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loneyslamHey, it’s good to be back.  Miguel did such a good job that you all will probably want to fire me.   But, the hack is back!  I read most of the posts and comments while I was gone and I just have a few Rants & Raves:

1.       I very much value the 17th pick in the draft, and when we signed the O-Dog and ceded the 17th pick to the D-Backs, we effectively weakened our farms system and strengthened theirs.  I reasoned that Hudson’s injury was very serious (and it was) to the extent that he might not come back from it as the same player.   Hey, if you knew better, then you are obviously smarter than anyone else on the face of this earth, because no other player has ever came back from this particular injury!  So far, the O-Dog looks like a steal and if he keeps it up, I would gladly surrender the 17th pick for that production, but making fun of my apprehension in giving up that pick only demonstrates your lack of foresight!   Nothing would make me happier than seeing Hudson be the NL MVP, and if he keeps it up, he could be.  He has been an amazing signing for us.  He is a stabilizing influence in the clubhouse – defensively and offensively.  If he keeps up his current rate of hitting, an argument could be made that he should hit #3!   But save your “I told you so” stuff until he proves he can finish the season for us, because he hasn’t done that for anyone for a while! 

2.       On Tony Abreu:  Someone said that I had Tony as our starting 2B.  That is simplly false.  I said that Tony was a candidate for our 2B job and anyone close to the Dodgers can tell you that was very true.  He is very talented… and very unlucky, and maybe not a hard worker, but the guy is extremely talented and is a switch-hitter.  He has Orlando Hudson-type talent.  Will he realize it?  Maybe not, but I have always said he has amazing talent.  That’s all.  He looked fat in Spring Training.

3.       I have always said that Manny was not the key to our season… that our young players were – and I stand by that!  Manny is hitting about a “two buck fifty” and we are winning.  Now, I do believe that his presence in the lineup helps others around him and I believe he will get hot soon.  That scould make us really scary. 

4.       I have told you in the past that Clayton Kershaw might be our Ace by 2010 – I want to change that prediction to CLAYTON KERSHAW WILL BE OUR ACE BY 2010!  

5.       In a year, the Rotation of Kershaw, Billingsley, Lindblom, Kuroda and Elbert could be among the best in baseball.

6.       It was too bad to see DY go, but he was nver going to play here.  Xavier Paul has leapfroggged him, and eith Paul or DeWitt will probbaly be the call-up to replace Doug Mientkiewicz who separated his shoulder – I have read he’s out a month, but it could be alot longer (shoulder injuries can linger…).

  • Eric Stults leads the Doders with 2 victories.  Who knew?  What a great story!

  • Tomorrow I will publish the “Dodgers Minor League Week In Review” to cover all the games for the past week.

  • Still in Miami until Saturday night.

  • This Sunday night between 5:30 and 6:45 PM PDT, I may be on Post Game Dodger Talk with Josh Suchon.  I will give you details later.

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21 Responses to “RANTS & RAVES IS BACK!”

  1. Ken says:

    In addition, Belisario was suspended for all of 2006 for undisclosed reasons.

    Mark is back. Time to revert to old behaviors.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    The coffee break is over – back on your heads.

  3. lawdog says:

    While it’s true Manny hasn’t caught up and regained last years stroke–and probably takes many strikes he would have clobbered last summer, he presently has an OBP of .477.

    You netter believe that, plus some of the kids starting to hit and the bat of O-rod has us playing close to last year’s offfensive level. And he looks like he’s just a fraction off on his timing with the bat. B y next month’s end he’ll have half a dozen homers and a batting average over .310–and an OPB that may climb over .500. Can you believe they walked his butt intentionally with second base open last night? If they had one iota more respect they’d walk him with the bases loaded.

  4. DRomo says:

    Mark is back. So where did Miguel go? haha

    Miguel did a GREAT job, but it is good to have the Founding Father back in the mix. Plus I can’t hammer Miguel over his love affair with Andy LaRoche :)

    How does X Paul project as a pinch hitter? I think if he has the ability to be more than that we are hurting him development wise by bring him up to take Dougie Manishewitz’s place. Same with B. DeWitt. Everyday playing time is what they need if we want them to do something on the big league level. Who else can fill that spot?

    Stults did a pretty good job last night. The guy always impresses me as a fill in 5th spot guy. He keeps the team in the game. Never gets blown up and isn’t spectacular, but that is exactly what we want from him isn’t it? Maybe keeping hinm in the rotation as #5 isn’t a bad idea if McD struggles somemore?

    Peace fellas

  5. lawdog says:

    Belesario showed ujp with his “best stuff I’ve seen from a bullpen pitcher”again last night. It seems the harder he throws it, the more hard breaking movement he gets. 96 mph–expect an 11–5 or 1-9 break with tight snap. He can command a 92 mph sinker that moves like a change up or a 97 rising fastball that still has all kinds of snap and break on it just before it gets to home plare.

    Like I’ve said before, Preacher Roe used to say that any pitch, to be a good, should drop like a dead duck just before it gets to the plate. Of course, Roe threw change ups and slow curves for a living. But what he said applies to Belesario’s gas. He’s or future closer, imho, for the same reason Saito closed in front of Broxton–although didn’t have near the electric stuff Belesario is showing. If he doesn’t hurt his arm or lose the magic he is showing now, he’ll simply be unhittable. Gagne in his prime didn’t have stuff as devastating as Belesario’s, although his 90 mph change and 98 mph fastball were close when considered together as a tandem.

