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It’s All Over But The Signing…

ned-frank-mannyRoger Sobin and I arrived at the designated time tonight, maybe a few minutes early, only to run into Tony Jackson as he was going out the door.  “Sorry, but you know what is going on and I have to run.”  OK Tony, I’ll give you a raincheck.  I guess I know where I rate – somewhere below Manny Ramirez.   Can you believe it, Tony Jackson gave up an opportunity to have drinks with Roger and I for a chance to report on Manny?  Well, here’s what Tony Jackson reported:

Dodgers don’t HAVE a deal with Manny, but are VERY CLOSE to one

How close depends on whom you talk to, and I am not even close to being at liberty to tell you whom I have been talking to, but basically, here’s the deal:

Manny IS on his way to Los Angeles tonight, just as Enrique Rojas reported on ESPN. Manny IS willing to accept some form of what the Dodgers offered him last Wednesday, a two-year, $45 million deal with $25 million the first year, $20 million the second year and an opt-out. That offer IS back on the table, even though it has been taken off the table last week. But there is no actual agreement in place YET, because Dodgers officials want to meet with Manny face to face, presumably tomorrow morning, before making this thing happen. Given this player’s history and the fact he didn’t get anything close to what he thought he was going to get on the open market this winter, I believe they simply want to gauge how he is dealing with that fact emotionally. Once that happens, if everybody likes what they hear, this deal will get done.  So the bottom line (literally) is this: the Dodgers, barring something unforeseen, are about to sign Manny Ramirez. And the shaky pitching staff notwithstanding, that is SHOULD make this a very good ballclub in 2009.

You owe me big time, Tony!  Now, Josh Rawitch is supposed to give us an inside tour of Camelback tomorrow.  What are the odds?

P.S. As soon as the deal is finalized, I am going to remind you all that this is what I told you was going to happen all along.  Manny wasn’t going anywhere else, because there was no market for him.  Boras is a lying scumbag and McCourt got the terms he wanted.   That’s all I got…

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  1. mario says:

    Mark are you serious?
    You bashed the guy up until 2 weeks ago
    You said we dont need the guy
    Also said he was not the reason we went to the playoffs last year
    You wanted Dunn all along, who you fooling?

  2. Roger says:

    Mark and I are having a ball here in the greater Phoenix area.

    We are staying about 10 minutes away from Dodger camp. It costs $5 to enter and park your car. The practice fields are all closed by fencing, but some have places to sit, stand, sit on the grass and watch the goings-on.

    Yesterday we watched the “B” game on the key practice field. About 40 or 50 fans were there. And the same number of writers, photo folks, Dodger staff, etc. We talked with Tony Jackson for awhile. I talked with several fans and special guests of the Dodgers who were just walking around. Also, there were some parents of Dodger players and wives there.

    As you know. We saw the play at the plate where De Jesus broke his leg. I have several pictures of him on the ground, being helped.

    Let me explain about pictures. Both Mark and I forgot the media reader to place the pictures from my camera on my computer. I have my wife’s computer and it does not have the software on it that I have at home on mine for the downloading of pictures.

    When I arrive back home on Sunday night, I will do that and have Mark post some for you all to see.

    Got a great picture of Ethier swinging and making contact with the ball, today. The ball is frozen right in front of the bat. I will post that next week . . . and a bunch of others.

    There are Manny shirts everywhere in the stands. If he signs tomorrow — I will wear mine at the game.

    If is goes as we think it will go, the signing of Manny, I think a big weight will be taken off of Spring Training, both from the fans waiting for news, and the Dodger staff.

    Today at the game in Peroia against the Padres, Kim Ng was sitting about 20 feet from us. She was on her cell phone off and on all afternoon.

    Oh, Tommy is just as big as ever and he makes his grand enterance prior to each game, walking slowly across the home plate area. Fans shouting his name, clapping, and of course Tommy waves and takes it all in. Pictures coming next week.

    We asked the hotel where we are staying if we could have an extra desk brought into our room. They did. Mark does his web site up on his, and I do my research on mine. Nice of the hotel to that.

    Time for bed check. We want to be at the field by 9 am for the practice session. Also, a trip to the Dodger Store to see what we need to purchase this year.

  3. Mark Timmons says:


    Before you call someone out, make sure you have the facts on your side:

    1/5/09 - Mark wrote: “Adam Dunn is considered an “elite” offensive player by some of the general managers we spoke to because of his power (40 or more homers five straight years) and on-base percentage (career .381), his defense at first base or a corner outfield spot is a major liability. He’s best suited as a DH. As one American League GM pointed out, “He’d better not be The Guy because he has a lot of holes in his swing and he can be pitched to.”

