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I’m Just Mumbling…

I’m Just Mumbling…
  • Don’t even get me started about yesterdays’ decisions on pitching, because I am sure that Joe Torre has a pet chimp named Bonzo whom Joe allowed to make all the pitching decisions.  After all, monkeys throwing darts at the stock pages is how Joe picks his stock portfolio, isn’t it?  That’s what it was – no big deal.  Bonzo will get better…  But, now it’s Bedtime for Bonzo!
  • Dodgers 18 Hits 7 RunsMonkey2
  • Padres 6 Hits- 6 Runs
  • We should have to forfeit that victory, with the way we failed to score more runs on 18 hits and the way Brox just handed it to them.  The Giants scored 13 runs on Friday on a lot less hits.
  • The big offenders: Loney. Martin and Ethier.  Now, James homered for the winning run, but these 3 guys in the middle of the order were horrid!
  • Batting Averages:  Ethier-.250/Martin-.248/Billingsley-.242 – C-Bill might be the best of the three before the season is over.
  • Billingsley should have 12 wins!  THE PEN HAS BLOWN 3 OF HIS STARTS!
  • Jon Broxton threw 38 pitches – 37 fastballs and 1 change up.  That is felony stupid!  The physical giant (mental midget) handed them the game (they just didn’t take it all the way).  After the game, Broxton said “I didn’t have it.” obviously referring to brains, because he was throwing 102!
  • Juan Pierre 4-7 – He just shuts up and plays!  I can’t tell you how much I admire him.
  • Raffy is looking better every game.
  • I am loathe to give up Andrew Lambo (in a trade for Lannan I mentioned yesterday) because I think he is going to be a fine player, but I do want to point out one thing about Lannan:  He would benefit immensely with the Dodgers defense behind him instead of the Nationals. 
  • I think some of you don’t understand what I mean by “soft” hits.  I absolutely agree that all hits are important.  It would be absurd to think otherwise, but do you actually think Chase Headley felt the same pressure when he hit the HR off Billinglsey to lead off the inning as Cabrera did with the bases loaded and the Padres behind by 2 runs?  Cabrera knew that a hit by him could tie or win the game.  THAT IS PRESSURE!  Now in the scheme of things, the Padres would not have tied the game had Headley not hit that HR to lead off the 9th, but at the time he hit it, it was a non-pressure situation (behind 6-1) and he had no way of knowing the Padres would come back.  Cabrera’s hit had pressure written all over it and during his AB, you could see the determination in he eyes.  I do not call the HR itself “soft” – I call the situation it was hit in “soft.”  However there was nothing soft about the situation during which the last few Padres got hits. 
  • Old friend Edwin Jackson made the All-Star team – Good for him.  It was a long road, be he seems to have finally arrived,  5 years later!
  • I didn’t get to post it yesterday, but most of you know that Eric Milton (same back injury) was DL’ed and Blake DeWitt re-called (leading to more speculation on my part about O-Dog’s wrist).  I know we need a LH pinch hitter.  Het when is Doug M coming back?  I call him Doug M because I can’t spell Mientkiewicz.
  • Weaver will probably take Milton’s spot in the rotation – Jeff is 5-2 and has been an excellent find for the Dodgers.
  • The plain and simple reason Manny is not playing much is that his legs (hamstrings) are sore, mostly because of his poor attitude towards his minor league assignments.  He simply begged out or begged off.  He could have been in much better shape, had he taken his rehab seriously.  The Dodgers have done an excellent job of keeping it quiet, but Manny hacked off a lot of people at the minor league level with his attitude.  Not cool. 
  • Lucas May has quietly gotten his batting average up to .301 at Chattanooga (which is a pitchers league).  He was sick most of last year and is now back on the Dodgers’ radar!
  • Adnrew Lambo was 3-5 yesterday with his 8th HR and 5 RBI.  His BA is up to .275 at Chattanooga.
  • Vote early, vote often, Vote the Bison onto the All-Star Team – Stuff those ballot boxes!  Want to vote more than what is legal?  Check with ACORN, they can help you vote as much as needed.
  • Off day today and they need it.

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  1. Badger says:

    Excellent post mover. I agree with nearly everything you said here.

