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Whipping Boys, Dodger Blue & A Date With Destiny?

Whipping Boys, Dodger Blue & A Date With Destiny?

That mighty buzz-saw that was the Colorado Rockies rolled into LA, thinking they would no longer be the Dodgers “whipping boys.”  The Dodgers had lost two in a row and the offense was woeful.  There were also whispers about the Dodgers pitching being on the wane.   Well, the boys would have nothing of that, and proceeded to beat down the Rockie hitters, to prevent a 3-game losing streak.  TWO IS STILL OUR LONGEST LOSING STREAK THIS YEAR!  The Dodgers are now 9-1 against the Rockies.   In the last 20+ games a loss, by the Rockies was about as unusual as intelligence in the Commissioners’ Office.

stressteAndre “I Can’t Hit Unless I Can Walk Off” Ethier ended the 2-2 deadlock in the 13th with his 7th walk-off in 2 years.  The Jonas Brothers favorite Dodger seems to be “locked-in to win”  when the game is on the line.  After the game, the Dodgers ended with a tie for the best ERA in baseball (Tied with SF at 3.61).  Jiminez looked good after 3 previous beat-downs by Dodger hitters and tonight it is up to Chad Billingsley as Jason Marquis goes for the Rockies.  It’s the “battle of the aces.” 


  • I notice Tony Abreu is back with AAA
  • Utley deserves to be the All-Star 2B
  • Blake should be on the All-Star Team

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73 Responses to “Whipping Boys, Dodger Blue & A Date With Destiny?”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Ouch, I don’t know about the Rockies being our whipping boy, but I do since that Ethier is someone’s favorite whipping boy. I guess he shouldn’t take walks in clutch situations, he should swing at bad pitches instead and strike out.

  2. Blue Haze says:

    sorry loost my mind and my fingers took over, make that sense instead of since.

  3. Blue Haze says:

    In my haste to respond to the blog this morning and it’s backhand to Ethier, I almost forgot to mention that Ethier rang up another clutch walk off homerun to his resume last night. I don’t know what Torre is thinking when he allows Ethier to bat in late innings, I want DEL Tracy back!!!

    Food Network suggests ketchup goes best with a serving of crow, plus red wine, of course.

  4. Harold says:

    Too soon to call the Rockies whipping boys. Strange how we can still see them in the rearview mirror along with the Giants. That probably isn’t a bad thing as it keeps us more focused and prevents complacency.

    As for Andre, with the most walk off hits in the past two years, it is strange how he is still under the microscope trying to detect what is wrong with him. Seems to me at least three of those have come with Manny out of the line up.

    The story of the night beyond Andre’s serving of crow was the bull
    pen. Seven relievers, no runs allowed, and 13 K’s. Good to see Mota has righted his ship and James McDonald with a couple of good outings. I expect he was in for the long haul last night if the game had gone on longer but Andre, as expected, ended it. Is he “Mr. Clutch” or what? Even with the best hitters we can only expect success three out of ten times, so not too shappy for Andre.


  5. Badger says:

    I wouldn’t call the Rockies whipping boys. There’s a long way to go and they have been playing very well lately.

    Same with the Giants, and I just read they are looking to add a bat. (Jermaine Dye but the Mets are looking at him too) Anybody check the N.L. power standings lately? All Western Division clubs at the top. It will be a dogfight to the end.

    How come Manny isn’t still playing? He’s got 4 more days to get some at bats, and from what I have read he could use them. I also read this morning he isn’t endearing himself to the minor league players, leaving early and not supplying catered meals for the team, something of a tradition when ML players are rehabbing. The Albu newspapers labeled him “cheap”.

    What a bullpen performance. And the more this kind of thing happens, the more I get concerned about the stamina of these guys. At this rate, as somebody mentioned yeserday, by late August these guys will all have way too many pitches thrown. I still say we will need pitching help as the summer wears on. Washburn? He has friends on the team and has said playing for the Dodgers would be “fun”.

    I wonder what Jed is up to?

  6. Roger says:

    I checked on another Dodger board — Andre posted: “In your face mover. Your mountain is now down to a little bitty hill. So get your pail and shovel and come in from the rain.”

