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Either Way…

Either Way…

Here’s a quote from Andre Ethier:

“I’m here competing for a job next year any way I can.  I’m not sure if it’s going to be here or with another team, so I have to go out there and perform well. Minus one guy or not, I still have to go out there and play well and perform well.”  – by Cash Kruth

That seems like an odd thing to say.  Why would Andre Ethier say this?  Does he know something we don’t?   I mean, why say “I’m not sure if it’s going to be here or with another team?”  What prompted that?  That is whack!  To me it sounds like he’s playng for just Andre and not the Dodgers…  I don’t know what to think about that.

Jason Schmidt went 5 innings at AAA Sunday and allowed 3 ER on 7 hits.  He struck out 5 and walked 1.  Now if you think there is any correlation between his stats and whether hedodgers can pitch for the Dodgers, you are completely wrong.  When a major league pitcher is on a rehab start, he is working of things like control, break, arm slot and other things.  What I want to know is what the velocity is and how he feels today.  I think that if he feels fine today, he will start against Houston in next weekends series.  The Dodgers need to see if he can be a factor or not.  No need to wait any longer.

We are seeing Clayton Kershaw evolve into a big time pitcher.  Sure, he’s still throwing too many pitches, but now he’s mixing in change ups (he threw 7 yesterday) and sliders with his fastball and curve.  Yesterday, he threw all four pitches very effectively.  He is now our #2 starter and I believe you can expect more of the same from him in the second half. 


  • The Dodgers are looking for a veteran reliever who has closing experience.  GEORGE SHERRILL?
  • I will pitch for the Dodgers before Charlie Haeger.
  • Look for the Dodgers to sign C-Bill to a long-term contract soon.
  • My final question is:  Will Clayton Kershaw be our Opening Day starter in 2010 or will it happen in 2011? 
  • Do you all realize how “special” Clayton is?  Ditto for Matt Kemp.
  • Lindblom, Martin, Ethier, Pierre (3-way deal)  and Gordon for Halladay and Wells?   Would you do it?

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  1. jaydizel says:

    Hell yeah, that sounds like a good trade. I’ve always liked JP, speed baby +200 hits that’s good stuff. What type of numbers does Wells hve????

  2. Mike Hawk says:

    Only one, Badger, wanted to play with Mike Hawk. Always fun to see who is the one (there is always at least one in every group) gullible person in the group.

    So Badger, remember to love Mike Hawk, embrace Mike Hawk and never mistreat Mike Hawk. Wait for it! (now it is finally coming to you, maybe, and that’s a big maybe).

  3. Badger says:

    We all realize how good Clayton Kershaw can be Mark. He is slowly getting there. The question for me still remains – will he finish the year on the field?

    I have no problem with giving Haeger a shot at a start sometime in August. This staff WILL wear down in the dog days, and why not give this guy a chance? He has earned it, and if he does well, some other team will be interested if we aren’t.

    “Lindblom, Martin, Ethier, Pierre (3-way deal) and Gordon for Halladay and Wells? Would you do it?”

    Who will the back-up outfielder be? That’s two solid position starters, (one our defensive All Star Gold Glove anchor) our .300 hitting 50 base stealing back-up outfielder and two top prospects for a guy who plays every 5th day and another guy who is having an off year, but may flourish with a change of scenary. So, my answer is – maybe. I’d like to see us get one more player in that deal.

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    Wells used to be a 30 HR/100 RBI/.300 guy but has a couple of bad years.

    His career averages are 28 HR/97 RBI and .282 BA. He’s only 30 and is a very good CF – he’s have to play RF for us, I think.

    The only problem is that he is owed $12.5 bmil in 2010 and $20 mil+ 2011 to 2014!

    We could probably get a really good deal if we took him and Halliday, but that seems to be too much salary to take on.

  5. Blue Haze says:

    Good to hear from you Gonzo. Are you taking good care of all of my victims, it is less than two months to the annual massacre? I have to get this back recovered in time to tote a shotgun around for a couple of days.

    Thanks for the well wishes BAdger, you know it is a bad sign when the doc starts reading your MRI and he begins by saying “Well, the first one is…” I continue my decompression therapy today and will begin light weightlifting again on Wednesday (got to get back in shape for those beaches in Mexico. So far, the first treatment gave me a lot of relief and hope for good things to come.

