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It’s Official – JuanPierreWood Alive And Well

It’s Official – JuanPierreWood Alive And Well


By: Miguel Salcido

Reported by Diamond Leung today,, is now alive and well. Let it be known that I belive the readers of LA Dodger Talk developed the concept first! Although our version was JuanWood. Some industrious fan quickly bought the domain and developed this site along with t-shirts for sale. You gotta love the Internet!


I figured that we could all use a little humor right now. And I think that this is a great distraction/detraction from all of the drama that “that other guy” is bringing us. Especially if JuanPierreWood catches on!

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Professional online marketing consultant, husband, father, completely obsessed Dodgers fan, writer, speaker, and all around sports fan. I represented in the press box at Dodger Stadium last season. My favorite player is Orel Hershiser. I am currently grooming my 2 and 4 year old boys as avid Dodgers fans. Follow me on Twitter, Oh, and I hate the Giants.

33 Responses to “It’s Official – JuanPierreWood Alive And Well”

  1. lawdog says:

    Seats should be $9 to reflect Pierre’s number. Hand out banjo bats (kids plastic banjos with one end fashioned into a bat handle and a “bouncing” ball. A light weight ball that will go about 10 feet and then dive into the ground after which it will bounce in the direction thrown until it dies a natural death having run out of gas. Attach the ball to the banjo bat with a rubber string.

  2. Harold says:

    I’m not sure I get all of this. Somehow, Manny betraying us, turning our Dodger world upside down, cheating, means we should turn on Juan Pierre. How does ridiculing JP make the Manny situation more acceptable? How does making fun of JP, help us forget what Manny has done? How does embarrassing JP make us feel better?

    Juan Pierre gives everything he can everytime. If it isn’t good enough to satisfy us, that’s our problem. He has given us exactly what he has given every year he played. He has performed as advertised. And, it is quite evident he doesn’t use PED’s. We brought in Andruw Jones, sat JP on the bench, and look what we got. We brought in Manny, knowing how he was advertised in Boston, and look at what we have now.

    Perhaps I miss the point of Juanwood or JUANPIERREWOOD. I simply fail to see how this is honoring Juan Pierre in any way. I fail to see any humor in it at all.


  3. Bill Russell says:

    How is changing the section in Dodger stadium called Mannywood into Juanwood ridiculing Juan Pierre? Harold, It sounds like you woke up on the wrong side of the bed today. Sometimes a little humor helps people get through the bad times. Do you think we’re at all happy about the Manny situation? I am simply getting behind Juan Pierre and willing to sit in his new section with a T-shirt entitled Juanwood. I am also going on record saying I wouldn’t mind seeing X Paul start a few games a week. Peace 8)

  4. JD says:

    You’re WAY off Harold.

    JuanPierreWood is NOT taking a shot at JP… its a feel-good message of hope and resiliance for Dodger fans… fans who still feel that the TEAM is more important that the benched billionaire.

    Mannywood or JuanPierreWood… either way, we are happy to continue supporting.

  5. Harold says:

    I probably have it all wrong guys and here’s the but. If it was me going into LF after Mannyville and it was named after me, I would not see that as an honor having sat on the bench for the last season and part and knowing why it was named after Manny.

    It seems to me Manny got Mannywood because of the excitment he brought to the team by playing regularly and because it was a marketing ploy. It was either earned or ascribed because of the excitement around Manny.

    Where is the excitement around JP? Tell me lawdog’s post above is supportive of JP in such a way that he has earned or deserved his section of the stadium. Tell me JD’s statement regarding the benched billionaire is a supportive statement for JP suggesting the Juanville is generated by excitment for JP. There are not many supportive statements for JP on most blogs. What I am saying is that Manny got his Mannyville because of the excitement he generated and we capitalized on it, rightfully so. Why does JP get Juanville? So we can laugh apparently.

    I’m all for laughter on the field, in the clubhouse,in the stands. It is a great elixir for teams and fans.
    You indicate it is for humor. How would it be funny for JP?

    I don’t see any player as more important than the team, as suggested above, and haven’t since 1952, my first year as a Dodger fan. I will never be anything but a Dodger fan following everyday from the east coast of Canada. However, I think all Dodger players should be shown the same respect. Hopefully JP sees this differently and actually finds it funny.


  6. JD says:

    If JP keeps up the performance he showed last night… the tongue-in-cheek you are referencing will spin into an angle that will worth MORE than the original-$ spent on Manny.

    And I will have JP wearing one of those t-shirts by June.

  7. Harold says:

    JD – OK. You make me feel better now. I want us to laugh with JP, not at him or at his expense. If that is your intent, I hope you have success, because that means JP is also having success. You know, right now we need him.
    How’s that for irony?


