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The ghosts come out again

The ghosts come out again

June 6, 2009 – Tony Jackson’s Blog –  Missed most of the game tonight because I was at the gym — when you’re unemployed, you have time to do things like that — and I caught up with it just as James Loney was drawing that critical, seven-pitch walk in the ninth inning, which I would like to say was the key to that whole rally. But it wasn’t. The key to the whole rally, quite obviously, was the boot by Pedro Feliz, because the game would have ended right there if he had made that play.
   This was exactly the kind of rally I was talking about a couple of nights ago here, when I likened these Dodgers to Joe Torre’s early years with the New York Yankees — although it’s tough to imagine anybody talking about the ghosts of Dodger Stadium, given that most of the guys who starred there back in the day are all still alive. Anyway, there were two outs and nobody on against Brad Lidge, who had sliced through Rafael Furcal and Orlando Hudson like butter, and it appeared that all hope was lost. But a single here, a walk there, an error, and the boys were in business.
   dodgersThe interesting thing was that Andre Ethier’s game-winning double came on the very next pitch after Phillies pitching coach Rich Dubee went to the mound to confer with Lidge. Wonder what he told him.

   Rough night for Eric Milton, but not as rough as it appeared. When all was said and done, although he couldn’t get out of the fifth inning and was lit up for eight hits, he only gave up one earned run. And given that he was in constant danger, that means he was constantly finding his way out of danger, so he made some big pitches when he had to. Phillies left at least one man on in all five of the innings Milton started, and they left a man in scoring position in four of those frames.

   Besides having 13 saves and continuing to forge a reputation as one of the league’s most dominating and intimidating closers, Jonathan Broxton is now 6-0. It seemed a curious choice for Joe to bring him in for the ninth tonight with the boys trailing by a run, especially with a quick turnaround before tomorrow’s day game, but I’m guessing his rationale was that the meat of the Phillies order was coming up, and it was absolutely critical there that they not score another run. Obviously, it worked.

   Not to tread on Lawdog’s turf, but Jaime Pedroza hit for the cycle for Great Lakes tonight. He was the Dodgers’ seventh-round pick in 2007, a local guy who played three years at UC-Riverside after graduating Northview High School in Covina. In other minor-league news, Claudio Vargas made another rehab appearance at Inland Empire, pitching two innings and allowing one run and one hit, both on a solo home run.

   Finally, congratulations go out to Mr. Ryan Plunkett and the rest of the Oxford Academy Patriots, who on Friday afternoon captured the California Southern Section title for their classification with a 5-1 win over some team from the High Desert area. Game was played at Blair Field at Long Beach State (or, if you prefer, Cal State-Long Beach). Ryan, a senior outfielder, is the elder son of Orange County Register Angels beat writer (and former Dodgers beat writer) Bill Plunkett, who despite his advanced age forced himself to fly home from Toronto (missing the opener of the Angels’ series in Detroit) on Thursday night, then is forcing himself as we speak (or as I type, I guess), to take a redeye to Dallas, whereupon he will catch a morning connector flight to Detroit to catch up with the Halos. That’s one dedicated parent, ladies and gentlemen. More power to him.

   Dodgers go to 38-19. Los Gigantes won, as well, so the lead stays at eight games.

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  1. Mark_Timmons says:

    Andre was not soft in the 9th inning. Come on Andre, make me eat crow! I like it!

  2. Mark_Timmons says:


    Are you sure you weren't at THe Gym?

  3. Mark_Timmons says:


    Are you sure you weren't at The Gym?

  4. You have got to find a gym with a television! Dear Lord, I PLANT myself on the treadmill in front of the TV when I'm at the gym…and I ask them to turn the channel for me if the game is on! Come to think of it, if you are unemployed, wasn't there ANY other time of the day you could have gone to the gym? :)
    It was a GREAT finish to an exciting game last night…I found myself saying, "Oh no, Eithier??" and it quickly turning into "OH…OH YEAH!! EITHER!!!" I jumped up and down and clapped and danced around my living room!! It was kinda like being at the gym.
    Please let Mark know that I will do whatever it takes to keep you on as a writer. (Car washes? Bake sales?) Seriously, I love your personalized style, the way you so succinctly sum up the game, and, especially, your patented Tony Jackson sarcasm. Always have. There is no one who writes like you…
    The game is at 1:10 today. Please go to the gym before or after that.

  5. Blue Haze says:

    Just send cash, a lot of it, Julie, you may even get Tony to do some maid services around your house.

