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May 27, 2009 – Tony Jackson’s Blog – #2

May 27, 2009 – Tony Jackson’s Blog – #2

Oh, and I forgot to mention …

… that Jason Schmidt’s rehab has been shut down because of “discomfort” he felt in his shoulder. This is to the point where you have to assume this guy is never going to pitch again until he surprises you and actually DOES pitch again.

Jason Schmidt Running -

Jason Schmidt Running -

25 Responses to “May 27, 2009 – Tony Jackson’s Blog – #2”

  1. Mark_Timmons says:

    After watching Schmidt in Spring Training, I was optimistic that he would pitch this year, but now it looks like that is a "pipe dream." Pass the pipe please…

  2. Badger says:

    Not at all surprised by this. I have been suggesting Plan B for a couple of years now.

  3. Dave says:

    Jason Schmidt makes the Dreifort contract look good. 47 million dollars for 6 starts. Good Grief, Charlie Brown.

  4. 4everblue says:

    correction: Schmidt makes Dreifort look like the Cal Ripken of pitchers…

  5. Emma crzblue says:

    Why oh why did he not stay with the Giants

  6. Emma crzblue says:

    We go to Chicago! My friend I are making our first trip to Wrigley Field!

  7. Ken says:

    Meaningless Report Card
    Batting #1
    Pitching #2
    Fielding #3

    At MLB Salary levels a D is a failing grade

    Starting Pitching – Only one pitcher fails
    Bills – A
    Kuroda – A – When he pitches
    Wolf – A-
    Milton – B – Needs to pitch more innings and reduce WHIP
    Weaver – B – Needs to pitch more innings
    Kershaw – C+ – Needs to pitch more innings
    Stults – C- – More innings and lower WHIP
    McDonald – F

    Relief Pitchers – 5 pass and 6 fail
    Broxton – A+
    Troncoso – A-
    Bellisario – B+ – Even though over used
    McDonald – B+
    Weaver – C-
    Ohman – D+
    Wade – D – Bad but pitching in high stress situtations
    Leach – F+ – He is learning
    Kuo – F
    Elbert – F
    Mota – F

  8. Ken says:

    Position Players 7 pass & 1 Fails
    Pierre – A
    Blake – A
    Hudson – A
    Kemp – B
    Either – B
    Loney – C
    Martin – C
    Furcal – D

    Bench 6 Pass & 1 Fail & 1 Incomplete
    Hoffmann – A
    Castro – A
    Loretta – A
    Mientkawietz – A

  9. Ken says:

    Ausmus – B
    Paul – B
    Dewitt – F
    Rameriz – I

  10. Badger says:

    Good report. Except Ausmus should get an A. Martin should get a B-. Loney a B. Kuroda an I. Kershaw a B. I could go on. I won't.

  11. Roger Dodger says:

    To vote for Manny on the All-Star team, or not???

    What to do???

    Does a cheater to his team, owner, fans, baseball in general belong on the team???

    He running 4th now.

  12. Badger says:

    Yeah, sure, why not? When have they not allowed a steroid user on the All Star team?

    He has my vote.

  13. Dave says:

    I'm tempted to vote for him just because I think the All-Star game is such a joke. Home field advantage is decided by a bunch of Red Sox and Cubbie fans that stuff the ballot box?

    Whats even worse about the fan voting is the fact that theres a serious chance that one of the best players in the NL this year Rual Ibanez, might now even get "chosen"

  14. Roger Dodger says:

    Any time a winner or lineup is done by computer or ballot — it really is, who counts the ballots.

    American Idol now has this deal that AT&T folks fixed the thing. How about all of the All-Star games of past years. Were all of the votes counted? I remember ushers giving some fans 5 and 10 and 20 ballots. And folks sitting there punching out the chads and stuffing the box. Or, computer geeks causing continual voting with programs and stuff the computer voting count.

    I think many it should go back to the players, coaching staff, and key writers, etc., that bring the best of the year by July 1st to be selected to the team. Too many times, a big city fan favorite is on the team, having a so-so year.