    With Kurveshaw, Bills, Bells and Stultz, I think we’ve caught lightening in a bottle with the pitching. Imagine what I’d say if I wasn’t a glass half empty kind of person?

  6. Roger says:

    How long has it been since 2 pinch-hitters for the Dodgers each had a ph in the same game?

    Both Mientkiewicz and Loretta drove great hit last night. How is the Mient. ? He took himself out of the game after he thought about it for a while.

    Dodgers win by 5 runs over the Giants, but the Giants had 2 more hits than the Dodgers.

    The Dodgers had 6 BBs, and the Giants had 4.

    I guess the big break came when Lewis could play that line drive he lost in the lights.

    I watched Ohman in the 9th inning. Boy, he really had to work – he threw 16 pitches and only 7 were strikes. That is tooo many. Hew was lucky for the DP. I think he is still searching for his command AND control.

    Mark, did you buy a T-shirt on your travels.

  7. Ken says:

    Imagine what I’d say if I wasn’t a glass half empty kind of person?

    You might sound like a certain person on this blog that others have implicitly called a shill!

  8. lawdog says:

    Mienkiwinkiewitz separated his shoulder. He’ll be out for a while.

  9. DRomo says:

    Manischewitz, has never been known for a big bat but rather a great glove, so it is a little surpising that his bat has been big for us thus far in the pinch. But I always liked him and seems to be a valuable clubhouse guy. I hope he recovers soon.

    You know the pitching has been impressive so far but I still have my reservations about jumping on the bandwagon that we have enough pitching. We have some weak hitting lineups that we have faced. If we go through Houston next week unscathed I will be impressed. They have some true hitters (Lee, Tejada, Berkman, etc.) Looking at our schedule, with the exception of Houston next week we should blow through the first month until we see Philly (May 12). Then the schedule gets tough! Philly, FLA, Mets then Anaheim of OC. That is nasty.

    If this team is the team we hope it is, we need to lunch up on the “weaker” teams and show we are for real!

  10. Ken says:

    DRomo – I agree

    If the Dodgers beat up on the weak teams by an average score of 6 – 2; beat the average teams by an average score of 5 – 3; then play the good teams close and win half of those games then the Dodgers could win more than 95 wins and the WS is a possibility.

  11. Michael says:

    Welcome back Mark, really.I have always thought you have done an outstanding job here and your absence was quite noticable. No offense to Miguel but just like there will never be another Sandy Koufax there will never be another you. Thanks.

  12. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, I like the way you walk the fence with the 17th pick subject. If Hudson slumps or gets injuried it’s (I told you so), and if he has a great season it’s ( I am totally in his corner and I was hoping he would, it was worth the 17th pick). You kind of remind me of Hmmmmm Badger.

    Andy has a long way to go to catch Casey’s power numbers in a pinch hitters role. Your only hope now Badger is that he gets injuried and doesn’t make the minimum a bats rule you insisted on. I must be tough being right all the time……

  13. Bill Russell says:

    It must be EDIT

  14. Roger says:

    Just watched Brad Penny give up 7 runs in the 2nd inning to Baltimore . . .

  15. Roger says:

    Oh, how a year makes.

    Jason Bay, in 2009, 3 HRs

    Manny, in 2009, 0 HRs

  16. Badger says:

    I ain’t sweatin’ it Bill. Blake will be lucky to break .250, Andy should be able to do that in his sleep. In fact, since he hasn’t done it conscious, maybe somebody should hypnotize him.

    I said all along Hudson was worth the 17th pick. So far, so good.

    Mintcaveitch has hit over .300 twice, and does have a career .271 avg. so he can hit. His problem has been playing a full year, and that won’t be necessary here. Good pick-up as far as I am concerned. Same with Loretta, though they do look similar to me.

    Yeah, we can beat the gints. That’s good. But they do kinda stink don’t they. Some s-sperts have them finishing second and over .500, but by their play so far – nada gonna happen.

    I do think both the Dbacks and the gints are better than they have shown, and the Pads are worse.

  17. Blue Haze says:

    That’s what I remembered as well about Mintshoulderseperation, Badger, he began as a “glove” guy, but as time progressed he became more of a “bat” pinch-hitter and spot starter for the Yankees.

  18. Badger says:

    yep Haze, he is ok with the stick and the glove. He just has never really put in a full season. I don’t know why, but my guess is he gets hurt easy. He should be able to help us with around 250 at bats, more or less.

    We are in escrow here in the Sedona. Looks like we may be sticking around a while.

  19. Mark Timmons says:


    My point on O-Dog and the 17th pick is that we had DeWitt who I belive would hit 18-20 HR with a .270 BA, but if O-Dog hits around .300, spends the whole year on the active roster, plays exceptional defense and is a good clubhouse guy, then it’s a good deal. If he’s less than that, he’s, well… Blake DeWitt!

  20. Bill Russell says:

    I’ve met Blake DeWitt and he’s no O-Dog.

    Dodgers win 6 in a row…….. Great come from behind victory tonight.

  21. Mark Timmons says:


    I just deleted your obscene and frankly STUPID post.

    I thought you might be a mental midget and you totally confirmed it.

    You are thrown off this board!

    Never come back here!


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