    1/7/09 - Mark wrote: “Do the Dodgers want Manny? Yes, but on their terms and their terms were better than anyone else’s terms, because I guarantee that if Borasss had offers even approaching the $45 million over 2 years that the Dodgers offered, it would be leaked to the presss. We will be a better team with Manny and we will put more butts in te seats, but that’s not the issue. The issue is winning, because it makes no sense to spend $22.5 million to make an extra $7.5 million. DO THE MATH! If McCourt signs Manny, it’s to win, not put butts in seats!”

    1/11/09 - Mark wrote: “There’s not much happening right now, so we can only consider what might (or not) happen. There is a chance we might sign anyone, but certain players are likely and certain players are not as likely. Here’s my take: Mota, Reyes & Cruz: There is a 70% chance that we will sign 2 of these pitchers. Wolf: 30% chance Sheets: 20% chance. That guy (whom I will not name): 90% chance”

    1/29/09 - Mark wrote: “I am not speculating that it will or won’t happen, but let’s just consider what we might have if the season started today. While I prefer “THE GUY I WON’T NAME” in LF, I am not convinced that we still wouldn’t be a pretty decent team without him.”

    2/21/09 - Mark wrote: “I still believe that we will sign Manny.”

    How many more do you want me to post? Sometimes, I write things “tongue-in-cheek” but ask Badger who goes why back with me, I hate Adam Dunn!

    And I have bashed the guy over past transgressions which he deserved. He also deserves a chance and I was/am willing to give him that.

    We had a losing record in August when Manny had his best month, but won the pennant in September because the young Dodgers picked their game way up. Manny couldn’t carry us in August but he did in September? Again, check your facts! YOU ARE DEAD WRONG, but if your mind is already made up the facts might confuse you.

    I always wanted Manny, but not at ANY COST. I said two years and it looks like it will be two years. It takes more than one player to make a team, but one player can wreck a team!

  4. mario says:

    Go back to December…

  5. Mark Timmons says:

    12/31/08 – Mark wrote: “When Ned started talk with Adam Dunn’s agent, Scotty knew he’d better quit playing games and get serious. He’ll spin it however he wants, but the fact is the Dodgers are really the only suitor for Manny.”

    12/23/08 – Mark wrote: “As you know, I really don’t want Manny Ramirez back. I agree that he’s a great player, but I believe that character issues will rear their ulgy head. To put it in perspective, we can sign Bobby Abreu, Orlando Hudson and Ben Sheets for just a few million more than Manny. Which way do you think we would win the most games? I think it would be with Sheets AND Abreu AND Hudson, not just Manny! However, that won’t happen. Manny will cost us no picks.”

    12/22/08 – Mark wrote: “If I were Ned, I would fax an offer sheet to Manny’s agent, the Devil, ‘er Scott Borasss, offering 2 years at $50 million with an option year contingent upon 580 AB’s and a .300 BA, as well as a “conduct clause.”

    12/21/08 – Mark wrote: “Don’t pay an inflated price for a chump like Manny. With Furcal acepting a $30-33 Million/3 Year deal, Orlando Hudson’s value has to be declining (can you say 3 Years/$24 Million?). Also, Dunn, Burrell and Abreu are the “leftovers.” I say we get aggressive in moving Pierre by packaging him with DeJesus and DeWitt for either prospects, a starter, and/or role-players, and sign Hudson and the “leftovers” of Dunn, Burrell and Abreu. I believe we can DUMP Pierre’s salary if we give up BOTH DeWitt and DeJesus. I also think that the final one of those three players will be signed at 3 Years/$40, which is a lot less than Manny will command.”

    Lots more Mario, but the point is, I was worried about manny’s character (which is also why no one else mad him an offer and which is also why the Dodgers want to meet him fac-to-face today), but based upon what he has said reacently, I am less concerned. I also said that we could sign Manny to a 2-year deal with a 3rd year option, but I canged my mind on that as the market soured.

    Look, you can disagree with me all you want – and I am often wrong, but don’t put words in my mouth. I really did not like Dunn and I really do like Manny – he’s a “lovable scondrel.” I will root for him every step of the way.

  6. Blue Haze says:

    This one was too easy to call, even Ray Charles could see it. This thing went down just as I suspected (and posted) it would, Frank got tired of the games, gave the “pissed off and everything is off” attitude, Borass blinked even harder, then Borass went begging back to Frank, Frank does him a favor (negotiation-wise) and allows the deal to be put back on the table, both sides agree pretty quickly at that point. I told all that would listen that a guy like Borass doesn’t get serious until the other side smacks him in the head. Frank won this negotiation, hands down, it would have been fun to have him shake Borass down. but it is time to play baseball. Frank should have been a tough ass much sooner and this would have been resolved months ago (although Borass is a hard-head and wouldn’t have budged until now probably).

