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Add A Starter? I Think Not!

Add A Starter? I Think Not!

Hey, I agree that  Juan Pierre deserves to play every day,  and any MLB team could use another starter, but what are the Dodgers willing to pay for something we really don’t need that badly?  Billingsley, Kuroda, Wolf,  Kershaw, and Milton could be the best staff in the NL by August.  Also, by August, Matt Kemp could be injured running through a wall or Andre Ethier could break a leg.  Juan Pierre has proven valuable already, and as bad as he wants to play, I think he’d be just as happy (or happier) with another ring.   Juan Pierre is a large part of the reason we still have the best record in baseball, even without Manny.  We need to keep Juan at least through the end of the season.   Now, if you are looking for another starter, who really is better than the five aforementioned?  Not Pedro – There is a reason he hasn’t signed as yet.  I’ll go a step further – name a starter we can get who is better than Jeff Weaver, Eric Stults or even James McDonald and Scott Elbert (who is now at AAA and being “showcased”).  Making a move just for the sake of making a move is not always prudent. ericstults-1 This just may be the time to stand pat.  Let’s keep our prospects, so that we can have our cake and eat it too.

Tonight’s Game:

  1. Pierre 
  2. Furcal
  3. Hudson
  4. Blake
  5. Ethier
  6. Loretta
  7. Loney
  8. Martin
  9. Kemp

Pitcher – Wolf

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71 Responses to “Add A Starter? I Think Not!”

  1. Michael says:

    I concur. We have plenty of arms. Speaking of arms, has James even pitched since his recall? Especially don't want Washburn. Got the Sox feed tonight, and Steve Stone is cool but Ken Harrelson is unbearable.

  2. Roger says:

    Been watching some of the College World Series, last game.

    Just saw that White Sox home run. Wade really held up his part of the staff. 1 inning, 4 runs.

    Now Big Mac is in there. K #1.

  3. Roger says:

    Hey Mark, grab the phone, and call my old friends there in Chicago, you remember: Lefty Louie and Jip the Blood. Have them take care of Gobble, he threw at Pierre's head.

  4. Michael says:

    Sorry for being chatty Cathy today but I am thinking that everytime Joe puts Matt in the 9th hole, he goes yard. Come on Ken, you must have the stats.

  5. Michael says:

    Now with that guy with the gigantic head that nobody wants isn't playing, is there a player that is more hated than AJ? Ya think if they can hit 4, er 5 bombs tonight that we have a couple in us? You'd think we were at Wrigley with the wind blowing out. Oh well, I suppose it is good to get your nose rubbed in it every once in a while. Home run derby, got to put on the mute button. The Hawk is killing me with his HR yodel.

  6. CaptainLoose says:

    "Billingsley, Kuroda, Wolf, Kershaw, and Milton could be the best staff in the NL by August."

    Yeah, that's possible. Another possible scenario is that Kershaw is burnt out by August, Wolf still has 3 wins, Kuroda is back on the DL with back spasms and Milton has disappeared.

    Every team has plenty of arms. Not every team has plenty of good pitchers. I still have concerns about this staff. I am not suggesting we knee jerk a deal, like what the Indians are asking for Lee, I am just saying if the right deal comes along, we should consider it.

    Tonight was ugly.

  7. Mark_Timmons says:

    Everyone is looking for arms and will take them, of course. Which is why there won't be anything reasonable.

    Soft HR – 3-run HR by Kemp wehn we are way behind in the 8th. That's what I call a "soft" HR. Yes, it is a HR, but it doesn't make a difference. It's not impressive to me.

  8. Mark_Timmons says:

    Everyone is looking for arms and will take them, of course. Which is why there won't be anything reasonable.

    Soft HR – 3-run HR by Kemp when we are way behind in the 8th. That's what I call a "soft" HR. Yes, it is a HR, but it doesn't make a difference. It's not impressive to me.

  9. Ken says:

    The Dodgers need long relievers long relievers long relievers.

    Is Wade really better than Estes?

  10. Mark_Timmons says:

    Wade is obviously not right..

