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May 16, 2009 – Rants & Raves

May 16, 2009 – Rants & Raves
  • miltonJuan Pierre – You cannot stop him.  You can only hope to contain him.  All jokes aside, Juan Pierre haters should be really happy he’s on your team right now.  Since THAT GUY (in case some of you don’t know, I refuse to call the player serving a 50-game suspension by his actual name, and only refer to him nas “THAT GUY”) left, Juan Pierre has saved the Dodgers bacon.
  • Do we have a LH in the pen we can trust?  Ohman has looked awful and Leach looks too green.
  • Do Belasario and Leach have any idea where their pitches are going?  (Broxton also might have to be added to that category)
  • Andre Ethier had his first 2 RBI since THAT GUY was suspended.  Hopefully that can jump start him.
  • Is Mota still on this team?  Does Torre know it?  Does he care?  3 Letters:  DFA
  • I still think it’s a bad move send McDonald to AAA, especially when he might be one of our best bullpen options.  He had a 2.25 ERA out of the pen (in a short-sampling, I know).
  • X. Paul looks like he was made to be our 4th OF and LH pinch hitter.    He is a very nice player.
  • Javy Guerra notched his 8th save for Great Lakes.
  • Chris Withrow got shelled again last night – 7.18 ERA
  • Our #8 Hitter leads the team is HR – That’s nice, but maybe that hitter should be moved up a little higher in the order.  I think Martin should hit #2 after Pierre (his .400 OB% looks good there) and Raffy needs to hit #8 or #9 until he gets his stroke.
  • Kuroda is probably headed to a rehab assignment next week .  He threw off the mound yesterday and reported no setbacks.
  • Jason Schmidt will make his 2nd rehab start Sunday for IE.
  • I asked the question yesterday and Ken Gurnick of answered it: 

On 12 occasions since 1947, the Dodgers started left-handers in four consecutive games, according to David Smith of Retrosheet.   They’re about to do it again, now that Eric Milton has been called up from Triple-A Albuquerque to start Saturday night’s game against the Marlins. He followed Eric Stults and will be followed by Clayton Kershaw and Randy Wolf.  The last time it happened for the Dodgers was near the end of the forgettable 1986 season, when Fernando Valenzuela, Dennis Powell, current pitching coach Rick Honeycutt and Jerry Reuss started from Sept. 22-25.

Let’s hope we can write a “feel good story” about todays game.  3:10 PM PDT / 6:10 PM EDT

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10 Responses to “May 16, 2009 – Rants & Raves”

  1. grumpy3b says:

    Love X Paul…hopefully he is the full XP Pro SP3 not just vanilla unpatched XP the team has installed.

    I suspect the reason, McD was sent to ABQ was the team really NEEDS to see him as the #5 guy on the rotation. He showed some of his game in ST and combined with the other guys who were actually brought in to compete for that spot just skipping ST, McD was sort of forced into the spot. He would have been better served spending the season learning the league in the pen. It was just the team really had nobody else stepping up to earn the spot. Can’t argue with the results for the team so far. But to my eyes, it’s been all offense and defense with only flashes of pitching. The pen, specifically mean Broxton, already owes Billz two wins and the season is not even 1/4 over yet. If the pattern holds, Billz will have pitched well enough to win 20-24 but will only see 15-18 wins.

    Had not noticed the 4×4 lefties…should be interesting. In the mean time I will pretend you never mentioned the ’86 season. Bad things man, baaaaaad things!! ;)

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Juan Pierre is turning out to be a pleasant surprise to me and to alot of Dodger fans across the country. I have been one of the majority in here that hasn’t been a Juan Pierre fan but I must say he’s been teriffic ever since “that guy” got caught with his hand in the cookie jar.

    Joe needs to think about moving Casey Blake up in the order since it’s a shame to have our current power leader hitting 8th. He’s not seeing good pitches to hit in that spot so just think of what he may have done hitting anywhere else in the lineup.

    I continue to say Orlando Hudson and Randy Wolf were great additions to our team and the two best signings over the winter for the Dodgers. I wish Ned would lock Orlando up for two more years in order to keep our current infield together for the same time period. Orlando is taken on the leadership role that has been badly needed in our club house.

    X Paul is turning out to be a very good 4th outfielder and pinch hitter option off the bench. Wow, where have our pinch hitters been over the last few years. Oh that’s right, it was Mark Sweeney. Loretta has been sent down from above and is also a very welcomed addition.

    I hope Milton turns out to be another magic trick of Ned’s in 2009. With Stults turning out to be a solid bottom of the order guy, we still need one more surprise until Kuroda returns. If Milton turns out to be someone that can battle Stults for the 5th spot and help with long relief and spot starting, then Ned’s rabbit has been pulled from the hat.