  7. Badger says:

    “Frank should have been a tough ass much sooner and this would have been resolved months ago.” (Haze)

    I don’t think so. This has played out exactly like most thought it would, including every talking head sports announcer from ESPN to RSVP – Manny signs with the Dodgers because obviously that is the best fit. Borass strung this thing out as long as he could and landed his client a very healthy contract, made about $2 million for himself and will be able to tee it up again in two years. I doubt he is sad about any of this. He has made a fortune this off season, as he does every year. It’s business, it ain’t personal.

    Having said that, I still think we should have bagged Manny for the next three years. I would be much more comfortable knowing he is leading this team for that period of time. Oh well. I’ll take the two years, and hopefully our youngsters will step into their prime years and we can keep most of them.

    Where is Colletti’s name in all of this? I just back in to see what was happening here and in the several days and many posts, I don’t see Jed’s name anywhere. Is he even needed anymore? It’s all about Frank and Manny/Borass.

    mario – Mark has posted about two dozen different scenarios, including those you mentioned, because that is what he does – throw out every imaginable possibility and wait to see if he has stirred it up. He has been doing this for years. It’s all good. I have had a ball reading his stuff over the years and look forward to many more proposals from him – both real and imaginary.

    How does our pitching look?

    Back to work. Got a zillion things to do. I’ll check in later tonight.

  8. iWasWeebled says:

    Hey Roger, if you had a Mac that wouldn’t be a problem. Just plug any camera in and get the pictures off of it. Sheer brilliance.

    (Sorry for the Macness… had to do it.)

  9. Roger says:

    Torre seems to have a boat load of pitchers in camp. Both major league roster of 40 and tons in the minor league camp. And he is using most of them.

    Some of these guys have caused the Dodgers problems in the last inning or two. Not being able to find the plate and giving up hits.

    They were in control on Sunday’s game, but the pen gave it up in thde 9th. Yesterday’s game, the Dodgers had it, and almost gave it up in the 9th.

    Some of the names pitching yesterday: Meque, Haeger, Threets, Shurtze, Castillo, & Click. There was also Billingsley and Estes.

    Billingsley looked great, but at first he threw a lot of pitches, then found his zone.

    Tony Jackson was just on ESPN talking about Manny. We will see Tony in about an hour or two.

    Hey iWasWeebled — no problem. I called Canon about downloading software to take care of my problem. They said I had to go back to pac #2, but my system was in pac #3. But they suggested not to do that, and either purchase a reader or wait till I return home to my other computer. Since I did not want to spend $39 plus tax for a reader for just this trip . . . I will wait.

    My computer at home is now 6 years old and I should replace it. But because of the economy I will probably wait. I asked McCain if I could have one of the computers in one of his many houses, and he said “sure” — but he could not remember just where all of his houses were at that moment. So I told him to just go take a nap.

  10. mark says:


    My next laptop will be a Mac.


    Are you back in Phoenix?

  11. Blue Haze says:

    Just to set the record straight (Reading Comprehension Classes would be a good thing):
    I told all that would listen that a guy like Borass doesn’t get serious until the other side smacks him in the head. Frank won this negotiation, hands down, it would have been fun to have him shake Borass down. but it is time to play baseball. Frank should have been a tough ass much sooner and this would have been resolved months ago (although Borass is a hard-head and wouldn’t have budged until now probably).

    Hmmm, kind of sounds a little more accurate, now doesn’t it?

    I love it when a plan comes together.

  12. Harold says:

    OK – now can we stop calling Mr. McCourt by a wide variety of names meaning he is cheap and not committed to winning? He has done a variety of things that point to the direction of this team.

    He has made available more than enough payroll to back a winner. That it was squandered is not his fault. It looks like the squandering is over. He has made concerted efforts to improve Dodger Stadium, is making a continuing effort to preserve the Dodger heritage, has opened the state of the art facility in Arizona even though I long for Vero Beach, is highlighting the Dodgers in the community. He is making LA Dodger territory, taking it away from the Angels, IMO. He has taken steps in the weak economy to keep the team solvent by playing hardball with Boras, looking ahead. ‘Bout time somebody did.

    First and foremost the team has made a commitment to grow from within. I don’t like James Loney trade talk because that would be the start of breaking up our nucleus. Pieces are and will be added. The only piece I question is three years to Casey Blake. However, the world isn’t perfect. I expect enough money has been held back to pay for a good ST in June if we are in a position to go for it. Jason Schmidt comes off the payroll also in 2009. My guess of a pick up at the trade deadline – Roy Halladay.


  13. Blue Haze says:

    Still sporting the hard-on for Blue Haze, I see. Enjoy yourself!

    (Note to self: Ignoring him hasn’t helped, go back to original plan).

    “Hope you are having wonderful time on your vacation break, my lil’ badger. Be nice to others and don’t pick your nose. Remember treat others like you want to be treated. Your a good little boy and we all miss you. See you when you get back, my precious lil’ badger.”