    I am being released from the hospital today, so there won't be much happening on my end.

  11. DRomo says:

    Wade is definately not right. All I can think of is how much work he got last year. What are the chances Bellasario and Troncoso look like Wade next year?

    I think Pierre stays. I think the Dodgers are seriously concerned with Manny staying healthy. Lets not forget he had a hamstring issue early this year and he is 37. If Manny goes down Pierre is there (which is a lot better than plugging in Hoffman or someone else).

    Pitching (starting or relief) is our priority. If the cost is reasonable why not grab an extra arm for the pen. With a staff that rarely sees the 7th inning I am sure theboys in the bullpen would appreciate the help.

  12. Mark_Timmons says:


    This is at the crux of our disagreement. I know that a game is never over, until the last out, but the pressure on a hitter when their team is behind 10-3 or ahead 10-3 is not the same as when they are behind 10-8 with 2 runners on and 2 out in the bottom of the 8th or 9th. You've played. You know of what I speak. Maybe the appropriate word is not "soft," but I know it's not the same pressure facing a hitter.

  13. Mike Hawk says:

    Here we go again.

  14. CaptainLoose says:

    I have played and I have coached. And I have umpired professionally. I know how teams, players, coaches and umps feel in blow-out games and there is some validity to your point.

    But we all have seen teams come back from huge deficits to win in the late innings. Sometimes the key hit is not when it is close, but when something is needed to give the team belief. I have been on all ends of this scenario. I was part of a 10 zip blow out and witnessed a two out two strike home run that closed the gap to 10 to 2 and started a two out rally that got the team within 3 runs with two innings to go. Guess what? We won 12 to11. And that wasn't a slow pitch softball game, it was an MABL play-off game.

    You just never know. That is why each at bat, each pitch is important because you just don't know what could follow.

    Never give up.

    • Mike Hawk says:

      Totally concur. Who is to say if an at bat is unimportant to a game. A forest fire starts with one spark sometimes. Players, especially at the MLB level, can't take an at bat off, you can get literally killed or maimed if you don't pay attention in the box. Besides, these guys might not believe their team is going to win, in every situation, but they do recognize that producing equals cash. Most of the players are motivated by the cash thing, so all at bats are crucial.

  15. Mark_Timmons says:

    I am not saying it is unimportant, but jut answer this question yes or no- Do you feel the same pressure when you are behind 10-3(or ahead 10-3) that you do when you are behind 10-8 with 2 runners on?

    Yes or no?

  16. DRomo says:

    Can I jump off topic for a second:
    I am angry this morning about the Angels. First they try and take "L.A." from us , now this?!?;_ylt=Ark1Cy8s7xN

    Back off Angel of Orange County by Disney land fans. I will let the opening day murder in the stands slide but continued violence in the parking lot is a Dodger tradition. Whats next? Vladdywood?

  17. Mark_Timmons says:

    Phil Mickelson is a great putter, except on the 17th ot 18th hole at the end of the match.

    Albert Pujols has been up to bat 5 times this year with the bases loaded. He has 5 Hits. 3 of them HR.

    Some guys are just clutch.

  18. Mark_Timmons says:

    I totally agree that you never give up – that's my mantra, but I believe that some players in every sport "feel" that pressure differently and thus the different results. When the game is on the line, some guys just "get into the zone."

  19. Mark_Timmons says:

    I totally agree that you never give up – that's my mantra, but I believe that some players in every sport "feel" that pressure differently and thus the different results. When the game is on the line, some guys just "get into the zone." Others just can't perform as well.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:

    I don't mean I am totally unimpressed with that kind of HR, but with the game within reach, the pressure on the hitter (or shooter or putter) is MUCH, MUCH greater. Some guys handle that pressure by tensing up and others just maintain amazing focus.

  21. Mark_Timmons says:

    Basketball was where I experienced it the most. I have had several game-winning shots and I can only say that I saw it all in slow motion – I was so focused on the shot. You know what I am saying. Some guys just don't have that…

  22. CaptainLoose says:

    I'll give you that.

    Frankly I don't see anyone on the Dodgers that is a choke artist.

