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What Now?

ajax-bowaI’m not just talking about what the Dodgers will do – I believe that the Dodgers will surprise a lot of people.  We have already seen certain players raise their games and I sometimes things that appear bad on the surface can galvanize a team into becoming even better.  I think something of that sort will happen.  I am not so naive as to believe that we will keep up the same winning percentage as when Manny was playing, but I do think we will prevail.  What I really want to know is the following:

  1. How can I believe this was just a one time thing?    How can I belive this was an isolated incident?  Are all baseball players cheaters?
  2. To some extent I feel violated.  I feel that some stole something from me.  Manny had that “happy-go-lucky” attitude which seemed to infect the entire team.  Why do I feel that we will never have that same feeling again?
  3. And finally,   what do I tell my 9 year-old son who idolizes Manny.  How do I explain that  steroids are not OK?

The Dodgers have a problem.  Baseball has a problem.  Society has a problem.  How do we fix it?  I don’t have  clue, but I can tell you this – some of the joy just left the game for me.  I am not going to say “I told you so,” but there have always been issues surrounding Manny.  This latest one may be his legacy.  Dodger fans hated Bonds for perceived “jucing,” but Bonds never flunked a steroid test.  Manny has.  Do you have a double standard?  Are you going to give Manny a free pass while denouncing Barry?  Think about it.

The Dodgers just held a news conferenece and are supporting Manny.  Before that, Tony Jackson was interviewing Larry Bowa about the death of Preston Gomez, longtime Dodger coach (RIP – Preston). 

Joe Torre and Ned Colletti say that they support MLB’s drug testing, but also support Manny and will welcome him back in 50 days.  Is that the right thing to do?  People deserve second chances, but is this a second chance?   Or is it something else?  At this point, I just am not sure.  I am going to have to think about this for a while.

I will provide game updates from the Dodger Stadium Pressbox tonight.  I look to my left and see Tony Jackson, Dylan Hernandez and T.J. Simers.  In front is Ramona Shelbourne, Ken Gurnick and Bill Plaschke.  To my right is also a plethora of baseball writers and here I sit with all the fish hacks, and suddenly I feel so inadequate.  What a country!  I think I am the first bloogger EVER in the Dodgers Press Box.  It’s been a long time coming…

Tonight’s Lineup:

  1. Furcal  SS
  2. Hudson  2B
  3. Ethier  RF
  4. Loney  1B
  5. Martin  C
  6. Kemp  CF
  7. Blake  3B
  8. Wolf  P
  9. Pierre  LF

Personally, I would have went with the following lineup, but Joe Torre has a few more wins as a major-league manager and I will have to defer to him:

  1. Furcal  SS
  2. Pierre  LF
  3. Hudson  2B
  4. Ethier  RF
  5. Loney  1B
  6. Martin  C
  7. Kemp  CF
  8. Blake  3B
  9. Wolf  P

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21 Responses to “What Now?”

  1. Monsta Troll says:

    Hey Mark,

    As far as how the Dodgers will be; from an fan that doesn't bleed Dodger blue and can see outside the box, I think they will still be great. Your lineup is still good and the pitching (what I've seen of it) seems stellar. Plus your division isn't exactly the AL east for competition.

    Now to Manny, as you know I followed him for 8 years with the Sox and until last year I loved the guy (and still do a little). He was one player I always thought was clean. But regardless of all that, I have a sense of how stupid this guy really is. I mean come on. How could you do something so incredibly dumb? With everything on the line: A long term deal and his legacy. Did he honestly think he wouldn't get caught? And believe me, like Arod, HE DIDN"T NEED THIS STUFF. He is that good. He truly is the village idiot.

    But who knows? Maybe he was really trying to just get pregnant.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    Interesting theory, Troll.

    Village Idiot? Hummm….

    That’s kind of what they are saying in the pressbox here.

  3. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I think that Joe and Ned were doing their job this afternoon. At this point, Manny is still a Dodger under contract. They can only support him. Joe said this afternoon, that Manny was not Manny right now, and he first needs to find himself, to deal with this, and move to the future.

    That is true. Let us be concerned about him as a person. Then, in some fifty daya or so, the Dodgers can see if they want him in uniform. Will he be able to perform? Can he come out from behind the rock that is in front of him and weighing him down right now?

    Life is not easy, but some of us make it harder on us and those around us. That is where Manny, the Dodgers, Dodger fans, and MLB are today.

