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May 24, 2009 – Tony Jackson’s Blog

May 24, 2009 – Tony Jackson’s Blog

The trip continues, but not at the expense of Dodgers commentary

Mom, Aunt Paula, Cousin Carla and I are all holed up at a Holiday Inn Express in a place called Shamrock, Texas, tonight, as we leisurely work our way from my daughter’s graduation in Colorado two days ago to a few days of R&R at my parents’ house in Fayetteville, Ark., but I did manage to keep up with the Dodgers’ doings, thanks to that wonder of modern technology known as the iPhone (no, I wasn’t watching pitch-by-pitch while I was driving). For those who didn’t realize it, this was the boys’ third walkoff walk of the season.

Anyway, Ethier’s injury doesn’t appear serious, and neither does Jason Schmidt’s — he was knocked out of his first rehab start at ABQ (third overall) 27 pitches in when he got hit in the head by a line drive, but he walked off under his own power. The shame of Ethier’s toe injury was that it came on a night when he finally appearedruss to be coming out of weeks of hitting doldrums. He was 2 for 3 with a double and had reached three times in four plate appearances (also a hit-by-pitch).

This was yet another big psychological boost for the Dodgers, who proved, perhaps as much to themselves as anyone else,  that their patient approach at the plate works just as well against American League teams, too. In this two-week stretch of playing nothing but top-notch teams (yes, I AM including the Marlins, who I believe won 11 of their first 15 before hitting the skids), the Dodgers are now 8-3, and they have a chance to win all four of those series if they can take the rubber match against the Halos tomorrow.

Dodgers go to 30-14. Pods and Giants both won, so the lead stays at 8 1/2 games.

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  1. God stuff Tony, I was thinking about our walk off walk victories this season last night after the game. I was twittering with Diamond and a bunch of others but I was too tired to look that stat up. I thought that was our 2nd walk off walk this season but indeed it's our 3rd! Have a safe trip!

  2. mark says:

    It was another amazing come from behind win, starring Russ Martin and Andre Ethier – names not recently associated with clutch hitting.

    Quick, name 2 NL catchers havingbetter years than Russ.

    I still say he’ll be the All-Star catcher.

    I’ m at the Greatest Spectacle in Racing today with 400,000 of my closest friends.

    P.S. I will be in the Wrigley Field pressbox this week!

    • Ken says:

      Based upon what?

      Based upn GPA 5 with 100 or more ABs
      Flores, Hundley, Baker, McCann, and Molina

      Based upon BA/RISP 4

  3. Badger says:

    I am impressed with the pressbox. You can have the spectacle.

    You forgot to mention another star of last night's game – The Foundation.

  4. Badger says:

    How did my post get squeezed in between your post and Miguel's? I wrote in response to yours mover.

    This place confuses me.

  5. Ken says:

    GPA as criteria for NL All Star
    Martin 6th – No
    Loney 13th – No
    Hudson 2nd – Yes
    Blake 4th – No
    Furcal 11th – No
    Rameriz 1st – No
    Pierre 4th – No
    Kemp 6th – No
    Either 6th – No

    In first place and only 1 postion player on the All Star team

    Must be the current pitching. Wait until all of the other pitchers show up in June.

  6. Ken says:

    Maybe its the starting pitching

    Percent of quality starts
    Bills – 100% (The only one in NL)
    Wolf – 60%
    Kershaw – 33%
    Stults – 14%

    One more All Star

    Maybe its the relief pitchers

  7. Ken says:

    Most wins in the NL 13
    2nd most blown saves in NL
    Highest Pressure index in the NL (Average Leverage Index)

    Wade #2
    Broxton #3
    Belisario #43
    Troncoso #72
    Ohman #76
    Mota #77

    High pressure low result for Wade so his performance is ok
    Low pressure and bad results from Ohman and Mota the most over priced relievers on the Dodgers.

    One more All Star

    Must be the TEAM playing together!

  8. mark says:

    I still say Martin is the All-Star C!

    Race is halfway complete.

    This place never ceases to amaze me.

    It should be on your bucket list!

  9. jerry says:

    matt kemp sure looks lost at the plate…fast ball after fast ball he watchs go write down the middle of the plate..still swings at the one;s off the plate..he has nt had a home run in a while..matter of fact the only one who does blake.. we sure lost our power…so if the hitting coach has made changes ..i am not sure it is for the better..

  10. Badger says:

    yet another administrator deleted post.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    I just voted for the All-Star teams. I used the stats to the right side and coverd the names, here is how I voted.

    First Base: Morneau, J., MIN
    Second Base: Hill, A., TOR
    Third Base: Longoria, E., TB
    Shortstop: Bartlett, J., TB
    Catcher: Mauer, J., MIN
    Outfielder: Bay, J., BOS
    Outfielder: Hunter, T., LAA
    Outfielder: Jones, A., BAL

    First Base: Pujols, A., STL
    Second Base: Hudson, O., LAD
    Third Base: Zimmerman, R., WAS
    Shortstop: Ramirez, H., FLA
    Catcher: Molina, B., SF
    Outfielder: Beltran, C., NYM
    Outfielder: Braun, R., MIL
    Outfielder: Ibañez, R., PHI

    I saw the players above having solid to great years. No, I did not vote like a lot of kids, and just fill out the Dodger lineup. The Dodgers do not have many players out there in the starting 8, that all all-stars this years, so far.

  12. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, you are way out of line in saying that Russell Martin this season is playing like an All-Star. Liking him is one thing, respecting the play of others and having the best play in that game, is another.

    B. Molina is having the best seasons so far in the N.L. He gets key hits. Beat the Dodgers a game. 30 RBIs says a lot. 8 HR ties Iannetta for the most as a catcher.

