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6.26.09 – Minor League Report

6.26.09 – Minor League Report




Raptors beat Orem 2-1.

CONTREREAS (1.80),  pitched 5 innings of 1 run (earned), 1 hit ball.  QUINTERO (0.00), FERRERAS (W, 1-0), 0.00), and PAXSON (S,1, 0.00), all pitched shutout relief the rest of the way to deliver the Raptors first win of the season.  The pitching staff collectively gave up just 2 hits on the night.tomshea

GUERRERO (.154), hnit his 1st home run of the year in the 9th.  SANDS (.467), and YOUNT (.333), both had 2 hit performances.  The Raptors banged out a total of 7 hits. 


The Isotopes beat Nashville 2-0.

JASON SCHMIDT (W, 1-0, 2.35) showed us all the first real signs that he might actually return  to the big club this year and earn some of the scratch that we’ve given him “por nada” and made him one of the best paid minor league hurlers in the history of major league baseball.  SCHMIDT went 7.2 innings of shutout ball, giving up 5 hits, 1 walk and striking out 7 in the process.  THREETS (H, 9, 1.87), and STRICKLAND (S, 13, 3.80), got the last 4 outs–shutting down Nashville completely to secure the win.

It sounds like Schmidt, who’s never been a finesse kind of guy, has finally gotten some hop back on his heater and obviously was in command of all his “stuff” last night.  It would be nice if it turned out Schmidt was the other arm we need for the stretch run.  At one time not so long ago he was the best fastball pitcher in the national league.

There were no extra base hits for the Isotopes.  Only CLOSSER had a 2 hit game.


The Lookouts lose 9-3.

The Lookouts got their collective asses handed to them by Huntsville last night, 9-3 and were never really even close to being in the game.  The pitching, led by ADKINS (L, 2-6, 5.19), stunk it up from the get go and deserves no mention here.  Not one pitcher tossed a good game for the Lookouts.

LAMBO (.263) hit his 7th home run, a 3 run shot in the 7th to account for all the Lookout runs. TOMLIN (.309), went 3-4, to account for half of the Lookouts 6 total hits. Let’s hope they got this out of their system and show up to play real baseball the rest of the weekend.


The 66ers lose 11-6.

As bad as the Lookouts played last night , the 66ers played worse, losing to Lake Elsinore 11-6.

AND MANNY DID NOT PLAY!!  I guess just flying around in a jet plane is all the rehabbihng Manny needs because he now has a total of 4 abs of total rehab in the 4 days that he’s been on assignment.  All I want to know is WHO’S RESPONSIBLE???  Some heads are going to roll if he  comes back on July 3rd  stiffer than a 99 cent broom!

The pitching was so bad the lot of them should be charged with 1st degree Arson and traded as a lot to the Hartford Weaky Pee Wees for a twinkie and diet coke.

The 66ers obviously can’t pitch, but that doesn’t mean they can’t hit.  They just can’t drive in runs, that’s all.  Despite a triple by HERRERA (.301), and 5 Doubles by:  BAEZ (.293), FULLER (.258), HERRERA, CASERES (.297), and VAN SLYKE (.297), (his 23rd), the Lookouts could only drive in 6 runs on 11 hits.

5 Lookout players had 2 hit games tonight:  ROBINSON (.301), HERRERA, BAEZ, CASERES, and FULLER..


The Loons lost 4-1.

MILLER (L, 3-4, 4.83), went 6 innings giving up 4 earned runs on 5 hits, 3 walks and 3Ks and earned the loss.  GARCIA (3.02), pitched the last 2 innings giving up 1 hit, 0 runs , 0 walks and managed 3 Ks.

RUSSELL (.284), hit his 23rd double of the season and went 3-4.  GORDON (.310) also had a multi-hit game going 2-4.

WHERE’S MANNY????  Someone file a missing player’s report before it’s too late!

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  1. Ken says:

    True long-term Dodger fans look at all levels of the team – Keep up the good work.

    Any word re; why Lindblom was promoted?

  2. mark says:


    I think he was the logical choice. Pinnago was released. MDonald was recalled, Milton was also recalled, Estes retired, and you never know about Schmidt. Lindblom was the next logical choice, even though he isn’t having a great year (they already got Elbert).


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