  14. mario says:

    I get you Mark, I just love busting balls..

    The game is gonna be free online today at
    for anybody at work…

  15. Chucky says:

    Wow, it’s finally done. I agree with harlold that McCheap did everything right. You do not want to start hard negotiations with a sharp real estate broker, they do this for a living and he got his just do (his player). We keep forgeting about Jed, what role did he have? Could be he was the brains behind this (no way but maybe). I do like what McCheap has done.

    I am still nervous about the pitching. The bullpen needs one more left hander short (Beimel or Reyes) and I still think we need a good #5 starter (we have tons of candidates for the #5 position but all are hurt or old and we need one in the first week of the season).

    Lets look at the starters:
    Bills – great
    Kuroka – great
    Kershaw – great hopefully
    Wolf – good (if he stays healthy)
    #5 Schmidt or Vargas (this is the unknown and the hard spot)

    closer – Broxton (I am not feeling that comfortable with this, I feel he is better as a setup man)
    8th inning left – Kuo (will he stay healthy or maybe be a part time closer?)
    8th inning right – Mota (I don’t know about that)
    8th inning right – McDonald (is he ready? I think so)
    7th inning right – Wade (lets not forget about him – if he is not overused by Torre)
    7th inning left – Elbert (is he ready?)
    long relief?? put McDonald in this spot or the 5th starter or go 12 in the bullpen and keep Vargas (he does have a contract)

    What ever happened to Stults?

    I still get the feeling that there are lots of really good players that the dodgers don’t need and should be used for a trade to fill the gaps (closer, 5th starter, big RH bat off bench as 5th outfielder).

    Let’s play ball. At the end of the month I am at Camelback and am just licking my chops wanting.

    Go ManRAM, go dodgers.

    note to ManRAM: all is forgiven, we love you.

  16. ken says:

    Frank won. Borass lost. Baseball won. Borass’ other players lost. Lawdog?

    What have you done for me lately Ned. Now go get a #1 or 2 pitcher and World Series ring!

  17. Harold says:

    If we are in the running in mid summer, we will get a pitcher. By deferring Andruw’s money, Manny’s deferred money and not signing other big contracts, Schmidt’s coming off in 2009, we have the money to sign a big name pitcher and sign him for three years or so. Again, I think we can trade for Halladay, but DeJesus breaking his leg might make that more difficult. We are slowly getting to the stage where we have enough of our own players we don’t have to sign a lot of FA’s and have some flexibility to trade prospects. It is unfortunate that JP is the odd man out again. Costly for us and detrimental to his career. He has much to offer in the right circumstance.


  18. Slo Dawg says:

    I apologize to you Mr. McCourt. You had me pissed and scared for awhile! Now can you do something about the ticket and parking prices!!!!!

    Sorry for doubting!

  19. lawdog says:


    We really signed Manny after all those games? What was Frank talking about when he was talking about starting over?

    Now that I can start to see through my rage–I ;looked at Mark’s proposed lineups and noticed we really could use a sp and a left handed set up man. Beimel didn’t curse Frank’s name like I did, did he? He probably could come back. It would be a cold day in hell before Frank even let Jed acknowledge my existence–assuming Frank even knows I exist and was madder than hell.

  20. SpokaneBob says:

    Hope Manny plays his a$$ off this year and decides to opt out. That gives us a chance to sign Matt Holiday to a long term deal. Long term we are better off with Matt than with Manny.

  21. Blue Haze says:

    LDog, Frank was basically saying, “it is either now or it is never. That’s the deal that I said was my final offer, take it or leave it. If not, we are starting all over again, with new parameters.”

    Borass blinked and squirmed and took his medicine (Borass whispered in Manny’s ear and said, take this deal, the game is over, or we are going to get really hammered if we start from scratch).

    Frank is a “closer” and has made much bigger deals (on land and developments) than a players’ contract, no matter how big Manny’s contract looks. I love to see this happen, maybe all of the owners will see this and grow a set of balls and start running their baseball teams like they run their other businesses. Hopefully “change” has come to the MLB (thanks Obama, you have inspired change in the MLB, God be praised!).

  22. Badger says:

    Just a difference of opinion Haze, not personal from my standpoint, though I am sure you love coming at me with your insults. I just don’t care anymore. Battling with you has become tedious. It was said that had Frank been a tough ass much sooner this would have been resolved months ago. Well, that just isn’t true. Boras was going to stretch thing out as long as he could – and he did just that – knowing he was going to get a deal with the Dodgers eventually. Stevie Wonder could see that. It could also be said had Frank offered 3 years weeks ago, this all could have been resolved. Who knows? The point is, all bets favored Manny coming here, it was just a matter of time. And Borass isn’t crying over this. He signed over a quarter billion in contracts this winter. He is lighting some Havana’s as we speak. These are all grown-ups and it’s just bidness.

