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It Is What It Is…

camelbackranch-2009-0971It’s no secret Juan Pierre has asked to be traded and that he is due $10 million this year and almost $29 million over the next three years, and that the Dodgers would love to move him and his contract, but the reality of the situation is that there is only one other CF on the roster other than Kemp and Pierre,  that being Jason Repko.  There’s no way the Dodgers release Pierre at this juncture (he’s a career .300 hitter for God’s sakes), and no way I can see anyone trading for him today.  There could be injury issues that would cause another team to give up some value and take on Pierre’s contract, with deferred money, later in the season, but it’s not happening now.  Juan Pierre is our insurance policy if any one of our outfielders go down.  Since Casey Blake can play LF and RF, I think the Dodgers will keep just one extra outfielder and that is Mr. Juan Pierre. 

Jason Schmidt is still holding on to the Fifth Starter spot, as I predicted.  He hit 91 MPH on the gun yesterday and I belive that in 2-3 weeks he’ll be to 93-94 MPH as he improves on his release point.  I think as it currently sits, Eric Milton could be our situational LH in the pen, unless we sign someone else.  There’s still a lot to be decided…

Here’s the roster the way I see it today (a lot can change in the next 26 days, including the signing of a situational LH (can you say Joe Beimel, Troy?).







James Loney




Orlando Hudson




Rafael Furcal




Casey Blake




Manny Ramirez




Matt Kemp




Andre Ethier




Russell Martin






1B,2B, SS, 3B

Mark Loretta




Brad Ausmus



1B, 3B

Doug Mientkiewicz



1B, 2B, SS, 3B

Juan Castro




Juan Pierre





Chad Billingsley




Hiroki Kuroda




Randy Wolf




Clayton Kershaw




Jason Schmidt




James McDonald




Jeff Weaver





Guillermo Mota




Hong-Chih Kuo




Cory Wade




Eric Milton




Jonathan Broxton



Still Possible


Chin-lung Hu

Numbers game


Mitch Jones

Can a 32-year old make it- he’s been great?


Jeff Weaver

Can he re-invent himself?


Claudio Vargas

He has a contract.


Victor Garate

Not Ready


Brent Leach

He has the stuff to be a situational LH, jus not now.


Ramon Troncoso

Probably will go down to start at AAA


Delwyn Young

Is the end of the line near?


Tony Abreu

Needs to play at AAA for a couple of months


Blake DeWitt

Deserves to play in LA, needs AAA.


Xavier  Paul

Someday his time will come, not today.


Joe Beimel

Still a possibility


Brian Mazone

Possibility for situational lefty.


Jamie Hoffman

Has the tools to be a 5th OF.

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28 Responses to “It Is What It Is…”

  1. Mark Timmons says:

    P.S. Someone mentioned Loretta and the Yanks. Can’t happen because you can’t trade a FA until June 15th!

  2. Badger says:

    As it stands right now, I think you have it right. I don’t like 7 infielders as I would rather see the traditional balance with 11 pitchers 5 outfielders and 6 infielders and a PH with a .500 slg. %. But looking at our team I can sure see why you want to go with 12 pitchers.

    Mientkiewics was a Gold Glove 1b 8 years ago. It is said he is a “defense first” player. The Pirates did him a favor giving some time at 3b last year but in the last 3 years he has only 765 at bats (wonder why?) but with those ab’s he has .363 OBP and a .405 slg. %. Decent. Certainly better than Sweeney, so I suppose I am ok with his LH bat late for PH duties.

    One back up outfielder? I suppose Mientkiewics could play some outfield if necessary.

    I don’t think this is the final roster. Somefin else is going to happen before Opening Day, or maybe soon thereafter.

  3. DRomo says:

    you have to believe a trade is coming.

  4. Badger says:

    This is priceless;,0,4814164.column

    “I’m happy for him,” Torre says. “I hurt for him last year. He is certainly a lot better guy than he was portrayed to be.”

    No he is not. He was paid, and is still being paid $36 million by the Dodgers and he came in to camp out of grossly out of shape and never did a thing about it. He is what he is, an overpaid ungrateful walrus. If he was a stand-up guy, he would give the money back with the apology.

    Sorry my ass. Words. Just vacant meaningless dribble from an ingrate professional athlete.

  5. Voldomer says:

    Castro is the difficult fit. He’s been great this spring, and I always liked him, but what is his role? Loretta is the backup middle infielder with a bat, and neither Furcal nor Hudson need late-inning defensive replacements. Hu will be just a call away in AAA.

    I’d lean toward keeping Young over Castro. Young certainly brings little in terms of defense (except as an emergency third catcher), but he is a legitimate bat off the bench.