    Gracias Mike Hawk for bringing some levity to this levity barren place. You the man, I look forward to watching the unsuspecting fall prey to your traps. Keep up the good work.

  6. Roger says:

    Mark, I do not read the Ethier quote above like you do. Of course you still canoot get over your “Ethier thing.”

    Fact, today, (almost) every player in the major leagues knows that their days could well be numbered with the team they are playing with. (Almost) all these guys know, here today — gone tomorrow.

    They are all hired guns. Most draft picks know that there is a good change that they are trade bait for the team that signs them.

    I see Ethier’s quote as, “I have to get my act together in the second half, or I well might be traded. The Dodgers have some big contracts with us four to five year guys coming up, and they cannot sign us all. If I don’t produce like I know I can — I will probably be history. Therefore, I still have to go out there and play well and perform well.”

    Martin could also say the same thing. He knows his first have is not what the Dodgers were hoping for out of him. His real chance to stay a Dodgers is the lack of catching in the major leagues.

    In the end, all players are on a team, but they can be traded or go FA or send down — like that. If I were Ethier I would be worried. April was a great month for him. May was terrible. June was a little better. And, July has been a bomb (9 for 47, with only 4 RBIs). Yes, I would be worried tooooo.

  7. Harold says:

    I don’t think Andre’s comment means he does not want to be a Dodger. I think perhaps he trying to prompt a longer time commitment by the Dodgers. One good thing is that Boras is not his agent.

    Would I make that trade. No I wouldn’t. I want Halladay but not the overpriced underprodcuing Wells. Too costly. My main reason is that we have a nucleus of young players – Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Martin, Bills, Kershaw. Teams only progress and remain competitive if they build around their own. That has been proven time and time again. We have good chemistry now and I wouldn’t want to change that. Attaching Wells to Halladay tells us what the Jays now think of Vernon. With Furcal, Manny, Hudson, Blake all moving on I don’t see any big advantage in making our team even older.


  8. Ken says:

    Wells is another A. Jones

  9. Badger says:

    Good points made by Ken Roger and Harold. I don’t see anything in Ethier’s comments that suggest he doesn’t want to be here. They all know it’s a business and if they don’t perform they are gone. I really don’t believe any of these guys care that much where they play, as long as they play and make a truck load of money. Wells is curretnly overpaid, but, he is a good defensive player and who knows, maybe as a Dodger he would light it up. I still want another outfielder in case we end up swallowing that contract. And, since we are the only team that could possibly do a deal like that, they lose one of those prospects named. We will take on your headache, but it will cost you for us to do it. Martin, Ethier, Gordon and an A arm. If someone wants Pierre in a three way – we need a back-up outfielder from somewhere.

    How is X Paul doing? Wasn’t he due back in late July?

    Why would you encourage a guy like that Haze? He isn’t a breath of fresh air, he is dipsh*t with a computer. This is supposed to be a Dodger site, not a site for jackasses to set traps.

  10. Badger says:


    I saw Josh Johnson up close and personal yesterday and the guy is a stud. 6’7″ and throws 97 with a wicked slider/curve. He is 25, 8-2 with a 2.74 ERA and averaging 6.75 I/S. In his two losses he gave up 2 and 3 earned runs. He is good.

  11. Voldomer says:

    Greetings fellow Dodger fans. Italy was hot but fun, and I got back in time to catch the last two games in Milwaukee. The place was busting at the seams–I don’t think they are used to crowds like they are drawing these days, but there were no problems (except the Dodgers’ loss Saturday).

    The package Mover proposes is too much. If Toronto packages Wells with Doc, then they must know that they will get less in return because of Wells’ salary. Gordon (or Hu + Elbert), Ethier, and McDonald for Halladay, Wells, and Wells’ salary.

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    I just threw the trade out there, but I would not do it.

    I like Ethier way better than Wells and he’s LH, which gives us better balance.

    Ethier is on pace to hit 30-35 HR with 100+ RBI this year and those numbers cannot be ignored, even if his BA is down and he’s not as clutch as I would like. I would try and sign him long term. He’s a nice piece of our puzzle.

    Some of you think I don’t like Andre, but I just expect a lot from him. I still think what he said is strange, but maybe that’s just Andre being Andre. Since he’s not even in a contract year, there’s no reason to even think that, let alone say it.