    I still think McJamie is trying to stretch things out til he gets his cable deal. When that happens, we could become the West Coast Spankees. In the mean time – it’s a slugger for two years, find some arms, and wait to see if the homegrowns are prime time.

    We still need more better pitching. Maybe some of the camp guys will be able to get guys out til July 31th.

    Chucky, I still have not seen a word about our own Mr. Irrelevant. Looks like the talking went through the owner.

    Mark, yes, I am back in Sedona, but am buried with issues. Napa didn’t go well, and I am still dealing with it, and other things. I might be able to get away from here on Friday. It’s a definite maybe right now. You guys still down there then?

    And my next computer will definitely be a Mac.

    Back to work…….

  23. Blue Haze says:

    The fight has been on going with yourself, in fact, I have not even read a word of your posts for the past month or so. I accidentally read the one that I responded to. You haven’t changed and you have been hunting me for years, just something gnawing at you, you really act like a miserable old fool. So the argument is all on you, I don’t even really give you much thought. Pretty pathetic that you can misreread, misinterpret and mis-state my points and arguments on a routine basis, at least that is what you did the last time I read your posts. Enjoy the shadow boxing.

    Manny is ready to ram man all over the place now. I think he will actually act much better on a short (Frank imposed) leash. Glad to have Manny back in a Dodger uni.

    You guys in Cameltoe may get a chance to see him in some limited action, get some pictures and have a good time.

  24. Badger says:

    Get over youself. You aren’t that relevant.

    Dylan Hernandez – March 4

    “The Great Compromise of 2009 was reached today, with Ramirez and the Dodgers coming to terms on a two-year, $45-million contract that includes an opt-out clause that the All-Star outfielder can exercise at the end of the first year. ”

    An opt out clause after 1 year?

    Ruh Roh.

  25. Weebled says:

    Seriously guys. This is the internet. We can’t tell which of your penises is bigger, so just give it up already. This is a Dodger blog, not a pissing contest. Exchange emails and maybe your love can blossom in private.

  26. ken says:

    Get a Room

  27. Slo Dawg says:

    I’ve been a reader for a year or so and I too have noticed a lot of negetive energy the last few weeks. I wish I had discovered this board a long time ago so I would have a clue what was going on between some of you.

    Blame all the negetive energy on Boras!!!!

  28. Badger says:

    What negative energy? I don’t know what you guys are talking about. And what’s with the talk about penises weeble? This is a family board.

    And do you really expect everyone to get along all the time. Get real. This is America. Freedom of speech and all that.

    Did anyone notice the part about the 1 year contract? Does anyone get the significance?

    If Manny has a great year, he very well could be gone. If Manny has a mediocre year, he will be back.

    The point is not whose penis is bigger (and that doesn’t necessarily mean you can piss farther) the point is this is actually a 1 year deal.

  29. mark says:


    Still here – game Thursday and Saturday at Camelback.

    1year. Depends upon economy.

    May make run at Matt Holliday.

    Or give Manny more $$$ then.

    Mambo may be ready.

    We have opttions.

  30. mark says:

    Dodgers trail Giants 7-5 with 2 runners on and Ethier at bat.

  31. mark says:

    Bases loaded

  32. mark says:

    Mientkiewicz gets 1 more

  33. mark says:

    Mitch Jones k’s


    Top of 8th

  34. Badger says:

    Can’t do Thursday and Saturday I got plans with the wife (it’s my birthday and she actually has the plans).

    I just noticed there is no game there on Friday (I am slow but I get there) but I could do Sunday the 8th if you guys are still around. Next week is so much better for me.

  35. Slo Dawg says:

    Maybe “negetive energy” was a poor choice of words. Perhaps “strong disagreements” would have been wiser to use!

    Now that Manny is in place everyone can go back to debating whether the Dodgers should have hit and run in the 3rd!

    It’s all good!

  36. mark says:

    Dodger pitching is bad today.

    10-6 Giants


    We’re in Mesa Friday to see Cubs.

    Leaving After game Saturday


  37. mark says:

    Using I-phone -hard to type…

  38. Badger says:

    Isn’t it ok to disagree? What? – we aren’t allowed to have differences of opinion?

    I don’t believe I got personal with my take, I just disagreed with the point that Frank being a tough ass earlier would have made any difference. I can’t be the only one here who thinks that. Looked to me like Borass was going to stretch this thing out and he did. No other takers came with better offers, so, he got a good one year deal for his client, with a $20 million option in case something goes terribly wrong for their side.

    And I still say Manny for three years wouldn’t have been a bad thing. I KNOW I am not the only one who thinks that.

  39. mark says:

    Let’s hope Manny can pitch!

