    Bill Fitch
    Tom Flores
    Jim Frey
    Harry Gallatin
    Dave Gavitt
    Jerry Glanville
    Dallas Green
    Mike Gundy
    Marv Harshman
    Ernie Harwell
    Jim Haslett
    Whitey Herzog
    Lou Holtz
    Bob Huggins
    Clint Hurdle
    Don James
    Eddie Khayat
    Roy Kidd
    Chuck Knox
    Gary Kubiak
    John Kundla
    Tommy Lasorda
    Frank Layden
    Marv Levy
    Marvin Lewis
    Grady Little
    Jack McKeon
    Stump Merrill
    Red Miller
    Jim L. Mora
    Terry Murray
    Brent Musburger
    Don Nehlen
    Don Nelson
    Rick Neuheisel
    C.M. Newton
    Tom Nissalke
    Tom Osborne
    Jack Pardee
    Tom Penders
    Ray Perkins
    Richie Petitbon
    Bum Phillips
    Jack Ramsay
    Dan Reeves
    Andy Reid
    Jerry Reinsdorf
    Mark Richt
    Scotty Robertson
    Rich Rodriguez
    Buck Rodgers
    Dan Rooney
    Sam Rutigliano
    Bo Ryan
    Mike Shanahan
    Bill Sharman
    Don Shula
    R.C. Slocum
    Steve Spurrier
    Bob Stoops
    Pat Summitt
    Barry Switzer
    Chuck Tanner
    Vince Tobin
    Jim Tressel
    Fay Vincent
    Dick Vitale
    Joe Walton
    Dave Wannstedt
    Mike White
    Lenny Wilkens
    Dick Williams
    Roy Williams
    Mike Woodson
    Sam Wyche
    Ned Yost
    John Ziegler

  11. Bill Russell says:

    So Close but yet so Far.
    Will Halliday put butts in the seats and be the ACE we haven’t had in a very long while? Is stripping the farm the way to go or will it kill our future? Can Sherrill be the missing piece and save the 2009 Dodgers from a first round exit in the playoffs? Is Washburn over valved or is he for real? Can Zack Duke be had at a decent price? Will Stults be ready soon to hold down the 5th spot? Did Schmidt just have a few bad outtings and is now ready to prove to his kids he can still play? Is the coaching staff out to lunch with over inflated ego’s? Should Kemp hit 3rd and ManRam 4th to save the offense? Will Billinsley become tough and retake the Ace label from Kershaw with yoga lessons? Will Jeff Weaver get inserted into the rotation causing further issues with middle relief? Will McCourt decide the time is now? Or will he watch his wallet and play for the future? Is Ned the man to decide the future of this organization? Is the time now??????

    All these questions and more are about to get answered. Wow

  12. New guy says:

    We need another ace to get to the World Series period…

  13. Knickerbocker Dave says:

    Torre IS the greatest living MLB manager of this or any era. Thank you Sporting News for making it official. To all you Torre haters – you betta recognize!

  14. tdf says:

    Good morning everyone, I think the dodgers are just going through a bad streak right now, first one all year. Every team has them. The Dodgers are still 7 games up. We need a relief pitcher (Sherril), hopefully we can land a starting pitcher without having to give up 5 top prospects for just one player. I really really really just cant understand why Kemp keeps hittin 8th. One more thing, every time someone says that the dodgers are good because they play in the west kind of bothers me, if you take a look at the standings,every division has their weak teams. People want to say the NL west is bad well take a look at the NL east that one is even worse.

  15. Mark Timmons says:

    I’ll have some of what Knickerbocker Dave is smoking, please.

  16. Roger says:

    Bottom line for the past several days . . .

    Just plain not getting key hits by almost everyone in the lineup.

    Remember, the other teams advance scout the teams they are about to play. Look for weaknesses. Look for trends. Look for ways to stop the other teams.

    And the Cardinals have always been successful in doing this.

  17. DRomo says:

    If the season ended today we would get the Cards in the first round. We can not play the Wild Card team if they come out of our division (and I bet it will). Do we match up with them ? No. If we finish behind Philly for the best record we still get the Cards. So we had better address our matchup problems here.

