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Todays’ Roster Prediction






James Loney




Orlando Hudson




Rafael Furcal




Casey Blake




Manny Ramirez




Matt Kemp




Andre Ethier




Russell Martin






1B,2B, SS, 3B

Mark Loretta




Brad Ausmus



1B, 3B

Doug Mientkiewicz



1B, 2B, SS, 3B

Juan Castro




Juan Pierre





Chad Billingsley




Hiroki Kuroda




Randy Wolf




Clayton Kershaw




James McDonald




Josh Lindblom




Ramon Troncoso





Guillermo Mota




Hong-Chih Kuo




Cory Wade




Eric Milton




Jonathan Broxton


On the Players Association Greviance against McCourt:

This is just another example of how their greed blinds them to the fact that the fans are growing more and more resentful towards the players because of the huge salaries, rising ticket prices and costs associated with the game.  The Ass. (short for the MLBPA) will lose this one although they could win others under different circumstances.  In this case, they will lose because Manny accepted the ONLY offer on the table and the donation was part of the offer.   I think that the Ass has a poor case and will just drive the wedge wider.   I was talking to a friend who specializes in contracts in the entertainment industry and he thinks the Ass won’t win the challenge.  I have no problem with the Dodgers saying “to play for us, you have to pay our foundation.”   If a player doesn’t like it then he doesn’t have to take the offer.  Real Simple!  According to the LA Times: “The Dodgers signed four players other than Ramirez this off-season who agreed to make donations to the Dodgers Dream Foundation: Casey Blake ($25,000 per year over three years), Rafael Furcal ($100,000 per year over three years), Orlando Hudson ($25,000) and Randy Wolf ($20,000).”

Tony Jackson quoted McCourt as saying:

“I have not seen the grievance, but I find it odd that in these challenging times, that we encounter a complaint against the idea of players giving back to the communities that support them.
“We believe there are qualities that represent the Dodger Way. The player’s contributions to the team, appreciation of the fans, and impact on such a supportive community all combine to help our organization live up to our core values. We seek players who embrace these values.
“The Ramirez Provision is a blank line to be filled in with whatever number a player chooses.”


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9 Responses to “Todays’ Roster Prediction”

  1. Roger says:

    Mark Loretta, Brad Ausmus, Doug Mientkiewicz, Juan Castro, Juan Pierre

    So that is your bench, Mark. Great vets there, but not sure I go there. Joe might.

    You want 12 pitchers. I say go with 11, and if one blows up, send down that person or release, or put them on the DL for something — and bring up another or sign a pitcher looking for work.

    I think I want another bat for that pitchers slot. Some of the games might to down to the wire or to extra frames — and I need a stick, not more gloves.

    From your list, I let Castro go. I want a bat, who can play in the outfield. Give me D. Young first, but Repko is last choice (I just do not think this guy can hit major league pitching), and Paul as a surprise.

    There will be a game with the Dodgers tied or down in the last at bat — two out, and need a hit for some power. Pierre and Castor are not what I want up there. I want a Dusty Rhoades on the bench to hit.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    I would like to keep Young too, but I can’t see it happening unless we trade Pierre, and I don’t think we can trade him…

  3. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Marks bench players. DeWitt and Hu should play everyday and need to go down. The big question marks will be D Young and Repko. D Young is out of options but what about Repko? If Repko still has options then he’s a no brainer to return to AAA. As someone mentioned yesterday D Young will pull a hamstring or get dealt if a deal for Pierre is not found and probably won’t be.

    The Pitching question marks on Marks roster are Milton, Troncoso and Lindblom. The Pitchers not making Marks roster that might have a chance are still Elbert and Vargas. Joe appears to like Milton but he did say Vargas has better stuff. If we don’t pick up another Lefty before the start of the season, Elbert will win a spot by default.

    Battles will be between Vargas, Troncoso, Lindblom, Milton, Weaver for the final two spots with Elbert winning the three spot.

    My prediction will be Vargas, Milton and Elbert winning the final three spots. Troncoso and Lindblom still have options I believe and will be sent down. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it for now. BRUSS OUT 8)

  4. Roger says:

    When making a list of pitchers, would be nice to place either “L” or “R” after their names, to check the balance of some sort. New names come on the roster and it is hard to remember just which way all of them go.

    I go with 11 pitchers, and one more to the bench, and it better be a guy that can hit the ball off the wall or over it.

    Other teams manage to do that.

  5. ken says:


    This Dodger’s roster needs 12 pitchers because the current projected SPs are tooooooo irratic, ie, 3 innings one game and 8 innings the next game. The Dodgers need 3 long relievers until proven otherwise. This is the wise approach for a team with uncertainty.

    Mark’s roster includes Milton, Troncoso and Lindblom, all 3 player who desire to be starters and should be willing to go 4 innings if needed. This is especially true if that means that they could be traded to a team that needs starting pitching, will be signed next year as a starter, ie, Park, or become a starter if somebody is hurt.

    I also prefer 11 pitchers but not with the current starting 5 that the Dodgers have in 2009.

    I prefer Stults over Milton in the short term but agree that there is a possibility that Milton’s long-term upside is much higher than Stults’ and I therefore understand that gamble. I prefer giving Weaver a try just to postpone the super two date for Lindblom, for whom I share with Mark a very strong opinion.

  6. ken says:


    Show us your 40-man roster. Just showing us your 25-man roster is like serving apple pie without vanilla ice cream.

  7. mark says:

    Here’s our current 40-Man Roster. I believe that Ken’s point is that if Mientkiewicz, Milton, Lindblom and Castro make the team, we have to release 4 players. Vargas could be DFA’d and I doubt anyone would pick him up. That leaves Young and Repko and another player to be taken from the roster. Have the Dodgers lost confidence in Schmidt? Could he be the 4th? Due to the roster issues. I think it is more likely that Hu will make the team and that Castro will go to AAA. You can’t hide a guy on the DL unless he is on the 40-man roster, so Young still looks like the odd man out.

    I can see reason not to promote Lindblom as yet, but if he keeps pitching like he is, we have to have him. I had him as our #3 pospect (right behind McDonald) – he looks ready to me. Roster spots could cost Weaver and Milton spots but they will probably go to AAA. It will be interesting…


    58 Chad Billingsley
    51 Jonathan Broxton
    79 Jesus A. Castillo
    57 Scott Elbert
    78 Victor Garate
    22 Clayton Kershaw
    56 Hong-Chih Kuo
    18 Hiroki Kuroda
    66 Brent Leach
    52 James McDonald
    74 Greg Miller
    59 Guillermo Mota
    80 Travis Schlichting
    29 Jason Schmidt
    50 Eric Stults
    38 Ramon Troncoso
    49 Claudio Vargas
    47 Cory Wade
    21 Randy Wolf


    28 Danny Ardoin
    12 Brad Ausmus
    44 A.J. Ellis
    55 Russell Martin
    31 Lucas May


    13 Tony Abreu
    23 Casey Blake
    33 Blake DeWitt
    15 Rafael Furcal
    60 Chin-lung Hu
    30 Orlando Hudson
    7 James Loney
    5 Mark Loretta


    16 Andre Ethier
    77 Jamie Hoffmann
    27 Matt Kemp
    75 Xavier Paul
    9 Juan Pierre
    99 Manny Ramirez
    17 Jason Repko
    3 Delwyn Young

  8. mark says:

    As Ken said, maybe Stults makes more sense than Milton…

  9. Mark Timmons says:

    … and the Dodgers will carry 12 pitchers for the reasons Ken articulated.


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