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So Far, Eric Milton Is The Top Candidate To Be Fifth Starter

I hate to say it, but there’s still a lot of time left.  More time left,  than the time past, so far in Spring Training!  Eric Milton has had two good outings and one bad outing, but his Spring Training ERA is 3.59 – NOT TOO SHABBY.    He could be the one to step up and do it.  I still am sticking to my Schmidt prediction, but if he doesn’t have his control by Opening Day, he could ngo down on a rehab assignment (no one has told me that, but it is possible).  Milton was once a good pitcher and he is only 32.  If he can return to form, we could do worse.  Vargas has not distinguished himself and Estes has looked even worse.  The Dodgers want McDonald to pitch out of the pen and if Milton keeps it up, he could be our man.  There’s a lot to be determined though.

I’ll post more tomorrow.  My iPhone quit getting e-mail and so I’m sitting here at San Antonio Airport anwering about 120 e-mails, since Saturday.  Roger and I drove back from Phoenix.  We stayed in Las Cruces last night and the hotel breakfast game me food poisoning (either that or Roger poisoned me).  I was sick all day yesterday.  I puked all over the Southwest!  Roger had to drive all the way back as I was too dizzy.  I’m better today.  More to come when I get back to Indy.

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13 Responses to “So Far, Eric Milton Is The Top Candidate To Be Fifth Starter”

  1. Badger says:

    p.s. – you sure it wasn't our pitching that made you sick?

  2. ken says:

    Mark, we have been good while you were gone.

  3. Blue Haze says:

    Sounds like the JD Flu to me, nice attempt to cover up your over-the-top drinking.

  4. Badger says:

    Sorry to hear that Mark. 24 hours of clear fluids, followed by the BRAT diet – bananas, rice, applesauce and toast. Gramma’s recipe.

    Hotel breakfast huh? Gutsy move.

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Torre stated that the 5th spot is Schmidt’s to lose. I say if that is so, we had better consider keeping Milton around for insurance. McDonld may just have to start the year in Triple A.
    I hear Loretta and DeWitt’s name mentioned in possible Trade talks to the Yanks. I sure hope not. They don’t have any pitching to give us Do they? Unless they agree to take Pierre also as part of the deal I say hell no.

  6. Roger says:

    Yes, I drove all 588 miles by meself. Although I did sleep a little between Van Horn, Texas and Fort Stockon. Every time I heard the tires going over those little bumps on the sides of the highway, I turned the wheel back a bit. No big deal.

    Like most teams right now, the Dodgers have a bunch of questions. Other than the starting 8 on the field, and one catcher — that leaves 5 players for the bench.

    I think that Loretta and Mientkiewicz are locks because of their experience and can do the jobs.

    If so, that leaves three spots open for: Pierre, Paul, Repko, and Young — as outfielders. Non-roster guy: Mitch Jones

    And as infielders: DeWitt, Hu, and Abreu. Non-roster guy: Juan Castro.

    I think we can take off Abreu. That leaves 6 guys for 3 slots.

    If they do not trade (or release) Pierre he is one of three — that leaves 2 slots left.

    So far, 2 are infielders and 1 outfielder.

    1 should be an outfielder: Young ?, Repko ?, Paul ?, Jones ? (probably not, just a Crash Davis in the flesh).

    And then there is: DeWitt, Hu, and Castro.

    They like Castro a bunch. DeWitt is only getting better and better.

    If they trade Pierre, it best for a pitcher if it is major league guy, or lower minor league guys.

    In the end, the Dodgers will want: Paul & DeWitt to have a lot of playing time, either up or down.

  7. Badger says:

    Loretta, Pierre, Ausmus, Mintcaveitch and Castro?

    The thing is, Mintcaveitch and Loretta are the same guy but both of them hit better than everyone cept Juan.

    I got Paul at AAA hitting at the top of the order. He needs at bats and he won’t get them here. Repko? Good 5th outfielder, until a decision on Pierre is made, we have no room for him. DeWitt will be at AAA, used in trade or here if half of Loretkiewicz is moved. Hu knows? He kind of looks like a younger Castro.

    Anybody seen our pitching yet?

  8. Michael says:

    There’s no place like home. Godspeed to get back to your own beds. Thanks for a job well done and your service all of us.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    Next year you guys should consider a car or plane. The horse and buggy stuff just takes too long. Camp fires and finding water holes for the horse must be time consuming. But you found the time to report back to us starving Dodgers fans needing or infomation fix. Great Job and I hope you get well soon Mr Mark. Peace……… :mrgreen:

  10. Bill Russell says:

    Oh Badger,
    Why are you saying Mientkiewicz and Loretta are the same guy? I thought Loretta was a middle infield reserve and Mientkiewicz was a corner infield guy with a little pop. I don’t see the comparison. Can you explain your opinion?

  11. Badger says:


    Loretta is 37, played every infield position last year, played them well, hit .280 with 4 HR and a .733 OPS.

    Mientkiewicz is 34, played 1b, 3b and RF, hit .277 with a .753 OPS.

    Loretta as a PH – .275 .369 OBP .802 OPS

    Mientkiewicz PH – .286 .385 OBP .761 OPS

    They are both experienced vets that play the infield. Loretta was hired to be the veteran back-up at all the infield positions. I am not entirely sure why Mientkiewicz was brought in, but to me, the two of them do similar jobs. Blake could back up Loney now and then while Loretta plays third. Then, there is DeWitt. Torre seems to like him.

    Mintcavitch is LH. Loretta is RH. Maybe we keep them both for that reason and Castro/Hu are shipped out.

    After watching them take infield the other day if we are going to keep a late inning veteran defensive specialist/back-up infielder I like Castro, but I think he has no stick but he can still pick. Hu needs to hit everyday so I see him as the starting SS at Albu.

    It’s just an opinion Bill. I do like them both and since the hit from opposite sides of the plate – maybe we could use them both. But they will be fighting for time on the field as back up infielders.

  12. Badger says:

    One more quick thing Bill, neither of them have much pop. Loretta’s 3 year splits – 1 HR every 104 AB’s. Mintcaveitch 1 HR every 70 AB’s. They are both solid hitters, but not with much power as evidenced by their decent OBP but average OPS numbers.

  13. ken says:

    With this level of detailed discussion it may be time to start dealing with the 40 man roster, who will be added, who will be DFA’d and who will be willing to start the season in Albuquerque. Are there any candidates to go on the 60-day DL to allow the addition of more players?

    If Milton, and and Castro are added to the 25/40 man roster, then Garate, and Ardoin, are my candidates to be released from the 40 man roster. Repko may now be redundent due to the development of Hoffmann and Paul. This process is going to be very difficult especially if Ned brings in another pitcher.

    Vargas probably can not be sent to Albu but Weaver may be willing to with a 30 day clause.


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