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McCourt Building A Dynasty

mccourt0228Bill Shaiken of The LA Times writes a piece about Frank MCourt, which I believe, shows how the Dodger Brand is being polished and a Dodger Dynasty is being built.  In part, Shaiken writes:

McCourt glowed about Camelback Ranch, emphasizing that the new Arizona complex is not just a spring training ballpark but a year-round center for minor league instruction and injury rehabilitation.

The Dodgers will once again have the best player development system in all of baseball,” he said.

He said the Dodgers cannot sustain success without replenishing their talent from within, alluding to such expensive mistakes as Jason Schmidt ($47 million), Juan Pierre ($44 million) and Andruw Jones ($36 million).

“We can’t do this just by bringing in free agents,” McCourt said. “I could put up a slide of some of my big, big mistakes with free agents. You’re just not sure.”

The Dodgers publicly announced each of their offers to Ramirez, an unusual strategy but one McCourt said provided him fan feedback that persuaded him not to raise his offer beyond the initial $45 million.

“You all, as the stakeholders in the Dodgers, let us know we were on the right track — ‘OK, that’s a good offer, he should accept it,’ ” McCourt said.

Once Ramirez accepted the financial terms, McCourt would not finalize the contract until a 6 a.m. meeting at his home, in which Ramirez embraced the concept of community involvement and agreed to donate $1 million to the Dodgers’ foundation.

“We were fully prepared not to sign him if that meeting did not go well,” McCourt said.

McCourt said he was aware of reports from Boston that Ramirez might not have given his all there.

“I appreciate when I make a mistake and get a second chance,” McCourt said. “I look at it that way. I think these will be the best days of his career. We’ll see.”

After all, McCourt owned up to one of his mistakes.

I was the same guy that said, ‘Go ahead and sign Andruw Jones,’ ” he said. “Does that show you how smart I am?”

I believe that Frank McCourt is saying that “look, we will sign the RIGHT free agents when necessary, but our continued growth will come from within.”   He has admitted his mistakes and he seems to be learning from them.  He also said that he intends to go forward with the Dodger Stadium rennovation if the loan package is available.   Frank McCourt was “green” in in baseball terms, when he bought the Dodgers, but he has learned every step of the way and the Dodgers’ future is bright!  We may soon be saying that he is the best owner in baseball.

Late Night Update:  Josh Lindblom – 2IP, 3 K’s, 1 Hit

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2 Responses to “McCourt Building A Dynasty”

  1. Roger I agree in that we will most likely see one, maybe two of our prospects get dealt in the next year or two. But that means that we have enough talent to do so. We have ample talent at all positions which is a great situation.

    And yes a large group of our current young studs that are playing will require large paydays in a few years. But I always wonder why no one here talks about the TV deal that the Dodgers will be able to strike soon, just like the Yankees, Cubs, Braves, and now Giants have in place. This will bring the club PLENTY of additional revenue. On top of that ticket sales are going to be on par with or exceed last years, this is evident by season ticket sales being close to what they were last season. And I expect more fans to come see Manny and a winning team all season long. Oh yeah, and the renovations and development of the land at Chavez Ravine will also bring great money in eventually. Oh, and one more thing, Camelback Ranch will be the most profitable complex in AZ. Dodgers fans have been waiting far too long for spring training in AZ and will flock there next season and all others after that.

    McCourt seems like an ass sometimes, one that does not know what he is doing. But he always seems to land firmly on his feet, with loads of cash in his hands. I do not feel sorry for him or the franchise, we will be just fine financially. We will be much better off than the rest of baseball and I forsee us getting closer the the Yankees in franchise value over the next decade.

    On top of that the system is in fabulous shape with outstanding staff in place and the makings of a baseball dynasty! GO DODGERS!

  2. Roger says:

    There is a great chance to have a dynasty.

    And it very well might happen.

    Other than injuries — which is the ‘nasty part of dynasty . . . will be the mounting salaries if this team sticks together.

    Martin, Loney, DeWitt, Kemp, C-Bills, Broxton, Kershaw, Lindblom, etc. — will all want due, their paychecks in a few years.

    Even if McCouts does pay them — and the Dodgers continue to move that way — then they all start getting older together –

    I think one of these guys might go in a trade in the next year — and let Lambo and other begin work in. Also, a free agent might slip in, in a year or two.

    A team needs balance in age.


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