    But a three run homer when you are behind can ignite some serious rallies. Sometimes it just takes that first clutch hit. Somebody had to start the rally. In my mind, that is clutch. Sometimes the momentum just can't be stopped. In the middle of these situations there is always a bloop, a doink, a missed call by an ump – the ball starts rolling and you just can't stop it. Love it when that happens for my team. Hate it when it is happening against my team.

  23. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, consider listening to others — There must be some Freudian response to just why you continue to use the word "soft." Maybe it goes back to childhood.

    Your quote: Soft HR – 3-run HR by Kemp when we are way behind in the 8th. That's what I call a "soft" HR. Yes, it is a HR, but it doesn't make a difference. It's not impressive to me.

    Albert Pujols just might be one of the best hitters to ever play this game. He is super human, and is above all others, for hitting and hitting with power.

    Sorry that Kemp did not impress you last night in the 8th inning. He did me. He hung in there and got the Dodgers closer. He did not just give up and go take a shower.

    A White Sox fan would say, "We finally beat the best team in baseball. We hit the ball, we kept them from scoring big, until the 8th inning. That Kemp guy is something. He came through for his team, and made them respectable. Better keep a close eye on this Kemp. He could really hurt us tomorrow afternoon."

  24. Roger says:

    Last night, here are some players who did not come through for one reason or another:
    Pierre 1 for 4, Furcal 0 for 5 with 5 LOB, Hudson 1 for 4, Blake 1 for 3, Ethier 0 for 5, Wolf 7 hits 5 runs in 3.1 innings, Wade 4 runs, 4 hits, in just 1 inning ——– there is where I look.

    The only guys producing for L.A. were Loretta with 2 hits, Loney with 1 hit and 2 runs scored, and Kemp with 3 RBI.

    I am afraid if the Vinny, while broadcasting a game were to say, "Kemp hits it a-way out and gone, no doubt about that HR, but coming in the 8th inning with the Dodgers behind 10 to 4, that was another example of a "soft" HR. Why cannot some of these Dodgers hit when it counts?"

    If Vinny were to announce like that, the hate mail would come pouring in.

  25. lawdog says:

    Hitting a 3 run homer late in the game with the score 10-3 is not produced under the same pressure as a three run shot late in the game with your team behind 5-3. Mover is right. Now Catain Loose is also correct wen he says some players can generate the inner focus that comes with the outside pressure even when there is no outside pressure. Now I would think such a player would hit better in soft situations because he's got himself all juiced up and focused. But I also think it would be harder for him to hit in the real high pressure situations because he has all that extra external pressure to go with his normal internal pressure. Maybe that's Ethier's problem. I love Ethier's swing, but he is not a clutch hitter right now. Actually Loney's about the closest thing we have to a clutch hitter at the moment. Manny can't get back too soon!

  26. Ken says:

    Wow the Dodgers lineup has 7 batters over .300 in late June

  27. CaptainLoose says:

    I'll say it again – there is no such thing as a soft home run.

    What you are telling us mover is that once a team scores 10 runs on you, the game is over and you might as well quit. Well, I don't believe in quitting.

    Remember a few years ago when the Phillies scored something like 10 runs in the 9th to beat us? They didn't quit. The game ain't over til it's over.

    Just because you are behind does not make runs soft. In fact, those runs are the most important you ever score – you have to score with them to play with them.

    Baseball is the only game that doesn't have a clock. Never give up. If you have one out left, you still have a pulse. Never, ever give up.

  28. CaptainLoose says:

    So ldawg, you too are not impressed with an 8th inning 3 run bomb that gets your team closer.

    Frankly I find that surprising.

    Anytime I can get a guy on my team to get us three runs closer and there are still some outs to play with, I am thrilled.

    Different strokes. As a player and coach, I need guys around me who won't accept defeat. Sorry, but you two are on the bench in late innings. I have to go with the guys who refuse to quit.

  29. Roger says:

    This game is not over. Don't chalk up a win for C-Bills just yet.

  30. Roger says:

    Now, let us see if the Dodgers have it to come from behind, because the Dodger ace is out there, and might take a loss.