    My last concern is how to get Clayton Kershaw to become consistant. He is the key to our success this year. If we can go into the playoffs with Bills, Kuroda, Wolf and a consistant Kershaw, our chances will be much improved this year. Is he still missing another pitch? or is it the fact that he can’t throw the curveball over consistantly? or is it his youth? Whatever it is, Honeycutt had better figure it out over the course of the next few months and have him firing on all cylinders for the playoffs.

    That’s all for now. Mark keep up the good work in here.

  3. jerry says:

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  4. M says:

    Love Juan. Hope the kids see the get this. He is putting on a clinic.

  5. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    JP has done admirably filling in for Manny. But it is a small sample, and over time he is likely to be the same JP we have seen over the last couple of years. If his current production gets another team excited enough to offer something worthwhile in exchange, the Dodgers should jump at it. Although he is untested, I would be willing to take my chances with Xavier Paul as our 4th outfielder. He shows promise with the bat, and his arm is one of the best (power and accuracy) I have ever seen.

    Because the game in Florida today was at 6:10 pm EDT (instead of the usual 7:10 pm), it fell within the FOX window, and I was blacked out from seeing the game on either MLB Extra Innings, or MLB.TV. Consequently, I didn’t get to see Milton or Weaver today. Suffice to say, based on what I heard, Milton doesn’t inspire confidence in me, and neither does Weaver over the long term.

    I also think 12 pithcers is enough, and feel uneasy having only 4 players on the bench, especially given that one of them is the backup catcher, who is unlikely to enter a game in anything but an emergency. Also, Paul is the only lefthanded bat off the bench.

    Nothing would make me happier than to see Mota DFA’d. Ohman hasn’t shown much since he arrived, and perhaps it was a mistake to have him open the season with the Dodgers. As for Leach, I like his stuff (very nice change), but he won’t be successful unless he develops the command to go with it.

    Getting Kuroda back ASAP would go a long way in helping to repair the pitching staff. After getting sufficient work to get him sharp, McDonald should return in whatever role he fits best at that time. If the Dodgers don’t find any internal solutions (McDonald, Kuo and Schmidt), then a trade will likely be necessary.

  6. D'Accardo42 says:

    I have been brutal to JP. LOL, But now that his playing time isn’t coming at the cost of playing time for Matty or Dre, it’s al ot easier to appreciate his game.

  7. Harold says:

    Juan Pierre is no surprise to me. As I have stated many times, he gives all he has every time. It might not satisfy everyone but he never slacks it. That is a rare commodity these days. How many guys could take the dish he’s been served and come out leading the team into his second year of riding the bench? He signed as a regular 162 game CF – that was his expectation and he had no reason to believe otherwise. His contact would suggest he was correct in that assumption. Then he gets bumped by Andruw Jones and next Ramirez.
    He came as advertised and gives exactly what was advertised.

    What ever was wrong with his production – many SB’s, around 200 hits? Sure he will level out to .300 BA but isn’t that the goal of every player, to be successful at the plate 30% of the time? He has a lifetime .301 average. He couldn’t produce last year as he didn’t get to play very regularly. His AB’s cut in half and he still steals 40 bases.

    As I say, no surprise for me. I was concerned about JuanPierreWood as I felt that was disrespectful to him, making fun of him. I misunderstood it but my appreciation for JP’s work ethic, team play was behind that misunderstanding. Five years in a row playing in 162 games. That’s unthinkable. One suspects his conditioning, minus stimulants, etc. means he protects himself from injury. It certainly isn’t by taking it easy.

    Hopefully his stellar play will help facilitate a trade where he gets to be a regular, a position he has earned.


  8. Jay says:

    Could not agree more Harold. The biggest criticism of JP is his contract which makes me steam. If I am offered that money I’d take it in a heartbeat and so would the entire world.

  9. Harold says:

    Correct Jay. JP didn’t hold out for that money, at least to my knowledge. It was offered so why wouldn’t he take it? The Angels did the same with Gary Matthews and I think got less for their money.

    The biggest knock probably is JP’s arm. We knew he had a Johnny Damon arm when we got him. I expect the theory is that his speed on the bases and in the OF would offset his weak arm. His arm is what it is. Why do folks knock him because of it? It came as part of his standard equipment. If we must shout, then we have to shout at Mr. Coletti for hiring JP. His arm didn’t come up as a surprise, like Andruw Jones’ surprise last year. In the meantime JP gives all he can everytime and has done considerable to negate the effects of the Ramirez debacle.


  10. Badger says:

    Why is Mota still here?

    Agree with the takes on Pierre. I like him, always have. A ballplayer that shows up every day, plays hard and keeps his mouth shut. What a concept.

    Kershaw with 112 pitches and only 66 of them for strikes. When he starts hitting his spots, he will be very good. Until then? We will get the good and the bad, and sometimes even the ugly.

    Torre with his mass substitutions again. Seems to be working, but, I just don’t understand it.


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