  8. Bill Russell says:

    If I was making $9 million dollars per year, I would rake the field, mow the grass, pop the popcorn, wash the seats in the dugout or what ever it took to be a part of the organization. Again, I know it’s not JP’s fault that’s he’s making $9 million dollars per year but he needs to realize that he’s way over paid for his skill level in today’s market. If JP would learn to foul off close pitches and work the count into a walk once in awhile and had a stronger throwing arm, he might deserve his paycheck. I know he can’t do anything about his arm strenght but he can sure do something about his at bats. This is his time to shine. Everyone still cheers him when he comes to bat and I truely believe everyone will support him if he gives a little effort into improving his OBP. And I really think he can get behind the fans turning Mannywood into Juanwood for the next 50 games. This could be a win win situation for Juan if he goes out there and tears it up over the next few months. Manny’s two doubles per game or Juan’s one hit and one walk with two stolen bases equals about the same thing. Plus Juan could give us a little better defense. Let’s look at this with the glass half full. Now we have 7 million dollars to get some pitching. 8)

  9. DRomo says:

    JP-wood!! I am SOOOO in.

    I don’t see it as making fun of Juan as much as it is making fun of ourselves. Look guys we got duped. Duped by Manny! He is our guy and our team put all its marketing eggs in his basket and we are left looking like a joke. So if we can’t laugh at ourselves we are taking ourselves way to serious.

    If we laugh at ourselves it hurts less when others are laughing at us

  10. lawdog says:

    I think you’d do well to maybe relax with a tall cold one Harold and take the posts in the jocular vein in which they were made. The joke isn’t being made on Juan–it’s on the Dogs and their”promotions”.

    Do you really think Juan Pierre will be angry if he finds out a few fans made jokes as to how managment might have to change the name of the left field promotional section and the promotional gifts–and if they do so it would behoove them to have the changes reflect the huge differences in the game the two players bring to the table?

    Maury Wills never got angry at Vin Scully for suggesting he was a banjo hitter. He hit a lot of singles and turned them into runs with his speed. Do you think he’d be angry that we contrast his bouncing singles to Manny’s towering home runs? And the fact that he couldn’t throw a peg legged 87 year old 98 pound bag lady out without bouncing the throw…

    I think you’re underestimating Pierre. It’s his job now and we’re just recognizing how times have changed and how the talent in LF has drastically changed. If he’s going to have his feelings hurt because we have the temerity to suggest he doesn’t hit the ball as hard as Manny then Pierre is a lot less of a man than I thought.

    But I’m pretty sure he has a sense of humor and would laugh at these jokes. You are the one that seems to lack much of a sense of humor. But then maybe it’s just the stress we’re all feeling after getting hit with the bombshell concerning Manny.

    And the whole thing is silly anyway because the jokes stop here on the blog.

  11. DRomo says:

    I just purchased the shirt! The best $14 I have ever spent on Dodger gear!!!

    When July comes it can hang in the closet next to my “Free Kobe” shirt

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Kobe had better get free tonight. The Lakers need the win badly. Free Fisher………

  13. M says:

    Thanks Mark for not mentioning his name until July 4th. I’m really sick of it already. It’s a nice thought that I can read up here with no mention of the guy who is indeed, in his own world now.

  14. Harold says:

    lawdog – I misunderstood the whole thing. I expect that happens when a group of friends who know each other blog together, go to games, etc. and another is not aware of how they relate to each other or what the inside thinking is. Sorry for the misunderstanding.

    This is a great blog Mark. Keep up the good work.


  15. mark says:

    It’s A Great Blog that is about to get. A lot better!

  16. Harold says:

    What I was doing Mark was saying good bye.


  17. DRomo says:

    I can’t stand the suspense Mark. When is the big splash?

  18. mark says:



  19. Badger says:

    I think Pierre’s contract is reasonable. If he were playing eveyday, and by the way, he is the only player we got who would play everyday, he would hit close to .300, steal 50+ and score 100 runs. In today’s market that is worth $9 million.

    I hope the fans out there in left field get behind Pierre. You know how those hosers in the bleachers can get, especially after their first gallon of beer. We are still a good team with him in there. And by the way, I have posted several times stats that say Pierre is not as bad defensively as the rap he gets. He covers ground, gets rid of the ball quickly and hits his cut-off. He is fundamentally sound out there. True, he doesn’t have a strong arm, but you don’t really need one in left field if you are quick with retrieve and release.

  20. Voldomer says:

    Furcal is absolutely killing us tonight.

  21. Bill Russell says:

    Pierre’s Contract is reasonable???? I have heard it all now.

  22. Bill Russell says:

    It’s a fly ball to shallow left field, the runner is tagging at third and the throw from Pierre is just over the 3rd basemans head and dribbles home and the run scores. Not even Harold would say Pierre’s contract is reasonable…… Sometimes Badger just wants to be different.

    Why is Harold signing off? Can we disagree on different subject’s? Come back Harold……

  23. Steve says:

    Might as well sign Pedro now that Grady is managing.

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Lakers win……. Free Harold…….