    Andre is still soft, he only hit a double in a clutch situation, making him officially soft in Mark's book. (Mark, I think you are fighting a losing the battle on your Andre/Sofite argument.

    More fans, less fishhacks!

    • Maid service! Great idea! I'll start making a 'to do' list right away…he won't even need to go to the gym anymore…and, trust me, he will NEVER miss a game at my house!

  6. Mark_Timmons says:


    Are you the lady I spoke to in Chicago and saw in Azizona this year?

    • Although I was lucky enough to go to a couple of games at Camelback in March, I was not lucky enough to have met you, Mark. And, having never been to Wrigley, I am sorry to say, it was another–much more fortunate–Julie that you spoke with. I look forward to meeting you some time in the future tho…I definitely know where to find you!

  7. Mark_Timmons says:


    I hope Andre stuffs crow down my piehole. Nothing would make me happier than to hve to stop calling him Mr. Softee!.

  8. Blue Haze says:

    Here is the real story that we should be getting from Mark, but alas we receive a game recap from last night, but here is the real deal we need to hear about.


    The blown save was Lidge's fifth of the season, and the Dodgers now have 11 victories in their last at-bat.

    "These guys never surprise me," Dodgers manager Joe Torre said. "The other day with the five-run eighth inning, and then today with just the total resilience."

    The five-run eighth inning from Tuesday's 6-5 victory against Arizona that Torre referenced isn't just the only other example of the Dodgers' penchant for beating up bullpens.

    In the first five games of their current nine-game homestand, nine of the Dodgers' 11 runs have come against relievers.

    "I really can't [say] … I don't know," Loney said of their recent success against relievers. "It's just happening like that, I guess."

    Mark, where the hell is the Destiny Dodgers stuff that you used to beat us down with? Give us the fun, the love, the excitement again, the polished turd effort is lacking something.

  9. Mark_Timmons says:

    Jaime Pedroza is one of those guys who is not big enough, not strong enough, not fast enough, not good enough, who… ultimately may be good enough. He reminds me of Dustin Pedroia – I'm not saying that he'll be THAT good, but he's a guy who could surprise.

  10. mark says:

    These are Destiny’s Dodgers

  11. BillRussell says:

    It was a great win last night but one might of thought we had won he World Series. It was fun watching the team pile on Andre and Matt Kemp sticking shaving cream in his face during the post game interview. I am still left wondering why Jamie Lawn Moyer, Mowed us down all night and all of a sudden we wake up after two outs in the 9th for some clutch at bats and a stroke of luck. As Tony mentioned, the key was Pedro's boot, bailing out Russell Martins dribber to 3rd. Just to let Badger know, The Foundation got it all going with his sharp single in the 9th. How can we contact Joe and help him make a new lineup moving Russell down and Kemp up? Russells swing is looking like a rusty gate. Russell needs to get a wakeup call from these ghosts that Tony's talking about.

  12. mark says:

    This team wins by scoring early or scoring late. They win in the first and in the ninth.

    They win without the HR.

    They win without good pitching.

    They win without good hitting.

    Many have pointed out their pitching woes, but they keep winning.

    Sometimes, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

    These guys just know how to win and in less than a month, Manny will be back.

    To date, our MVP is Juan Pierre!

  13. Roger Dodger says:

    Hi Julie. I am not sure if you know this, but in Glendale (Phoenix) area, where Tony lives — has a Sports bar/restaurant called — The Gym

    www (dot)

    When Mark and I were there for Spring Training the first week of March (this year), Tony told us about "The Gym" not far from the Dodger's Camelback complex. We were to meet him there at 8 pm that night for drinks & pizza, etc. We showed up about 15 minutes early that night, and Tony met us at the door and said, he had to go to the Dodger offices, because the Manny story had just broke. He was sorry for breaking our get-together. So, we had to re-schedule with Tony.

    • I was totally unaware of that…BRILLIANT name and MY kind of workout. A Corona please!
      I was at Camelback in March…but, unfortunately was unaware of 'the gym'….I will definitely put it on my list of places to frequent when I am there next year!

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    (continue . . .)

    Mark and I had checked the place out earlier that day, and had lunch there. Good food.
    While having lunch that day, we met the owner and his brother and staff. Took pictures of them and the place. They even said they picked the name — The Gym — so that a guy (or gal) could say to others, "No, I cannot do that — I have to go to "the Gym." Using it as a cover for working out and maybe not having to deal with the other. Oh, back in March, Mark posted here some pictures of "The Gym."

