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Dodgers Bench Raking

Dodgers Bench Raking

I was looking at my fantasy baseball gameday for today’s game at Florida when I noticed something shocking. What is out of place in the image below?

.344, .381, .500, .438!!! Those are the batting averages of our bench players so far this season. INSANE! Excuse me for my enthusiasm but that is just freakish, and the incredible thing about that is that Xavier Paul hit a pinch home run in today’s game, currently rain delayed in top of the ninth.

Speaking of rain delays, my wife commented when passing by my laptop and seeing the torrential downpour going on at the game, “why don’t the Marlins have a roof?” Even someone that does not know that a foul ball is counted as a strike (with less than 2 strikes) can understand that a baseball team in Florida needs a roof! Oh well, all 1000 fans in attendance tonight had to scurry for cover.

How many games do you think our bench will win us this season?

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2 Responses to “Dodgers Bench Raking”

  1. Mark Timmons says:

    The Dodgers were worried that X. Paul wouldn’t get enough AB’s as the spare OF, but can they afford to send him back to AAA – not at this juncture!

  2. Harold says:

    It is difficult to say how many games the bench might win because the contribution is in among the regular’s contribution. However, I expect 5-10 would be very good but I have never seen stats pointing out what a very good bench contibution would be in terms of wins.

    Paul is in the quandry that Delwyn Young got in. A good player with hitting potential but little or no play time. I find it interesting that we always seem to want veteran relief pitching but accept rookie pinch hitting.



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