    Counting on my fingers, Dodgers used 8 pitchers last night. That left only 4 pitchers left — all starters. Only Milton, Kuroda, Kershaw, and Billingsley were left, it the game went any further. It would have been interesting how Joe would have continued if it went, say, 17 innings? Maybe he would have called on Loney…

    Honey-baby must feel great this morning, his pitchers were outstanding.

    I have not seen Weaver with so much excitment, ever after his big K to end the inning.

    The bad part of the night, in the first 12 innings the only RBI was by Wolf. But the Dodgers will take anything they can get.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    What ever happened to the Hu Watch? I guess there wasn’t much to see. It was like watching paint dry.

    Nice to see Softie hitting in clutch situations again and Wolfman having a good outing. If it wasn’t for Randy’s bat, we would have lost yesterday. Leach had a clutch inning against the heart of the lineup last night and McDonald looked very good. If Mickey D can pitch like that, then why isn’t he in the rotation again? Mota is trying to shed his can gas reputation, Troncoso and Bellasorryo had better find that super puddy for their arms that Billy Mays used to sell on TV.

    Why is Manny ending his minor league play? Manny is declaring himself ready ahead of schedule from what I just read. There are a few pissed off inland empire fans that stood in line buying 66ers tickets for todays game. It’s Manny being Manny I guess. Stay tuned.

  8. Ken says:

    Good win for Mac, he is a great relief pitcher. Too bad he is the likely candidate to get booted when Vargas is ready on Friday.

    One more Clutch hit and Mr Softie will LEAP FROG over Ryan Church and Jay Bruce to no longer officially be Mr. Softie, i.e., the worst clutch right fielder in the NL. In his defense he has improved from -6.6 to -5.1 in the last week. After all it is hard to be soft when you are long.

  9. Michael says:

    Yesterdays blog is closed and I just wanted to clarify a couple of things. When I said that if Ken says it, it must be wrong, I was refering to Ken Rosenthal not our Ken. Thanks for the props [I think] Haze. You are correct in stating that I have been posting here for more than a week, actually since last season would be a more accurate statement. Please accept my apoligies.

  10. DRomo says:

    Weaver was clutch last night, lets not forget he is our Chan Ho Park this year. He also show balls fighting out of his 1st and 3rd jam!

    (A)Ethier is soft!
    (B)Mark is wrong again!
    Which one of these statements are true?

    Prepare for the “I am motivating him” or “Look at my stats…I am never wrong” speech.

    Anyone concerned with Manny hitting 1 homerun, a couple hits and having more K’s against young lower level pitching? I think he will take some time to be ready once he gets here. I am REALLY concerned with his old balky legs. Pierre stay loose!

  11. Mark Timmons says:

    To all of you who think Andre is making me eat crow, you need to take off the tunnel-vision glasses and realize that while he has had some amazing, clutch dramatic walk-off hits, overall he is among the worst in the league in clutch situations. Read what Ken just posted. When you focus on his walk-offs, you ingnore the rest of his body of work which has been very poor in te clutch. Even worse than Russ Martin, who has been very bad! Wake up and face the facts! Hopefully, he will continue to build upon his amazing victories. That should give him a level of confidence that he may have been missing.

    I know you guys must not comprehend how I can criticize a player and still like him, so I won’t even try.

    Also, the Roclkies ARE CURRENTLY our Whipping Boys – we are 9-1 against them so far this year! No future predictions were made. End of story.

    • Ken says:

      Maybe they can understand the simplistic BA/RSP which does not take into account the pressure of a situation like “Clutch” does.

      BA/RSP Batting Average with Runners in Scoring Position (second and/or third base).

      Dodgers Position Players

      Ramirez – .346 Hoffmann .273
      Pierre – .345 Paul .000

      Loney – .299 Eyechart .500
      Hudson – .295 Loretta .306
      Kemp – .279
      Blake – .278 Dewitt .000

      Ethier – .234 Jones .000
      Martin – .221 Ausmus .333 Ellis .000
      Furcal – .175 Castro .267

      NO surprises here!

      Stats are about the past and provide only a rebuttal presumption regarding the future.