  31. Ken says:

    Dodgers Need Long Relievers Long Relievers Long Relievers Long Relievers Long Relievers

    If the Dodgers had long relievers then Grady could pull Pedro at 90 pitches when he is tired

    Call up Milton and send Ellis down, move Weaver to Long Reliever

    Call up Vargas when ready and send Wade down

    Then the Dodgers will have 3 long relievers – Weaver, Vargas and McDonald

    Shen Stukts comes back teach him how to get ready faster and send down McDonald


  32. Must read….

    Great story on how drunk driving and other offenses, which are MUCH more damaging than things like steroids, get overlooked by baseball and its fans. I don't condone either but I totally agree that people's priorities are WAY out of whack! WTF is wrong with society?

  33. 66ers 3rd Baseman Pedro Baez will participate in the MLB All-Star Futures Game. Congratulations Pedro!

  34. CaptainLoose says:

    Walk the lead-off hitter, a second baseman hitting .240, in the bottom of the 9th. Nice.

    That's not clutch.

  35. CaptainLoose says:

    When I was hitting, I took each at bat the same no matter the situation. I remained focused on my strike zone and focused on pitch recognition. My mantra was "I WILL hit a line drive". I repeated that over and over and did my very best to hit balls in my zone when I got them. 1. hit strikes only 2. hit line drives wherever they are pitched.

    What you said was that you were not impressed with an 8th inning 3 run homer. And that is the point with which I took issue. Each at bat in every game is important. A three homer when you are behind in the game is a clutch hit. You will never convince me it is not.

    Albert Pujols is a freak. He hits in ALL situations.

  36. Roger says:

    Maybe Manny really needs two or three weeks of getting ready for major league hitting, his legs for running, and gettn' it together.

    J. Dye is one of their clutch guys. Thome had a big hit with that HR today.

  37. Roger says:

    The Dodgers last scored a run 6 innings ago.

    Hint, Joe, move Kemp back down the order. He is not a regular 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 order guy. Just because he has an average over .300 and some HRs, I think he does better down in the order.

    Today he is 0 for 6 with 4 Ks (so far).

    Not many clutch Dodger hitters as of yet. Some of our hitters, seem to be swinging defensely.

  38. lawdog says:

    Badger–I was impressed with the three run shot to get us within 3 late in the game. Whenever you are behind there is pressure. Some players add pressure to each ab as if the season depended on them to come through. But I am agreeing with Mover that there is a different kind of added pressure to a hitter who is up with the game on the line. Hero or goat in that one ab. If a player consistently gets that walk off hit he is a better clutch hitter than the guy who doesn't. Even if the guy who doesn't does better when the game doesn't ride on his ab.

  39. Mark_Timmons says:

    Hey, it's good to be back home again. I was released 52 hours post-op.

    I had to do a lot of "stupid pet tricks" in order to do that. Boy is my leg sore!

    They told me the dressing comes off tomorrow, It's been dry for 36 hours and in the therapy, it feels like the hip is going to fly out of my body, but it doesn't. Just tremendous pressure on the leg and hip.

    My heart goes out to your wife Roger. My upper body is so strong that it's easy for me to move that way without stress on the hip. I can't imagine how this would be if you have other physical problems.

  40. lawdog says:

    Ron Cey was an example of a guy who usually hit around .275 and drove in less than 100 rbis, but always seem to get the big hit with the game on the line. Sterve Garvey, on the other hand , put up much bigger numbers in every category but he was much more "iffy" with the game on the line and in his hands.

    Does that mean Cey was a better player than Garvey. Of course not. Garvey was one of the best ever. Cey was good, but not in the same class. Yet my recollection was that Cey was better with the game on the line. Does that mean I'd rather have Cey than Garvey on the team? No. But I would rather have him at bat in the bottom of the 13th down one run, two outs and a runner on 2nd.

  41. Mark_Timmons says:

    That's my only point, Lawdog!

  42. CaptainLoose says:

    9 for 46 with 11 total bases in 13 innings. That is rather pathetic.

