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May 26, 2009 – Is The Power Outage The Fault of Mattingly & Pentland?

May 26, 2009 – Is The Power Outage The Fault of Mattingly & Pentland?
Maybe I should say “choice” instead of “fault.”  The Dodgers obviously have an excellent offense, and are leading the league in “seeing” pitches.  The Dodgers get almost 160 pitches a game – more than any other team.  This wears down opposing pitching staffs, and of course results in more hittable pitches, but maybe this “discipline” also reduces the number of HR’s.  Maybe the taking of pitches is something that reduces the “aggression” of the hitter and results in fewer “bombs.”  Now, if we can keep up our scoring pace, what difference is it? However, something tells me we won’t, unless we do hit more HR – that’s the “conventional wisdom.”  James Loney has 2 HR, Russ Martin has ZERO, Matt Kemp has 4 and Andre Ethier has 6.  I am focusing on the young players because they are the ones who are “buying in” to this way of hitting.    Maybe Tony Jackson will have a different idea about this, but I think the approach that Pentland and Mattingly (our co-hitting coaches, although it has never been “announced” that they are co-instructors) are using may be causing our power outage… and should that concern us?  Maybe not!  Maybe that’s OK….
I mean, James Loney is hitting .291 with 2 HR and 32 RBI and Ryan Howard is hitting .256 with 10 HR and 30 RBI (and he hits in a park where somebodys’ grandmother can hit
one out).  Who is the better player?  Well, everyone is going to say Howard, but right now, Loney has more RBI’s.  The Dodgers scored 16 runs and did not hit a HR on Monday.  I don’t
James Loney -

James Loney -

think that has been done in my lifetime!  Chicks may dig the long-ball, but wins are more important.  After all, I’m so old that I remember that I like chicks, but I can’t remember why.  The Dodgers did walk 11 Rockies (which is troubling), but that’s a discussion for another day. 


  • Boy, I was castigated over the winter for suggesting we sign Raul Ibanez instead of Manny.  How do you like me now?  Ibanez is OPSing 1.151!  Now, he does play in that bandbox, but WOW!  We could have signed Ibanez and 4 middle relievers for less than Manny…
  • Am I the only one who is fearful that Manny may come back as a ”good” but not “great” player?
  • Russ Martin is going to make you all believers!  He’s now at .270… and climbing!
  • Should Torre platoon Ethier and Hoffman?  Can you give me a cogent argument why Joe shouldn’t at least see what happens?
  • Can you give me a good reason why Juan Castro shouldn’t start 2 or 3 more games at SS?
  • 6 Dodgers had 2 or more RBI’s – does that constitute a “team win?”
  • Speaking of wins, Weaver should have to give todays’ win back.
  • I (me) am not ready to say that Mota is ready for prime time.
  • Eduardo Perez was promoted to AA.  He was tearing it up at High-A and he could be breaking out.  He’s 25 years-old and is a switch-hitter, but he appears to really be “getting it.”
  • Javy Guerra got his 11th saves for Great Lakes on Sunday and now has a 1.13 ERA.  He’ll be moving up.
  • Jason Repko is back off the DL – AJ Ellis is at .337.
  • Steve Johnson got bombed at Inland Empire today.

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35 Responses to “May 26, 2009 – Is The Power Outage The Fault of Mattingly & Pentland?”

  1. Jaydizel says:

    It’s about Fing time, the lineup changes. This is for a you clowns saying to leave the lineup only. I’m not a big Blake, can you see now. If we all pray maybe the lineup will stay the same when Manny back, but Ethier batting third and Blake and Kemp 5-6

  2. MrMagoo says:

    Just got deleted, don't like my pic?

  3. Mark_Timmons says:

    I will check the Spam Filters. We didn't do anything…

  4. Mark_Timmons says:

    Mr. Magoo,

    I have no clue what happened?

  5. MrMagoo says:

    Thats OK. I know that you are trying to work the kinks out. That administrator guy has issues..

  6. Brooklyn Dodger says:

    Weaver doesn't have to give the win back. Ohman does.