  12. Mark Timmons says:

    McDonald will be very valuable to us this year. I don’t really think he is a starter, at this stage, but he is a great reliever. He can give us a lot of innings out of the pen.

    We also have Elbert & Lindblom at AAA who also may be counted upon later this year.

  13. Ken says:

    Mark – Seriously, Is the rule that a pitcher on rehab must be taken off of rehab 30 days after the first rehab date, or pretend to be reinjured, or be subject to the option rules? Does Vargas have any options left? Does any team want Vargas?

    Therefore, will Vargas be brought up the the Bigs on Friday, and presumably Mac to the Minors?

    Dehydrated water for All!

  14. Badger says:

    The season isn’t half over yet. Some guys are having good years, some guys are struggling, but there are a lot of games to play. I have liked Ethier as a hitter since he got here. He is an integral part of this team and we are going to need him down the stretch. I trust he will end the year with good numbers. He has too much natural talent and works too hard to not be successful.

    In his last tune-up he strikes out twice against A pitching how can Manny seriously claim to be ready? If I am management, he gets 10 more at bats to show me he is ready. Can’t the organization dictate this?

    I am now officially ready to let McDonald come out of the pen. This team is going to need a plethora of fresh arms very soon and hopefully his is made of rubber.

  15. Roger says:

    I just got up off the floor from laughting. Martin is better at clutch hitting than Ethier. Oh, my side hurts from laughing. Martin continues to stink up the batters box.

    Mark’s favorite player . . heck, if a manager has a chance to walk almost any player on the Dodgers roster, just to pitch to Martin.

    And I did not understand why he would be used at a DH in interleague play. Maybe he should start using Ethier’s bat. Or, even Pierre’s model.

    Mark, you have been stirring the pot long enough on this one. It is getting old now. Shoot all of the stats you want from one place or another. Managers now do not like Ethier at the plate with a game on the line — period.

  16. DRomo says:

    Mark you are hilarious! All of us in tunnel vision world wonder how you can continue to be critical of one player more than others.How many entries have been devoted to other players short comings? You are one of those guys who can talk their way out of anything. You may see it as clever or cute, but I think it starts to ruin your credibility. This is the part where you pull a stat out…we are waiting. :)

    Of course you are not eating crow, of course you are not wrong about Ethier, of course you had it right, have you ever admitted to being wrong and someone else is right on this site? I have.

  17. Mark Timmons says:

    OK, as I have stated before, I picked Ethier to hit .300 with 30 HR amd 100+ RBI BEFORE the season started. He has had some huge successes, but he has had many more miserable failures. I think he will get and is getting better. I am not calling for his head. I want him on the team.

    I won’t rehash the isssues because some of you don’t want to face the truth.

    You can’t handle the truth!

    Tell ‘em the truth, as of now about Andre Ethier and clutch hitting, Ken & Lawdog!

    I have argued the case. They have presented their arguments. Give me a verdict! I can handle it!

    I have

  18. Mark Timmons says:

    I am done.

    Get the jury in here!

  19. Mark Timmons says:


    Answer Romo’s riduculus question as to if I ever admit I am wrong.

    He evidently doesn’t read half my posts.

  20. Taylor says:

    What ever happened to Tony Jackson? Did he resurface anywhere on the web?

  21. Mark Timmons says:


    Doubtful. We couldn’t fund his travel and salary and he was talking about doing other things. I’ll talk to him this week and keep you posted.

  22. lawdog says:

    Softie now has 15 homers and how many walkoffs? If he hits 30 homers for the season, will anybody will have the audacity to call him Softie?

  23. DRomo says:

    Last year Mr All Knowing said I was crazy to predict 20HR out of Ethier. Who was right?

    Mark as to my ridiculous question, I am saying you refuse to let it die. Ethier is a damn good player who you always go back to hammering. You flip flop back and forth. You call us all tunnel vision guys for sticking with our guy and then jump on the band wagon when he is hot.

    I read your post …all of them. Once you get around the giant ego of yours it isn’t all bad you are right sometimes. Sometimes you are just wrong. Is that something they teach you in the press box? It has worked for TJ Simers. Go for it Mark.

