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Russ Martin is Officially Back!

Russ Martin is Officially Back!

Jared and Jeff Weaver were the storyline going into yesterday nights’ game, but Russ Martin was the real story.  It has been painful watching Russ Martin the past month when he was at bat.  I almost had to turn my head a few times as I felt alien had abducted the real Russ Martin, and taken over his body.  Whatever, however, Russ is back, and that is fantastic news for the Dodgers.  Andre Ethier also had a very clutch triple, and with Manny due back soon. the Dodgers could be the class of all of baseball.  Jeff Weaver pitched 5 strong innings which was impressive for a guy who is rarely used, and Ronnie Beliasrio was awesome (he still doesn’t know where his pitch is going, but I guess the hitters don’t either). 

Juan Pierre had 2 hits, as did Matt Kemp to go with Martins’ 3-4.   Other than Andre Ethier’sclutch triple, the middle of the order was pedestrian, at best.  Belisario and Troncoso did their jobs, but Jon Broxton pitched like a guy who has a hurt toe and has been off for a few days.  Let’s hope last night knocked the rust off.

Rants & Raves

  • Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times who covers the Seattle Mariners, wrote this in his blog February 16, 2009 about Adrian Beltre.  I am merely posting it to show how Beltre has become a clubhouse leader, and of course, I believe he should still be playing 3B for us:

Might as well get all this out in the open at the very start of spring training. Adrian Beltre walked in today, looking in great shape and eager to start camp. Right off the bat, Beltre was asked about J.J. Putz’s comments about divisions in the Mariners clubhouse last season. Beltre is one of the team’s best players and one that teammates tend to follow with a fervor. As he walked in the room, he was immediately seranaded by one player after another, then congregated in a corner with Jose Lopez, Yuniesky Betancourt, Carlos Silva and Felix Hernandez.p1_beltre-thumb-608x909-3681

So, his words mean something. And here is how he responded to Putz’s comments when surrounded by reporters this morning. Listen to the entire audio file right here.

“There were some things last year that…some players played differently than how we played and how you’re supposed to play,” Beltre said. “I cannot myself say that (they) are not team players, they might be. But I think probably, it was not the way that probably people should play the game. But it’s something that happened last year, I think this is a new year. We have to look forward and try to make it work.”

Beltre was asked what he could do — as one of the team’s most obvious leaders — to change this problem.

“It’s not what I can do,” he said. “It’s whoever was the guys that didn’t play the game right that should join the other guys that want to play and want to do the little things to win. I try every year to do my part. It’s not just what I can do out there on the field. I try to guide the guys, how, even if we’re struggling, how we can score some runs, how to play the game and try to win as a team. Not just as individuals.”

Beltre was asked for his definition of playing the game “the right way.”

“My understanding is, you do the little things,” he said. “If you have a man at second, you move him over. Give up the at-bat. If you’re losing by two or three runs, don’t go up there and hack. Because if you hit a home run, you’re still going to lose by a run. Play the situation game. If you know you’re winning by two or three runs and they have men at first and second and you’re sure the guy is going to score at home plate, don’t throw home because you can try to cut the other guy off. Just the little things you can go over.

“Just do the little things. Take a walk if you need it. If you need a guy on base, bunt if you can run. Just the little things like that, where the team can see that you’re playing to help a team win. Not just numbers or your stats and stuff.”

Sounds familliar, no? There are only a handful of guys he can be talking about when he mentions hitting cutoff men from the outfield and I know it isn’t Raul Ibanez because Beltre was an admirer of how he plays the game. I also don’t think he’s picking on Jeremy Reed or Wladimir Balentien, guys still breaking into the majors in many respects.

I’ve talked to a few people — not players — who worked higher up in the organization the past few seasons, and they spoke of lingering tensions between Beltre and Ichirothe past few years. The issue, they say, has been a problem the team tried to address in group settings because players follow Beltre’s lead.

I wanted to put the question to Beltre directly rather than begin speculating on it this past winter without offering him a chance to respond. This was the first opportunity to ask Beltre face-to-face about Ichiro, so I did.

I told him Putz had said he felt Ichiro could do more, then relayed it to Beltre’s comments about some guys not doing what it takes to win. Putz, by the way, is a huge Beltre fan, which you can read about in today’s The Hot Stone League blog from colleague Larry Stone.