  13. Mark Timmons says:


    I should have been in Milwaukee last weekend. There was just one problem: I can’t walk very good.

    Welcome back!

  14. Bill Russell says:

    If Andre reads this site, he knows Mark includes him in most all trade packages so why wouldn’t he feel a little uneasy.

    It would sure be nice if we could land a great talent like Halliday but if it means taking on Wells I would put on the brakes. As Ken mentioned, Wells could end up as another A Jones which we surely don’t need. The makeup of this team is great already so no major makeovers is needed, just a little tweak would be nice. As nice as would be to get Halliday, moving Martin to get him could be a major mistake. Ausmus is a once a week player and A J Ellis is unproven at this level. My thinking is a second tier Pithcer would be better then screwing around with the team that has the best record in baseball.

    I don’t think any of us dreamed of this start this past off season. If we can continue on this path the second half, magical things just might happen.

  15. DRomo says:

    That quote from Ethier looks a lot like a quote I saw last year in the early part of the season when he was spendinding alot of time on the bench. I would like to see where and when this interview took place.

    As for the Halliday for Martin trade I say it would be fine with me only if it was done in the offseason. You NEVER trade your everyday catcher mid-season. You can never do it and win….it has never worked. If you think AJ Ellis is ready (he may or may not be) remember a team has never won the World Series with a rookie catcher.

  16. lawdog says:

    Kurveshaw’s slider is a pipe dream invented by the homers calling the game yesterday. He did mix in at least half a dozen change ups, probably more, but the “sliders” were the same pitch–his change up, “pinched” slightly to give it movement away from a left handed batter when it normally would go straight down and slightly to the left. He also changed speeds slightly on the change up throwing it in the low to mid eighties. The break varies with the speed, the slower the more downward tumble.

    Unfortunately, he still is just showing hitters the change. He hasn’t thrown one as an out pitch with the bags loaded.

    Why would Kershaw suddenly be throwing a pitch he hasn’t started to even develop when he’s spent over a year working on the change he’s still afraid to throw? He’s been a two pitch pitcher (fastball and curve) working on a third that he still hesitates to throw as a money pitch–and with good reason. When he throws that change at 86 and it hangs it’s more like a batting practice fastball. Why would he suddenly mix in a pitch he’s never thrown before, particularly when it’s virtually identical in speed and break as his change up?

    Watch out for those homer broadcasters. Most of the time they don’t know a slider from a hot rock. They’ll call a pitch anything that comes to them which I guess works for the radio–but not for a fan who knows anything about pitching watching on the tube.

    And what have you got against knuckle ball pitchers, mover? Hough says Haeger’s got the best one he’s seen at such a young age. Why would you just close the door on trying to utilize such a unique talent when we are so desperate for both starting and relief pitching? Makes no sense to me–and I don’t think the Dogs are in agreement. If they were they wouldn’t have bothered signing him in the first place. We’ve had knuckleball pitchers before–Hoyt Wilhelm finished his career in his late 40s throwing it for the Dogs and who can forget Candiotti? Haeger is in the Wilhelm class right now in his mid 20s. What do we lose by bringing him up for a looksee?

  17. Voldomer says:

    Mover, best wishes on the rehab.

    Ethier’s comment reminds me of things he was saying during his slump in late 2006. Also, as mentioned earlier, we also don’t know the context. I’d like to see him in LA long-term too, and his LH bat is a big plus. Holladay would cost big-league players, though.

  18. GoNzO says:

    Haze, your victims are strating to piss me off. Shitting everywhere. I don’t condone you murdering them, but my pops and bros were hunters too. I couldn’t get into it but understand why people like to hunt.

    Halladay and Wells is a very expensive package. Wells is starting to breakdown (no more PEDs). I mentioned before that Romero is the best guy for our team in both the short and long term. Halladay would be nice but not at that price. M. Hawk, funny.

  19. Badger says:

    Mike Hawk – I say again – BEAT IT.

    Now, do you get that one? Wait for it…….

    We all get it zipperhead, it’s just not funny to anyone with an education above 6th grade.

  20. Badger says:

    I just don’t think we are going to trade Martin. Like was mentioned, it’s not good to trade your everyday catcher in mid-season. It’s ok to talk about these things, but usually trades like these are not done with everyday players, they are done with 3-4 prospects. If we don’t have them, well, too bad for us.