  24. GoNzO says:

    Ethier has turned into a very good player. While he isn’t and probably won’t be a superstar he will be like a Keith Hernandez only with more power IMO.

    I wasn’t an Ethier fan at the beginning, but that was because of his attitude. The game has humbled him. One of my buddies who used to pitch for ASU and roomed with Ethier told me he’s been a hot head since back in the day i.e cursing after striking out, or failing to come through in a situation.

    After all these opinions about Ethier I think he relates to this quote, “Give your best when your best is needed”

  25. Ken says:

    Ethier has created his own image with his erratic emotions and erratic performance

    April BA -.306; RBIs – 22
    May BA – .211; RBIs – 8
    June – .277; RBIs – 22

    Walk off HRs 4?; DPs 14 (twice as much as any other Dodger)
    GPA – .289; BA/RSP – .234; Clutch -5.1 (Decreasing Statistical Performance from left to right reflects a true softness).

    Interpretation – GPA .289 is a good player; BA/RSP .234 is a lousey player; and -5.1 is a guy who should be sent back to the minors

    When good he is good and when bad he is real bad.

    The EMOs addicted to the emotion of a walk off HR should find some other emotional motivation.

  26. Bill Russell says:

    We need to define clutch. Is it game winning? Is it hitting with runners in scoring position, or is it hitting with runners on base.

    I think the real issue is everyone is talking about something else and everyone thinks they are talking about the same thing.

    Game winning situations Either must be up there at the top in the league. Now maybe with runners in scoring postion because for the most part we have had bunches of runners on base this year, he may be lacking somewhat. With runners on base who knows and who would even keep that stat. Just trying to figure out why Either is last in clutch hitting according to some?

    • Blue Haze says:

      Bill, I tried to get a conversation on giving this “clutch” a definition and it was totally ignored, as if I never posted it. In fact, I said “clutch” is hard to define, but like pornograhy, you know it when you see it. I believe I asked this in the last 7 days, so good luck with getting any response.

  27. Bill Russell says:

    DP’s usally means he hit the ball hard right at and infielder. How can that mean your soft? Some of these stats are just bogus.

    • Ken says:

      DPs usually mean somebody tried to pull a pitch that should have been hit up the middle or the other way, resulting is a grounder directly at a player.

  28. Mark Timmons says:


    Just recently I admitted that:

    1. I never thought Matt kemp would be good CF;
    2. I thought O-Dog was a bad pick-up; and
    3. I thought Casey Blake was not a good acquisition…

    and admitted I was wrong about all 3!

    Now, here is where you are going to have to convince me you understand English. Read these posts that I wrote in 2007:

    In March of 2007 I Wrote: “Ethier RF – he looks like the same player we saw May – August – hopefully he can add 2 more months.”

    Before last season, on April 3, 2008, I wrote:

  29. Mark Timmons says:


    You were right becaise you predicted 20 HR for Ethier – I PREDICTED 25! I WAS WRONG! Why would I say you wwere crazy to predict 20, whn I predicted 25?

    I think some of you have a huge MAN Crush on Andre. Re-Read what Ken just said.

  30. Mark Timmons says:


    That’s the point. Ethier is closer to the bottom than the top. You can feel however you want to feel, but the sats say otherwise.

    A DP is a DP regardless of whether it is hit hard or not, but I have seen Andre hit lots of soft ones too.

  31. Mark Timmons says:

    I don’t dislike him for it and I hope he gets better.

  32. Mark Timmons says:

    In Ken’s final sentence, he is saying some of ypu have selective memory on the emotion created by the walk-off.

  33. Badger says:


    Like I have said many times, Mark is a strongly opnionated guy that I happen to like. The most heated we ever got with each other was about George W. Bush. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t friends. I think he is wrong about this “soft” thing but it won’t ever get personal with us.

    These are just opinions, and you know what they say about opinions. Nobody is wrong because you have one as most of this is subjective.

