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Dodgers-Dbacks Preview

4:10 PM ET, April 12, 2009
Chase Field, Phoenix, Arizona

LAD: Wolf (0-1) 6.75 ERA, ARI: Haren (0-1) 1.29 ERA

So as everyone is aware, Pierre is getting a start tonight. But  who will he be starting in place of? It’s my understanding, after reading the usual sources, that he would start in place of Kemp. That is not a great move by Torre since Kemp is .364 lifetime against Haren. But Ethier is .467 and Manny is .500 so I guess that would be playing the averages (pun intended).

I feel comfortable with Pierre in the lineup. He is a solid player, is very prepared, keeps his head in the game, etc. I know that he has a weak arm and that I can’t count on him for a home run ball. He has speed and hits for average which are two things that can disrupt an opposing pitcher. We will have plenty o’ speed today with Furcal, Hudson, and Pierre in the lineup. I would not want to be catching for the Dbacks today!

  • Kemp has a six game hitting streak going into today’s game, yet he’s not starting.
  • Martin is still struggling offensively, despite yesterday’s 2 RBI night, let’s see if he can improve tonight.
  • Wolf said that he needs to attack the strike zone and not pick at the corners. Challenging hitters could be a good thing or a bad thing, let’s hope its the former and not the latter.
  • Haren was outstanding in his first start, stifling the explosive Rockies lineup. Let’s hope we can take him down a notch today.
  • The Padres are currently in first place in our division and that is just ludicrous. We MUST over take them as I live in San Diego and have to face my family today (about 35 people) for Easter and about 60% of them are Padres fans. I will hear it all day how the Padres are in first because it will be the only time all year that they can claim that!
  • And since I have not posted the minors stuff like Mark usually does I’ll leave you with this great Dodgers minor league roundup from TrueBlueLA.

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19 Responses to “Dodgers-Dbacks Preview”

  1. Bill Russell says:

    The real preview should be the outstanding play of Andy LaRoche vs Casey Blake and how they’re comparing so far this year.

    Blake AB-20 H-4 HR-2 RBI-5 Avg-.200 OPS-.842
    LaRocheAB-12 H-0 HR-O RBI-0 Avg-.000 OPS-.077

    There’s a winner after week 1
    Maybe Andy’s just in a little slump.
    Many weeks to go so Andy has time to caught up if Pittsburg allows him to stay in the lineup.

    The Dodgers looked a lot better offensively last night. It looks like they’re about to breakout and go on a NLW tear.

    Stulz looked like he belongs last night. McDonald deserves another shot as well as his first two innings looked great before he lost control on Friday. McDonald had a really good breaking ball in the first two innings.

    No more Pedro calling as we should be able to fill the fifth spot within. Schmidt might even surprise us and play this year. Pedro is just one pitch away from a 5 million dollar injury anyway.

    It sounds like Kuroda may be back for his next start so Stulz and McDonald can keep Schmidt’s spot warm until he surfaces again if ever.

    I’m not sure who the guest poster is? But good job whoever the masked man is……
    Peace :mrgreen:

  2. Bill Russell says:

    Ok you unmasked yourself last post. Thanks Miquel

  3. Miguel Salcido says:

    Hahahaha, thanks for the love Mr. Russell.

    Can’t wait for today’s game. Actually, going to tune in to it now. I am hungry for another offensive display, and Wolfman is my fantasy pitcher today! :-)

    And LaRoche? He’s not even a has been, he’s a never will be. But don’t sign me up for any bets, especially if they involve push-ups! Blake leads the team in HRs.

  4. Bluboy says:

    Whats up Bill?

  5. Bluboy says:

    Russell Martin looks awful at the plate.

  6. Ken says:

    Where is the batting coach?

    Hips flying open, shoulders flying open, head turning too much, swing getting longer, top hand controlling the entire swing, swinging over the top of the ball because of the top hand, etc. If he can even hit the low inside pitch it will go into fair territory because of his swing.

    Move over Kemp and add him to the top of the list of stubborn kids.

    Look where the shortstop is playing. The other teams see what he is doing.

  7. Miguel Salcido says:

    Well its middle of the second and looking poor so far. Lost opportunities to score in both innings because of poor execution. Meanwhile the Dbacks manufacture a run in the first on one hit.

  8. Miguel Salcido says:

    Well what do you know. Torre argues and we get a run despite ourselves. Thanks Blue!

  9. Ken says:

    Pull every pitch, make another out
    Do it your way, every pitch you see.
    Pull every pitch, another double play,
    Do it your way, ’til you make an out!