    I will agree that there are some guys who are better under pressure than other guys. I will never agree that a 3 run 8th inning home run is soft. Unless you have given up, those three runs could be the winning 3 runs. This is baseball. The clock won't run out on you, but evidently some people will.

  43. Gonzo says:

    Bet those weren't soft game winning shots. Listen, you can't tie a game without scoring runs. Let's say Kemp doesn't hit thet HR. So if the next inning the Dodgers scored four runs and lost 10-8 those other hits and RBI's were soft? Please. I don't know if you've ever coached baseball mover, but it is a game that changes momentum with a catch, strikeout, hit even if your down 7 runs.

    Case in point this past year I coached softball and we were losing at home 10-2. In our last at bat, my girls started getting hits mixed with walks here and there. We one the game 10-11. Now were those hits and RBI's that my girls got when the score was 10-2, 10-3 or 10-4 soft?

  44. lawdog says:

    "Soft" is the wrong word and it's making true communication impossible. "What's in a name? A rose by any other name would smell as sweet?"

    I don';t think the three run home run was soft. I don't think Ethier is soft. But the three run home run was hit with less pressure on the batter than if it came with two outs in the ninth, the dogs down by two with two on and two out. That's all

  45. lawdog says:

    Don't call it "soft". Call it "less hysterical".

  46. CaptainLoose says:

    So ldawg, you too are not impressed with an 8th inning 3 run bomb that gets your team closer.

    Frankly I find that surprising. There is always pressure when you are behind. The idea is to go out and try to win every game.

    Anytime I can get a guy on my team to get us three runs closer and there are still some outs to play with, I am thrilled.

    Different strokes. As a player and coach, I need guys around me who won't accept defeat. Sorry, but you two are on the bench in late innings. I have to go with the guys who refuse to quit.

  47. Roger says:

    Remember, the guy on the mound, is trying as hard as he can, to get the guy holding the bat out. And most teams have a very good thrower out there in the 8th and 9th innings. And most of them do not give up much.

  48. Well, there it goes, 3-run bomb!

    Bills just looks VERY tired! Leaving balls up all inning. Torre should have pulled him after that side arm crap he pulled this inning. If that doesn't tell you that the kid's tired I don't know what will. He has NEVER done that before.

    I blame all of you guys with the references to 3 run bombs going on in this thread!

  49. lawdog says:

    Let me put it another way because I really don't think we disagree on this Badger. At least I'd be surprised if we do since we normally agree on just about everything. If a player comes up in the bottom of the 9th and hits a walk off solo home run with nobody out–that's a pressure hit and certainly not soft. But compare the pressure felt by the batter to that felt by a hitter who comes up with 2 down in the bottom of the ninth and a runner on with the opposing team up by one run. If he hits the walk off hoe run he was experiencing more pressure because it was "do or die" for him. The batter in the first example can make an out and the game goes on. He felt pressure, but not the same degree of pressure. "Less hysterical" pressure. I know when I played I put tremendous pressure on myself every at bat because I didn't have a lot of power and needed to get on , stral a base and otherwise set the table to be valuable enough to keep starting. Still, if I came up with 2 out in the bottom of the ninth down 1 with a RISP I felt a lot more pressure than usual not to fail–to get that game winning hit or at least walk to extend the inning. The pressure to "not be the goat" shouldn't be the only pressure to succeed that a batter feels, but you can't deny the reality of it coming from the outside. The pressure is pressure you put on yourself and is quite the same thing. The two can be added together which tends to make some players "choke".

  50. Blue Haze says:

    I didn't think I was alone in this idea of "soft", although I was beginning to wonder for a while there. So I took my scolding from MT and stuck to my guns, apparently others do feel the same way. So is this argument settled? Probably not, but I do think a lot of it depends on your personal background to completely see this issue clearly. When I was playing, I was the guy on the team that the other players looked to, to get something started and swing the momentum. I found, as Gonzo pointed out, momentum can change quickly, a basehit here, a walk there, a stolen base, a tremendous defensive play to rob the other team of a hit or a run, those and others are the true "game changers" that occur in a game. I always thought that the true character came out in a player when the team was behind and things looked helpless. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going!" That's the character of a clutch player, if you have ever had the opportunity to be that player on the team, you probably can relate to what I am saying (and no, I am not dissing the others that see it the other way, so peace, no need for underwear to be tortured around the country, it is just my experience that dictates my POV).

