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I Said It, I Meant It & I’m Here To Represent It!

camelbackranch-2009-056Here’s a little reminder of what I told you in the recent past:

Feb 14, 2009 – There are other pitchers who could make the team before season’s end this year, including Josh Lindblom, Justin Orenduff and even Victor Garate. 

Feb 2, 2009 - Josh Lindblom is another pitcher who could be with the Dodgers in 2009.  I think he could close next year, but so far the Dodgers brain trust seems intent  on making him a starter.  He has exceptional stuff and is ready for prime time.  Closer or #4 starter ?

… and I had Josh Lindblom listed as our number 3 prospect!

If he makes the team this year, it will be in the bullpen, but he has the stuff to be very good in that capacity.   As I have said time and again, it won’t be Manny that wins it for us, but rather – the kids.  Case in point – Look at what Clayton Kershaw did on Thursday.  Clayton will be a stud for us this year and now we have Lindblom in Major League Camp.  The Dodgers wanted to convert him to a starter, but they have an immediate need in the pen and he can be a very effective reliever RIGHT NOW!    Right about now, everyone seems to question our pitching, and I have stopped trying to predict the roster (it’s futile and senseless, and it’s in too much flux), but we just have too many good arms not to have a good staff!  Watch Josh Lindblom – he’s the real deal.  Vargas looks like… a  ’er #5 through 3 tonight…

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10 Responses to “I Said It, I Meant It & I’m Here To Represent It!”

  1. Roger says:

    Hey Mark, let me suggest something . . .

    When you talk about Josh Lindblom — do not use his name in a phrase with D.D., or he might be in trouble and Joe will not like that.

  2. dodgerdave says:

    Hey guys, new to the site!

    I saw him pitch last year and I think its time for him to shine in our pen. I think the potential for our pitching is tremendous, young arms but def still to early to tell.

    By the way, has Loney homered this entire spring training????????

  3. mario says:

    Hell yeah Lindblom, and Lambo are gonna carry us to the Series, Not Manny, We dont even need him, We have spring training studs…

  4. DRomo says:

    Welcome in DodgerDave, The kid looked good tonight. I like his mix of pitches. I hope he sees more innings the rest of the spring.

    I would not worry too much about Loneys power numbers. I have always seen him as a high average hitter first. His power will come but around 15-20 HR is all I can see him hitting.

    But that’s just my take. Have a good weekend fellas

  5. mario says:

    Damn why do I always have to be a Dick..
    Mark I love your optimism, I wish I was like that again….

  6. Bill Russell says:

    I hear you Mario, Mark spuuu’s all his bull and once in a while something finally sticks to the wall. He doesn’t remind us of all the really bad postings he’s put up. LOL
    Just peaking in to give someone a hard time. I’m been working like a dog the past few days and haven’t got a chance to get my Dodger fix.

    I watched the 30/30 report of the Dodgers tonight on the MLB network. Great report. They all pretty much said what we’ve all been saying in here. The offense looks great but the pitching is still a little weak. Kershaw looked really good today. He may end up the ACE by season’s end. Kuroda, Wolf, Bills, Kershaw and then???? We fall off the cliff. I wouldn’t mind seeing McDonald get a shot. Well enough for now. Peace

    We need a Pedro sighting……. :mrgreen:

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Correction- Kershaw looked really good yesterday.

  8. dodgerdave says:

    I’m not to concerned about our #5 starter, I’m sure Manny can step up and give us some quality starts, mannys hair in a wind up alone would confuse any batter

  9. Mark Timmons says:


    I am not dissing Manny and I am glad we have him, but in order for us to win it all, it’s the kids that will have to step up and do more, that is unless Manny can hit .678 with 96 HR and 256 RBI! Then, Manny can do it!

  10. mario says:

    Right on Bill, having Pedro on our team is not gonna hurt..
    We have nothing to lose…

    Mark, of course the kids are important to our team, 80% of the team is made up of them…But you always have to dig into Manny for some reason…Its as if you want the young guys to succeed on there own…Not gonna happen


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