  21. Badger says:

    Uh, sorry Gonzo. I had that Hawk post sitting there while I talked on the phone and posted it before I saw yours. I didn’t mean to suggest anything about you. But still, do you really find that stuff on this board funny? If so, I am surprised.

  22. Ken says:

    Mike H.

    Take some more drugs and you can call yourself Purple Haze

  23. simple ..if isnt broke dont fix it.. d–a

  24. DRomo says:

    I think the Halladay issue comes down to this:

    DO we want to win the World Series this year? Or hope to make the playoffs and take our chances.

    If we want to win it all then we trade Kershaw, and change for Halladay. Halladay is under contract for next year as well and we will have a chance to do it all over again next year or trade him at the deadline for prospects.

    If we do not want to give Major League young pitching then we hold onto Kershaw and Halladay ends up with someone else and we take our chances this October. But ask yourself this is our rotation better than Bostons? Or Philly? Or the Yankees? I don’t think (if the playoffs started today) Kershaw would be in the rotation. Bills, Kuroda, Wolf would be the rotation.

    Do we want to win this year?

  25. lawdog says:

    I don’t think Kuroda will be on the roster come playoffs. I think he is done. But I think Halladay can be had without giving up Kershaw.

  26. DRomo says:

    for the record I don’t know which way I would go with this decision. But I now for a fact Kerhaw gets the deal done. Also with Halladay we will be the odds on favorite.

    We will no doubt regret losing Kershaw someday. But we may also regret NOT going “all in” if we get out-pitched again in October.

  27. Badger says:

    That’s an interesting proposition Romey. One that would take careful consideration. I think even with Halladay, we will need another starter, and probably another reliever, to take this to the finish line.

    Kershaw with 6 again, and then runs are scored by the opposition. I can’t help but wonder, how many games are won or lost in the 7th and 8th innings?

  28. Badger says:

    We already are the favorites, even without Halladay. I wonder if that would change if we tossed in a couple of our starters?

  29. Bill Russell says:

    Getting Halliday doesn’t guarentee us the World Championship Trophy. It wouldn’t hurt but it’s not a guarentee. I would not trade Kershaw for Halliday. The trade would have to be made using other players.

  30. Bill Russell says:

    The last time our starting catcher was traded mid season was in 2004 when Paul La Duca, Mota and Encamacion was traded to Florida for Brad Penny, Bill Murphy and Hee Seop Choi. We went on to make the playoffs but was eliminated the first round.

  31. Mike Hawk says:

    Blind-sided, there is one born every minute.

    Badger, don’t abuse Mike Hawk!

  32. Mark Timmons says:

    OK, Stop it! Now or I’ll block the post.

  33. DRomo says:

    I dont think we trade multiple players off the 25 man roster. It is too much change. I don’t trade Martin mid season for the reasons BRuss said….2004 all over again!

    I dont think Halladay guarantees us a ring but it guarantees we have the best 1-2 in our division! It guarantees we will have a guy that can go 9 every 5th day. That alone is like adding an arm in the bullpen! You have to entertain it at the very least. Philly is adding Pedro for the amout of money we saved with Mannys suspension. They are also in the Halladay mix. They are still improving. Boston will reload as will the Yankees.

    I think you are getting better or you are getting worse. Which way are we going. I don’t want to be stuck watching the World Series again this year with my team not in it. It wont help thinking we held on to the kids. The future is now!

  34. Mark Timmons says:

    I would loke to have Halladay, but you would have to be crazy to trade Kershaw for him.

    In May Kershaw pitched 35 innings and had a 2.57 ERA. Halladay pitched 46 innings and had a 1.76 ERA. In June Kershaw pitched 27 innings and had a 2.37 ERA. Halladay pitched 26 innings and had a 2.36 ERA. In July Kershaw has 17 innings with a .053 ERA and Halladay has 14 innings with a 5.14 ERA.

    The Dodgers are 11-7 in games started by Kershaw which is a better wining percentage than the team has . The Jays are 10-7 in games Halladay starts.

    Even though Kershaw goes fewer innings our winning percentge with him as a starter is VERY HIGH! What if? What if? WHAT IS!

    I would love to have Halladay, but it has to be at our price and I am not sure I would even give up Lindblom.