  40. mark says:

    10-8 with sac by Castro

  41. mark says:

    10-8 top 9

  42. Badger says:

    Here’s the deal:

    Why all the deferred payments? Can’t the Dogs afford to just pay the guy out of gate receipts, Manny jerseys, extra beer money, do-rag sales, dred souvenirs?

    Looks to me like Boras did just fine with this one. If Manny has a great year and plays with a smile on his face, he is outta here. If the economy remains in the tank, or, Manny blows chunks (or a hammy) – he gets 20 extra large.

    Mesa? Maybe. You got an extra ticket? And can I get it for fibdy cent on the dollar?

  43. Blue Haze says:

    When all is said and done, and the smoke clears the air, the Dodgers got exactly who they wanted, for how long they wanted and for how much they wanted to pay (basically what they offered him in November). Pretty hard to find a weak spot in McCourt’s strategy. I am liking this McCourt guy more and more, we keep learning new and interesting things about our owner. How many other owners have a team that another company literally paid for, for you? Not too many. McCourt isn’t cheap he is shrewd. Not the Dodgers have some money left to buy a little help in some other catagories in need.

  44. lawdog says:

    It’s really just a one year deal for $25 million. Then we get to go through all of this again when he’ll probably seek $25 million for 2010 with an option for 20 Million for 2011.

    As bad as the markets are right now I don’t think Manny would lock himself down for more than a year.

  45. lawdog says:

    The McCourt is structuring deals now, it looks like he wants to win this year and then sell the Dodgers with all the deferred money due these guys for top $$$.

    No question we’d have a better comfort level and the kids would due better if we had Manny for 2 years $45 million.
    Casey Blake should be charged with armed robbery. McCourt looks like a moron on that deal.

  46. Badger says:

    Looks to me like the Dodgers are going to be paying a couple of guys who won’t be playing here millions for the next several years. Which makes sense to me because McJamie is waiting this thing out until he gets his cable deal.

    OK, one year it is. Manny will be playing for his 2010 contract, probably with an American League team.

    Yeah, McFranenjamie.

    From the Globe:

    “Few in this town have talked the talk more and walked the walk less. McCourt is strong on vision. Doing is his problem. Cooperative is not a word often associated with the man. For years he has presented countless slide shows with his vision of the New Boston on the other side of the Fort Point Channel. No other plan was ever grand enough for McCourt. He was going to buy the Red Sox. He was going to build a new Fenway on the waterfront. Instead, 25 years after McCourt bought his South Boston land from a bankrupt Penn Central, what we have down there is acres of parking lots.”

    When does that cable deal kick into place?

    Shrewd dude.

  47. ken says:

    So the real holdup in the deal was how much Frank could “hold-up” Manny for in order to fund the kids ball parks around LA. $1,000,000 from Manny to the Dodger Dreamfields. For that level of economic committment Manny hopefully has decided to stay for 2-3 years.

  48. Bill Russell says:

    It just sucks having to work while all you guys are in here discussing the World Champion L. A. Dodgers. The only true professional Baseball team from LA.
    I hope Mark and Roger are still having fun at the Ranch.
    I don’t care you won between Manny and the Dodgers, all I care about is that it’s over and Manny’s a Dodger. I can only guess what the batting lineup will be. The only true fight in Spring Training may be DeWitt and Blake at 3rd. Oh and the 5th spot of the rotation. If DeWitt out plays Blake, will the Dodgers be able to trade away another bad contract? Will Hudson bat 2nd or 8th and will Manny hit 3rd or 4th? Maybe Mark can shed some light. Peace

  49. Blue Haze says:

    I’m glad that Manny is back, he will be on his best behavior and will be a clown in camp. Let the Dreds begin!!!

    Tomorrow at 10:30 PST Manny Press Conference on

    You have to admit it Badger, McCourt has done more with less than anyone else. He buys the Dodgers with basically Murdoch’s money; he gets ManRam for the last half of the season and the playoffs and has the Red Sox pay for it; he has a showdown with Borass and basically gets everything he wanted in the deal, which he offered approximately back in November. Seems like he must shrewd or just one of the luckiest SOBs around.

    How about a truce Badger? Let’s enjoy the season and enjoy the posts and the posters (even each other’s may even be enjoyable). I am willing to bury the hatchet and move on to a new day, sound good to you?

    Peace, dredlocks and waterbeds everyone!

  50. DRomo says:

    Hey did anyone hear if we signed Manny yet?


    By the way Badger, listening to XM MLB Homeplate today they mentioned deferred payments are very common, in fact, A-Rod is getting deffered payments from the Yankees, so is Texeira. Now does anyone think they are cheap?

    Let’s all agree on this: McCourt got us our man. Give him credit. Love or hate the deal it got us Manny for a full season. We can all bitch about the length of the deal but we should all know that Frankie had the best deal available and made us all happy for a day.

