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I Really Like This Team

camelbackranch-2009-023No team is built perfectly, but the makeup of this 2009 Los Angeles Dodger team is of Championship Caliber in my humble opinion!  That’s a lot to say, but I am convinced that Ned has built a team that can be there right until the end.

Our hitting should be excellent this year, and even if we have  player or two go down for an extended period, we have options.  I am not convinced the Hudson will ever be the player he once was due to the severity of his wrist injury, but he is playing and that is positive.  The point is – we have options (pick ‘em:  Hu, Abreu, DeWitt, Loretta , Young?  nah!).  Even if Raffy went down, we have options (Hu, Castro, with Hudson or Kemp leading off), and with Juan Pierre as our 4th OF, we have lots of options.  This team has a great deal of flexability and a plethora of interchangeable parts.  The main part that we can’t replace is obviously Manny, but other than that , we should be fine.  I am predicting “breakout” years from some of our young players, including Ethier, Kemp, Martin, Kershaw and Broxton.  Kershaw is mastering his new changeup and is getting better day-by-day with it.    As Tony Jackson reports in the Daily News today, our starting pitching may actually be one of  our strengths, not a weakness.  Ken Gurnick of summarizes the State of the Dodgers pitching. 


  • Erick Threets felt something in his shoulder and had to be removed from the game and infielder Doug Mientkiewicz hurt his quadriceps coming out of the batter’s box after hitting a ground ball to second base.   Both are out for several days and may have hurt their chances to make the club.
  • Delwyn Young is playing himself back on the team.
  • Hu continues to make a case for the Dodgers to keep him.
  • DeWitt is making a case to be sent down.
  • Elbert was sick and lost 8 pounds – he’s now in the running for situational LH in the pen.
  • Schmidt’s next pitching day will be revealing – he’s supposed to start Monday and if he faulters, I would say that Eric Milton may get the nod.  Milton actually has been pretty good.
  • If Schmidt doesn’t get the #5 spot, I look for him to be sent to AAA for a rehab assignment.  He needs to pitch…. and not out of the pen.
  • Justin Orenduff cleared waivers and will probably start the season at AAA.
  • Clayton Kershaw looks ready to dominate.
  • Russ Martin has made the team!  :smile:
  • By Tuesday, I think we will have at least 23 roster locks – I’ll publish my list then.

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  1. Bill Russell says:

    I have been saying that I really like this team for awhile now. Glad to see Mark finally put his stamp of approval on the club. I am a little more optimistic then most in here about our chances this year. All we can ask of Ned is to give us a team with a chance. I think he’s done his job this year. I never thought we would get Manny, Furcal, and Blake all back and adding Hudson to the offense was brillant. Losing Lowe was a blow to the staff but hopefully Kershaw, Bills and Kuroda will all improve. Wolf has already shown this spring that he’s a great addition to the staff. If Tony Jackson thinks that pitching is going to be one of our strenghts this year then I would say he’s a little more of an optimist then I. But that’s a good sign. Again, I really like this team and that’s what it’s all about. GO BLUE. 8)

  2. Blue Haze says:

    I can tell you like the team, but please oh please, do not put the dreaded MM Curse (Kiss of Death) Pronouncement on this team. I ask that you not be allowed to use any word that begins with the letter “D” in any of your posts for this baseball season. I noticed how well you were able to not use Manny’s name in a post while he and Borass stuck it to the Dodgers (oh yeah, that didn’t happen, blink, blink), so I think you are capable of not using the “D” words. By doing this, you will allow the Boys in Blue to have a legitimate chance of winning a WS this year.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


    All Dodgers Fans Everywhere

  3. Badger says:

    Agree with Haze. No DD for a while.

    Also agree with Bill. What this offense needed was a thumper and a leader and we all knew who that was – and we got him.

    I said many times that losing Lowe, actually replacing Lowe’s numbers, would not be easy. We haven’t done it yet, and likely won’t. 211 innings of 3.24 and 1.13 WHIP doesn’t fall out of trees. There is nobody on this team that will do that this year, let alone guys like Schmidt, Vargas, Weaver or Milton.

    But, we may just have enough to get through our division. As long as our offense stays on the field, we are going to score runs with the best of them.

  4. Badger says:

    OK, just finished reading all the print about the pitching being our strenght.

    Not buying it.

    As I see it, our pitching is behind the Dbacks and the Gints. I do rate our offense the best in the division, but do not count out the Dbacks. They have some young studs there too.