    I think Lambo is a nice piece to a Lannan type acqusition. Most scouts probably agree that he is an A prospect, or will be soon. .275 in AA isn’t all that impressive, but, so what? He either has it or he doesn’t and by now the word is out on him. But to get a 200 inning 24 year old #2 is going to take more than Lambo and 3 broken players, it’s going to take at least 2 top prospects. I do agree that he would benefit coming here. Put his numbers on the Dodgers and he has at least 10 wins now. There are others like him out there too.

    Yesterdays game was a mind boggler. You just don’t leave your closer in as long as Torre did. What in the world was he thinking? From a complete game to 5 out of the pen in the matter of minutes. Very strange and another sign that our pen is getting used up. We may have to think more about a reliever pick-up than a starter. Shoot, we may need both.

    I agree about Manny. Why does he need time off? He just had a 50 game vacation, what was he doing if not getting ready to play? Put him on the P90X program for that time and he could play every inning the rest of the way. You are getting paid millions, get your ass ready putz!

    DeWitt wasn’t all that impressive at AAA. I don’t believe he will help much and certainly is a downgrade at 2b. Oh well. He’s what we have. I have no idea wher Mintcaveitch is at in his rehab, but I wouldn’t count on him.

  2. Ken says:

    Please do not vote for Kemp. He will just be awarded a higher arbitration salary and be gone one year earlier.

    Vote for Sandoval. He can play 3 positions.

    Too bad if you do not like my logic, I borrowed it from Torre.

    Bills SLG is higher than half of the Dodger position players including 3 starters. If that fact does not motivate them to understand that they are not performing than only a trip to AAA will. Unless of course the little premidonnas throw a hissy fit and refuse coaching at that level too.

    Another reason to NOT overuse Tronscoso and Belisario is that they both pitched in winter ball and may have dead arms by Labor Day.

    Second the speculation re Hudson. Or it could be that he is tired and he is too greedy to sit on the bench and lose his incentive pay for games played.

    Manny is just a narcissist. Tell TransMan to cut his hair. He was hitting .214 in May when he knew that he was going to be suspended. Do you recall how he ran out of the dugout in the middle of the game (inning 6 or 7) when someone told him that the league had made a decision and he ran home like a little girl. And the Dodgers really what us to believe that they did not learn about the suspension until 4-5 hours later?

  3. Ken says:

    Torre has absolutely no understanding of how important it is to play all of your players the correct number of innings in the correct situations so that they are trained, enabled and rested to perform in the post season. For example:

    From 1996 to 2007 the Yankees regular season wins:
    Won the WS with 87, 98, 114, 92
    Did not win WS with 94, 97, 95, 101, 101, 103, 95

    Ned – make Torre the figure head, hire a new bench coach, let the new bench coach make out the line up and all of the decisions during the games.

  4. Blue Haze says:

    Damn it Mark, you get your hip fix, but started smoking!

  5. Badger says:

    Mark doesn’t smoke anything but cigars. Remember, he put that pot in those cookies.

    I think I could have won as many games with the Yankees as did Torre. They have had the best lineup in all of baseball for years. I would hire the best pitching coach available and make the entire staff throw 3 pitches for strikes. I would think every good pitcher in baseball would want to pitch for that lineup.

    Another thing I would insist on with these guys, you have to match your salary with repetitions in the weight room, pilates, and swings of the bat. For millionaires, each repition is worth a hundred bucks. The other guys, 10 bucks. Now, get busy. Manny would owe me about 250,000 reps.

    Some will fall short, but, you want to reach the stars, you have set high goals.

  6. Badger says:

    I think they should use the Little League re-entry rules for the All Star game.

    And they should drop the World Series home field b.s.. Home field should go to team with best overall record.

  7. yayblake says:

    Hi there, first time poster, big fan of your blog. :)

    Thank you for your perfect comment about Manny. As much as I love #99, I was appalled to hear that his hammies are sore. I went to that Inside the Dodgers tour and was impressed that Doug M was running sprints in the appalling heat on the field – by himself!!!!!!

    And all that talk about running on and off the field making one sore does not make any sense. I can easily run from the dugout to the outfield a generous 13 times but I would not be sore the next day. I am a runner, yes, but I am in no where terrific shape as those guys on the team. For someone who *doesn’t* work out aerobically, then that would be possible. That’s what scares me. So what was Manny doing during his off time??? For that kind of money, he should be running wind sprints with Doug M!!!