    Bottom line, there is no treadmill involved here. Just working out the elbow at, The Gym, and visiting with folks.

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey Mark, I just tried to post 243 words, and was rejected for being too long.

    Can we lick this problem ??

  16. Blue Haze says:

    Now, that's my boy! I want to see a story about Destiny's Dodgers on tomorrow mornings lead blog. Give us passion, not a column, we want our Mark back. FREE MARK, FREE MARK, FREE MARK, FREE MARK!!!!!!!

    Thel is tluth what you say glasshoppaw. (in honor of the great but nude actor David "Kung Fu" Carradine (?))

    This team has scored early or late, and sometimes both. They have received some timely help from the pen and at times, no help from the pen, yet they have pulled out numerous victories from the jaws of defeat. That to me rings more true of a Destiny moniker.

    Spoken in Gen. Patton rage and passionate speech style:
    Bring it on, Mark, get those juices flowing (no, not those juices) and let's see your fire, your burning desire belched all over this site. We want to see the gusto, the Shlitz's Beer gusto, return to the home of the brave, the land of the Dodgers. Turn away from evil, don't let this site lose it love and die, let some other poor bastards website die. Now Mark, you're going to take this website, and go like shi'ite thru a goose, but your not going to take short cuts, no, Mark you are going to do it the American Way (Battle Hymn of the Republic is softly playing in the background), the Right Way.

    You built this site with your bare and bloody hands Mark, and you aren't going to give up now. You are going to carry on with your duties, like a Great American, and continue to write, to plead, to strategize, to offer ridiculous trade ideas, to spill your guts (ample as they may be) to the members of this site, to encourage healthy Dodger love and brotherhood (no PC bs, we will not add "or sisterhood"). Mark, fight the infidels and continue your Dodger-jihad on this nation and website.

    (Battle Hymn of the Republic gently fades and lights go black on the stage)

  17. DRomo says:

    I knew Mark would spin the softee label to sound like he is just trying to "motivate" Andre.

    You crack me up Mark, just say it … you were wrong this time. LOL

  18. DRomo says:

    You know the thing that worries me about our team this year? It is still pitching. Milton was pretty good but still he is a 4-5 at best. I see us as having a staff full of those guys. After Bills and maybe Wolf they are all # 5 starters. Kershaw will be better as time goes by that I can understand but we are expecting too much too soon from him. Kuroda can be money but is hit and miss right now.

    So here is what I am wondering:
    I know Peavy would cost us a kings ransom, but what does that mean specifically? Who goes in a package for Peavy? McDonald, Lambo,Hu & pick up the remaining $$ on the contract? Is it more? They will want pitching and youthful major league ready guys I think. But who? I am not saying I would pull the trigger but I would like to know what we think the package would have to be. It might be worth considering it. This is our best chance in years to go all the way, why not go big?

  19. I Miss the 51's says:

    DRomo, the rumor I read is that the Padres want at least two guys of the Major League roster and at least two top prospects for Peavy. That may change the closer we get to the deadline. As long as we have this lead in the Division… we don't really need to hurry up and make this deal now.

    I definitely think we should make every attempt to add a pitcher, but patience is the best direction to go right now in my opinion. Still another 40-50 games before July 31st.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    In the end — when a team seems to win in the post season — many times (if I remember correctly) it is with a pitcher/s that totally shut down another team. May it in be Oral, or Sandy, of Bob, or Hamles, etc.

    A winner cannot (usually) count of giving up 4 or 6 or 8 runs — and then slugging it back with a big win.

    In the post season, no Padres, no Seattle, no Pittsburgh, no Houston, no Baltimore, no Cleveland, no Oakland, no Washington, no Colorado, no Arizona . . . these teams are long gone.

    Ned needs to fine tune this team to have 2 stoppers, and 1 closer, and 2 in the pen — all being lights out.

    Then I will take my chances.

  21. CaptainLoose says:

    Count me among those waiting for the pitching to kill us, but, so far they are hanging in there.

    I still say Peavy will be a deadline deal and he won't be coming to L.A.. There are still those 52,000,000 reasons why – and the fact that Towers won't want to do us any favors. Send Peavy to the A.L. where we won't have to see him until we face him in the World Series.

    If Kuroda is ok, we may have enough pitching for 7 games. I hear Brad Penny may be available. Sure wish we still had Derek Lowe. He has gone at least 7 his last five outings and already has 76.2 innings in the books.