    Lawdog, why do you say that Kuroda is finished? He throws 96, has decent command and excellent movement. I think he’s just in a rut and will pitch his way out. It has happened to Santana and Hamels and others this year. You can see the way he is throwing that his arm is fine (96 MPH ain’t shabby). He just has to pitch his way out of it.

    BTW, after the All-Star game last year, Randy Wolf had a 3.77 ERA.

    Kuroda only has 54 inings pitched, so it’s kind of like he’s had a bad April and is headed into May. Let’s not forget that he couldn’t do any conditioning exercises for about 7 weeks, so I think the problem really is that he doesn’t have his legs yet!

  35. Roger says:

    Here we go. Looking at the post season begins to hurt.

    In the post season, the stands are full. Cameras and media folks all over the place. Bunting all around the stadiums.

    That is not games like the Dodgers played earlier in the season against Colorado, Arizona, San Diego. No fatten’ up time.

    Dodgers would face some of the best pitching, defense, etc. in the majors today.

    I think the Dodgers basic 8 positions can compete. As almost everyone has said here: the pitching does not. The Dodgers do not have a stopper. And right now I would only count on Billingsley, Kershaw with really strong stuff. Wolf is a wolf. Kuroda is really iffy. And we don’t even know of a 5th starter. Might be able to go with a total of 4 starters in the possible 19 games.

    Remember, if the post season were played out under full series, it could go a full 19 games. (5 + 7 + 7 = 19.)

    If the Dodgers do not improve the total pitching. Not sure they go all the way. See, Boston, Yankees, Cubs, etc. know what it takes to really try and win there. They are ready. The Dodgers are not.

    Ned has to make some moves. So —————- who is going to give up? If you want to win this year, forget the future, or you will always be playing for the future.

  36. DRomo says:

    Mark, Would you have Kershaw in the rotation for a post season series today? I would not. I don’t think there is a comparison of Halladay and Kershaw right now. They are at two different stages in their careers. Kershaw is at the very very beginning of his career. Halladay is in his prime. And with move the the NL West could dominate for the next few years. Kershaw will dominate the league in a few years and be an ace for a while.

    But is this team (Manny, O-dog, Blake, Torre) build to win in 2010 2011 or was it designed to win this year? I honestly do not know?

    I do think as suprised as we are with our pitching in the first half, we can be equally dissappointed in the second half. We need to improve. We should have at least looked at Pedro. He would have only cost us money, not prospects.

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    If the post-season started today, Kershaw would be be in the rotation. If he pitches well the rest of the way, he will be in it.

    There’s a reason other teams have not signed Pedro. Someone probably will, but I doubt he will be a differece-maker. Look, everyone but the RedSox have rotation problems and even with Halladay we don’t compare to them. (doesn’t mean we can’t beat them).

    If we trade Kershaw for Halladay we would be better, but not that much better. The only way to get REALLY better is trade for Halladay abd keep Kershaw.

    Trading Pierre could net us a couple of top prospects and then throwing in Lambo, Lindblom or Elbert and Gordon should get the job done. I don’t think anyone can give more.

  38. GoNzO says:

    There is no way that Kershaw is traded. The +’s don’t outway the
    -’s by a lot if we send Kshaw to TOR. Think about short and long term effects about the team. Before you all start saying it’s about the NOW, many of us still lament the DeShields for Martinez and the Piazza trade. If Kshaw turns out to be a stud we will regret it. Again, I say we can get by with a very good 2 guy and my mancrush for Ricky Romero continues.

    Badger no offense taken my man. M Hawk reminds me of my teenage years when I used to watch the Simpsons thats all.

  39. Badger says:

    It’s interesting to talk about it, but it won’t happen. Kershaw is going nowhere. I also do not believe we will trade any of our starters. This deal gets done with prospects, or it doesn’t get done. We have the best record in baseball and are current favorites to win it all. We need a tweak, not an overhaul. Mark’s idea of Pierre for a couple of prospects, combined with 2 of our own could get it done. If Toronto wants everyday All Star type players, plus prospects, they can go elsewhere. Especially if they expect someone to take on Wells.

    Teenage years. Yeah, I get it. Sophomoric humor. Simpsons? You compare that to the Simpsons? Yoiks.