  5. Badger says:

    Intersting fantasy rankings:;_ylt=ArQmExwTg4zfLvM5.nflUfdvTNAF?slug=ys-posprimer_2009_of

    Don’t see a lot of Dodgers in the pitching ranks.

  6. lawdog says:

    I have to agree with Badger on our pitching–but with Mark as well on the overall team.. We basically have a killer offensive lineup–but only 4 starters. Kurveshaw is still greener than grass, Bills is proving to be inconsistent and Kuroda had a very sore arm last year (and he’s a geezer.) When Wolf is your best pitcher–and you cut him just a short while back, I refuse to say the starting rotation is strong. We’re going to play a lot of 9-8 games this year.

    The information I had on Ted Williams came from one of my best friends in the world, a guy who is now in his 70s and still runs a general medicine practice in Butte County. His father was a major league catcher named DeSautel. When my friend was a kid he used to get to try and hit Bob Feller as DeSautel was Feller’s catcher of choice. My friend talks about hearing the fastball he couldn’t see. Sounded like a swarm of bees–or angry hornets if it was faster than normal. Like Sandy, Feller’s curve was unhittable as well. Gene (my friend) was constantly bailing on what looked like a bean ball which would then snap over the strike zone.

    Any, according to Gene’s father, DeSautel the second string catcher for the Sox, Williams was the biggest turd blossem you’d ever want to meet. Didn’t think anybody was qualified to carry his jock strap around for him.

    Apparently a part of his problem had to do with the lost years to being a pilot of a war plane in WWII which robbed him of his best years in the game (If Spooky says it was a fighter and not a bomber I will defer to him because I’m not an expert on all the details of Williams’ life, just reporting what I’ve been told.) But it was a combination of losing those years to his baseball career and the killing involed in his career as a pilot during the war that made him an odd duck.

    No one connected with the team doubted he’d have ended up breaking Ruth’s record for homers if he could have played those years–as well as every other meaningful stat players chase these days.

  7. DRomo says:

    I agree with most of you. This team will have every chance to go far in the playoffs this year. But here is the key: Joe Torre!

    Torre needs to monitor playing time for guys like Manny, Martin, Hudson & Furcal. Guys like Manny and Martin will get run down if they don’t get the rest they need. Come September and October they will have nothing left. As for Furcal & Hudson, they missed a combined 1,000 games last year (approximately). Lets take it easy on these guys and not force them in the lineup everyday. Joe likes to let the players dictate their rest, but I’d like to see him be more proactive this year. For the first time in a long time we are not playing just to make the playoffs this year, we are playing for the whole enchilada!

    This team is deep. But I hope the depth isn’t forced into the starting lineup due to injury. So I say as the DL goes, so go our championship hopes this year.


  8. SpokaneBob says:

    I always thought it was sad that Williams lost 5 prime years in what was a great career. He very well could have been a jerk personally, but as Badger pointed out, you need a pretty big ego to make it to the show. But I’ll bet there are bigger egos among major league players in this day and age than there were back in the 40′s or 50′s. Never mind that they are millionairs, todays best players are placed on a pedistal and given the gold glove treatment from little league on up.

    For anyone interested, here is a little Wikipedia info on Ted’s service.

    Williams being sworn into the military on May 22, 1942.Williams served as a United States Marine Corps pilot during World War II and the Korean War. He served as a flight instructor at Naval Air Station Pensacola teaching young pilots to fly the F4U Corsair. He was in Pearl Harbor awaiting orders to join the China fleet when the war ended. He finished the war in Hawaii and was released from active duty in January 1946; however he did remain in the reserves.[11]

    In 1952, at the age of 34, he was recalled to active duty for service in the Korean War. He hadn’t flown for some eight years but turned away all offers to sit out the war in comfort as a member of a service baseball team.

    Pesky again described Williams’ acumen in the advance training for which Pesky personally did not qualify: “I heard Ted literally tore the `sleeve target’ to shreds with his angle dives. He’d shoot from wingovers, zooms, and barrel rolls, and after a few passes the sleeve was ribbons. At any rate, I know he broke the all-time record for hits.” Ted went to Jacksonville for a course in air gunnery, the combat pilot’s payoff test, and broke all the records in reflexes, coordination, and visual-reaction time. “From what I heard. Ted could make a plane and its six ‘pianos’ (machine guns) play like a symphony orchestra,” Pesky says. “From what they said, his re­flexes, coordination, and visual reaction made him a built-in part of the machine.”[12]

    In other words, he was too good. The top graduates in every class were made instructors, and Ted was one of the best they had ever seen. He was sent to Bronson Field to put the Marine cadets there through their final qualifying stages.