  22. Roger Dodger says:

    (This gives me mucho pleasure . . .)

    Last night in that big comeback 9th inning. After two were out . . .

    1. Blake — singles — Clutch playing.

    2. Loney — works a walk — Clutch playing.

    3. Martin — hits a little ground ball to the 3rd baseman — SOFT — but the 3rd baseman kicks it — and Martin is safe. Boy, was softtee lucky.

    4. Ethier — drives the ball down the line, bounces off the fence . . . Dodgers win, Dodgers win . . . Clutch hit.

    Three guys in the Clutch. One guy, hitting SOFT, but the baseball gods had pity on him and the 3rd baseman kicked the ball.

    Today, is another day. Have to pick up Kuroda, unless he throws a no-hitter.

    Game on Fox national broadcast.

  23. BillRussell says:

    Revised, Let's give them Milton, Weaver, Ausmus and Mota. Four off our current roster.

  24. Mark_Timmons says:

    Martin has been Mr. Softee this year.

    One good AB does not get the Softee moniker lifted, but Romo, I WAS NOT WRONG! Ethier HAS BEEN soft. I'd prefer that he not be and maybe last night will give him a boost. However, if you don't think think he's been "soft" you aren't watching the games or checking the stats.

    Russ Martin is giving Andre a good run on taking away his Mr. Softee moniker. If Andre picks it up, the moniker shall be Russell's alone!

  25. Mark_Timmons says:

    … and no one has mentioned this, but even though it was a difficult play, Russ Martin has to catach that ball at the plate and HOLD ON TO IT! Yes, it was BANG-BANG, but stars hold on to it! End of story.

    It's like in the first inning last night when Pierre tagged up on Utley's catch. I can't fault Pierre – you always go when it will take a PERFECT throw to get you, but Utley made the perfect throw!

    Stars do that stuff!

  26. DRomo says:

    BRuss, c'mon I doubt they would give us much for a matching set of spare parts. Oswalt would be nice, Halliday would be better! I know Toronto is looking for middle infiled help. Hu or even DeWitt could be in that deal. I would even throw in McDonald, Elbert, and another pitcher. I am telling you guys when Manny comes back our offense is going to be rock solid again if we have have pitching we will be unstoppable.
    A rotaion of:
    Peavy, Halliday, or Oswalt
    Kershaw (where he belongs #5)
    That is unbelievably good! We will not get many opportunties to have a roster like this and be favorites. We have to go for it!

  27. BillRussell says:

    DRome's, You didn't think I was being real did you? I Miss the 51's said they wanted 2 off the current roster so I was just finding names off the current roster that could be dealt. I agree with you that a true Ace on the staff would push us over the top this year. Bill's is hanging in there for now but adding someone to the top pushes everyone else down and makes our matches ups in the playoffs every all that more important.

  28. BillRussell says:

    I see you don't like Bedard……

  29. BruinFBBB says:

    Hey Mark,

    Like a lot of other folks, I found your blog by following Tony Jackson here. I wanted to know if you considered selling LA D-talk t-shirts or some kind of goofy Tony Jackson caricature t-shirts as a means of generating revenue/keeping Tony on board. I am unlikely to pay for an insider area but I would certainly buy a shirt…

    Just wanted to throw it out there…

  30. Mark_Timmons says:

    To get Peavy or Halladay or Oswalt, we would have to give up AT LEAST the following players:




    Maybe more…

    Stults and Milton have SOME value!

    I would do that for Halladay, but I would hate to give SD all those players.

    This is how our lineup would look:

    1. Pierre CF
    2. Furcal SS
    3. Hudson 2B
    4. Manny LF
    5. Loney 1B
    6. Kemp RF
    7. Martin C
    8. Blake 3B


    1. Halladay
    2. C-Bill
    3. Kuroda
    4. Wolf
    5. Kershaw

  31. BruinFBBB says:

    I think 14-16 bucks is a fair price for a shirt. I think keeping prices low would induce more sales, but I'm no economist…

  32. BillRussell says:

    Mark, I like the lineup. Now that you have connections, make it happen. I would also buy 2-3 LA Dodger Talk T-shirts that read FREE TONY – LA Dodger Talk. OR KEEP TONY

  33. BillRussell says:

    Good Quality T-shirts $25-$30 bucks each

    Haines Beefy t's or similar quality

  34. lawdog says:

    If you want to consider some real hot prospects between the ages of 22 and 21, we got a boat load of them at Inland Empire. I discussed 5 of them with incredible numbers in last night's Minor League report posted elsewhere on the blog. Those kids are 2 years away from being our new stable of Kemps, Ethiers, Loneys, and Martins. Check them out.