I asked Beltre: “Is he (Ichiro) one of those guys you think can do more?”

Beltre initially said he didn’t have issues with any one player.

“I don’t single out anybody,” he said. “You’re never going to hear that out of my mouth. I think that it’s wrong to single out your teammate. If I’m a good teammate, I’m going to support everybody here. Even if he is, or he’s not (playing the right way) I’m not going to tell you. Because I think that should be addressed in the clubhouse, not outside.”

Hardly a ringing endorsement. But if Beltre wants to keep all such commentary in-house, that’s his right. Ibanez, a player Beltre says he’s going to miss for his leadership qualities, operated in identical fashion. But the question had to be asked. It’s been talked about for years in this organization and now it’s out in the open.

I asked Mariners manager Don Wakamatsu whether he was made aware of any specific Beltre-Ichiro tension and what he planned to do about it. First off, Wakamatsu said he was not caught off-guard by any of Putz’s comments. He said he had done his homework prior to interviewing for the Mariners job, had spoken to players who were here and had a pretty good idea of what had transpired. Beltre, by the way, feels too much is being made of the tensions, but a whole lot of people — like Wakamatsu — seem to have been made aware of them and Putz (no longer employed by the organization) feels they were a big deal.

So, we’ll give you what everyone is saying and let you decide.

By the way, I’m told former manager Jim Rigglemanweighed in with some choice comments down in Florida today, where he now is in spring training with the Washington Nationals. We’ll update you on those quotes later today, but it’s worth noting that Riggleman, who played down the tensions last fall, is also no longer drawing a paycheck in Seattle.

Back to Beltre-Ichiro specifically, Wakamatsu said: “I’ve heard a lot of rumblings. Again, I don’t want to comment on anything in the past. There’s a lot of new guys here. And I just want to focus on creating an environment where maybe we bring a lot of that favoritism closer to equality. I think it’s important that that 61st guy in camp, that he feels we’re there for him.”

I asked him whether Beltre can help get that message across.

“You’re looking for leadership but…I’m not going to make anybody a leader,” he said. “What I’m trying to do is get them to understand their actions. Some guys are vocal, some guys aren’t. But younger players are going to look at veteran players and say ‘What’s he doing?’ Or ‘Is he getting away with that?’ So, it’s our job to try to make sure and bring that to those guys’ attention and say ‘Hey, set the example.’ ”

Wakamatsu said he had “a great conversation” with Beltre over the winter and that “he cares and he wants to win.” He did text message with Ichiro briefly, but hasn’t spoken to him since he saw him in Seattle.

So, once again, back to Beltre-Ichiro.

“When I get both those guys in camp, we’ll see if we have a problem,” he said. “But for now, I don’t forsee anything.”

Fair enough. We’ll see what happens going forward.

Wakamatsu was asked whether winning can change everything. “Absolutely, it helps,” he said.

Then again, the team won 88 games in 2007, but tensions were still there. Enough to call a team meeting at Tropicana Field that season. And those tensions lingered around long enough over the ensuing winter for the clubhouse to fall into disarray the moment the team started losing the first few weeks in 2008.

Wakamatsu said it goes beyond mere winning and that he and his coaches have to lay out a process of communication to let the team know what’s expected. Things like wearing numbered uniforms on the field during spring training instead of mere pullovers — something several players did the first day here but were quickly told was not acceptable.

Beltre told us he felt the 2008 team was talented enough to win. So, I put this question to him: “What was the biggest reason you didn’t win last year when you had all that talent?”

“That’s a good question,” he said. “That’s a good question because we had a good lineup. We had a good lineup one through nine. We had five solid starting rotation guys and we had a good bullpen. We probably didn’t have a veteran presence in the eighth inning , a set-up man, in the beginning. But we did have a good team and I don’t really understand why we did so badly. I think it’s just baseball. Sometimes, maybe we didn’t click right, or we didn’t give ourselves enough time. A couple of guys were released early after a couple of weeks and maybe we started panicking. I don’t know. It can be so many different things but I can’t point my finger and say what it was. I still can’t believe that we lost so many games last year.”

