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May 30, 2009 – My Last Game In Chicago

May 30, 2009 – My Last Game In Chicago

I have only been down on the field once, because it is just too painful to walk.  I have appointments with two orthopaedic surgeons next week about my hip.  I plan to go down before the game today if the Advil allows me, but I am heading back home after the game and will watch Sunday night’s finale on ESPN.  My wife and son drove up last night and will also be at the game today.  No trip to Chi-town would be complete without a trip to Ditka’s, which is where we went for dinner last night,  and I have to say that it is simply the best steakhouse in the Country.  I had the absolute best steak I have ever had at Ditka’s, and I have been to some pretty good Steakhouses – Shulas, Morton’s, St. Elmos, Ruth Chris, etc.  My son was impressed when Coach Ditka walked by and spoke.   He said “Dad, this is so cool!”  We stayed at the Raffaello Hotel which is about a half block away from the Westin (where the Dodgers stay).  To put it in perspective, we were right beside the Sears Tower (old name) on Michigan Street and just a block and a half from Ditka’s.  Again, I would wholeheartedly recommend the Rafaello if you are staying in Chi-town as it has just undergone a $25 million renovation and is a 4-Star Hotel.  Very nice accommodations.  Now, let’s talk baseball:

ditkas-logoThis Dodger team has a quiet confidence.  Nobody seems to care that they don’t have many HR.  They know they can win without the long-ball.   James Loney leads the team with 36 RBI’s and only  has 2 HR, but he seems unfazed!   Matt Kemp hit a HR yesterday, but who can argue with him hitting the ball on the ground with his speed?  He’s still so young and his defense is nearing Gold Glove Caliber. 

James Loney struck out 4 times yesterday, and while I am not generally one to second-guess, I would have started Loretta or Martin at 3B and put Blake at 1B.   Ethier did have a nice hit in the 9th, but he didn’t get a hit off the LH and neither did Pierre.  If it were me, I would have started Hoffman in RF over Ethier, so that we could have had 2 more RH bats in the lineup against the LH Ted Lilly, who pitched an excellent game.  Would it have made a difference?  I don’t know, but it wouldn’t have hurt.  Just my opinion.  By the way, I hear that Logan White is very high on Jamie Hoffman, who many experts believe will be a 4th OF at best.

The fact is, that this team has 4 players over 30 who are having career years.  Now I can only speak as to what is happening right now and I do not know if they will HAVE career years,  but the fact of the matter is that they are HAVING career years.  Do I think they all will stay where they are?  No, but it would not surprise me if they all have their “career year” this year.  If Juan Pierre stays in the lineup, I do think he can hit .350.   He puts the ball in play and doesn’t strike out much and his confidence is sky high right now.    Here’s another fact:  if we play .500 ball the rest of the way, we will win 90 games.  We still have the best record in baseball and are 8.5 games ahead of the Giants.  Life is good – Enjoy the ride!

Eric Stults goes against Ryan Dempster today. 

I have sat beside Josh Suchon of KABC (who is a genuinely nice guy) and Jon Morosi of Fox Sports (ditto on the nice guy thing), and have had some good converastions with Dylan Hernandez who is an interesting guy (Tony, Dylan says “Hi.”).


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11 Responses to “May 30, 2009 – My Last Game In Chicago”

  1. Ken says:

    If Miquel is only going to write on a weekly basis how about turning his spot into a Guest Blog and let him and LawDog and newbies post there for a while and see how that goes.

  2. Badger says:

    So, that's Dikas place. Looks like the bar Rocky owned in his last movie. Only nicer.

    Sorry to hear about your pain mover. Maybe you need hip replacement. I hear it does amazing things.

    Yeah, many Dogs are off to great starts. I don't think the numbers are sustainable, but I do think we can win over 90 and take the West. Our pitching has been much better than I had expected it to be, especially with Kuroda going down. We're good, no argument on that. But we are not .680 good. No team is.

    Pierre hit .350? I'll bet you 15 gassers he doesn't.

    OK, that was cold. Sorry.

  3. Mark_Timmons says:


    Ken is taking shots at you…


    I would not take that bet, but it would not surprise me if he were to hit .350. He is on a mission!
    Actually, I am trying to avoid total hip replacement. I have 2 surgical consult appointments next week and one is for this procedure:

    One thing I am going to do is save 2 or 3 pints of my blood beforehand, because tainted blood is an issue in these types of surgery.

  4. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark, I know a guy here on the South side of San Antonio, he can fix your hip, and he uses a broken beer bottle. Charge: $55 and a case of beer.

  5. lawdog says:

    Rather than make Miguel share his blog with the rest of the world that had more than a comment to say about a topic under discussion, maybe it would make more sense to have an open blog where folks could say things that otherwise might not get said. It would probably require monitoring. It's a thought. It might make the board too complicated.

    But, for example, I had a thought the other day I posted as a comment speculating on how much Jeff Kent, the future superstar and a legend in his own mind, held our kids down by sarlying at them and putting them down. We had a group we all thought had superstar written all over them that used to play "soft"–never seeming to get the hit when it counted and certainly not wining the few games they played when the mattered in the playoffs. Playing with a guy who's on your ass all the tie does ot make the game fun or tend to help a young player grow into his potential.