  51. lawdog says:

    The last sentence should have read: "The pressure felt by the batter in the first instance was pressure coming from within him to succeed. If he fails the game goes on. Even great hitters fail 2/3rds of the time. But when the game is on the line and you're up, the extra pressure is coming from the outside and it is very real. At least it was for me. It is added to the pressure you feel that comes from within. The pressure to do well. And when the two are added together the player can sometimes choke. The player that always chokes but otherwise has good stats would be a "soft" player if you want to use that word. But in the example I gave before, was Steve Garvey soft because he didn't always come through when the game was on the line? I'd say no. But he wasn't as clutch as Ron Cey even though Cey's numbers were not as good as Garvey's overall.

    Am I making this clear? I hope so. It seems like a tempest in a teapot to me. A war of semantics. Dig beneath the words and I don't think we mean different things.

  52. CaptainLoose says:

    I am not debating those scenarios ldawg. I agree with you that there are degrees of pressure. I felt it too, but it didn't bother me that much really. I rather enjoyed it because I was good at what I did on the baseball field. I was always of the mind "hit the ball to me" and I wanted the at bat with the game on the line.

    Now put me in a public speaking scenario and I will piss in my pants.

    At issue is the idea that a 3 run home run in the 8th inning when your team is "way behind" is not impressive – in fact "soft". It could very well be the spark the team needs to get back in the game.

    I contend that no home run is soft, but a three run dinger in the 8th when your team is behind is, as a former player and coach, something that excites the heck out of me.

    I guess I have said it as often and as many different ways as I can. It won't be the first time mover and I have not agreed on a topic, and it won't be the last. We agree on most things.

  53. Gonzo says:

    There are different types of pressures. Roger hit in on the head, the pitcher is not lofting the pitch and telling the batter, "hit it hard" As a coach you practice, these types of "Situations". When I coached the offensive group had to come through or would run laps and the defense had to prevent them from succeeding. Whoever lost had 15-20 minutes more of conditioning after practice. My kids knew what to do offensively and defensively. They didn't always come through, but they knew they had a shot to help the team win. And that is what you look for in a team as a coach.

    To me someone who is soft is a whiner that doesn't like to work hard.

  54. CaptainLoose says:

    "Soft HR – 3-run HR by Kemp when we are way behind in the 8th. That's what I call a "soft" HR. Yes, it is a HR, but it doesn't make a difference. It's not impressive to me."

    These are movers words that started this whole thing. Read them again ldawg and tell my you agree with them.

    "it doesn't make a difference" – horsesh*t. Every run counts in this game.

    "It's not impressive to me" – well ok. late inning 3 run homers don't impress you. I find that…. interesting. They impress the hell out of me.

  55. Ken says:

    If Weaver was avaiable why did he not pitch the 6th and 7th? ____With an extra inning game today McDonald better be ready tommorrow if either Milton or Kershaw is pitching, and I would send Ellis down because now the Dodgers need the extra pitcher for a few days.

  56. Mark_Timmons says:

    There are a lot of definitions for "soft" but after further review, the word fits perfectly as one of the definitions is: " Yielding readily to pressure or weight."

    I think you guys are too hung up on the word "soft." Yet, that is exactly what Lawdog was describing.

    Compared to "needing" a HR in the bottom of the 9th to tie or win a game, Matt Kemp's HR WAS soft. No offense intended.

  57. CaptainLoose says:

    Soft is not getting the hit, or getting on base, when your team needs a rally.

    With the tying run two hitters away, can you tell me who made the last 4 outs of the game? I can. How come those guys aren't labeled soft? How come the guy who hits the 3 run homer to get you within striking distance is soft?


  58. CaptainLoose says:

    If anything is "soft" it is not getting the hit, or getting on base, when your team needs a rally.