    Even Bill James says there is no such thing as a clutch hitter. This is a team sport, and we need all 40 guys to be ready to step up and step in. You just cannot take less than half a season and pass judgment on any of these guys. I still think Blake will end up closer to his career avg. (.266) than to .300, but I am ready to be wrong about that. I still say Ethier has a real shot a .300, 30 and 100. Most of the season is left, so a couple of hot months and he is there. Kemp could put up monster numbers as soon as his head clears his ass. Martin will always be a solid contributor over the course of a full season.

    We can all post numbers that prove our point, but the real point is – this is baseball and it ain’t over ’til it’s over.

    We have a good team here. We have an entertaining team here. Relax and enjoy it.

  34. Joseph says:

    You guys are all too obsessed with the clutch, who cares, Ethier is one of the best hitters on the team regardless and is leading the team with 15 homeruns. He is young and in his prime at 27 and is getting paid only 3 million dollars. He is on pace for 31 homeruns and 110 rbis. June has been is biggest power month, even without Manny, and now with Manny coming back he should only improve. It is amazing people always find a way to complain about a team even when we have the best record in baseball.

    If you guys want to complain about something complain about the lack of production from Loney or how Martin has been awful or how awful the Furcal contract is starting to look. Those are the bigger issues facing the team. Think about this over the next 2 seasons we have 20 + million locked up in Furcal and Pierre.

    Mark maybe you should start focusing your energy on why Loney is only batting 280 and has 5 homeruns for a first baseman. Is his future as a Dodger or should we look elsewhere, he is 25 years old this year and if he can’t hit for a high average his lack of power is a big problem. I think both will turn into fine players and Loney will develop, but those two young players are the ones that are not improving, not Ethier or Kemp. Not to mention if we have a weakness this year it is at first base, shortstop and catcher. Everywhere else has been amazing.

    Everyone should try to enjoy this season as we are witnessing Kemp, Ethier, Billingsly, Kershaw and Broxton all turn into stars not to mention witnessing the depth of a Dodger farm system how we can pull up reliever after reliever up to the big leagues and they turn to gold it is amazing.

  35. DRomo says:

    Mark I predicted 20 HR las year! You said I was crazy then. This year of course people predicted more.

    I hardly call it a man crush he is one of my favorite Dodgers but not THE favorite. I’ll ask again, who else has been the subject of your SOFTIE label or had topic devoted to their short comings?

    As for what Ken said I’ll agree. Here is what everyone is trying to get through your head. Ethier is not an all star. He goes into slumps. BUT he is a damn good defensive outfielder, who can provide power and and is a solid team guy! Who could ask for more? Well Mr. All Knowing that’s who, right?

    It is not about the walk offs Mark and Ken. The walk offs only show that when you say he can’t perform in the clutch you are wrong.

  36. Joseph says:

    Also for those saying he cannot hit without Manny his posting a better OPS this month than he did in April with Manny, not to to mention the fact that besides for a bad month of May, he has posted two months of an OPS close to 1.000.

    June: .277 .343 .638 .981

    April: .306 .423 .553 .976

    Yes his average took a hit, but I expect that to get closer to 300 as he has always hit for a good average, not mention Manny coming back. The big thing that everyone should be excited about is his power surge, which looks like he is developing into a power hitting corner outfielder that we have been waiting for. Him and Manny and Kemp will be the best hitting outfield in the big leagues.

  37. DRomo says:

    When we talk about not performing in the clutch how about Raffy failing to lay down a freakin bunt last night, when it was needed. How about Martin swing out of his ass when a base hit wins the game? These things happen on a regular basis! What about Juan Pierre doing everything he can to try and get into scoring position, that was clutch and gets unnoticed everytime.

    It is like BRuss said “what is clutch?”

    This whole thing is just gotten so silly because we always go back to Ethier.

    • Ken says:


      Clutch is a term from THT – “”Clutch” is the name we’ve given to the portion of Bill James’s Runs Created formula that includes the impact of a batter’s batting average with runners in scoring position and the number of home runs with runners on. The specific formula is Hits with RISP minus overall BA times at bats with RISP, plus HR with runners on minus (all HR/AB) times at bats with runners on. This stat is not a definitive description of “clutch hitting,” just one way of looking at it.”