  35. lawdog says:

    The Midwest League announced today the rosters for the 2009 Midwest League All-Star Game, which will be held June 23 at Alliant Energy Field in Clinton, IA. The Loons will be represented by a franchise-high seven players – three pitchers and four position players – on the Eastern Division squad. All four position players have been named starters.
    The Loons' starters will be Tony Delmonico (catcher), Dee Gordon (shortstop), Jaime Pedroza (second base) and Kyle Russell (outfield). The three pitchers are right-handers Javy Guerra, JonMichael Redding and Josh Walter.

    Russell leads the MWL in home runs, runs, total bases and is tied for first in RBIs. Gordon leads the circuit in stolen bases and is second in triples. Pedroza is third in the league in runs scored, and Delmonico is hitting .278 with 24 RBIs.

    Guerra and Redding are both ranked second in the league in a major pitching category. Guerra is second in saves and Redding second in wins. Walter, used as both a starter and reliever, is 3-1 with a 2.22 ERA.

    The Loons have the most representatives of any Eastern Division team. Home standing Clinton (eight) is the only team in the league with more all-stars. Kane County also has seven all-stars.

    The East is led by South Bend manager Mark Haley and his Silver Hawks coaching staff. The squad includes players from the six Eastern Division teams plus Peoria. The West is led by Clinton manager Scott Steinmann and his LumberKings staff.

    Full rosters for both teams are attached to this release.

    The Loons sent four players to the all-star game in both 2007 and 2008. In '07, the team was represented by Clayton Kershaw (left-handed pitcher), Francisco Lizarraga (reserve, shortstop), Eduardo Perez (starter, first base) and Miguel Ramirez (right-handed pitcher). In '08, Steven Johnson (starter, right-handed pitcher), Kenley Jansen (catcher), Andrew Lambo (starter, outfield) and Ramirez represented the Loons.

  36. BillRussell says:

    Oswalt, Halliday, Bedard are a few names that will be surfacing shortly. Patience for now may be the key. We can't afford to strip two off the current roster unless it's Ausmus, Weaver or Mota.

  37. Roger Dodger says:

    Network broadcasters, are giving it a bit to Martin and all of the balls that have been wild pitches over the past few days. That he has been a bit laze on some of them.

    I saw him wave at one the other day, like a bullfighter. It didn't work then.

  38. Mark_Timmons says:

    The Padres want players who are "major league ready." That narrows down the selection.

  39. Mark_Timmons says:

    Kuroda = 2 hits and 5 K's through 6 innings. I guess the Dodgers knew what they were doing in calling him up. He has 94 pitches and I think Joe should pull him after 6.

    How about Mr. Hardee? Another jack!

    It's all between your ears, Andre – Change your thinking, change your life!

  40. Roger Dodger says:

    "The Pen" could not hold it. Ethier picked up that base hit, not too deep in right field, and threw a 4 or 5 bouncer to home — with it up with that? He needed to airmail it home, and if he did, he would have had that runner. Then Martin bounced his throw to 2nd base, into the outfield.

  41. CaptainLoose says:

    I'll tell you who is soft on our team – Loretta and Castro. Castro was soft in the head just a few minutes ago and Loretta is sinking like a Loretta stone.

    In some cases it does no good to post stats here. Opinion based on opinion just cannot be changed in some people. Ethier had a bad September a while back and he has been "soft" ever since. The stats say otherwise but so what?

    The Padres should do well when they finally do trade Peavy. Somebody wll cough up the young players the Pads need, but I still say it won't be us.

  42. Roger Dodger says:

    In games like these very close ones — Manny would make a difference. Right now there is so little power in the lineup, it hurts.

    Idea: take Manny, shave his head, do some quick plastic surgery on his face, claim there is this late blooming rookie in the Three I league the Dodgers are bringing up — give him a new number with the name of U-Rod, place him in right field. Folks will never know the difference.

  43. Roger Dodger says:

    Today, I have noticed that Pierre in left field, does not get good reads on fly balls hit to the foul line and in — early in the game, one ball bounced foul by inches, and, in my opinion, should have caught the ball. Just now in the 9th inning, he seemed to be fooled again. Or, maybe he is below average on coming in on baseballs to his right.

