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What If I Told You At The End Of June…

What If I Told You At The End Of June…
  • That Manny Ramirez would be 8th on the Dodgers in RBI?
  • That Raffy would be hitting .239 (you would have never believed that one either – you might have believed .439 easier)?
  • That Andre Ethier would be hitting .268?
  • That Russ Martin would be hitting .250?
  • That Casey Blake would be our cleanup hitter?
  • That Hiroki Kuroda would miss most of April and all of May
  • That Juan Pierre would have more RBI than Manny?

If anyone would have told you that stuff, you would have thought the Dodgers were doomed.  One thing about this team:  They are the only team in MLB who has never lost 3 games in p1_green_gettya row this year.   I think the season ebbs and flows and you will see some slumps and some streaks, but if we can just stay away from a 3-game losing streak, we should be fine.   It’s only Almost July!

  • That was an impressive display of power by Andre Ethier.  Almost as good as Shawn Green.  13 of his 14 HR have came at home.  1 HR on the road?  Go figure!  The last Dodger to hit 3 HR in a game?  Hee Sop Choi.
  • Young Clayton evened his record at 5-5 and his ERA is now 3.70 – very respectable!   In fact, since May 1st, Clayton’s ERA is 2.48.  Do some of you really still think he doesn’t belong in the majors?
  • Mota also continues to re-bound and has been a very effective middleman.
  • I don’t put much credence in the Jarrod Washburn rumors, especially since Jason Schmidt pitched 7 2/3 scoreless innings for Albuquerque in a rehabilitation start last night.  The righty gave up five hits and one walk while striking out seven. He threw 104 pitches.  He’s close…
  • Cory Wade was optioned to AAA and Eric Milton was recalled to start tonight.  I like Cory, but he as been ineffective of late.  I think he’s injured.
  • Eric Stults pitched 3 innings in his first re-hab action. 

Yesterday, I just had to work on a quote for a State Job  for about 4 hours (on my computer at home).  It was due at 3 PM and I  had to put it all together.  It was hard to stay awake that long, so I slept from about 1-4 and then met with my web guru from 4-6 and then slept until just gametime.   I was unable to comment during the game.  It would not accept my comments, Miguel.  Anyone else with issues?   I watched until the 7th and then dozed off.  I recorded it and watched the rest this AM.

I feel really good.  I am able to get in and out of bed by myself.  My incision looks “wonderful – that’s the best one I have ever seen” said my home nurse.  It’s dry and they removed the dressing.   If I get an infection, the hip has to come out, so that would not be good.

This and That

  • It took Lou a long time to finally have gotten tired of Milton Bradley’s antics.  It should be very interesting from hereforth.  We all know he’s a headcase.
  • Still up 8 on the Giants and still the best record in baseball.
  • I have a sneakin’ feeling that Jason Schmidt is going to earn his keep here pretty soon.  If he can just bring it 91-92 and pitch 6 or 7 he would be a huge find.  Yeah, I know… but past performance is not indicative of future prospects.

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24 Responses to “What If I Told You At The End Of June…”

  1. Michael says:

    Nice to hear you are feeling good Mark. I take your word for it but that is nearly unbelievable about Jason. The team with the best record in all of baseball with no All-stars is living proof that teams win pennants, not individuals. This is Dodger baseball. Peace.:}

    • CaptainLoose says:

      If you were to ask me who would have the .300 average and who would have the .268 average between Blake and Ethier, I would have bet a 500 on that one. And lost. Currently Blake is 35 points above his career average. Can he keep it up? Stay tuned. The stat guru Bill James says players peak between 25 and 30. Looks to me like Blake peaked between Van Nuys and Anaheim.____Yep, this is when I would bring Kershaw up. In my world he has worked on his command and his stamina, going 75-85 pitches a night. In the L.A. world he has gone 82.2 innings, which means he only has 100 left. Maybe not even that many considering he is throwing 18 pitches and inning. I hope he makes it to the finish line.

  2. CaptainLoose says:

    BTW, still somewhat confused on the clutch stuff. Since the Mariners only scored 2, are those last 2 home runs by Ethier soft?

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    I am not saying Schmidt will be back, but I just have a “gut feeling” about it.

  4. Mark Timmons says:


    I have the posting issued fixed. I couldn’t get Miguel or the other geeks so I just switched off Intense Debate and it worked.

    Have at it!

    I like this better anyway.

  5. Harold says:

    Mark – good to hear you are coming along well. Something happened when I tried to post to Tony Jackson’s blog some time ago. I got renamed HUhlman instead of Harold and all my posts to your blog were rejected. Either deemed too long, even though short, or unable to connect. So will try it again.

  6. Michael says:

    I am just shocked that Jason could put up those numbers[104 pitches].If that isn’t a typo he would have to be called up after one more good showing. Only Andres’ 1st one counted, the last two were just icing on the cake.Didn’t James hit 3 in a game a couple years ago in Colorado?

  7. Mark Timmons says:

    On the HR’s:

    I don’t label them Soft every time, even though we all obviously agree there is diffrerent pressure during different situations.