  15. 32and53fan says:

    Looks like Schmidt may never appear in another game for the Dodgers. I hope I am wrong and he can get past his "shoulder discomfort" and pitch again this year. If not, he should sign an extension for $1 and try to get healthy for 2010.

  16. Mark_Timmons says:

    I was once on his side. Now, I think Mccourt should give him his check and say "don't let the doorknob hit ya' where the good lord split ya'"

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    I disagree. I think that Schmidt should stay at the Camelback facitlties. Maybe cut some of the grass, watch to make sure the water sprinklers go on at the right time, collect parking fees, pick-up some of the batting practice balls in the field, etc.

    If he cannot pitch, what he signed big bucks for — then he can support the training of others and make sure that the fields are in perfect shape.

    Oh, and one more thing Schmidt — fix the hanging netting in the batting cages there at Camelback, especially the one that I tripped over twice and injured my shoulder. In fact, I have an MRI scheduled this weekend to see why my shoulder still hurts — and that happened the first week in Spring Training. See, I have been on the DL since then.

    Nice win today. Missed most of it — we went and saw: The Soloist. Great flick.

  18. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    I'm definitely not counting on Schmidt. If he does get back to the point where he is able to contribute, I think it would probably be out of the bullpen. Whether there would be any room for him in the pen is another question. The current 17 day stretch w/o a day off has 11 more days to go. After that the Dodgers, who have played more games than any other team in the National League are scheduled for several days off in June. The first of those is scheduled for June 8. I suspect that around that time the Dodgers may cut back down to 12 pitchers. Keep in mind that Kuroda is scheduled to come off the DL in early June. Also, at some point in the future (I don't have a clue when) Kuo will probably also come off the DL (for how long is anybody's guess). If Ohman contnues his ineffectiveness, he could be a candidate to go. And there are other possibilities, too numerous to mention or speculate about.

  19. Ohman and Mota will stay with the team until their arms fall off. Their contracts are too big and too high profile for the Dodgers to dump them or send them down. Its a political thing. That's why Mota is still here!

    And Ken, quit hating on Loney! A C grade for our top RBI guy on the top offense in the league!!?? C'mon now. You guys kill me with the Loney bashing around here. Most of you were bashing the crap out of Pierre too before he stepped up and before Manny went down. Everyone is so focused on "power stats" which are really a poor measure of a player's worth to his team. Just like Wins are a bad metric to judge pitching by (Ohman got that Win the other day).

  20. Oh, and in case no one noticed you can give a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" to comments. Its a neat rating system that will tell us who the best commentors are. Maybe there will be prizes for the top commentors? Hint Hint. :-)

  21. DRomo says:

    RE: Manny in the All Star game

    I was once on the side of those who think Manny should have no place in the All Star game, after some thought I think he should be allowed, let me say why. A Rod will be there, right? Granted he "never failed a test" but he did admit to using PEDs. He will be there to help the AL try and win the game. Lets remember what this game means. It is not a meaningless exhibition any longer. Mr. Selig made this game count for home field in the World Series. So it is very important who wins. It can very well make a difference. If Manny is allowed to play again and will be a factor come playoff time, doesn't the NL deserve to have all "eligible players" available to them?

  22. DRomo says:

    Sure Manny cheated. He is serving his sentence. If the fans choose him as a representative to the NL is that Manny's fault? I say NO. Manny has come up with phantom injuries in the past to avoid having to play in the All Star game in the past. But this time around if he is voted in by the fans can he afford to say "No thanks"? I would say even other contending teams (Phillies, Cubs, Mets, Cardinals, & of course the Dodgers) want the best team available to try and nab the home field advantage come the World Series. When Manny returns he will have served his sentence. The fans (myself included) will have to accept that punished players will be back on our teams. We will all hope they are clean now.

    Lastly as a Dodger fan with our home record this year it is in our best interest to vote for Manny. If we are so fortunate to go to the Fall Classic. We will want home field!

  23. Badger says:

    You must be "logged in" to vote. I cannot log in here.

    The All Star game having anything to do with home field is ludicrous. That sounds like a Buttrick Sellout idea. Home field should go to the best record.


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