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Game Time – Jason Returns

Game Time – Jason Returns

Sounds like a horror movie.  Let’s hope not.  Look, Jason Schmidt did not wrestle Frank McCourt and Ned Colletti to the ground and make them ratify his contract under duress, and he has worked very hard to get back on the mound.  It’s been over 2 years since he has pitched on the major league level and I am flat-out telling you that he may be overcome with emotion when he takes the mound tonight.  If he can get past the first inning, then we can make a determination as to what he might do, and how useful he might be.  It would be plain stupid for me to say “He’ll be awesome.”  Just as stupid to say “He’ll be bad!”  YOU DON’T KNOW!  I DON’T KNOW!  NOBODY KNOWS!  AND, NEVER UNDERESTIMATE THE POWER OF THE HUMAN SPIRIT!

Jason Schmidt has underwent several surgeries and the grueling rehab.  He has pitched in small minor league parks and simulated games.  He has been frustrated, but he has battled. 

Jason Schmidt in Glendale - Photo by LA Times

Jason Schmidt in Glendale - Photo by LA Times

 He is in excellent physical condition – tall, lean and muscular.  He works hard – even Ray Charles could see that.  He has pitched 5 consecutive games of more than 5 innings.  If he’s ever going to be ready, it’s now!

Jason will be back tonight agains Micah Owings, who is a better hitter than a pitcher.  I’ll be rooting for Jason, even if he gets bombed.   But, if he doesn’t, what a story this would be.  Jason Schmidt could help save our season… two years later!


  1. Furcal, SS
  2. Martin, C  (I like Martin here)
  3. Manny, LF
  4. Ethier, RF
  5. Blake, 3B
  6. Loney, 1B
  7. Kemp, CF
  8. Castro, 2B (O-Dog still out)
  9. Schmidt, P


Ken Gurnick:

Disputing media speculation that he’s out for the year, disabled reliever Ronald Belisario played catch for the second conecutive day and said his elbow was painfree. Belisario will increase the intensity of his throwing and won’t likely return until next month.

John Weisman:

Clayton Kershaw is now fifth in Dodger history for strikeouts before the age of 22, and should settle in at No. 2 before the season ends

  • 395 Fernando Valenzuela
  • 275 Ralph Branca
  • 266 Don Drysdale (22nd birthday on July 23, 1958) 
  • 209 Don Sutton
  • 204 Clayton Kershaw

We have 26 on our roster.  One has to go so Schmidt can pitch.  Who will it be?  The Dodger have not announced it as yet!  You’ll know when I know.  Maybe sooner!  It’s probably DeWitt again.  He must feel like a yo-yo!  UPDATE:  Elbert was sent down.  That means that the Dodgers are not sure about DeWitt!

According to Ken Gurnick, Logan White and Vance Lovelace scouted Roy Halladay’s last start.  Sounds like Ned is serious!

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25 Responses to “Game Time – Jason Returns”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Schmidt gets a W tonight.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    Boy, my first impression is “This could be painful!”

    I hope I am wrong!

  3. Roger says:

    14 pitches an still no outs.

  4. Roger says:

    Okay, who else ya’ got down on the farm? Who is next?

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    Well, you can’t judge him from one inning, but this looks very bad!

  6. Roger says:

    Those two long drives would have been HRs except Schmidt is throwing so slow, the balls stayed in the park.

  7. Badger says:

    It’s ugly early. 23 pitches and he doesn’t have an out.

    He could use a triple play right here.

  8. Mark Timmons says:

    Martin had the runner…

  9. Badger says:

    35 pitches, 4 hits and a walk.

    Think he will get through 3 innings? Who’s the long man tonight?

  10. Roger says:

    Betcha that Ned has his cell phone on, and looking at the speed dial.

  11. Roger says:

    Stand up, this in the 2009 Los Angeles Dodgers, they do not give up.

    It is clear that Manny needs some extra work on his hitting. He is not holding up his share . . .

  12. Badger says:

    Odd start.

    Now watch it settle down into a pitchers duel.

  13. Voldomer says:

    Wow, what a turn-around for Schmidt. So far, Mark looks like a prophet!

  14. Bill Russell says:

    LOL CB, Schmidt sure could use a Triple play right now. Best comment of the night……..
    Well after hitting the #8 hitter in the head he seemed to settle down.

    Manny proved Roger wrong with his blast.

    I don’t know how this game will end… Stay tuned.

    Peace L Dog, were all on the same team….. Love your reporting brother…..

  15. Michael says:

    I missed the first inning, it’s an LA thing. I have to say that I am loving his wildness, batters are scared to dig in. Put on some coke bottles lenses and he is Ryne Duren[not sure of the spelling]reincarnated.

  16. Mark Timmons says:

    This guy can pitch…

    not fast, but he can pitch!

  17. Michael says:

    This is the game I grew up with. Up and tight, batters getting beaned, up and in after you went yard on me. Hope Chad is watching.

  18. Bill Russell says:

    Good for Jason. If I was a betting man tonight, I would have lost my house I do believe. Great job……. He was getting his slow curve over. I hope Kershaw and Bills were watching. I truely hope he can pick up the victory…….

  19. Michael says:

    High 5 Jason. We Love ya man. Is life good or what? :]

  20. Bill Russell says:

    Softy goes yard…

  21. Badger says:

    After a 35 pitch 3 run first inning, who amongst us didn’t think this was the end of Jason Schmidt? I know I did.

    He lives another day.

    This team has some bark on it.

  22. Michael says:

    I must be one of those guys Lawdog was telling to shut his piehole earlier. I guess I just like to see my thoughts on the screen. Thanks for not dogging me, but I guess that I am only a genious in my own mind. I’ll try my best to refrain from imparting my wisdom. Peace

  23. Ken says:

    Time To Celebrate

    Joe Torres assigned to Inland Empire 66ers from Los Angeles Dodgers.

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Before I shut it down a few things jump out at me about tonights game.

    Furcal almost had a bunt triple tonight. Has that ever happened before?

    O Dogies defense was missed. He is a key player for our team.

    Blake got a clutch hit with two runners on.

    Manny is back on track

    Giants sink to 8 1/2 games back….. PEACE


  1. tracking back Game Time – Jason Returns… tracking back Game Time – Jason Returns…

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