    Even his first one wasn’t at a huge pressure time, but he is pretty much the reason we won, so I am impressed by his “body of work” last night.

  8. Harold says:

    I also think we might have been surprised to find out at this point that of all the teams with 40 or more victories, only the Dodgers have FIVE players with 40 or more RBIS. Several teams have three members with over 40. The Dodgers have a very balanced offense. If Manny had not been suspended we may well have had six 40 RBI guys by this time. Undoubtedly for me the big surprise has been Casey Blake. He is hitting well in the clutch and I have been totally impressed with his defense.


  9. Mark Timmons says:

    Oh, and I think Loney hit 2 Grand Salami’s not 3 HR in Colorado.

  10. Blue Haze says:

    Are others having difficulty getting posts to take? Giving it one more try, damn you guys missed some incredible posts from me.

  11. Harold says:

    I had a good post that didn’t take Blue Haze.In fact I have been shut out since Tony was part of the site. My post was a response to Mark’s “softee” issue with Andre Ethier. On second thought, it couldn’t have been that good as I can’t remember what I said.


  12. Badger says:

    I had a few great posts.

    On one of them I said I have been wrong about Blake. He is hitting better at age 36 than he has hit in his career, going against James’ theory (and mine) that players peak between 25 and 30. I keep waiting for the wheels to come off, but in the mean time, this crow don’t taste so bad as I am eating it with my Dogs in first place.

    At the risk of too many words here, I also said that this is about the time I would bring Kershaw up. He has figured out the strike zone, and pitched 75-85 pitches a game giving him an excellent opportunity to get to the finish line strong. He already has 82.2 IP this year, and since he is averaging about 17-18 pitches and inning, I wonder if he can get another 100 innings this year.

    Will Blake finish with his career year? Will Kershaw finish strong?

    Stay tuned.

  13. Ken says:

    Belisario arrested – I warned you guys

    Kershaw – “Sometimes soft is the way to go.”

    Its hard to be soft when you are long – Ethier

  14. Roger says:

    Nark, I mean Mark (sorry I hit the wrong key)key–

    “Almost as good as Shawn Green.” That was May 23, 2002.

    Shawn was almost 30 then, with about 3,940 ABs.
    About 210 HRs at that point.
    Also, about 638 RBIs to that point.
    In about 990 games.

    Ethier stats: he is 26 years old.
    1629 ABs.
    Has 58 HRs.
    Has 245 RBIs.
    In 492 games.

    Shawn was a real power hitter then. Before those 4 HRs, he had hit over 40 twice with 42 and 49. He had already season with big RBIs: 100, 123, 99, and 125. Shawn was a power hitter.

    But after the 2002 season, his number really started to drop for the next 6 years he played.

    So maybe Ethier’s 3 HRs last night was even a better deal than Green’s was in 2002, because Andre is not in Green power class.

    So Mark has another slam on Ethier. And who knows what Green might have been on at that time . . .

    Oh, by the way, back in the Brooklyn-Yankee world series, when Larson threw the no-hitter, October 8, 1956, all of those Dodger were “soft” — Gilliam, Reese, Snider, Robinson, Hodges, Amoros, Furillo, Campanella, Mitchell — all of those guys were “soft.”

  15. Bill Russell says:

    Add another pitcher, YES

  16. mark says:

    Andre Ethier has hit 12 of his 14 HR in just 5 games.

  17. Roger says:

    Seattle was picked by the high rollers (L.V.) to win tonight.

    Minton might need a few more starts. Good thing that Kershaw started last night.

    Just noticed that the Giants lost again.

    Kemp now has 67 Ks. Why he might break his record of 153 of last year.

    What does Hudson have in his mouth? Tobbaco, gum, some other foreign substance ?????

  18. mark says:


    My “almost as good as Shawn Green” was that Shawn hit 4. Andre hit 3. That’s all. Nothing more. Nothing less.

  19. Roger says:

    Thanks Mark, I called Donny and asked them to check Martin’s heart, to see if he is still alive after the game. Or, is this his body just walking around on batteries.

    But glad you keep trashing Andre. I guess we will have to follow your wishes and trade him to the Pirates for a bag of baseballs. He done.

    On Martin, maybe the Dodgers should send him over to Camelback for a month to see if they can make him hit at least .250 with 2 HRs for the rest of the year.

  20. mark says:

    Kemp has about the same number of K’s but is seeing more pitches per AB and getting more walks. He has a higher OB% as well.

    On Martin: Lots of people have been saying all year that Russ Martin was trying to “pull everything.” One look at the hit charts shows just the opposite is true.

  21. mark says:

    I thought all I said about Ethier was:

    “That was an impressive display of power by Andre Ethier.”

    I didn’t realize that some people think that is trashing him.

  22. mark says:

    Now that you mention it, Andre hasn’t been looking good in the field.

  23. mark says:

    See, I do think Martin has been a choke artist most of this year, but his valve is a lot more than hitting. I man he only has 21 RBI’s or something horrid like that. He deserves to be hitting 8th. I don’t make up the lineup, but if I were doing it, Russ would be 8th.

    What makes this team so great, is that they have been picking each other up.


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