  44. Mark_Timmons says:

    Can Andre get better? Of course – he needs to in order to be a middle of the order hitter.

    Kemp, Martin and Ethier all need to get better, but Ethier is more of a "one-dimensional player." Kemp and Martin have better defensive ability and base-stealing ability. Andre needs to hit in the clutch. Just like last night! Just like right now! SINGLE BY ETHIER!

  45. Mark_Timmons says:

    Great idea BruinFBBB,

    I'll look into it.

    What would you pay for a shirt?

  46. Mark_Timmons says:

    Martin choked.

    Here's our RBI man!

  47. Mark_Timmons says:

    Martin choked.

    Here's our RBI man!

    The Loney-dog!

  48. Michael says:

    I say grow your own, pitching that is. Don't give up the farm for an established starter. If needed only trade for young arms, who are rising, not someone who has already had his best years. JBROX could be the 1st 20/20 guy, 20 wins and 20 saves. For you younsters back in 1963, Ron Perranoski had 16 wins and 21 saves.

  49. Mark_Timmons says:

    Well, he didn't get it done.

    Is is Matt's day for a "walk-off?"

  50. Michael says:

    Last season Ethier hit .328.426.541.967 with runners in scoring position and then with two outs and scoring position he hit .327.453.500.953 thats "clutch if you want to call it that. Ethier has had a poor May big deal. he'll be right back on track. Pierre predictably has has hit . the last seven days and is 1 for 5 today. it doesnt get more one dimensional than pierre.

  51. Mark_Timmons says:

    When I coach, I do not coach all players the same. I am hard on players that I expect more out of and that is why I am hard on Ethier.

    Before the season started, I predicted 30 HR/100 RBI and .300 from Andre and he can still do it, but he can't be soft!

  52. Mark_Timmons says:

    You can't keep your bat on your shoulder, Matt!

    • Ken says:

      GameDay had all 4 pitches as balls

      Not having 2-3 long relievers had put a strain on the bullpen requiring 13 pitchers which puts a major strain on the position players who are now all very tired and slumping. Hopefully the Dodgers will be .500 in June.

  53. Mark_Timmons says:


    In September of 2008 Andre Ethier was maybe the best clutch hitter in baseball.

  54. Ken says:


  55. Mark_Timmons says:

    Today, Andre Ethier was the Man!

  56. Michael says:

    I hear crow doesn't taste too bad Mark. Thanks for the Karma. Finger lickin good.

  57. Mark_Timmons says:

    That is what I expect out of him!

  58. CaptainLoose says:

    You expect two home runs, including a walk off? That's what it will take to lose the soft label?

    Man, you are tough.

    What you didn't post, conveniently, was his OBP along with that .258 avg. – .404.

    Ethier hits in all situations.

  59. Mark_Timmons says:

    What a way to demonstrate your clutch hitting, Andre!

  60. Mark_Timmons says:

    I love crow, when it's served like that.

    It takes like steak at Ditka's!

  61. Roger Dodger says:

    Monday is an off-day. There are two assingments:

    1) Martin: bunting practice. He was a waste with two on and needed to bunt them over. He could not do it. Ended up striking out. Stupid. That is not being "soft" — rather, is not being able to do the basics. Dumb.

    2) Kemp: appointment with the Eye doctor. When he was called out — heck, I am 1,350 miles from Dodger Stadium — and I could see that that pitch was a strike. And Kemp argues with the ump. Get your eyes checked out — then work on a professional attitude on the field. Yes, it is good to play with emotion, sure, but that was not emotion, that was a player who could not take being called out in a very important at bat. He screwed up, and . . .

    He might have been ejected. If that would have happened? Pierre would have moved to centerfield, who goes out to left field? Ausmus, or which pitcher. Everyone else was used.

  62. Mark_Timmons says:

    OK Badger, I'll post statistics:
    Ethier is 2; Kemp is 24; Martin is 26; Loney is 25
    I automatically demand more out of the older more mature guys. So, I think Andre should be the most advanced of them all.
    Lets look at Andre and Loney (I think Kemp and Martin are soft sometimes too, but I give a break to Kemp due to his age.

    3-Year Splits:Bases Loaded – Loney .390 – Ethier .233
    Runners in Scoring Position with 2 Outs: Loney .283 – Ethier .258

    James is 2 years younger than Andre, but he is and has been our best RBI man.
    Even Russ Martin, who I feel is getting soft has the following 3-Year splits:
    Bases Loaded – .283/ Runners in Scoring Position with 2 Outs: .281


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