  40. Michael says:

    My take on Andres’ words were that he wasn’t feeling the love, underappreciated. Guess you can make of it whatever you want to. Absolutely not to giving up Clayton [he isn't gonna be, he already is] for anybody. No to Halladay if he is connected at the hip with Vernon Wells. Although the value on Juan may have gone up, he is the Ace in the hole, insurance, you are in good hands with All State. I’m thinking we have a chance to have 5 or 6 100 RBI guys, rather impressive, if I do say so myself. No major changes is the prognosis.

  41. Badger says:

    One may be down – how many more to follow?

    Torre’s unabridged quote: “It’s something that he’s going to have to deal with, and we’re going to have to deal with, [for what] looks like for the rest of the year. He’ll get periodic treatment, and from what I’m told from the medical staff, the only thing that’s going to help this is rest.” Not good news. Broxton allowed five earned runs in his last two appearances prior to the All-Star break. Since June 20, he has allowed nine earned runs in 7 2/3 innings (10.57 ERA) over eight appearances. He gave up nine hits and six walks in that time, but did strike out 12.

    Broxton needs to sit for a while and heal. We are going to need him in September big time, so, now is the time to let him heal.

    Who might be next?

  42. lawdog says:

    I won’t argue that Kuroda still has some good stuff. So does Jeff Weaver. Sometimes it’s a question of losing one’s command, for whatever reason. Both Weaver and Kuroda can no longer put the pitch where they want it when the chips are down and the game is on the line.

    Broxton’s problem is the same although it’s hopefully caused by the toe injury which can be cured with rest. How can a guy who throws a 102 mph fastball get tatooed the way he’s been the last two outings? It’s command. He can’t keep the ball out of the center of the plate if it’s going to be a strike.

    Weaver and Kuroda’s problems have more to do with advancing age and too many miles on the arm.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Of course Kershaw would be in the rotation if the playoffs started today that’s a no brainer. In fact you could make a strong case that he is our ace. I know he is inconsisent but Kershaw has the stuff to shut any lineup down on any given day.

  44. lawdog says:

    Joe Torre told that Jonathan Broxton’s ailing big toe is something the Dodgers are “going to have to deal with, [for what] looks like for the rest of the year.”

    Torre’s unabridged quote: “It’s something that he’s going to have to deal with, and we’re going to have to deal with, [for what] looks like for the rest of the year. He’ll get periodic treatment, and from what I’m told from the medical staff, the only thing that’s going to help this is rest.” Not good news for Broxton’s owners. Broxton allowed five earned runs in his last two appearances prior to the All-Star break. Since June 20, he has allowed nine earned runs in 7 2/3 innings (10.57 ERA) over eight appearances. He gave up nine hits and six walks in that time, but did strike out 12.

    This is terrible news! It sounds like Broxton has the dreaded “turf toe” injury which has been known to put NFL tailbacks on injured reserve for an entire year. Marshall Faulk lost a year to this injury when he was still in his prime.

  45. Blue Haze says:

    I hope Jonathan “Dizzy Dean” Broxton doesn’t have something that could possibly be very serious and threaten his career.

    Gonzo, I will try and do my best to reduce your pest issues.

    PT was brutal today, could barely walk out of the building today when they were finished with me. Oh well, it could be worse.

  46. Roger says:

    It is too bad that Pierre did not make the All-Star squad.

    If he did, he would be a shoe-in for the Home Run Contest. Only they would change the rules a bit. He hits the ball and it he circles the bases before the kids in the outfield can get the ball back to home plate, he has a HR.

  47. Ken says:

    Hopefully Kuroda just has a Spring Training dead arm.

    Dizzy Dean needs to rest until Labor Day.

    The Dodger relief staff is acting like a bunch of codependent abused women who need to stand up to Torre and tell him to F… OFF and pitch the correct number of games and innings that their arms can handle in the second half of the season. Any one else hear the codependent dribble that Belisario said the other day.

  48. Mark Timmons says:


    I got the first edition of that book about 16 years ago. I was hunched forward and to the right and could not straighten up. I read the book and decided against surgery. I had a PT who laid me out an exercise routine, which was extremely painful. It felt like I was being stabbed in the back with a knife. I did them every day (it took about 45 minutes) and for 97 days the pain was almost unbearable. On the 98th day, I woke up and the pain was gone. Occassionally, I will feel a twinge and I get out the old exercises and do them for a few weeks.