I think that there are some moments in our lives which can define our legacy and I believe it was a huge mistake for Adrian Beltre to leave the Dodgers, especially for Seattle, where he has been miserable.  He was coming off a career season and while I do not believe he could have continued to hit as well as he did in  2004, I do believe that had he stayed in LA, he  would have been a clubhouse leader who hit 30 HR, had 100 RBI and a .290 Batting Average every year.  Seattle was bad for him and I wonder if he will come back to LA?  Casey Blake has been amazing this year, but Adrian is 7 or 8 years younger and a Gold Glover.  Do we want a starter?  How about Blake, Pierre and prospects for one, and then more prospects to Seattle for the free-agent-to-be Beltre?  I can only hope…

  • Devaris Gordon is hitting .307 at Great Lakes and has 39 SB to go with 20 Errors – Raw, very Raw!  This guy is a Jimmy Rollins waiting to happen.
  • After being nearly un-hittable the first few weeks of the season, Ethan Martin now can’t get anyone out.  Hey, he’s a 3B too…
  • Choi got his 2nd win last night at AAA (4 K’s in 3 IP) - I wonder when he will get the call-up?  He has 29 K’s in 19 IP to go with 12 hits and 5 BB.
  • Clayton Kershaw goes against John Lackey tonight on Sunday Night Baseball.

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46 Responses to “Russ Martin is Officially Back!”

  1. Blue Haze says:

    Wow, Martin actually hit the ball squarely a few times last night. I don't know if he is back or he faced a pitcher that he can hit against. I am glad to see Martin contribute, but a game doesn't make a whole season. Maybe the Dodgers could trade Martin to a AL West team and he could get some more at bats against Jared Weaver.

    Beltre: clubhouse leader or clubhouse cancer? I guess there are at least two ways to look at any situation.

    • Mark_Timmons says:

      Haze, How come when Martin gets 3 good hits it's "a game doesn't make a whole season," but when Ethier gets ONE good hit (and I gave him his props for it,) you say "You are really starting to sound ridiculous with your Ethier rants. Get over it, the more you try and prove your point the more absurd it gets."

      It 's not MY POINT, it is what I say it is. He is almost the worst clutch hitter on the team. That is fact! I have posted the stats and you have no argument! I won't rehash it. Go back and re-read what I posted because you have nothing. I hope Andre gets his mojo back. In the past few days he has had 3 excellent hits, but his body of work without Manny in the lineup is extremely poor. Will he get better? I am hoping so and his 3 big hits give me reason to believe.

      Yesterday, CBS Sportsline said:

      "Ethier has mostly struggled since Manny Ramirez began his 50-game suspension, with that streak at the beginning of June his only small measure of success. He's still not exactly a must-start in mixed leagues right now, though he certainly has that kind of potential, especially when Ramirez returns in a couple weeks. "

  2. DRomo says:

    First of all Happy Fathers Day to all of us dads out there! I hope we all get to watch another win with our kids tonight :)

    It is nice to see Beltre come around. I wish he would have shown some loyalty after we suffered through so many years with his struggles before he flourished. He had a decent offer from us and never gave the Dodgers a chance to match or beat it. That said, he had just seen the teams leader traded (LoDuca) a stand up guy like Dave Roberts tossed aside. He may not have liked the direction of the club…who knows. I really like what we have in Blake, he maybe a consilation prize but he is as solid as we have had in a while. Hey Mark, how far off is Josh Bell. That kid was something else when he played in San Bernardino. Could Blake be keeping Bell's spot warm?

  3. DRomo says:

    Martin did look great last night. I would like to see him DH tonight and let Ausmus catch Kershaw. It might be just me but I think Kershaw is better with Ausmus behind the dish (like the Florida game). This will keep Martin in the groove at the plate and give his legs a little rest. I sure hope Ellis gets a start soon. Lets give the kid a chance.!

    Peace guys

  4. BillRussell says:

    Happy Father's Day to everyone. Even to Captain Blake basher. (and yes, everything is fine at home). Russell looked much better the last few nights. We need his production in the lineup and it truely showed last night. I too hope that Broxton shook off some of the rust because he's needed out there. Trancoso and Bell -a-sorry-oh are two big keys to our pen. They are doing a great job. Where has Cory Wade been? Is he injuried or just resting? I hope we will see the Clayton Kershaw that is mighty good today. If the Curve ball is working, we should win the game. Josh Bell in 2 1/2 years? I hope so. Romo, is Manny coming to the I.E.? Let me know and we'll meet up for a game. BRuss OUT.