  38. Ken says:

    My general opinions are based upon the following grades:

    Batting Grades based upon OPS

    Blake – .861 – A
    Kemp – .854 – A
    Either – .849 – A

    Pierre – .806 – B+
    Hudson – .794 – B

    Loney – .720 – C

    Martin – .664 – D+
    Furcal – .637 – D

    Castro – .840 – A
    Jones – .785 – B
    Loretta – .680 – C-
    Ausmus – .615 – D-

    Rameriz – 1.113 – A+
    Eyechart – 1.000 – A
    Paul – .813 – B+
    Hoffmann – .576 – F
    DeWitt – .396 – F-

    PITCHING – My own Stat – MERA (Which takes into account ERA, WHIP & innings)
    Bills – 3.05 B+
    Kuroda – 3.31 – B
    Wolf – 3.48 – B-
    Kershaw – 3.91 – C-
    Milton – 4.75 – F

    Weaver – 3.83 – C
    Stults – 4.98 – F
    McDonald – 8.17 – F-

    Broxton – 1.86 – A+
    McDonald – 1.89 – A+
    Belisario – 1.99 – A+
    Troncoso – 2.00 – A+
    Leach – 2.87 – A-
    Weaver – 3.20 – B
    Mota – 3.50 – B-

    Schitling – 3.77 – C
    Wade – 4.38 – D
    Elbert – 4.74 – F
    Ohman – 4.75 – F
    Kuo – 5.18 – F-

    Other opinions regarding who is slumping, tired, overused, misused, erratic, etc. are interjected periodically

  39. Michael says:

    Perhaps we should rename this site “Andre Ethiers Tragic Illness”. Salesman and debater extraordinaire is pulling everyones strings. Andre has to put Mark on his Christmas card list for all of this. When he gets the Manny bump back Friday, he should really be sizzling. It will be quite sweet tonight if we can win number[the only number that really matters] 50 and it’s still being June. Its time for Dodger baseball. :}

  40. Slo Dawg says:

    Not to change the subject but I went to see Manny play Sunday in San Bernardino. He walked his first time up and went from first to third on a double. You could tell he was running about 3/4 speed. He struck out looking his next 2 times up. He only had one assist in the outfield and that ball was hit right to him.

    Really nothing exciting other then to see everyone go crazy for the guy. Man people in So Cal love this dude…well DOdger fans anyway.

    I was really impressed with Van Slyke. He is a big boy with a sweet swing…

  41. Badger says:

    I have a problem with any clutch formula that requires number of home runs in it. Stolen bases should be included somewhere and isn’t. Advancing runners is critical in some game situations, and I don’t see that in the formula. And, OPS includes slugging % and not batting average. Seems to me that with these criteria, only home run hitters, or certainly guys who hit for power, qualify as clutch. Pierre could go 1 for 4, a single, steal 2 bases, score the winning run on an infield out and have an inferior OPS to a guy who goes 1 for 4, a double, and gets stranded at second. Look at Ken’s formula – Pierre gets a B+? Excuse me? Pierre gets an A on my report card.

    And, teams are only on offense half the game. Where are the defensive stats in this equation?

    Again, it’s a team game. I would rather see us in the play-offs than see several Dodgers on an All Star team. Give me 9 good baseball playes pulling on the same end of the rope any day.

    • Blue Haze says:

      You nailed what I have been saying and thinking, CBadger, you are coming at it from a players point of view. All of those things you mentioned, like advancing runners, HRs not such an important stat for defining clutch, etc. are the things that make a team a winning team, yet those types of things are never given regard in most statistical formulas. In the clubhouse, the boys no who and what they do makes a team win or lose.

      Since, some want to only rely on stats and not consider the true baseball inner-dope on successful teams, I think we are going to have to “agree to disagree without being disagreeable about the Los Angeles Dodgers of Dodgertown in Southern California of the National League West” (yeah that is the new name of the team, Frank wants to directly compete with the Angels).

  42. Mark Timmons says:


    I predicted Ethier would hit 25 last year. Did you read my post? It stands there in stark contrast to whay you say. If I said you were crazy, it was probably in jest because I thought he could hit more! I said it in my post!

    Juan Pierre has been extremely clutch.