  49. Mark Timmons says:

    The HR Derby should be banned along with the slamdunk contest.

  50. Michael says:

    Oops, on to plan B. There are some closers available. Bobby Jenks, Eric Gagme, Sherrill…Help, Mr. Wizard.

  51. Mark Timmons says:


    Gagne would be nice, but he ain’t Eric Gagne no more!

  52. GoNzO says:

    Badger, you don’t recall Bart calling Mo and asking for:

    Seymour Butz

    I.P. Freely

    Jacques Strap

    Mike Rotch

    Hugh Jass

    Need I go on? OH and we Need Ricky Romero!!!

  53. Ken says:

    “The Blue Jays certainly would ask a lot for Halladay, who many consider to be the best pitcher in baseball.

    That could include rookie left-hander J.A. Happ, who is an NL Rookie of the Year candidate at 6-0 with a 2.90 ERA, and Double-A Reading right-hander Kyle Drabek, who one baseball official said Sunday was the best pitcher he watched at the All-Star Futures Game. It also could include one of the organization’s top outfield prospects Class A Clearwater’s Dominic Brown or Double-A Reading’s Michael Taylor.” MLB

  54. Blue Haze says:

    Don’t forget about Mike Hunt, always a popular page to have announced in a store.

    I think we are making Mike Hawk smile with our “sophomoric” humor, Gonzo. Sorry, i like that shit. That’s why Wayne’s World ranks high on my movie list.

    Mucho Gracias, Mark, today must have been good for me then, because I literally couldn’t walk to my car for about 15 minutes.

    I will stay diligent and take care of this thing. I have to many fun things to do in Sept., Dove hunting and a trip Mexico with a buddy.

  55. Badger says:

    Sure I do Gonzo. Not many of them were new to me as we did all of those when I was a kid. And it was “Under The Grandstand by I. Seymour Butts” and “Yellow Stream, by I.P. Daily” “Run To The Outhouse by Willy Makeit (Illustrated by Betty Wont)” “Hawaiian Love Song by Kumoniwanalayya” and I amdit it was funny when Bart was doing it, but, the third time around by some jerk in a chat room just doesn’t amuse me.

    There will be some interesting offers out there for Halladay. The Brewers, the Red Sox, the Phillies the Angels and then I read this about the Cards – “Give [Blue Jays GM J.P.] Ricciardi all our minor-league rosters and let him circle any 5 names,” is the club’s philosophy, according to a “club source.”

    And, in the end, he probably stays in Toronto At any rate, I doubt Jed wins this thing.

  56. GoNzO says:

    I love Wayne’s World.

    Ricky Romero or bust. I’d even take Zach Duch. We need help in the rotation, not a savior.

    Ethier or Loney will not be with the Dodgers in a couple years, so I think that makes Lambo safe for now.

    Can’t we trade that 3B kid from U of Texas? Kyle something? There was a piece about him a week or 2 ago.

  57. GoNzO says:

    That’s Zach Duke

  58. DRomo says:

    I like Zach Duke. He is solid put I bet Pittsburgh wants alot for him. We need solid pitching.

    Someone said we could argue that Kershaw is our ace already? I think not. He walks WAY too many. I would hate to see him turn into Rick Ankeil in the playoffs. Walk the house and never recover. This staff will be our downfall just wait…unless we address it.

  59. Bill Russell says:

    The better quality pitcher, the steeper the price tag. We need a quality arm in order to win it all this year. We can get in there and do well but is that what we want? That’s not my goal. We are just too close to winning it all this year. NO one remembers who finished second or third in the NL playoffs, but you remember who wins the World Series.

    We can’t let Philly land Halliday. If that means trading Lambo, McDonald, Elbert and others, we must do it. NO Kershaw as he’s the future of our staff. The only way to consider taking on V Wells would be to include Pierre in the package. NO way does McCourt take on that much salary. I’m not sure NYY has the players that Toronto wants and the Red Sox really don’t need pitching. I think I read that Toronto won’t trade within the division. The Angels could be players, The Cubs are going thur selling the team, the White Sox could be players. I think it’s the Philly’s, Angels or Dodgers that will land Halliday. Stay Tuned

  60. Blue Haze says:

    I think there may be some fishstick lovers in here, Gonzo, what do you think?


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