    JP – ohhhh love him. I absolutely love watching him run. His form and his lean are beautiful. He should give Manny a tip or two.

    So sad about Big Jon. What do you think the problem was? Sore toe coming back to bother him? Other problems?

    In the extra innings, I had this fantasy that Torre would bring Wolf briefly in as relief just so he could snag a win for once. I know it would never happen, but I just feel it for that guy. He just can’t win. :(

  8. Mark Timmons says:


    Thanks & Welcome.

    What do I think was wrong with Brox? Well, he was throwing 102, so I can’t see how it’s his toe. Jimmy Buffett says “there is no dunbass vaccine.” That’s what I think it was!

  9. lawdog says:

    EGAD! Mover, did you get the Dodgers permission to publish that photo of our new pitching coach and hitting coach? I don’t think Fred will like the cigarette image. Torre says he’s capable of handling both jobs and he’ll work for peanuts. Hmmm. Make that peanuts, cigarettes and beer.

  10. Badger says:

    If you can throw a ball 102 mph it doesn’t matter where it goes as long as long as it is close. Take a little off the next one, say 96, and put it knee high. If this guy could ever develope a Gagne like change he is absolutely unhittable. If all he has is a 100 mph fastball, he needs to put one on the chin in between three at the knees.

    Welcome yayblake. And you join mark and I on the Juan-wagon. A lot of people around here didn’t care much for him early, some came around, some have said nothing of late.

    Good idea. Vote for Sandoval. Who cares how many Dodgers are there. I want them all to get some rest. But ‘cept Manny. He can do laps and gassers the entire break as far as I am concerned.

  11. Roger says:

    I just voted 325 times, and used the write-in section, and wrote: Mark Timmons

  12. Roger says:

    I do not understand this voting 25 times when you log on.

    Is that just to make the totals look “really big.” ??

    Like, wow, look at all of the interest in Baseball.

    In reality, we could probably take the final totals, and divide by, say, uh, 17.2 percent. Why? Some folks go in and vote once. Maybe log on again and vote a second time. Then some (younger) fans might do it 25 times, every day.

    Where is the old traditional 1 vote is 1 vote !!!

  13. Badger says:

    That was no longer in vogue after 2000 Roger.

    I didn’t vote at all. The All Star game doesn’t interest me the way it used to.

    I suppose a lot of things don’t.

    But, I still like cream cheese cake.

    mmmmm cake

  14. Roger says:

    The trend in All-Star games of late, is for a number of the voted in players, and selected pitchers ——- bail out and do not go.

    The All-Star games I remember from the 50s, 60s, & 70s — there were bigger stars and they played unless in a cast or something really big.

  15. Dodger Borat says:

    New York is ready for some Manny sexy time, yessss!!!! High Five!!

  16. Badger says:


  17. Dodger Borat says:

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    Borat very much like Mannywood, yessss? High Five!!!!

    Ah, Mr joe, likes his closer, pause, NOT!!!!! Yes, High Five!!

  19. Briana says:

    What is this ACORN place?

  20. Michael says:

    Mark, perhaps it’s time for an update of your anti-virus. Thanks for the great picture, looks just like me. HaHa…:}

  21. Mike Hawk says:

    Share the wealth!

  22. Mark Timmons says:



    It’s a nutjob!

  23. Bill Russell says:

    Did I stumble into a gay porn site? The movie Borat had some funny moments but I guess you have to be in the mood for that kind of humor. Seinfild disclaimer , not that there’s anything wrong with it.

  24. Dodger Borat says:

    Billy, you be my boyfriend? Yessssss!!!

    Briana be Borat’s girlfriend, Yes! High Five!!

  25. Bill Russell says:

    Borat yesss high five, now bend over and I will ramp a baseball bat up your keyster. high five

  26. Dodger Borat says:

    Ahhh, sexy time, yes? Borat don’t swing that way, Billy respond to quickly to Borat’s flirtations, yesss! High Five!!!

    In America, Borat see that best team in league of majors baseball doesn’t get respect in the All-Star Exhibitionist game, yes? No one like best team, everyone jealous, yes? Borat think American baseball of fans not too smart, no understand what being a winner is, yes?

    High Five, Dodgers of Mannywood, USA!!! YESSSSS!!!!


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