    Looking at the A.L. there are several catchers much better than Martin (this year). One is V. Martinez of Cleveland hitting .371 with 7 HRs and 30 RBIs. J. Mauer starting late, is hitting .429 with 9 HRs and 28 RBIs. Several others are also playing great: Suzuki of Oakland, Saltalamacchia of Texas, Napoli of the Angels, and Barajas of Toronto.

    But I bet one thing, you did not put Ethier in for N.L. outfield.

  13. Mark says:

    1. Earlier I said "name 2 NL Catchers having better seasons than Martin." You mentioned one, that being Molina (there is another). Now there will be two or three catchers on the team and I still think Martin will be on it, and he does play like an All-Star (especially defensively);
    2. You are right about Ethier. Not only do I not have him on the All-Star team, no one else does;
    3. Martin has been to bat 48 times this year with RISP and has plated 17 – Ethier has also plated 17 runs with RISP, but in 63 AB's;

  14. Mark says:

    4. It was a shame to see Ethier get hurt yesterday, because he had started hitting the ball and was playing some good defense – I hope he gets back soon, but as I have written earlier, Jamie Hoffman is a good OF (I really like him too, and what makes me like a player is how they do in the clutch);
    5. For the record, I do not like Martin as much as I used to because he has not hit in the clutch like he should;
    6. I hope that Ethier makes the All-Star team, because it would mean he would really have to heat up and I would endorse that; and
    7. I did vote for Ethier, but I know that he doesn't deserve it!

  15. Roger Dodger says:

    Well I hope Joe and Ned are learning some things now. The Dodgers do have a 7 1/2 game lead over S.D. Giants a couple more than that.

    S.D. is now on a roll. The Giants are talking about a trade for hitting. Johnson from Washington is a possibility. Not really worried about them at this point.

    What I and the Dodgers should be worried about is — the heart of the Dodger lineup — almost all of them are having below expectation years. Not performing. Furcal does not look like we through he would. I see many of his throws to first base as in the dirt, when he had plenty of time on many of them. He is not hitting. Furcal is below expectations.

    If the Dodgers had a first class catcher now, Martin would be on the bench. He would not un-seat Blake a third, and the same with Hudson at second. In fact, Martin would probably have been sent down for more seasoning. I saw one throw to second base today. It was not even in the area of the bag.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    The Ace of the staff got bounced today. Relief pitchers of late look terrible.

    The Angels are a better team all around. Forget the season stats, the are now winning. The Dodgers got their butts kicked. The one win in this series was given to them by a walk.

    The biggest bright spot is Hudson. Ned and Joe best do some re-tooling . . .

  17. Mark says:

    We lost a game we should have won today, but our pitching let us down. Troubling? Yes, but stuff like this happens.

    Let's not forget that we still have the best record in baseball. We have the best record in baseball with Martin and Ethier very much under their career averages. I think both will rebound.

    Raffy? He is the one I am not sure of.

  18. lawdog says:

    The one thing that gives me real hope for the team this year is the way we come back when it looks like we've blown a big lead in the later innings. Last year we didn't do that. If we established a lead and frittered it away in the sixth and got shut down in the bottom of the sixth, let the opposition score more in the top of the 7th inningn we would have cashed our ticket last year and in years past. We lost one we should have won today but we did come back to tie the game 7-7 in the 8th after trailing 7-4 going into the bottom of the 7th. And we played hard even if we dropped easy pop ups and almost beheaded our all star second baseman with an elbow to the head on a full speed dead run that would have drawn a flagrant foul call in the NBA. We were in it until the end.

    Torre needs to learn how to pull a pitcher who's tiring. Bills still had good stuff, but was wild in the strike zone which is a recipe for disaster. When Martin kept setting up low and away only to have the pitch come down broadway to the inside, or vice versa–how do you not even have an arm throwing in the bullpen? If he'd pulled Bills when it was 4-2 no one out with two rujnners on in nthe sixt we win this game! I was screaming at him through the television. The neighbor called Ruth and said she had to take her kids inside because she was hearing some language coming from me inside our home that would make a sailor blush.

    I cannot stand incompetence when it should be obvious! I think Joe was takin g the day off. Didn't really care if we one or lost because "Hey, It's only May!"

    This loss might come back and bite us in the butt in September, but he "rested" as many arms as long as he could. Not quite as bad as Tracy. Not like resting 4 regulars on the same day. But damn close! Joe makes the big bucks but some days he is just felony stupid!

  19. Lawdog says:

    The new kid looked good, didn't he? Our minor league till have some A-1 prospects.

  20. Roger Dodger says:

    Lawdog, I still do not have real confidence in big games with our pen. Key here, Joe and the staff have June, July, and August to get them in shape.

    Mark, I agree with Martin and Ethier will figure it out. Kemp, I hope he does because he is the "big" bat possibiliity. Those three, maybe the league is catching up to them. But all of them are taking those sweet pitches right down the middle.

  21. Voldomer says:

    The pen indeed killed the Dodgers today. It has to be demoralizing to cut the lead and then see it expand again. Wade is not right, and Leach and Mota have little to offer. The pitchers seemed tired, and the long stretch of games is just now beginning. Someone needs to go seven or eight strong innings soon and give this pen a break. It is not too early to bring in another arm.

    I like Hudson's hustle, but something has to give with these collisions (and near-misses) with outfielders. Now we know why they call him the "Oh!" Dog!

    Casey Blake is doing everything he can to carry this team in his beard. With Torre as an assistant coach for the All-Star team, I think Blake will get picked (assuming he keeps this pace up for a few more weeks).


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