    We have run into a buz saw and our weaknesses are exposed. I think somefolks on here are looking through their rose colored glasses and saying that by wanting to improve this team it is “panic”. That is crazy, all good teams make moves and tweaks to their roster to improve their chances. If you stand pat while others improve you put your team at a huge disadvantage.

    BRuss, Will Halladay put butts in seats? Yes! Winning puts butts in seats. If the Dodgers had flamed out last year and not made the playoffs, the initial buzz and attendance boost would have worn off after Manny showed up. BEcause we were winning and advanced through the post season people continued to come. Why is attendance up in Philly this year? Because they won!!

    Winning teams puts butts in seats! If you build it, they will come!!

  18. Roger says:

    Torre is a wizzzz bang great manager, if . . .

    If Broxton last night, after sawing off the last hitter in the 9th with two out, had made the ball come down 5 feet so Furcal could have nabbed it.

    If Manny would have been just two steps fast or farther along when he went home.

    If . . . you name it. The Dodgers were close, but no cigar.

  19. Roger says:

    The Giants have imporved their team in the last day or two.

    Remember, don’t look back, someone might be gaining on you.

  20. DRomo says:

    one more thought:

    There is no way to quantify what Manny’s suspension did to attendance vs. the economy as a whole in So Cal. However, I would argue our attendance would at least be even if not above last years totals had he not been suspended. McCourt will spend money to win. I think he knows it is in his best interest.

    “…people will come Ray, oh yes people will come…”

  21. j says:

    Trade the farm!!!! Can’t we trade him next year and get the farm back

  22. Mark Timmons says:

    According to several sources, the Jays backed off Kershaw, but wanted 6 of the Dodgers top prospects, including Gordon, Elbert, McDonald, Lambo, Lindblom and Bell.

    Ned said NO!

    It appears that the Halladay deal is dead.

    Riccardi is an idiot and this will cost him his job. He’s toast!

  23. Roger says:

    Mark, you can put me down as a reference on your form when you apply for the GM position in Toronto.

    As has been said here by myself and many others — go after simple relief pitching. We have enought starters either here or on the farm to go 5 innings — it is after that we need help.

  24. Mark Timmons says:

    Maybe Torre just need to skip Bills next start. Let him relax for a start or two to (1) clear his head; and (2) resty his arm for the playoffs.

  25. Mark Timmons says:

    Do the same with Clayton sometime in August.

  26. Hank says:

    Guys, Sherrill is a Dodger! Waiting to see who got traded for him though…

  27. Mark Timmons says:

    From FoxSports:

    One source with knowledge of the Blue Jays’ thinking predicted that the Dodgers could “catch their attention” with an offer that included third baseman Josh Bell, shortstop Devaris Gordon and hard-throwing pitching prospects from among the group of Josh Lindblom, Ethan Martin and Nathan Eovaldi.

    Bell, 22, and Gordon, 21, are considered premium everyday players — at positions where the Blue Jays don’t have clear starters for the future.

    Justin Jackson, Toronto’s No. 4 prospect entering the season according to Baseball America, may not be the future everyday shortstop that he once appeared to be. He is hitting .213 with no home runs in 78 games at high Class A Dunedin and is currently on the disabled list.

    While the Dodgers would hate to part with Bell or Gordon, they have depth at both positions: Blake DeWitt, who has already played in the majors, and Pedro Baez, who appeared in this year’s Futures Game, at third; and Ivan DeJesus Jr. at shortstop.

  28. Hank says:

    It’s Steve Johnson and Josh Bell for Sherrill.

  29. Mark Timmons says:

    MlbTradeRumors says:

    2:44pm:’s Ken Gurnick reports that the Dodgers acquired George Sherrill for Josh Bell and righty Steve Johnson.

    2:40pm: Yahoo’s Gordon Edes says the Orioles are “on the verge of trading Sherrill to the Dodgers for Scott Elbert and Josh Bell.” Sherrill, 32, is under team control through 2011. He has a 2.40 ERA with 20 saves in 41.3 innings this year. Fantasy leaguers, time to pick up Jim Johnson.

    2:03pm: Ed Price of AOL Fanhouse (via Twitter) has a source saying Sherrill’s a Dodger, but he is working to confirm the info. ESPN’s Jayson Stark’s source says there’s no agreement, however. The Dodgers are making a push for him this afternoon, but there are at least eight interested clubs.