  5. CaptainLoose says:

    That's a lot of print for a Seattle Mariner player Mark.

    I would have taken Beltre back this spring, but I believe that ship sailed. He signed the massive contract to get out of here, so, he is outta here. We signed Blake for three years and I believe that he will be here those three years as he gets older and fades. Though, having said that, with as good as Blake has been, now would be the time to see if anyone is interested. I would rather have Beltre than Blake, and as those of you who know me know, I was not happy about the way Beltre bolted for the larger payday. He was offered a reasonable contract with a huge raise after 1, count them ONE, great year with us. He showed his colors and they were Seattle blue. Adios.

  6. Hey Mark, check the papers….. we ARE the class of the league! Getting Manny back will not change that fact. Baseball is a TEAM sport and so fart our team is meshing very well teogether and dominating the league, without our best hitter and our #2 starter (Kuroda) for most of the season so far. Not many teams could have accomplished that.

    So I hate to hear all of this talk about, if we package some starters and some prospects we can get player X or pitcher Z. We have THE BEST RECORD IN ALL OF BASEBALL. We may not need anyone, and if we do it will be a pitcher, either a bullpen guy or a starter (barring any unforeseen injuries to our current roster).

    There are plenty of players that I am upset we lost, it doesn't mean I obsess about getting them back. Beltre was a clown while he was with us and his last season with us was a crazy fluke. DRomo is right, we gave him an outstanding offer, raised him from our system since he was in diapers, and stuck with him when he sucked big time. And we got completely disrespected by that clown. He wanted nothing to do with us. Good riddance to bad rubbish I say. And FEAR THE BEARD, THE FOUNDATION.

    Happy Father's Day to all!

  7. doyerfan says:

    mark you like beltre and la roche but thats in the past man.let it go.things didn't work out here with either player and the dodgers have been holding their own without them. casey blake has been great since he got here. everybody was pissed off for giving up carlos santana for him but look at the dodgers winning % without manny since blake arrived.(santana is only a prospect,remember how d.navarro played for us)..i would take blake's offense and defense for $5 mil over an overpayed beltre for 3 years.blake brings clubhouse leadership just like beltre.they said he wouldn't like l.a. because he's from iowa but he re-signed and has been great for us in helping the young guns mature and be proffesionals day in and day out..blake would be an all around bigger loss for the dodgers for 50 games than manny was.i would not trade blake at all.dodgers heve other resources to bring whatever players or pitchers we need….

  8. lawdog says:

    We have some relievers on the farm who will plug in just like Wade, Trancosco and Belesario once they get a chance. We also have McDonald and Elbert who could start in anybody's rotation. We have some position players who probably could play but they'll need half a season at the big league level to learn how to hit big league pitching. We have enough in the cupboard that we could trade 3 or 4 of them in a package for a #2 pitcher or Carlos Santana!

  9. Mark_Timmons says:

    A month ago, I predicted that Casey Blake will have his career year this year and he is doing just that. Since Manny was suspended, he has stepped up and is hitting .358 with outstanding defense. In a lot of respects he is the quiet leader of this team. He may be our MVP through today.

    His average season is 23 HR/36 2B/81 RBI/.266 BA.

    He is on track for 25 HR/42 2B/105 RBI/.297 BA.

    It's not a big stretch to think he can do that good or even better. He has been our unsung hero.

    It's interesting that Beltre's career averages are only slightly higher than Blakes' but at 30, Beltre has 3 more years of major league service than Blake has at 37.

  10. Gonzo says:

    Mover, I see what your saying, but Beltre is a product of PEDS. He juiced to get that fat contract. I too believe he could hit at 270-280avg, 20-30Hr, 85-100 rbi. But the fact of the matter is that he is gone and we have a solid 3B right now who many people like because he shuts his mouth and plays. Blake may not be to flashy, but he gets the job done. He's good in the clubhouse and is a guy who knows that one of these kids will take his job soon and stills mentors them. That my friend is a pro, in my book at least.