    Actually, patience at the plate ultimately produces more power. I don't know if the breakout in power will come this year or next year, but I do believe it's coming. I still remember Loney hitting 9 bombs in September 2007, so I know he has it in him. Ethier's power has dropped lately, but so has his hitting in general. In his last couple of games it's looked like he's beginning to relax and hit the ball where it's pitched instead of trying to pull everything. As Kemp learns to stay inside the ball more consistently, his power numbers should also increase significantly. Also, HRs tend to come in bunches, so maybe the Dodgers are due for a breakout. The return of Manny should also help.

    • Vigil says:

      BTW, where and when was it established that giving opposing front line pitchers a free first (called) strike down the heart of the plate "ultimately produces more power"?

  7. Badger says:

    I got deleted too. Frustrating.

  8. Badger says:

    Clowns dizel?

    A lineup that has been at the top of the league stats even after losing it's best hitter, and those who say don't try to fix what ain't broke are clowns?

  9. JIm says:

    For the first time ever, my Comments were deleted also…….

  10. Ken says:

    A bunch of comments that were on the last post have disappeared also

    Big Brother is Watching

  11. Bill_Russell says:

    How do you change your picture? I just don't get it…..

  12. Mark_Timmons says:

    Let me assure you than no one is deleting comments. Now something may be going on that we haven't figured out…

  13. MrMagoo says:

    I think I know why I got deleled last night. I said the word b-a-l-l-s as in the Rockies are putting ours in the deep freezer.

  14. Mark_Timmons says:

    It didn't delete that.

  15. MrMagoo says:

    Hmm, got me. I'm not concerned about the lack of the long ball. It is a nice stat but runs produced per/AB is a far more telling barometer. The 65 Dodgers leader in HR had 12 [ Sweet Lou and the Fever]. P.S. If I am not mistaken, Mattingly homered in 8 consecutive games, a MLB record at the time which still stands.

  16. Roger Dodger says:

    Mark said: "Should Torre platoon Ethier and Hoffman? Can you give me a cogent argument why Joe shouldn’t at least see what happens?"

    Outside concern here. And that concern is about Ethier. First, I am just about the first person to see him play (on this Dodger Board), as he was Player of the Year in the Texas League — prior to being traded to the Dodgers. (Yes, I know, some here might have seen him play in College . . .) But my point is — he is one of my Dodgers I want to succeed.

  17. Roger Dodger says:

    (continue here)

    BUT — we keep hearing about his attitude. Mark and I, in Spring Training 3 years ago, spent about an hour with Matt Kemp's father prior to the game in Port St. Lucie. (He even introduced us to Matt and we both had him sign a ball.) The father told us that some of the Dodger players thought Ethier was an ass—-, and had some problems with his attitude.

    I think if Joe goes to Ethier and tells him of a platoon with him and Hoffman . . . Ethier will not like that, and could cause some problems in the clubhouse. I think Ethier sees himself as a key player in the major leagues. Yet, Joe and we see that Ethier is way out of sorts right now.

  18. Roger Dodger says:

    Hey Mark, I just tried to post 227 words, and your little guy in the system said, too long of post, try cutting it.

    I know that Lawdog and others, sometimes have something to say and write 300 or 400 or 500 words — can you reset the program ?? a bit. After all, you big guys write hundreds of words — I think many of us are here not to read your words, but to be a community of Dodger fans.

    Maybe this all started when you were away on the cruise and several said that Miguel was a better writer. Now it seems that have elevated yourself, Miguel, and Tony to be THE writers — and the rest of us to offer small comments to your thoughts. So, maybe we should take the pressure off you guys, and let the "fans" here have some say.

  19. Vigil says:

    It's established that Ethier cannot produce without Manny next to him in the line up. Platooning him might be a impetus for Andre to adjust his approach.

  20. Mark_Timmons says:

    Brookyln Dodger, When I wrote that last night, I wrote "Ohman" and later went back to check the boxscore and it was changed to "Weaver", so I changed it in the post. This morning the win is back to "Ohman"… Go figure – neiether deserved it. Beliasario should have gotten it.

  21. Roger Dodger says:

    Virgil, I think that Andre has been trying everything, except sleeping with a dead cat, to get out of this slump. He is not stupid. He knows baseball. He is well trained and seasoned, with youth baseball, college and minor leagues.

