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Game Time: Cain and an Able Kershawshankredemption

It is important to note that although we trounced them already we still have to beat our division and arch rivals again tonight! In a reversal of fortunes from Monday’s opposing pitcher, Matt Cain is tonight’s started and is 0-6 in 11 carreer starts against DD (Dem Dodgers :-)). So as “stats” would tell us, we have a good shot at making it 0-7. Not because of history but rather because of, dare I say it, DESTINY. Clayton Kershaw toes the rubber tonight and that has me all warm and fuzzy inside.

dodgersKershaw pitched well in his 2009 debut against the Padres, except he ran his pitch count up over 100 by the fifth inning! He will try to avoid that and stay on the current pace of 7 innings from our starter. Our staff HAS to pitch aggressively and pitch as if we have a 7-0 lead. They HAVE to do that everytime out! Bills commented that he felt alot better with the lead and that allowed him to challenge hitters and be more aggressive.

Well then Bills, you need to pitch that way with that mindset more often!! And I think that goes for all of our outstanding young arms. Trust your stuff and go after people, that is what most likely got you here so stick with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of these walks, high pitch counts, and early exits by our young guys so far is indicative of the idea that they are not being aggressive enough in the strike zone.

Andre Ethier OWNS Matt Cain and owns may be an understatement… 16 for 27 with a double and a triple for a .593 average. And Matt Cain OWNS Orlando Hudson who is 0-fer-18. Furcal is batting .368 and Kemp .316 lifetime against Cain. So let’s watch out for another potential offensive explosion tonight.

Some baseball notes:

  • Pee wee the Pirate, Argh! The Dodgers traded switch-hitting outfielder Delwyn Young to the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday for two players to be named later or cash considerations. I’m told cash considerations typically amount to about $50,000.
  • The way I see it…. Broxton closes, Wade and Kuo are his primary setup guys, Ohman the lefty specialist, Belisario the primary 6th inning guy with Mota filling in when needed, and Troncoso the long man. But when Hiroki comes back McDonald slips into Troncoso’s spot which lands him in AAAA Albaquacky.
  • Reports are that X Nady is out for the season! Paging Mr. Swisher, Mr. Swisher to the triage unit please.
  • Favortie post so far this season, 55 Reasons to Hate the Giants. I commented there with a couple of my own reasons, check it out.

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11 Responses to “Game Time: Cain and an Able Kershawshankredemption”

  1. Ken says:

    Appearantly the Dodgers did not want Pewee for some reason. Now it appears that they could have put Abreu on the the 60 day and kept Young for a couple more weeks aleast until they determined whether Mintekeweitz is going to be another Sweeney.

  2. Roger says:

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  3. Miguel Salcido says:

    Hey guys, I am Twittering live game updates at if you are interested.

  4. DRomo says:

    The kid looked great last night!! The bullpen has screwed him out of 2 wins. I hope he can keep up the control he had last night. Pitch count was down and I think that will be the key to his success this year.

  5. lawdog says:

    I think we just might haver the best tandem of young pitchers in the game–although it’s probably misdemeanorly mad to say something like this after one week of play. But Sandy Kurveshaw and Bills Drsydale have been astonishing. Last two starts: 14 innings, 26 strikeouts, 1 walk.

  6. lawdog says:

    …and one run!

  7. lawdog says:

    each! on one hit for Kurveshaw, Bills gave up 5.

    By golly, the filter is now working this is the 4 th time today I tried to post this short blurb on our new Dynamic Duo. Maybe breaking it up had something to do with it?

  8. Bill Russell says:

    Guy’s I love our young pitching also but remember it’s the Giants hitters they’re facing and not the Philly’s or the Met’s. If they blow thur the Met’s and Philly’s lineup like they did the Giants, I’m fully on board.

    What I liked about last night’s game is that everyone is contributing in the win and it’s not just Manny carrying the team on his back. In fact, Manny hasn’t gotten the rust off his stick yet. His hit in the ninth was clutch but wait for his bat to fully kick in. Loney was the player of the game and didn’t even have a hit. Kershaw was lights out but I still want to see a tougher challenge for him this year. Colorado may be a better team to gauge us by. O Dog is still looking like the best pickup of the winter. We will have to track the 17th pick of the draft to see if that player comes close to O-Dogs ability. O-Dog’s type doesn’t grow on trees.

    Casey Blake hit another bomb last night and Andy, well Andy didn’t play did he? Badger, I hear the fat lady warming up in the pen. :mrgreen:

  9. DRomo says:

    Good point BRuss! Kershaw and Bills have faced the Padres & Giants. Not exactly big hitters…but they are on the schedule and we should dominate them. I think they are both poised to have breakout seasons. But I think Lawdog is jumping the gun here saying they are the best young 1,2 tandem. I would still say Lincecum and Cain are pretty damn good and young. They just dont get runs! Our guys may indeed be better but let them finish a season off together and we will see what they have. I hope Lawdog is right!!!

    Manny looks like he is still trying to find it, but what makes him great is (for example) his last AB last night. He was trying to hit a walk off shot & didn’t get it. So after he falls to an 0-2 count he shortens up his swing and just puts the ball in play. With his natural power a easy swing puts it in the gap allowing O-Dog to go 1st to 3rd. That is SMART baseball. His power will come but clutch smart performances mean more than HRs!!

    Kuo looked horrible last night. No sugar coating it. Our bullpen scares me.

  10. Badger says:

    Yeah, Bill, I am doing my stretching. Still early, but my man looks lost – again. But, a 4 for 4 day and he passes Blake. I see Blake not going past .250 this year, so, LaRoche should be able to do that.


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