    As for the Russ and Andre thing, sports and business are a what have you done for me lately entities. Russ has stunk for about a year and a half while andre has had his moments, but is producing now at a more consistent basis and we as fans tend to jump on the bandwagon. I still find it kind of weird that the Dodgers drafted 2 or 3 catchers this year. Is Russ about to be moved? 80% of me says no while the rest says yes.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:


    The Dodgers don't have a catcher other than Ellis who is less than 2 years away. I think the Dodgers want to see Martin produce the rest of the season and then sign him long-term. I a lot of respects, he is the face of the organization now.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:


    The Dodgers don't have a catcher other than Ellis who is less than 2 years away. I think the Dodgers want to see Martin produce the rest of the season and then sign him long-term. In a lot of respects, he is the face of the organization now.

  13. DRomo says:

    The only problem with saying Beltre wants to come back is that he still has the Dodgers on his list of teams he will NOT accept a trade to. It was all over the papers last year at the trade deadline. In fact I have heard his name linked to San Fran. That would suck.

    I hope Bell has a bounce back year and from all acounts he looks pretty good. I think the Foundation can hold it down this year and next. 2011 it is DeWitt or Bell's turn to take over.

  14. Blue Haze says:

    I laugh a hardy laugh, I am not alone, but someone is.

    Enjoy the fantasies dancing around in your head, MM, you just seem like you can't let go and move on. At one time you made some salient points on the subject, but that has dissolved into lunacy. Hey, but I like the spirit behind your fantasies, so keep up the "interesting" work. Maybe I can't help you, once and for all, here goes:

    1. You like Beltre and want him in Dodger blue.
    2. You dislike Ethier and no matter what he does, he still is soft most of the time, but you will allow yourself to, once in a while, admit that he came up with another clutch hit.
    3. You constantly position yourself to revise your previous statement and make a 180 degree change in the middle of a conversation.
    4. You say you like everyone else's point of view as long as it agrees with your point of view.
    5. When someone disagrees with you, you become even more bombastic with your comments in order to discredit the poster.

    For now, I think that sums it up. (get ready for a bombastic response, folks)

  15. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have been on several debate teams in HS and college and I have went toe-to-toe with lawyers in legal arguments, AND WON. I am a tenacious debator and if you want to win, the facts better be on your side. Don't give opinions – deal with facts.

    Opinion: Andre Ethier is a great hitter with a seet swing.

    Fact: His clutch hitting without Manny is extremely poor.

    Opinion: Russ Martin is a great defensive catcher.

    Fact: Russ Martin has thrown out the most runners in baseball and has the lowest CERA in baseball.

    I am human. I have opinions and sometimes they run contrary to the facts.

  16. Mark_Timmons says:


    I have been on several debate teams in HS and college and I have went toe-to-toe with lawyers in legal arguments, AND WON. I am a tenacious debator and if you want to win, the facts better be on your side. Don't give opinions – deal with facts.

    Opinion: Andre Ethier is a great hitter with a sweet swing.

    Fact: His clutch hitting without Manny is extremely poor.

    Opinion: Russ Martin is a great defensive catcher.

    Fact: Russ Martin has thrown out the most runners in baseball and has the lowest CERA in baseball.

    I am human. I have opinions and sometimes they run contrary to the facts.

  17. Mark_Timmons says:

    I rest my case.

    The jury is out!

    • CaptainLoose says:

      I am having trouble getting a post in here. Says there is a disconnect.

      OK, question – is .290 an "extremely poor" average?

      I have been around and around with Mark about many things and most of the time he listens and is clear and concise with his argument. Something happens when you talk about Beltre and Ethier. He just won't listen to facts when it comes to those two.

  18. Mark_Timmons says:

    No, .290 is not an extremely poor average, but go back and read the stats on "Clutch" hitting as developed by Bill James.

    With Beltre I have no stats to back up that I think he would have been much better with us. That's just a gut feeling. That Andre Ethier is "soft" is backed by statistics, and my gut!

  19. Mark_Timmons says:


    Adrian wanted to stay, but DePodesta and Boras tried to stick it to each other. I still believe that had DePo went to Adrian, he would have still been a Dodger. I think we will learn a lot about that through the next few years. I also think had he stayed, his numbers would have been much better. He left his heart in LA! I know he wants to come back to LA and I can only hope it is not with the Angels. They will be big players for him this offseason! Had he stayed, he would have been the face of our franchise.