    So let me throw this wet blanket, for a topic of discussion for another day:
    The Dodgers win the World Series this year, then w/ only one year left on his deal Torre retires, Manny opts out, O-Dog is a stud all year and into October and jumps back out on the open market, and next off season makes this one look like a picnic.

    I think this is a MUST win season I think for all the above reasons. We have to make the best of our situation before this team goes through a lot of changes.

  51. Weebled says:

    I think we need to throw out some lineups now. Let’s assume that Casey Blake is our third baseman. I’ll go first.


    Well that didn’t go as well as I thought it would. We would be much better off with DeWitt’s left-handed bat to round out the L-R thing. Oh well.


  52. Badger says:

    I will accept the truce, the whole truce and nothing but the truce.

    Good points about McJamie doing much with little. Did you read the article I posted? Not too many good things said about the man by those who have known him for years. But, he does own the Dodgers so I have to root for him.

    So, what’s the final tally on payroll for the upcoming year? About $96 mil? Actually, that is good to have shaved so much off payroll after going to the NLCS last year. I just read that Forbes had the Dodgers valued at $694 million, meaning that McFranknJamie’s billfold has increased by $339 million since 2004. Yoiks. Maybe McAsset is more smarter than for which I gavith him credit. He is smarter than me that’s for sure. I haven’t done quite that well.

    Don’t know where Hudson will bat Bill, but I don’t like the news his wrist is hurting. Take it easy on it for the first several weeks O. We are going to need everyone on this team to get it done.

    Doesn’t look like I am going to get down to meet the boys. I found out late today I have to go to Prescott on Friday (VA Drs. appt.) and Satraday is booked with the Mrs. I guess she and I will have to take in a game next week. Bummer. Not that she and I will go, but with the guys down there and she is not… and it’s like this…. but you see…. nevermind.

    Where’s the pitching stand?

  53. Badger says:

    Romey, did you read the article I posted? The part about McParkinlot selling the team????? Maybe after we win the World Series, Eli Broad will step in and buy the team, which will be even more valuable when the cable deal kicks in.

    Smart as a Murdochian Fox, that McJamie.

  54. GoNzO says:

    I give the 100th truce about 3 weeks…Give or take one ;) Haze, did you come down for dove season this year?

  55. DRomo says:

    Eli Broad wouldn’t be a bad idea. Last time he was in the runninng to buy the team he said he wanted to bring back Peter O’Malley to help run things. That would be nice.

    I can’t help but think of the saying “You’d complain about being hanged with a brand new rope” You guys are never happy.

  56. Mark Timmons says:

    Just sneek out of the house tomorrow at 11 AM and meet us at Camelback for the 1:05 Game. It’s simple.

  57. Mark Timmons says:

    McCourt ain’t going anywhere and Peter O’Mally? Please! The Dodgers floundered under him. Nice guy. Good owner for the employees, bad baseball guy!

  58. Roger says:

    Game today was loaded with stuff. Kershaw was hit hard a few times. He is not ready. Was high with some pitches that caused him to have to come in to not walk folks.

    MacDonald was really hit hard. My eyes hurt following the ball after the Giants hit it on him.

    Leach threw really really hard. But he walked some and was hit hard.

    In fact, Dodger pitching hurt today. Torre is using pitchers that even Tommy didn’t know where out here.

    Ethier hit a bomb.

    Hu was good and bad. He had a couple of hits, but was caught looking twice, the last time to end the game.

    Paul and Jones creamed the ball.

    I guess one of the key questions will be the bench.

    Assuming it is: Loney, Hudson, Furcal, Blake in the infield — who will follow???

    Loretta is a lock.
    They like Castro’s glove and experience.
    They like Hu’s future.
    Then there is Abreu who is hurt.
    Then there is DeWitt who is going great this spring.
    Mientkiewicz seem to be a lock.

    In the outfield –
    In the books: Manny, Kemp, Ethier . . . then

    Pierre is a lock, unless we give him away.
    Mitch Jones is pounding the ball. I said pounding the ball, he leads the majors in HRs and RBIs.
    Young is liked and Repko has the tools.
    Paul is doing great.
    Hoffman is impressive.

    They will take one of the catchers, which should be Asumus.

    So, if it is 11 pitchers 2 catchers and the 7 regulars — that leaves only 5 spots for the above folks.

    Loretta, DeWitt, Castro, Hu, and Abreu are basically the same.
    Mientkiewicz looks like he would be in.

    So, Pierre, Loretta, Mientkiewicz, and I think Young.
    That leaves one — and from what I have seen, right now I want Mitch Jones — he pounds the ball.
    But, that leaves DeWitt out, and Jones is hot, and they love Castro’s glove.

    So lets just suite up 28 or 29 and hope no one notices.

  59. ken says:

    Congrats to Nomar for signing with Oakland

  60. DRomo says:


    Dodgers floundered under P. O’Malley? If he was an owner today he would be considered very successful! The Dodgers were always competitive, had the best farm system, won 2 championships under him.