    Sometimes the league catches up to hitters, sometimes hitters get into bad habbits with their swing, sometimes hitters need to make major adjustments. Ethier has a great swing, maybe he needs eye ware.

    But I have the faith in him that he will come around —-

  22. DRomo says:

    Mark is right! Sit Eithier as much as possible. Trade Martin for anyone as long as he isn't here anymore and then promote every kid who has had at least marginal success at lower levels. I am in!!

    Sounds crazy when I say it too. :)

    It is time to relax guys. We will be fine. Our focus should be on pityching like it was in the begining of the season. With guys like Milton, Kershaw (when he is off), Weaver and Stultz we are not very imposing come October. Kershaw has not been dominate against a contending team yet. We need to do better. THAT is what we should be concerned with.

  23. Mark_Timmons says:

    1. Roger and Everyone Else – My programmer is making several changes, including allowing much longer posts. Shoot, I don't care how long it is. That will take a few days. We will also be offering others chances to write a column. Just e-mail it to me or Miguel, and if it's acceptable we will post it. You should attach a little bio about yourself too. You will see some changes this week. It has cut me off on comments too.

    2. While I have called Andre soft in the past, I feel sorry for him right now, and I think this could be a springboard to bigger and better things for him. I am not saying that Hoffman and Ethier should platoon, because Hoffman has only played 3 games, but Joe might give him a little more PT to motivate Andre.

    3. No knee jerk reactions are needed, but we should always be thinking of ways to get better.

  24. Ken says:

    Mark – I promise not to post the A&C routine even if size allows

    I have changed my opinon about Martin batting second. If he is told that batting second requires a batter to hit the ball to the right side and Martin listens then the Dodgers will be much better off with Martin battting 2nd and Furcal batting 8th

    Until further notice or someone's performance changes significantly


  25. Badger says:

    That lineup looks fine to me. Heck, pull names out out a hat with this bunch, runs will be scored.

    I agree that Martin in the two hole could help his swing. I have always preferred a lh hitter there for a number of baseball reasons, but, as long as we are scoring runs, line them up any way you want.

  26. Mark_Timmons says:

    Print the lineup, Joe!

  27. jerry says:

    hoffman take to many pitches…just like the rest of the team…all his stike out are looking. and down the middle. when they keep saying work the count…you get locked in at freezing at the plate..l use to like normar…swing at the first pitch ..that is usually a groved pitch i would love to here some comment on this

  28. Badger says:

    Good point jerry. Some of the best hitters in baseball history were dead red hitters. If the guy tubes a fastball on the first pitch, and you aren't ready for that, then you are in trouble. I do understand working the count, but, you just can't let a thigh high fastball go by you for strike one. You have to let them know they can't get away with that.

  29. Ken says:


    Dodgers are tooooo predictable.

    Tooooo many first pitch grroves taken for a strike.

    Kemp -Strike one groove, strke two slider, strike three slider off the plate or strike three fastball on the corner becasue Kemp GUESSED that it was a slider.

    I am still not convinved that Kemp not honest regarding what he can see. I think that he is still guessing on most pitches. I doubt that he sees any rotation.

  30. mark says:

    I think we have figured out why some posts "evaporated." It turns out that some words that it locks on to to prevent span were pretty silly, so we deleteed them. Don't abuse it, however. We try to keep this a PG Blog.

  31. Ken says:

    Do you mean like "time to go to bed" in England during the 1500s?

    Speaking of words can we now officially add that certain pitcher who is never going to pitch again for the Dodgers to the list of unnamed players and add his name to the SPAM list along with a certain position player?

  32. Loney has 2 homers only…but he leads the team in RBIs. I have no problem with the lack of a "power surge," so long as we don't lack in the win column.

  33. MrMagoo says:

    If anyone doesn't know already, James Loney is my man. I fell in love with his swing the first year he was playing in the exhibition games. I have never seen a better batting eye. Who cares if he hits one out, as DodgersNation pointed out , he leads the team in RBIs and dang , he lead the team last season also. I have kind of taken offense when Mark has mentioned him being traded [ kind of like parental loving] but Mark is correct. James is the one of our kids that anybody with a clue would want. Hey, sorry for gushing but he is the BATMAN.


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