    Martin is horrible, but has to stay in the lineup for his catching in my opinion.


    Don’t give out my tricks;)

    Slo Dawg,

    Van Slyke has always had the tools, he’s just really starting to put it together this year. How often do you go to IE games?

  43. Blue Haze says:

    How’s the hip doing today, Mark? Are you being good and doing what the doc has told you. When I have had surgeries, once I start feeling a little better, I usually start to do way more than the docs had in mind and set myself back.

    Hang in there, we still all like ya.

    BTW, since no one has mentioned it lately, this is the best going Dodger blog. Good job and get well soon.

  44. GoNzO says:


    1. I have never mentioned anything and your opinion about Kemp.
    2. Change the last name in 1. Hudson
    3. Changethe last name to Blake

    I really don’t care what your opinion is because you have aright to as do others. You are a good wordsmith and have a way of backtracking your comments with “show me the facts” or “I said it in jest” or any other cockamamie statement.

    The difference between you and I is that I was raised to own up to my mistakes spoken or otherwise. It should also be obvious that I know English, I use it everyday where I work. I just don’t feel the need to let others know what languages I speak, how good I am at a sport, how hard I can throw a ball, how bad I can hurt someone that pisses me off etc..

    The fact that you have access to places all of us here don’t really doesn’t make you more knowledgable than others that blog here. And yes stats are nice and they help, but guess what? They played the game way before your time and definitely my time without most of the bullshit stats all the geeks introduce. So I hope you are now convinced that I know English and know a little about the game as well.

  45. Blue Haze says:

    Damn it, Gonzo, tell us what you really think, quit beating around the bush. (I thought it was a pretty cheap shot, trying to tweak your nose with a “don’t know English crack, so you are not alone, I forgot to mention it before. Hey Gonzo can you imagine the shit I would have heard if I would have said something like that?)

    Micahel, I know you have been around, that’s why I said “you have been around for more than a week…”

    Go Los Angeles Dodgers of Dodgertown of Southern California of the National League West!!! (That just rolls off the tongue so nicely, I like it.)

  46. Mark Timmons says:


    Better every day – inch by inch. I am not pushing it. I’ll take whatever time I need to heal. I am satisfied to do what they say. I don’t want to screw this up. I have dropped to 241 and should be at 235 in a couple of weeks. When I am released from rehab in 7b weeks, I intend to be 225 and maintain or lower that weight. I think the older you get, the lighter you should get.

  47. Bill Russell says:

    Who ever does the formula for Clutch stats should include a walkoff homerun as 10 times the points as a base hit with a runner at second during the middle of the game. Also if there’s a slow runner at second (Loney) that gets thrown out at the plate on a base hit how is that figured in? That should have been a clutch hit but other factors went into play. Stats are only as good as they are formulated. It’s not exact science in my opinion. Just like my DP theory wasn’t received very well by some. This isn’t softball where you can place the ball where you want.

  48. Badger says:

    I wasn’t crazy about the Blake signing, but obviously he is an important spoke in this wheel. The other players seem to like him. As I recall, it was losing the 17th pick that bugged Mark the most. My feeling was as long as he passed intense physicals, Hudson was worth it.

    Yeah Blaze, you and I seem to agree on certain elements of this game from a players and or coaches perspective. But my guess is, everybody here has played the game. Maybe not at the same levels we did, but most folks here know what they are talking about. I know Gonzo is a coach, and I know Mark was a player. It would be interesting, to me anyway, to hear everybody’s experience but it isn’t all that important. Some people never played the game but know more than I ever will because they study it. Bill James is a great example of that.

    This is a Dodger blog and I find everyone’s opinion interesting. I don’t agree with all of them of course, but reading different takes helps me understand more too.

  49. Mark Timmons says:


    I don’t comprehend anything in your post and no I see why. It was made to DRomo who said I never admitted when I was wrong and I just gave him some cases where I was wrong.

    Sorry I used your name when it wasn’t directed to you.

    Romo, This is what I said to you:


    Just recently I admitted that:

    1. I never thought Matt kemp would be good CF;
    2. I thought O-Dog was a bad pick-up; and
    3. I thought Casey Blake was not a good acquisition…

    and admitted I was wrong about all 3!