    With the tying run two hitters away, can you tell me who made the last 4 outs of the game? I can. How come those guys aren't labeled soft? How come the guy who hits the 3 run homer to get you within striking distance is soft?


  59. Ken says:

    Soft is being so afraid of the ball that when it is going to miss the batter by 9 inches the batter jumps out of the way and when it misses the batter by 6 inches he glares at the pitcher – Kemp

    Or maybe that is Momma's boy or hemophiliac

    Soft means –
    a: pleasing or agreeable to the senses : bringing ease, comfort, or quiet <the soft influences of home>
    b: having a bland or mellow rather than a sharp or acid taste
    c: (1): not bright or glaring SUBDUED (2): having or producing little contrast or a relatively short range of tones <a soft photographic print>
    d: quiet in pitch or volume
    e: of the eyes : having a liquid or gentle appearance
    f: smooth or delicate in texture, grain, or fiber <soft cashmere> <soft fur>
    g: (1): balmy, mild, or clement in weather or temperature (2): moving or falling with slight force or impact : not violent <soft breezes>

  60. Blue Haze says:

    Okay, I got it. Half of us agree with one side and the other agree with the other side. I am beginning to see visions of hundreds of dogs chasing their own tails.


  61. Roger says:

    Blue Haze, I do not think it is one-half, if a vote was taken here.

    Now I am thinking when Eric Gagne had that magic time as a Dodger back in, 2002, 2003, & 2004. He appeared in 224 games, he finished 194. He was created with 152 saves. That was also his magic streak. In that time-span, all of those games he froze out the other teams . . . and won a Cy Young award . . . "he shut down the other teams." I would not say, he made the other teams "soft." Or would not say, he caused other teams and their players to be soft. Fact is, he shut them down. Out. He was superior on those days.

    I am thinking of a new term. "Bull-headed." That is one who cannot stop something, when almost everyone has asked him to do so.

    Can we leave this subject of "sott" — it is Mark's term that he was pushed in from some other activity. And you know what I think about someone who cannot stop something, when asked . . .

    • Ken says:

      Actually I believe that is a political web site so lets leave that subject alone.

  62. KPIZZLE says:

    We need a legit ace to win it all….and no Billingsly is not an ace yet.

  63. CaptainLoose says:

    He's the closest thing we have to one, and will be the number one starter in the play-offs.

    I really doubt we get a #1 in trade at the deadline. We can go with 2 #2's and a #3.

    Of course, we will need clutch hitting with that scenario.

  64. CaptainLoose says:

    Yeah, Roger is right. The vote has to be heavily against a 3 run homer being bland.

    I got a feeling Mark is doing this one on purpose. He just can't be that dense.

  65. Roger says:

    After the Dodgers loose a game, and now two in a row, I look at the standings, and their total record — and wonder just how did they do it?

    So many "little ground balls to the second baseman (or 1st baseman)." So many fly balls to the warning track. Kemp is over.300, but strikes out looking like a rookie having problems. Ethier with that nice swing, but cannot get a hit. Loney swinging late and poping out to left field.

    Then Hudson smokes a double to the ally, with no outs, and is still there at the third out. Torre changing pitchers with almost ever hitter up there. Then Martin spitting in his hands before every pitch to him — and taking the ball right down the middle of the plate, then hitting a line drive to the third baseman; Or, hitting into a double play.

    I could go on . . . now almost at the half-way point in this season, I do not feel the growing younger players are "growing" into better players. Kemp, Loney, Ethier, Martin, C-Bills, etc. Maybe the league is catching up to them. Maybe the pitching coaches have screw them up. Maybe

  66. Michael says:

    Waiting for Miguel to get it going. Somewhat concerned about Mark who has been silent for a few hours. Hope you are just getting some rest. If you feel like the people in Aliens, something going to bust out of you, you should go to ER. I developed an infection after abdonemal surgery but it took a week or so to develope. Let us know how it goes. Just wanted to say that took until June 26th to happen but I think I predicted on the day that MB signed w/cubbies, that him and Lou would roll.

  67. BillRussell says:

    Softie hits three………


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