  4. Voldomer says:

    Congrats on the pressbox gig. That sounds exciting.

    Is Tony Jackson back in the saddle?

  5. Monsta Troll says:

    Your at the Dodger Stadium press box Mark?!

    That’s awesome man.

  6. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, are you drinking their water, or did you bring your own?

  7. Monsta Troll says:

    If Mark’s smart he’s trying to sell them his water right now.

  8. Badger says:

    You tell your kid the truth Mark.

    Manny is in the Dodger family. We have to treat him like he is the heroine addict stupid little brother that needs an intervention. Maybe if we do, he will stay with us a second year.

    Then again, maybe he won’t, but I think we still treat him like family.

    Isn’t it – interesting – that the only star to ever get suspended mid-season is a Dodger. We all know how many of the super hitters the last decade juiced, and we all know how they were treated. Now they suspend arguably the best draw in the bigs. Better late than never?

    Again, how stupid do you have to be at this point to get caught doing this stuff?

  9. Monsta Troll says:

    Badger speaks the truth. And the sad thing is: Manny doesn’t need this stuff.

  10. Mark Timmons says:

    If anyone wondered how the Dodgers would respond after Manny was suspended, Matt Kemp just answered the bell.

    6-0 after 1.



    On Tony Jackson… stay tuned!

  11. M says:

    Ob-La-Di, Ob-Li-Da life goes on bra, la,la la,life goes on. Who needs Manny? This is just what these kids needed; party over, time to sprout your wings. Just think we didn’t get Manny until July 31st last year. I think that big Dodger in the sky is indeed watching over us. Peace

  12. Ken says:

    Cool! Pierre got to bat in the first inning.

  13. Ed Tolbert says:

    I became a Dodger fan at 7 years old when Johnny Podres shut out the Yankees 2-0 and
    brought a world championship to Brooklyn. I love the Dodgers and always will. Manny
    Ramirez is not the Dodgers to me because I do not suffer fools and never have. The game
    has changed and I understand the destructive effect huge money has had on fragile men
    with amazing baseball/athletic ability. Today was an awful day for everyone associated
    with the game but tomorrow I will begin to remember the “men” who elevated this storied
    organization to a sports franchise loved by it’s fans and respected by all.

  14. Mark Timmons says:

    Troncoso, Wade, Ohman and Leach should be charged with felony arson.

  15. Badger says:

    Went to bed and all was right.

    Something went horribly wrong. And, gee, what a surprise – it was our pitching. So much for going undefeated at home. We finally face a team that can hit, and hit they did.

    Is this the beginning of some bad juju?

    Ed, I went to the same high school as Andy Messersmith, he was two years ahead of me. The reason I bring him up is because the game of MLB changed forever when he challenged the reserve clause. Say what you want about that, but what it meant was bidding wars for players and the teams we as kids grew up with would be no longer.

  16. Ed Tolbert says:

    Badger, you are right striking down the reserve clause shook the game to it’s foundation. In
    hindsight maybe a salary cap system like the NFL would have helped maintain some sanity.
    Sadly, MLB, Bowie Kuhn and the owners vastly underestimated the strength and resolve of
    Marvin Miller and the PA. The relationship between players and owners needed change but
    with the infusion of major money from sources other than the fan in the seat common sense
    went out one window while greed (on both sides) came in another.

  17. Ed Tolbert says:

    BTW Mark, LA Dodger Talk is top-notch. Congratulations on this blog and for last night’s
    milestone as well. Awesome!

  18. Ken says:

    MLB must have felt sorry for the Wolf last night. They changed the scoring in Wolf’s SF game from double to error on Either so 3 runs come off his record. Wolf ERA = 2.95

  19. Badger says:

    Agree Ed. A salary cap has been needed in MLB for years, but the players union, the most powerful union in the world I suspect, will not allow it. I would have thought by now fan revolt would force it, but, I must be in a minority on that issue. A few years ago I tried, (granted with minimum effort) to organize an Opening Day boycott. Imagine starting the season with empty stadiums, but, nobody listened to me. Until the fans say ENOUGH!, it will be bidness as usual.

    Yeah, I too was wondering what Wolf was thinking. That’s a W in the bag and the pen collectively blew the bag up. Most of you know I have been waiting for something like this.

  20. Mark Timmons says:

    The Dodgers went into the game last night with the lowest ERA in all of baseball.


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