    Stark adds that the Dodgers want two relievers, with Toronto’s Jason Frasor on the radar.

  30. Mark Timmons says:

    I hope it Steve Johnson, not Scott Elbert. Johnson is projected as a bottom-of-the-rotation guy, but he’s a nice pitcher. If healthy, Elbert has a lot more upside.

  31. Bill Russell says:

    Sherrill had better be worth a future Allstar in Josh Bell. I hope we didn’t just waste our piece for a good starter.

  32. Mark Timmons says:

    Bell should be an everyday player, but Baseball America wonders if he can stay at 3B. He can hit, but I wouldn’t say he’s an All-Star. LaRoche had better numbers at AA and A.

    Sherrill should give us more options. You know that I have been asking for him for abnout 3 weeks. I was responsible for this trade. ;)

    Now, maybe we can trade DeJesus, DeWitt, Elbert, McDonald, Abreu, Lindblom and Lambo for Halladay!


  33. tdf says:

    Sherrill is not a starter

  34. Bill Russell says:

    Wasn’t he a minor league allstar this year? I am guessing that you are signing off on this deal. Now which starter will it be?

  35. Voldomer says:

    Nice trade for Sherrill. Halladay is next.

    Unfortunately my first visit to the new Busch Stadium was Tuesday’s wet 10-0 slaughter. Maybe the second time will be the charm.

  36. Bill Russell says:

    Now we have two guys that wear the breams on their hats flat and long. Kemp and Sherrill. WOW

  37. DRomo says:

    I can’t get with the straight bill look, it annoys me a little. But I do like the move. Too bad to see Bell go. I liked that kid when he was here in San Bernardino, you know when you see a kid stand out you hope he succeeds.

    I hope Sherrill gives us what we need but, I hope we are not done dealing. Bell was coveted my the Blue Jays I hope they still have interest in dealing with us.

  38. Roger says:

    To be honest, I know know nothing of Sherrill. Have never seen him pitch in person or on TV. Like how many Baltimore games do I watch? None. I am assuming that is who he has been pitching for.

    Hey Mark, three years ago, did we see Sherrill pitch down in Ft. Lauderdale in that game, on a Saturday, before we had dinner with Jackie & John?

    My question is — will he make it in time for the game tonight, and get a save. Heck, just coming to the Dodgers he gets a save.

  39. DRomo says:

    Good point Roger we may need him tonight. We want to keep innings of Loretta if we can! :)

  40. Bill Russell says:

    Torre might blow out Loretta’s arm from overuse. He’s got that rap….. We need a starter boys…………………..

  41. Mark Timmons says:


    Yes, we saw him in Lauderdale – I think we visited the lady with Amyloidosis who didn’t beat it after that.

    He can be a co-closer or set-up man. Different from Box and LH.

  42. John Doe says:

    Steve Johnson; never heard of him which is a good thing. Bill I would like to “try” to wear my hat that way but my melon is too frickin big{just like I wish I had dreadlocks but I make “Georce Costanza” look hairy}.I have been thoroughly against trading the farm but what the heck, lets go for it, this is fun.

  43. Mark Timmons says:

    I doubt he’ll make it tonight. He was in Baltimore, but maybe McCourt sent a jet!

  44. Mark Timmons says:

    Steve Johnson was a good prospect. If he makes iot it will be as a middle reliever or a 5th starter. Not great stuff, but he’s a grinder.

  45. Buddy says:

    I think the Dodgers just gave the Orioles a nice gift by giving away Johnson and Bell for Sherrill. If I was an Orioles fan, I’d be pretty happy. A player with a .370 OBP and a pitcher who throws in the low 90s with good movement is a bit hard to give up for a reliever. Those are the types of players you keep in your system.

  46. DRomo says:

    Just a thought here….I REPEAT …..just a thought

    Could Toronto be tempted by throwing Broxton into the deal?

    I have a feeling we will make one more deal and it will not be flashy. Also I would bet Halladay doesn’t get traded. I think the Jays GM is just playing games.

  47. Voldomer says:

    DRomo, I don’t think that is outlandish at all. I proposed that very thing several days ago when Jays scouts were present for two games with the Reds and Ned made the comment that he knew specifically whom they were watching. For no real reason, Broxton pitched in the second game.

  48. Mark Timmons says:

    I believe that may be a possibility.