  20. CaptainLoose says:

    Maybe you could post it again. I am in the middle of the game and doing a search under bill james and andre ethier, all I got was James gives him a "B".

    If, on your report card, a B is "extremely poor: then you sir are a scholar and I bow to your genius.

    Nice start Clayton. Ball 4 to the lead-off hitter. Here we go again.

    But alas, Loney saves both Blake and Furcal from costly errors. Nice James.

  21. Mark_Timmons says:


    You got #1 right..

    You are 100% wrong on #2, but how I can spin it any other way when he is almost dead last in clutch hitting this year? The facts are the facts, even if he has gotten some big hits!

    #3? Give me an example. I have been consistent on most issues and I admit when I am wrong. If you like I could go back and list a number of them – the lastest being I did not think Kemp would be a CF. To accuse me of #3 is laughable. I have strong opinions and change them only when I am proven wrong.

    #4 I will argue my position but I appreciate dissent.

    #5 Only when the poster is bombastic! You get what you give and I will let the readers be the judge.

    If this is bombastic, then I plead guilty!

  22. Mark_Timmons says:


    That Damn CPA (among other things) Ken turned me on to this stat. I was trying to come up with my own formula and when I sat this, I gave it up.

    To put in in perspective, the Clutch stat that Ethier has this year, which is the WORST on the team, is even worse than Andruw Jones last year.

    I don't make this stuff up. I just report it and am lambasted for telling the truth.

  23. Mark_Timmons says:


    That Damn CPA (among other things) Ken turned me on to this stat. I was trying to come up with my own formula and when I saw this, I gave it up.

  • Clayton is pitching very well.

  • James says:

    this year isn't even to the all star break yet, and not enough at bats to judge "clutch" why not look at career numbers, that's where your argument doesn't hold up.

  • Michael says:

    Thank Juan, where would we be without him? Does young Clayton need to do any more? He is more than comparable to a 21yo Sandy. Mark, give me a clue because I have no idea who this Choi guy is. The only name that popped into my head was He-Sop, doh!

  • Roger says:

    Hey Mark, if Ethier's "Clutch" stat is worse than Andrew Jones, let's see if Texas will trade Jones for Ethier. And the Dodger pay both salaries. I know you love your stats.

    Nobody here, every said that Ethier was the next Mantle or Mayes, or Williams. He is what and who he is. An above average outfielder. A solid middle of the league hitter. He has a bunch of walk off hits.

    To all on the board, we might get some relief here —— Mark is in the "hospital" this month and will have "major therapy" after he is relased from the hospital. Maybe they can get through to him.

    I have called the Ethier Fan Club — they already know where Mark lives.

  • doyerfan says:

    clayton, pierre and kemp have been great tonight. hopefully broxton will come thru for them to make kobe go home happy…

  • CaptainLoose says:

    Great outing by the kid. He had me nervous a couple of times, but the d and the Angels helped him out.

    Phillips saying tonight that Pierre should be traded for a starting pitcher, to put Juan back on the bench is just not right. But, that is where he is going.

    I'll check out that url later, but I agree with James, look at his career numbers. And, I still say he has some monster years in front of him. This guy does a lot of things well at the plate.

  • CaptainLoose says:

    Great outing by the kid. He had me nervous a couple of times, but the d and the Angels helped him out.

    Phillips saying tonight that Pierre should be traded for a starting pitcher, to put Juan back on the bench is just not right. But, that is where he is going.

    I'll check out that url later, but I agree with James, look at his career numbers. And, I still say Ethier has some monster years in front of him. This guy does a lot of things well at the plate.

  • Roger says:

    Now I think we need Tracy back. He has those Rockies on a roll.

    I believe that I heard bunches of noise in the series from the fans in the stands — when the Dodgers did some good things, big plays, etc.

    Oh, who was that celebrity that left the game with guards all around him, was that the famous tennis star, or some hockey player, or rodeo star, or swimming star, or who???

  • Blue Haze says:

    MM, to answer your diatribe, well if anyone has been paying attention in here, then I don't need to even argue about point #3, we all seen, some have mentioned it repeatedly in the past. I will let your own testimony for the many months convict you, you have already provided plenty of ammo.

    as far as No. 5, you never wait to become bombastic, most of your takes just start out bombastic, you don't need any help to get you started. There is no way in hell, that can even be disputed with a straight face.