  6. Mark Timmons says:

    Loretta is just an emergency SS. He can play it in a pinch, but he has little range. Castro has slowed down, but is really a SS. Hu has greater range than Castro, but isn’t the vet Castro is. Joe has already said he will rest Furcal once a week and I wouldn’t be surprised if he did the same to Hudson. Additionally, against tough lefties, Blake can go to 1B and Loretta, Mientkiewicz or Castro can play 3B. DeWitt is in the mix too (Torre and the Dodger brass really like DeWitt), but may be better served playing everyday at AAA. Abreu is a wild card and will go to AAA to show he can stay healthy. Of the players mentioned, only Hu and Castro are bonafide major league SS and Castro has lost a step. DeWitt is playing there, but he isn’t a SS either. I think it boils down to Hu and Castro, but DeWitt could get the job. If DeWitt stays, Mientkiewicz could be the odd man out with Castro and Hu fighting for that spot. It should be interesting.

    BTW, my boy Andy LaRoche is on fire!. He is hitting .556 with a .625 %OB. Could we trade Casey Blake and 12 other players for him? Everytime we get a good 3B, the Dodgers trade him….

    I watched my other boy, Adrian Beltre Saturday – I was sad. Very sad!

  7. lawdog says:

    To put it in a nutshell, I see us as having a great starting 8, good defensive–above average batting average bench guys (except for Castro who has great range and potential) and pitching that is way below average. No matter ow you slice it, we will live and die with our pitching.

  8. Mark Timmons says:

    Here’s what I am going to say about our pitching:

    BULLPEN – Outstanding! One of the best in the NL.

    1. Broxton has allegedly mastered the change and curveball.
    2. Wade has not pitched yet, but I watched him throw on the side and they are just taking it slow with him (saving him for the season).
    3. Ditto on Kuo.
    4. Troncoso has a devestating sinker and may make the staff or go to AAA to work as a starter.
    5. James McDonald will be “lights out.”
    6. Jeff Weaver and Eric Milton have re-invented themselves. Weaver has an excellent shot at being the long guy.
    7. Mota is a pro and will be ready for the bell.
    8. We have Elbert, Garate, Leach, Mazone, Vargas and others at our beck and call and Beimel or Ohman is still a possibility if their price drops.

    STARTERS – What was or what will be? Again, I predict that as the season progresses you will see one of the better staffs in the NL.

    1. Bills – Playoffs? Forget that – he’ll pitch inside with JOY this year – Our ACE!
    2. Kuroda – Has looked better than any other pitcher I’ve seen this spring.
    3. Kershaw – 3-0 with a 3.45 ERA in September/October tell you what you need to know and if you saw him this Spring, you wouldn’t be worried.
    4. Wolf – was 6-2 with a 3.57 ERA after the All-Star break last year. He is 3-years removed from surgery and has looked outstanding this Spring.
    5. Schmidt – If he gets to 93 MPH – look out!
    6. Elbert, Troncoso, Milton & Vargas – at the beck and call
    7. Plus we have the payroll flexability to trade for a #2 or #3 starter.

    The sky is not falling – out pitching will be just fine.

    These are Destiny’s Dodgers!

  9. lawdog says:

    I’m not worried abut Bills, Kurveshaw or Kuroda. The were solid or on the verge last year. It’s the rest I’m not real sure of this year. Of course, All I have to go on is last year’s performance or noting at all. I haven’t seen most of them that much except Broxton-who gives me the willies–and Wade and Troncosco who both should be ‘okay). :roll:

  10. Voldomer says:

    I had forgotten that Furcal will have a mandated day-off per week, and now I feel even worse about the situation. When Furcal sits, that likely means that Pierre will play to hit leadoff (assuming he isn’t traded), so Kemp (likely) also sits that day. Will Hudson rest on the same day in order to minimize the “damage” the rest of the week? Why not rest Martin that day too? Will we see a return of Grady Little’s habit of running out all the subs on Sundays?

    Pierre CF
    Loretta 2B
    Manny LF
    Loney 1B
    Ethier RF
    Blake 3B
    Ausmus C
    Castro SS

    Ouch. All this is missing are the 2007 versions of the Big Tomato and Luis Gonzales.

  11. Badger says:


    What all you guys just said.

    Gotta believe we are not done constructing this team.

    Uh oh. Destiny’s Dodgers. I was hoping we wouldn’t get there this early.

  12. DRomo says:

    Re: Broxton’s change & curveball
    I was watching the WBC the other night vs. Venezuela, Broxton had a nasty curveball at about 84/85 mph. It brokedown Miguel Cabrerra. I hope he masters it, he could be as dominate as Gagne was with that pitch.

    Speaking of the WBC. I am so excited Canada lost. I want Russ J. Martin in Dodger camp working with our pitchers getting ready for this season. With ptching being our biggest question mark we don’t need him playing up there. He looked terrible in red anyway!

    Voldomer, I learned a long time ago never go to a Sunday game or a last game of the home stand. You will never see your favorites play.

  13. troyfromwv says:

    I think Torre said he was going to give Furcal a day off each week early in the season as others stated.

    That being said, as things stands now, I agree Castro will make the club.

    I’m not sure the Dodgers want Loretta playing much shortstop.

    Right now, I still see Delwyn making the club over Mientkiczkikckzskc. I think he proved himself as a valuable bat off the bench last season. If Doug really starts to tear it up that could change.