  49. SteveM says:

    Sherill is in the middle of his “career year”, he will definitely help in the stretch run. He’s already 32 though so I don’t see him as a big help beyond this year. He’s been nothing more than a lefty specialist until Baltimore picked him up last year in the Bedard trade.

    Josh Bell was steal for the Orioles in my opinion. He’s still getting healthy but was producing again like he’s expected. He will be in the bigs within 2 years in the Orioles organization. Could this another Pedro Martinez-type deal for us? Right now I’m inclined to think so.

    I really don’t know much sbout S. Johnson other than he’s Davey Johnson’s son and he has an upside as a legit major-league starter – #4 or #5. He had a good year at Inland Empire and had just moved up to AA. He could one of those throw-ins that makes it big.

  50. Mark Timmons says:

    Here’s Hardhead’s Lineup:

    1. Furcal, SS

    2. Hudson, 2B

    3. Manny, LF

    4. Ethier, RF

    5. Blake, 3B

    6. Loney, 1B

    7. Kemp, CF

    8. Ausmus, C

    9. Kuroda, P

  51. Mark Timmons says:

    Steve Johnson is the son of Dave Johnson who was a pitcher, not former Dodgers’ manager Davey Johnson. BA rated him out #15 prospect and projects him as a “long reliever or back-end starter.”

    Josh Bell was our #8 prospect and has a very “thick” lower half of his body which means he will probably only be a 1B or DH, because he lacks speed and range. He has a high ceiling as a hitter. I see him as a DH.

    Bell played in the Southern League which is a pitchers league and did well this year, hitting .296 with 11 HR and 30 doubles, however doing well in the Souther League is no pre-cursor of success in the majors.

    Andy Marte (3B) hit .269 with 23 HR and 26 doubles there 5 years ago;

    Andy LaRoche hit .309 in half a season there 3 years ago;

    Evan Longoria hit .307 2 years ago there with 21 HR’s.

    You just never know – that’s why they are “prospects.”

    I think Johnson will not be missed. Bell might have been a nice 1B for us, but I think Andrew Lambo and/or James Loney were ahead of him and thus the trade.

  52. Roger says:

    I get weary of the talk of giving up prospects. Prospects are prospects. Many cannot take the major league pressure when they get a chance. Many were good in high school or college or from an island somewhere — but do not develop on the major league level.

    Some get hurt, sidetracked, traded.

    In this case, many of the Dodger bullpen arms are tired, overworked, hurt, injured, resting, etc. Bullpen pitchers do not grow on trees. Some of the players the Dodgers have called up — no stars jumped out.

    So today, the Dodgers trade 2 minor league players, one a hitter, the other a pitcher. Maybe they come up some day, maybe they go home.

    But in this trade, the Dodgers receive a key bullpen pitcher that is having a “career year.” I say, let it be, accept the guy, say good luck to Bell and Johnson.

    And play ball.

  53. Mark Timmons says:

    Sherrill had a good year last year and is having a better year this year. You might call it a career year, but that implies he’s been around a long time and the fact is, this is really his 4th year and 2nd as a closer. He has saved 52 games in the past 2 years, which is more than Broxton and he was on a bad team.

    I like the pickup. He’s solid, if not spectacular, and like Roger said, prospects are just that. Nothing guaranteed.

  54. Voldomer says:

    Mark, considering what is happening in Pittsburgh, I bet Ned to get Andy LaRoche back for a couple of short-season rookie ball prospects.

    Where’s a commissioner when baseball needs one to stop this madness?

  55. Mark Timmons says:

    Get Andy?

    Don’t tease me like that.

    (be still my heart).

  56. SteveM says:

    From Yahoo Sports: “The 21-year-old Johnson was 9-5 with a 3.61 ERA overall in Class-A and Double-A. The right-hander is the son of former Orioles pitcher Dave Johnson, now a broadcaster for the team.”

    My bad. Never heard of “Dave” Johnson the pitcher.

    Also noticed that Jon Meloan was traded again; this time to Tampa. Wonder if he becomes the 2nd coming of Edwin Jackson. Hmm!?

    While we’re on the subject of past prospects: Joel Guzman is said to be eating his way out of baseball with the Nationals AA club. Nice!