    Exit stage right Mr. Kent on his Harley and enter Manny, Blake and O-Rod. guys who like each other and the kids and all of a sudden we're in every game to the end and have the best record in baseball.

    I think signing Kent was the biggest mistake the team probably made because he was here so long and cast his ugly, b lack mood over the team while he was here. Because he was the best player in his own mind to ever suit up, anyone who was different, according to his giant ego, should be summarily drop kicked over the bullpen wall until he learned to play exactly like Sir Studley, the motorcycle man and second baseman par excellence.

    And the air remained heavy over Chavez Ravine, and we were little better than mediocre until he sniffled a little about how unfairly he was treated and all and drove his Harley out of LA. He should have taken a long drive off a short pier down near Malibu many years earlier as far as I'm concerned. The team would have been better for the lack of his "giant" ego. Too much of Barry rubbed off on him to make him a civil human being and was therefore a weight that worked like an anchor on the Dodger, particularly as he got older. The closer to 40, the greater he became as that legend in his own mind.

    Now that "long comment" I just made here may not truly deserve to take up space on this blog at all. But others might wish to throw in their own two bits on it–agreeing and adding tidbits about Kent on their own or , as is more likely, disagreeing and calling me an idiotic asshole who didn't appreciate all this future Hall of Fame second baseman brought to the Dodger Table. But just adding it as a comment to a thread with a different subject or theme that already sports dozens of other comments means it might get missed entirely by other bloggers some of whom might actually have found it an interesting read..

    Maybe there isn't enough room here for such idle speculation because we'll obviously never know what went on behind closed doors at the Dodgers locker room nor does it really matter now. So maybe it should get axed after submitted or make no allowance for submitting it for a topic at all..

    But say some old timer comes on with a storey about how he actually shared a cab in NY with Carl Erksine and how Erksine told him Duke Snider didn't think he was good enough to play with the Bums back in 51. That's something we all might like to hear–but is their really room for something like that either?

    I'm just starting to learn my way around this this new blog and can't believe how much potential it has or how much better it already is. I don't want to "change it if it ain't broke", but I can tell you that it has so much already I'm sure some "comments" are missed by some of us so far just because there is so much–most in different places. Having most of the comments follow the main daily topic has helped. But it's not fair to the posters to have to comment on a thread far removed from the one they wish to comment upon.

    Maybe this is a problem we just have to live with. Once we're used to ow it functions it will become easy again. But please don't mistake what I'm saying here as a complaint. I love this place and prefer the new format. I'm suggesting one more "guest blog" which wold be highly regulated to make it perfection itself if there is room and time to review submissions to eliminate flamers and felony stupid stuff.

  6. lawdog says:

    I still don't know how to edit a post, so pardon the spelling errors above.

  7. lawdog says:

    It's hard enough to teach old dogs new tricks. It might be impossible to teach Old lawdogs how to spell until after they've posted and seen the horrible things they've mistakenly typed.

  8. lawdog says:

    Mover, hip surgery is getting better results these days. Certainly better than kneew replacements. But it is very invasive, more invasive than major back surgery. I won't go into the details (ugh!) but you'll n need a lot of blood and when your done you will be 2 inches shorter on the side where you have a replacement. That will change your gait and you'll need another one on the other side about 15 years later. Ruth's sister had two replacements at the behest of her doc. After the first one she was fine. Now she gets around with a cane which is tough when you live in a 3 story townhouse. The first hip surgery should give you 12 good years before disaster strikes and your changed gait needs to be fixed.

    I know whereof I speak as many of my clients had the surgery done and I got to evaluate all the medical records before and after the surgery in order to determine the degree of permanent disability my client would suffer in the end. The changed gait thing is something not even all doctors who perform the surgeries are aware of, (or at least they don't mention it to their patients.)

  9. Ken says:


    I presented an idea for the purpose of improving the site not to attack anyone. Fortuantely my idea is an item of discussion and has helped created new ideasm, which was my goal. Law Dog has some very good alternative ideas. Hopefully others will chime in and the fleaders will also come up with ideas and something new like a place for submissions by the loyalists that can be placed in a suspense file for review and then approved for posting.

    Changing the format and adding Tony has improved the site greatly. Creating a editable submission forum for the rank and file is an interesting idea that could make this website truely unique.

  10. lawdog says:


    I meant to indicate I thought you had a very good idea. I merely meant to suggest Miguel keep his own blog , if it's possible, out of respect to him. I know he has done a lot of work behind the scenes and deserves our respect and kudos. I thought it would be a shame if he had to share his blog with the rest of us, the great unwashed, as I'm sure he'll have more to say once he gets this blog up to the very best professional standards and he has the time.

    But I agree with what you said basically. Didn't mean to come over the top.

  11. Mark_Timmons says:

    Hey, what you all said is fine. I have no problems. We are working out some details however. One of which will be that we only keep one thread open at a time. Even if you want to comment on something a day or two ago, you will have to do it on the latest thread and even if it's off-topic, that 's OK!

    Keep up the input.

    Notice how it doesn't cut your posts off any more?


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