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June 23, 2009 – Dodgers vs. Chi Sox – Sans Mover

June 23, 2009 – Dodgers vs. Chi Sox – Sans Mover

Tonight’s Lineup:

Juan Pierre, LF
Rafael Furcal, SS
Orlando Hudson, 2B
Casey Blake, 3B
Andre Ethier, RF
Russell Martin, C
Matt Kemp, CF
James Loney, 1B
Mitch Jones, DH

The Dodgers enter Chi Town again but this time to face the White Sox of the AL. We have never won a game at US Cellular field and are 2-9 lifetime against the White Sox. Looks like we will make it 3-9 as we are leading 3 to 1 on my man Loney’s long awaited power surge! I guess Torre planned it that way, by dropping him to the 8 hole, and that’s why he is the manager and I am not.

Kuroda is looking fine with only 78 pitches through 7 innings and 6 Ks!!! Looks like he is back and in his groove with a 2 hitter. He has typically been a pitcher that will go deep into games and was a horse in Japan. I think that he can be a huge innings eater for us the rest of the season.

We finish Interleague play this weekend against the Mariners of Seattle, to which we can all expect a steady dose of “… what if…. Adrian Beltre …… what if from the Mover once he is off the loopy meds. His wife told me that he did in fact label his hip with “wrong one” in case the surgeon forgot!

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Sorry folks, that’s all I have time for right now. Dinner is getting cold, wife is staring at me with “that look,” and Mark is under the knife (to some people’s amusement.. cough… Blue Haze). :-)

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5 Responses to “June 23, 2009 – Dodgers vs. Chi Sox – Sans Mover”

  1. Michael says:

    Way cool, Miguel. Thanks for letting me know that Mark is in LaLa Land. It's Dr. Hiroki tonight. Sweet Baby James. I LOVE L.A !

  2. BillRussell says:

    Two really good starts that were needed from Kershaw and Kuroda. Now if we can get some good starts from the 5th spot. One more good starter puts us over the top. Washburn or whoever it might be. Who would we have to give up for Washburn? Hu and Stultz? Or are the Dodgers considering starting McDonald again? Anyway great win tonight……. Manny when 0 for 2 with a strikeout and a weak grounder to SS. Keep the wins a comin………………

  3. CaptainLoose says:

    8 2/3 on 103 pitches.

    Finally, a big league start. We needed this. We need more of this.

  4. DRomo says:

    I'm praying for you Mark!

    Great win tonight. Kuroda did look fantastic. So did The Foundation!

    BRuss, A solid starter would be awesome, but who (Hu) would be expendable? I would try and hold on to J Mac if it is at all possible at least into the offseason. I think he would be a great bullpen guy down the stretch. I have my doubts that Bell-a OH SORRY-o and Troncoso will last all season (ala Corey Wade). J Mac could be a money set up guy come September.

    As for Manny I have to admit I saw the ABs tonight. It was good to see him again. Does anyone think theres a chance we have a let down when Manny comes back? That is my worst fear and why we must hold on to Pierre.

  5. Blue Haze says:

    Boy have you got me wrong Miguel, your poke at me couldn't be farther from the truth, the happy face bullshi'ite doesn't make a statement like that cute or funny. Wake up, Miguel!!! That shat don't fly with me. Surgery is serious, no matter what the surgery is for, I lost a good friend to a simple, unknown allergy to the knock out juice they gave him, died right on the table. Mark and I go way, way back and I wish him a very hearty "get well soon" wish and prayer, and that ain't no joke. Let's not get too loose with the serious stuff, please.


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