    Finally, Buster Olney is reporting:
    “Trade talks for Toronto ace Roy Halladay are “dead,” but the club remains willing to listen to offers leading up to Friday’s 4 p.m. ET deadline, Blue Jays general manager J.P. Ricciardi said in an e-mail Thursday.

    Rumblings still persisted about a possible deal that would send Halladay to the Texas Rangers.

    “I’m not saying definitively,” Ricciardi told’s Jayson Stark when asked if Halladay would remain with the Jays. “I’m just saying it’s looking more and more like he’ll be here. We’re waiting to be blown away, and we haven’t been.”

    Ricciardi is a walking, talking, full-fledged dumbass.

  57. Voldomer says:

    If Toronto keeps Halladay, this will be the worst deadline non-trade decision since the Nats kept Soriano.

  58. Roger says:

    I was afraid of this series. Not because the Dodgers were playing just so-so of late. I was afraid because it is the Cardinals at home.

    If I were Joe, I would have sent a message that he wanted to skip the 4-game series, and would accept: Cardinals win 3, Dodgers 1.

    See, the Dodgers have been even more exposed — do not have much.

    Even Kershaw, who pitched his heart out —– it was not enough.

    Maybe the guys will pull this one out. But up till now, the Red Birds are just one, two, three steps better at playing baseball than the Dodgers.

    Voldy, you are right, if I read you right, the Commissioner should look into the Pirates front office and ownership. That team would not win in AAA or maybe even AA.

    The Pirates need new or more investers, they need money to work the team to win. Heck Andy’s picture will be on their scorecard front, milk cartons, media guide, and TV commericals. Andy is now their star player.

  59. Ken says:

    Another major problem that is being revealed is the Dodger advance scout group

    Dodgers overpaid for Sherrill but when the buyer is high in the standings the trades are not equitable.

    I actually think that Torre did a good job with the bull pen last night. The batters lost the game.

    Go Roger

  60. Mark Timmons says:

    Mark Weidemaier is respected as one of the best advance scouts in the business:

    Mark Sweeney is also supposed to be liason between the advance scouting and the club.

  61. Bill Russell says:

    We out hit the Cardinals every night and still lose the games.
    So much for small ball. 10 hits to 5 hits right now and it’s tied up. Wow

  62. Mark Timmons says:

    Don Mattingley is our hitting instructor.

    He is applying his theory of hitting to the Dodgers.

    Because after all, he made it to the playoffs ONCE in his 14 seasons!

    He never won…

    But he had good stats.

    You fill in the rest!

    The Dodgers get lots of hits, but runs? Hummm, runs!

  63. Buddy says:

    Joe Torre has guts to load the bases so that Kuo can face Ankiel. Gutsy move. Hope it works.

  64. Buddy says:

    It worked. They got lucky but Kuo might have to have another Tommy John in 10 minutes.

  65. Mark Timmons says:

    Old McDonald had a _______________

    E – I – E – I – O1

  66. Roger says:

    I must believe that the new report on Manny and ‘roils that came out today, going back to that secret 2003 list — has affected him.

    Now, probably the Hall of Fame is out, for awhile. He knows it. He sees his life going before his eyes.

    The team needs to help him get it back together. If Manny had been Manny in this serier — Dodgers would have won 3 of the 4 games.

    Most of our hitters are right now, all below average in production. No one is stepping up.

    Manny is up, 0 for 4. What is with that. “Manny’s bat looks slow,” sys the Cardinal announcer. Fly out. Fans cheer.

    Going to bed.

  67. Ken says:


    I said “advance scout group”. My definition includes the persons who have the responsibility to implement the scouting results. Somewhere in this group is a major failure.

    Otherwise back to the stubborn kids conclusion.

  68. Bill Russell says:

    Good night , Dodger win and the Lakers resigned Odom….

  69. DRomo says:

    Tough series. The only saving grace is we were in 3 of the 4 games. 1 melt down from Bills, 1 extra inning tough loss after a blown save, & a hard fought win tonight. Wake our offense up!

  70. DRomo says:

    Schmidt is still scheduled to take the hill manana against the kid Hanson. I guess there is no need to watch that game. Seriously do we need to see this? I hope Jason isn’t letting his 5 yr old see that. No one likes a blood bath

  71. Mark Timmons says:


    That’s why I mentioned Sweeney….


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