    Dude, you are delusional, but it is comical. I'll let you off since you are wounded. Get better, stop taking your meds ahead of surgery and hurry back.

  • Buddy says:

    From watching Clayton this past year, it seems that he has better control when Ausmus is catching him. Maybe Ausmus should catch him his next few starts just to see if there's a difference.

    On the Beltre front, sure he may be a good guy but with that on base percentage I'm surprised he still has a job. The Dodgers have Blake locked up for a couple of years anyway so the third base job should not even be up for discussion.

  • CaptainLoose says:

    Beltre only comes up for discussion because Mark has wood for the guy. We have Blake for the next three years. Hope he remains on the field for at least two of them. He seems to be liked by the team and the fans. Tonight, he made one error that cost a run, and could have easily had another but was saved by Loney, and he got a dink and drive for two hits. He must be living right.

  • BillRussell says:

    Blake signed a three year deal so he'll be back in 2010 and 2011. The Foundation will keep the team anchored for two more years. I was worried for awhile tonight during one of Hudson's at bats. He appeared to be injuried after breaking his bat and hubbling down to first. It was the third out and ESPN went to commercial so I never heard what happened. He stayed in the game and doesn't appear to be hurt. We can't loss the O-Dog. Ned, please sign the O-dog for at least two more years. Great win tonight. Now I can hold my head high as my town is infested with Angel creatures. Thank you for evening out the Freeway Series. Manny is Due back on July 3rd and Mark, When is Jason Schmidt coming??????? I just read that the Dodgers have interest in Washburn of Seattle. I guess it won't hurt as long as we don't give up much. BRuss OUT….

  • BillRussell says:

    Do you think Jason Schmidt should be ready to pitch for someone else in 2010? We're getting him ready for someone next year. Maybe he'll go back to the Giants. Just a thought. We paid this guy $45 million for what 4-5 starts over three years. What a JOKE

  • lawdog says:

    Jason Schmidt pitched 4 mediocre innings today. He should be ready to start at the major league level when he cashes his last check from the Dodgers and is back on the FA market again.

  • Ed Tolbert says:

    It really does me good to watch 2 Dodger haters (Miller and Morgan) have to do a game like this. They
    would rather chew glass than tell the world that "everyone is starting to notice the Dodgers". Joe Morgan
    is proof that a HOF'er doesn't have to have any class. Jon Miller works for the Giants which destroys his
    objectivity. He is a real hack in addition to being possibly the ugliest dude in sports broadcasting. Thank
    goodness ESPN put a 3rd man in this year to drown out by 1/3 the 2 clowns already discussed.

  • Mark_Timmons says:


    I have seen how you work before and I won't get in a battle with you because I won't stoop to your level. I don't take meds (at all) unlike you, (when you get off yours everyone on the board can tell). All I can tell you is if I thought a guy was as bombastic and delusional as you say I am, I would not frequent that site, so feel free to leave.

    Everyone's stats are what they are. It is a small sampling and I agree they will change. I have given Andre lots of credit in the past. Last September, he was one of the hottest and clutch hitters ever!

    To think I would trade Andre for Jones is laughable. I agree with Badger that Andre will have some big years ahead. Before the season started I picked him to hit 30 HR/110 RBI amd hit .300.

  • Mark_Timmons says:

    It has been disappointing to see Andre disappear for the most part since Manny was suspended. That is a fact! I am not saying he's a bum or anything of the kind. I am just stating the obvious about his performance UP UNTIL NOW!

    3 players on the Dodgers have under-performed so far this year: Martin, Furcal and Ethier. I have called all 3 out, but I would not be surprised if they all 3 bounce back!


    Hyanh-Nam Choi was signed from Korea and is a 38-year-old RH who has some nice movement on his pitches. He is 6' 2", 190 lbs. They can't be grooming him too long at 38. His record in Korea is 44-50 with 6 saves and a 3.93 ERA. Maybe he's a late-bloomer.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks Mark. I imagine you are probably going to be pretty busy today. Just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers will be with you . Please let us know, as soon as you can, how you are.

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