    Now, here is where you are going to have to convince me you understand English. Read these posts that I wrote in 2007:

    In March of 2007 I Wrote: “Ethier RF – he looks like the same player we saw May – August – hopefully he can add 2 more months.”

    Before last season, on April 3, 2008, I wrote:

  50. Mark Timmons says:


    My apologies. There is one of me and it is easy to figure out who I am, but I comfused you with Romo.


  51. Mark Timmons says:

    I am so comfused, maybe I should go back on the narcotics.

  52. Mark Timmons says:

    Martin Sits!


    1. Pierre, LF

    2. Furcal, SS

    3. Ethier, RF

    4. Blake, 3B

    5. Loney, 1B

    6. Kemp, CF

    7. Castro, 2B

    8. Ellis, C

    9. C-Bill, P

  53. Roger says:

    When Vinny said late last night that the extra innings are hard on any player, yet, for both catchers in the game, it is really a long night. As soon as he said that, I knew that Martin would sit tonight — and Ellis would start. He is a natrual (for tonight).

    Mark, I am glad you still want Ethier on the team.

    Oh, as Vinny said last night, if the Dodgers were simply .500 with Colorado, this would be a much closer race. Thank you Colorado.

    Do you think that Manny will come out on Friday and rocket balls all over the place? Or, needs a couple of weeks to get it together?

  54. Ken says:

    I am so surprised that so many of you do not know how to interpret what a person writes.

    Expressio unius est exclusio alterius (The express mention of one thing excludes all others)

  55. Badger says:

    I thought I was doing ok interpreting – until that Ken. The express mention? You MUST be a lawyer.

  56. Bill Russell says:

    Maybe baseball and accounting are just two different animals. One is a number crunching method of looking at things and the other is a simple team game played with a ball, bat and glove. Paul Deposada was a number cruncher when he was a Dodger but I didn’t agree with his logic. He seemed more suited to be an assistant to a GM or running a low budget team like he help with in Oakland. I guess some of as just can’t understand how Bill James method is a proven approach in filling out the lineup card. Like someone said, it’s just one way of looking at it.

  57. Roger says:

    After 4 innings:

    So far I could have written the script for this game.

    C-Bills pitching like he does. Hawpe hitting like he does. Marquis pitching like he does.

    Game is up for grabs . . . If Marquis goes 9, tough.

    Through 4, Marquis has 43 pitches, C-Bills 59

  58. Bill Russell says:

    OMG, I just flipped my Dodger Calendar over to July and who’s on the picture for the month of JULY??????

    Andruw Frecken Jones. Of all months, why would he be the guy for July? There’s no Fireworks Here. I could see them putting him on the calendar for the month of December or January. (non baseball months)

  59. Badger says:

    I just checked the box – Marquis with 56 pitches through 6 IP.

    Wow. He is going through us like like a fart through cotton. We are in trouble.

  60. Badger says:

    News: Schmidt’s rehab from shoulder surgery has been halted due to irritation in the shoulder, the Dodgers’ official Web site reported. (Mon. Jun 29, 2009)

  61. Blue Haze says:

    “fart thru cotton” is a new one to me. But since I wear cotton underwear, maybe I am more familiar than I care to admit.

  62. Roger says:

    The Colorado Ace, has out pitched the Dodger Ace.

    This lead could fall fast. That is what an Ace is for, to stop the bleeding. The record in the past week or so will not do. I know Ethier is to blame. It is not Martin’s fault, he did not start tonight

    Wait, fly ball to centerfield, and Kemps seems to be watching the ball fall to the ground. I hope in a tied game, late in the game, he would have ziped in and dove for that ball. Or, made he just got a bad read on the ball.

  63. Badger says:

    8 innings in 80 pitches. Masterful.

    We are getting skooled tonight.

  64. Bill Russell says:

    First pitch strikes. You would think about the 5th inning we might start swinging at the first pitch. Oh well can’t win them all but the whipped boys whipped our butts tonight.

  65. Badger says:

    6 pitches in the 9th inning? 86 for a complete game?

    Tell me, was he really this good or were we that bad?


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