  14. troyfromwv says:

    I don’t think I share in the Schmidt optimism. I hope I’m wrong.

    Somehow, I feel Claudio and his major league contract will squeeze into the 12 man staff to open the season.

  15. mark says:


    That contract could be the reason he makes it. We still have a lot of dogs in the hunt. It shall be interesting…

    What did you think of Camelback after the second game? Do you like it any better?

  16. Harold says:

    Romo – if Canada had had at least one major league baseball arm, it might have been worth it for us. None of guys like Bedard, Harden, Francis, Dempster were available. I enjoyed Russell’s and double against the US but winning a game against Italy would have been our last one anyway, so I too am glad he is back in camp where he should be. The WBC timing is just poor in my opinion.

    And yes, I agree, not that I don’t like red, but I wondered why Canada wore those softball type uniforms that some teams do in ST and the regular season and not the real baseball uniform.


  17. Mark Timmons says:


    Welcome Troy!

    We have some very knowledgable posters here who have been big-time Dodger fans for a long time. Feel free to jump right in and disagree without being disagreable.

    Let me know when you have a new video and I’ll post it up top!

  18. Slo Dawg says:


    I have an employee who spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at Camelback. He came into my office today to tell me all about it and I showed him your website and the picture of you, Roger, and Badger. He said he remembered seeing you and remembered your LADodger Talk T-shirt.

    I wish I knew he was going or I would’ve asked for your autograph!!!! lol

  19. Mark Timmons says:

    My autograph and $3.00 will get a Grande Coffee at Starbucks!

    It’s that valuable.

  20. Michael says:

    Did anyone notice in todays stats that Juan got an outfield assist by throwing out Stephen Drew at second. I love Juan man.

  21. Miguel says:

    Why is no one talking about Xavier Paul? He has been mashing and was crushing it last season, especially in the 2nd half in AAA! He is our biggest offensive prospect and is projected to be a stud. He has been blocked by Repko and was snubbed last September during callups for Repko. Paul could make the team as a 4th outfielder.

    But I believe that Pierre and Repko will be traded, hopefully sooner than later. It will probably depend on who gets injured. They have both asked for trades. Repko has been asking for trades for a long time now, but shut up on that stuff when he got injured. Now that he’s healthy he definitely wants a trade again.

    Mark, have you gotten a good look at Paul from spring training? Any tips of Camelback would be greatly appreciated, taking the family out there the 27th-29th.

  22. Why is no one talking about Xavier Paul for a 4th/5th outfield spot? I mean I understand that Pierre and Repko have to be traded first and that both of them have asked for trades. But Paul is mashing and was killing it last season in AAA but was snubbed for a call up in lieu of Repko because of his speed and defense. Paul has since worked on both and is impressing everyone!

    Psssst, and Paul played CF last season, moving from right. So Paul can play center.

    Mark, you get a good look at Paul during spring training? Email me any tips you can provide for Camelback, best times to get there, best places to get autographs at, etc. I’m taking the family the 27th-29th. My kids are 4 and almost 2 and I can’t wait to expose them to the Dodgers and the players!

  23. mark says:

    What, was Pierre playing 12 feet behind 2B. It was close then…


    Juan beter get used to being the backup, because nothing short of a miracle will get him out of LA.

    As an example, Dave Roberts was released by the Giants, who owed him $6.5 mil, and can now be had for the major league mininum.

  24. DRomo says:

    Nothing against Canada, I just didn’t want Russ playing and risking injury somewhere else. As hard of a player as he is you never know what could happen.

    I think Kuroda is going to be great this year. But he has to stay healthy! I hate saying that because it shows we have doubts. But I have to say after last years playoff run, I really like this guy. He is definitely the starter for the home opener!

    I also think Schmidt is a wild card and don’t expect him to do much this year. I am curious to see Pedro pitch for the DR in their next game. If he has anything left I want him. I think he will have an effect on the staff here. Pedro had BALLS. He wasn’t afraid to come in on guys and intimidate. I think Kershaw and definitely Bills could use some of that!

  25. Blue Haze says:

    So does Pedro have a vagina now?

    I think that Schmidt is still two months away from being effective. He will need to go down in order to get his release point and stamina improved.

  26. DRomo says:

    So does Pedro have a vagina now?
    Really Blue Haze?

    I’ll tell you this much C Bills is a big wuss as far as I am concerned.He could be dominate if he trsted his stuff and learned to pitch in. He needs to act like an ace. He had better step it up this year just to regain respect in the clubhouse. He went out like a little punk against Philly.

    I think Schmidt is a long shot to be #3 in Vegas at the start of this season.

  27. ken says:


    I like your 25 man roster.

    But you have added 4 guys to the 40 man roster

    Doug Mientkiewicz
    Juan Castro
    Jeff Weaver
    Eric Milton

    Who are your 4 candidates to be DFA’d or 60 day DL?

  28. Mark Timmons says:

    See today’s post.

    You decide!


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