    Look at todays game. People marveled at the Braves and here in LA the media drools over guys like Arte Moreno who has won excactly NOTHING. The Dodgers had direction under Peter O. That is my opinion.

    I do however agree that McCourt isn’t going anywhere. They are investing too much into the stadium and Cameltoe Ranch (BRuss’s term not mine) to sell them team now. I think They are good for us long term. They seem to take an interest in the community, tradition, and home grown talent the Dodgers have always been famous for. It is just funny how no one seems to see that.

  61. ken says:


    Appears that Jayson Stark has the rest of the story that you hinted at:

  62. Badger says:

    I wasn’t aware of deferred payments Gonzo, so I googled it and could only find “Manny” info. The Teixeira deferred money is a very small amount. Half of Manny’s is deferred and most of Jones’ is as well.

    Stark says what most of us had already figured would happen – Manny’s best fit was L.A.. It was just a matter of time. I am still not comfortable with one year, but then you all knew I wanted Manny for three so that is no surprise. I hope we can get it done in one year. After that? who knows what we will look like. The Giants and the Dbacks are young and talented too so it should be a shootout for years to come.

    I agree that having the O’Malley name back would be a good thing. And, I was hoping Broad would get the nod years ago. I was very surprised McCourt was allowed to purchase our storied franchise. I am on record with how I feel about him and his lovely wife.

    I don’t need to sneak out mark, we have appointments today with our RE agent at 10 and our lawyer at 11:30, I’ll see if I can reschedule, but that is asking 3 other people to change their plans. It’s about a 2 1/2 drive to get to Camleback Park, so I wouldn’t be able to make a 1 o’clock. Here’s an idea, you are just one guy, stick around until next week. I got nothin’ going on after Saturday. I owe you a lunch, so, hang out til Tuesday. Your business is all internet driven anyway, nobody is going to miss you – ‘cept maybe Patti?

  63. Mark Timmons says:


    I’d love to do that, but I have stuff starting Tuesday. When I get back, I’ll have been gone 10 days. I am planning to do 2 weeks next year (or more). We’ll have to hook up then or you can just drive up to Indy… :smile:

    By the way. Have you checked out our new site? It was launched last Friday.

    We still have a lot of work to do on the site, but tell me what you think….

  64. ken says:

    Manny puts Boston home on market. Hopefully he will buy in LA and stay awhile.

  65. Blue Haze says:

    So Manny is going to stimulate the California economy? Maybe he can buy a house or two from the McCourts.

    Gonzo, of course I went dove hunting down in Blythe, I have been to Blythe every Sept. 1 (Dove Opener) for 15 years in a row. Love that sport. I also love BBQ dove breasts, go figure.

    I think Manny isn’t going anywhere for the next two seasons, I think he will not void his contract next year. Unless the Dodgers are dreadful this year, Manny stays for two, minimum. However, now that he is playing for one year contracts, he may become more attractive to other GMs around the league.

    Hopefully I will not have to go Taxi Driver on Badger and tell him “You can’t handle the truce!” (Note to youngsters, Taxi Driver is an old film starring Bobby DeNiro)

  66. Mark Timmons says:

    I think it’s possible, the Dodgers could add another $5 mil next to keep him if they want him, however Matt Holliday will be on the market and we could lock up that 28 year old for like $160 mil/8 years.

  67. Bill Russell says:

    I have an Idea, Haze is that Blythe California you are hunting in? If yes, it’s another 2 hours to Camelback so you can meetup with Badger who will drive 2 hours from his location and finally have a shootout in person. We can call it the LA Dodger shootout. Just remember the rules, it’s back to back and then 5 paces before you turn and fire. How about meeting at Tombstone for this event?

    Our pitching staff is lacking a premium starter but our offense is now Championship quality. Bills, Kuroda, Wolf, Kershaw and the question mark. I think our pen is good enough but if Halliday could be had, Not DOC, we would be very very good.
    Thanks for the ST reports guys. 8)

  68. Mark Timmons says:

    I’m beting that they would both cheat on the 4th step and blow each other heads off at the same time.

  69. Anonymous says:

    The question is, would either have a shooter on the grassy knoll??

  70. Badger says:

    What’s all this talk about shooting? I haven’t shot anyone since Vietnam, but back then I was a Marine Corps trained rifle expert, qualified for sniper school and damn good at it. I don’t want to do it again. Done all the shooting I intend to do this time around. I am a vegetarian now and made peace with all of God’s critters.

    If me and Haze ever went at it it would be mano y mano, like a couple of slack jawed thick skulled trogladytes, and neither of us would win that. Besides, I accepted the terms of the truce. Haze isn’t such a bad guy, like many of us, he’s just wound a little tight.


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