    More batting practice you will need
    all the effort you can give,
    Every day of the season
    for as long as you play.

    Pull every pitch, another rally ended,
    Do it your way, til you get benched!

  10. Blue Haze says:

    Like I said, I am getting less and less impressed the more I see of Martin, hopefully he can prove me wrong and get back to his rookie season form. NO one has mentioned this, but do you suppose the rest of the league is beginning to catch up to Martin and found the holes in his swing?

    Typically our players stats get healthy against the lower tier pitchers and get sick against the quality pitchers in the league, maybe another reason that I don’t necessarily bow at the altar of stats, just too many variables involved that can give false impressions from those pesky numbers.

  11. Ken says:

    Nice game

    Good pitching, good hitting, good fielding and good Coaching

  12. mark says:

    1. Martin will be the All-Star Catcher

    2. How about that Kemp fella?

  13. michael says:

    The big unit tommorow, I can hardly wait. Good job Miguel to give Mark a breather and keep this alive. Yeah Mark, that Kemp guy. I doubt the Snakes would have scored their run if Matt had started. Love Juan, but heres hoping that someone will need him to play everyday for them. :}

  14. Blue Haze says:

    I’m glad to see a clutch at bat from that Kemp guy, I will be watching to see that as it develops. My preference is that Kemp become the stud that he is projected to become.

    Still not too impressed with that Martin guy, he has a propensity for pulling the outside pitch into a perfect routine double play, he do have the knack for that.

  15. Badger says:

    Back from the park – strange game, well pitched, some good defense. I really like Chase field, classy joint and the people there are respectful to Dodger fans. Maybe they are used to them as there were many that showed up.

    Wolf did more with a top speed fastball of 90 than I ever thought he could. He threw a couple up there at 65 and had the Dbacks hitters off balance all day. He was throwing strikes and in complete command. He was helped by several balls that were hit on the screws finding gloves, but I will take it. Kuo and Broxton looked exceptional. I think Broxton may have hit 100 once because the scoreboard gun went blank. He threw at least 2 at 98.

    Very srange play that tied the game at 1. If Lopez just steps on the bag – end of inning. Nobody could tell what the blue and Melvin were arguing about, I saw the home plate ump then point at home plate, and that means the run counts. But noting happened on the scoreboard and the inning finally started. It took a few minutes to get the run posted and most of the fans went nuts when it did.

    During Dodger batting practice I was at the left field wall chatting it up with a lady who had week-end season tickets and here comes a ball right at me. I could see it was going to be a bit short, but I was hoping it would hit the warning track and hop right into my waiting hands. It didn’t, hitting about half way up the wall. Russell Martin was out there watching it, I had my L.A. hat on and I said “hey Russell, I was hoping for a high hop and didn’t get it.” He smiled picked up the ball and started walking away and tossed it back over his shoulder. I had to hang over the wall and reach as far out as I could and got it. There were these really cute Hispanic kids all wearing Dback shirts and hats standing with their dad next to me so I handed this young girl the ball and she lit up like a Christmas tree. She turned to show the ball to her younger brother who took it and started to throw it back on the field and Dad caught his arm just in time. I said “well he sure knows what to do with a ball doesn’t he” and the dad laughed, said the kid was born throwing a baseball and then thanked me profusely. It was cool to see these young family so excited.

    You know, there is nothing in this world like being at a Major League baseball game. Everyone there is in a good mood and the craziness that of the real world doesn’t exist inside a ballpark. I love it there.

  16. Badger says:

    Say Miguel, as long as you are now in charge, maybe you can set up that edit capability.

  17. JC says:

    Hey Miguel -

    Wanted to send up a flare, let you know I dropped by. Seems to be a nice place, I’ll be sure to stop by again.

    What happened to the relaxed Martin we were being sold this spring? Looks like he is still grinding the sawdust out of the bat, trying to pull every bloody thing.

    Now we have a quality major league catcher with some tread still on the tire, Ausmus should be splitting time behind the plate.

    If you get a chance, swing by Bleacher Report and check out my recap, “JC’s Dodger Line Drives | April 12: Wolf Howls in Open Desert”.

  18. Ken says:

    Why are the Dodgers advertising what a great fielding infield they have when they now have a bunch of fly ball pitchers? They have one of the worst G/F ratios in the Majors.

    Bye Pewee.

  19. Badger says:

    Excellent point ken. We lost one of the best ground ball pitchers in the league when we let Lowe walk. And does anyone else in this group throw sinkers?


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