  25. Bill Russell says:

    Casey Blake was screwed out of the walk. Not sure what the umpire was looking at on that last pitch. Great at bat for the Blake……

  26. New guy says:

    Enough of about what’s his name…
    I just saw my Dodgers lose 2 in a row at home, after we won 12 in row with him…Who’s team is this…No doubt to me..I miss that guy….

  27. New guy says:

    Thanks Miguel….

  28. Badger says:

    While it’s true no backup should be making $9 million, that isn’t Pierre’s fault, that is the Dodgers fault. Anyone who can hit .300, steal 60 bases and score 100 runs in today’s market is worth $9 million dollars. Show me someone who is doing all of that is not making that kind of money Bill. Here are the stats for his last year as a CF:

    Now you can clearly see he is the only every day player on the board. Seriously, he played every game, he made no errors, led the league in PO’s and had a few assists. Though his range factor is rather low, if you take the time to move that stat to the left fielder column you will see it is decent over there.

    Look I didn’t say his contract was a good one. I would not have given him 5 years that is for sure, but I say again, in today’s market an everyday .300 hitter who scores 100 and steals 50+ bases is worth a lot.

    I just don’t get the rap on Pierre. He is what is is, and was what he was when the Dodgers signed him. He scored 96 runs, hit .293 and stole 64 bases his first year here and that was on a team that had difficulty scoring runs.

    And yeah, I am different. We all are. And we are all entitled to our opinions.

  29. Harold says:

    Mark, I owe you some explanation. Your blog is #1 by far in my opinion and I will continue to read it daily to glean your take on things. Your work just blows my mind.

    I had been planning to cease posting for some time and you may or may not have noticed my posts were few and far between. There are a couple of things. First, your posters are very knowledgeable, much moreso than I, and with the exception of last night, I rarely can elicit a response to what I have written. My posts are mostly benign so naturally don’t usually evoke any response and I sit on the outside of the conversation.

    Secondly, you have a great group of friends who have all kinds of experiences they share or have shared together.
    That is absolutely wonderful and what I was looking for in a blog. However, it means I don’t understand the inside humor or even when you are just roasting each other and not being critical. There is nothing wrong with that. It’s just I don’t fit into this family.

    I have been writing on another blog for over two years now and it is the Dodger family I was looking for. It started in response to all the negativity on the ITD blog. Those who were working to be positive were contacted and a new blog sprung up. With a common background we soon grew into a family from Toledo, Boise, New York, quite a few guys from LA. and me from Nova Scotia. Since the Dodgers left Brooklyn at the end of the 1957 season I have slowly grown to have no Dodger contacts here where I live in Lunenburg, so the new group was an unexpected gold mine for me.

    My abrupt announcement last night seemed to be in response to our posts re:JP. It wasn’t. It just made it easier to do prompting me to say good bye. On the other blog, we disagree often. There is no fun if everyone agrees and I didn’t mind anyone disagreeing with me on your blog. Thank you and your posters for the pleasure you have brought to my Dodger life. Keep up the good work. You are #1.


  30. Blue Haze says:

    BAstard MM, running off Harold.

    Nice jinx you have managed to hang on the dodgers neck once again, MM. You go to LA to deliver Manny his “medicine”, he gets suspended and the Dodgers go on a losing streak, nice job. You have put your hex on numerous prospects, in the past, with your visits to STs and now you just couldn’t resist taking all the mojo away from the Dodgers. What the hell is wrong with you, stay in Indy and have mercy?

    How bout dem Lakers? The Lakers win the next two and move on.

  31. Badger says:

    Too bad Harold. I like your posts. You are one of us as far as I am concerned, and being part of a family means you will roasted, you will be cheered, jeered (then likely cleared) but you your opinion is always welcomed. Best of luck, and if you change your mind, we will be here.

  32. Miguel Salcido says:

    Hey guys, sorry that I had to be away from the computer to miss all of this but I am the one who posted this, even put my name and picture at the top of the post per Mark. We thought it would be more clear who was posting. I guess it will take a while for all the old dogs to get used to more than Mark. :-) And I suppose the fantastic nature of JuanPierreWood distracted as well.

    Harold, we luv ya. This is not a shot at Pierre. I have been a supporter of him for a very long time. I am way on the Pierre side of the fence. Yes, he is no Manny, and he has some shortcomings on the field. But I feel he makes up for it with his work ethic, the example he sets, and his overall professionalism. The man has a ring and that is more than most can say. And at his age he is still one of the best base stealers in the game. He plays EVERY DAY when given the opportunity. I am a big fan of the intangibles.

    This is a way to ridicule ourselves and the whole “mannywood” marketing stuff, especially now.

  33. JD says:

    Juan’s stats are on a roll!

    The people over at JuanPierreWood will drop shirts to $10 if JP goes yard on Sunday!!

    Haha, spread the word! Lets go Dodgers!!! Support JP!!!!


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