    After getting checked out on the new F9F Panther at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, North Carolina, he was assigned to VMF-311, Marine Aircraft Group 33 (MAG-33) in Korea.[11]

    On February 16, 1953, Williams was part of a 35-plane strike package against a tank and infantry training school just south of Pyongyang, North Korea. During the mission a piece of flak knocked out his hydraulics and electrical systems, causing Williams to have to “limp” his plane back to US Air Force base K-13, also called Suwon Air Base which was the closest to the front lines. For his actions of this day he was awarded the Air Medal.

    Williams eventually flew 38 combat missions before being pulled from flight status in June 1953 after an old ear infection acted up.[13]. During the war he also served in the same unit as John Glenn and in the last half of his missions, he was serving as Glenn’s wingman. While these absences, which took almost five years out of the heart of a great career, significantly limited his career totals, he never publicly complained about the time devoted to military service. Biographer Leigh Montville argues that Williams was not happy about being pressed into service in Korea, but he did what he felt was his patriotic duty.

  9. Bill Russell says:

    Speaking of Ted Williams,
    Wasn’t his head frozen in the hope that it can be reattached to a body in the future? I think I read something about that but I can’t remember if it was him or not. If it was him, maybe he will rake again in the future. That would be a weird baseball card to read. 8)

  10. Badger says:

    I have heard many times over the years the stories of Ted Williams and his service.

    But, I had never heard this story:

    Who knew?

  11. Badger says:

    I meant to post the story first, then the rebuke. I had heard the story before, but not the truth about it.

    Sorry for the screw up.

  12. mark says:

    You’re not going tell me that Mr. Green Jeans was a Navy SEAL, are you?

  13. mark says:

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  14. lawdog says:

    Brussell–Yep! Ted’s head was severed from his body and then both were frozen. There was a big fight between his son and his daughter, I believe, over whether he should remain frozen or be cremated. Now that’s what I remember from following the story in the paper ages ago. If I’ve made a mistake, I’m sure Spooky will let you all know. :roll:

  15. lawdog says:

    “Destiny’s Dodgers” sounds like a cult that is attempting to escape their own fate. :lol:

  16. Bill Russell says:

    Thanks Lawdog, I thought I was going crazy for a minute. I think I remember that they remove the head before he’s actually pronounced dead. Crazy thought. I just hope they remount the head on an athletic body for his sake. If he gets stuck with a boy scout kind of guy, he’s screwed. He’ll be catching butterflys instead of balls.

  17. Badger says:

    Mr. Green Jeans was also in the Marine Corps, and as everyone knows, SEALS are not Marines.

  18. lawdog says:

    If they gave Ted some fruit cake’s body, you’d have one truly angry man to deal with!

  19. Roger says:

    Hey Mark, Destiny’s Dodgers hit the turr-lettt today . . .

    Just checking in myself today, Milton & Vargas have pitched 5 innings giving up 11 hits and 7 runs.

    Hitting wise — 3 hits. See that Young (trying to make the cut) hits into a DP for Manny R.

    Destiny’s Dodgers — Mark, we warned you. Now the season is over. Lights out. Set out the trash.

    Who is pitching tomorrowv ??

  20. mark says:

    Varton sucks!

    Schmidt could take back the #5 spot tomorrow. He’s supposed to start.


    The key and the check are in the mail. :smile:

  21. lawdog says:

    Manny out with hamstring injury

    Dodgers slugger to take it ‘day by day’ after first game in outfield

    By Ken Gurnick /

    PHOENIX — Manny Ramirez was removed from Sunday’s Dodgers game in the fourth inning after re-injuring his left hamstring.
    Ramirez said he felt the hamstring issue while running into the left-field corner trying to cut off a double by Colorado’s Troy Tulowitzki. Ramirez was playing the outfield for the first time this spring. He was lifted for a pinch-hitter in the fourth inning.

    Earlier in the game, Ramirez grounded out in his only at-bat, running easily to first base. He also ran gingerly after a sinking fly ball by Joe Koshansky that fell at his feet.

    On Thursday, Ramirez was scratched from the starting lineup when he felt his hamstring tighten during baserunning drills. Ramirez played in his first game Friday as designated hitter, walking twice with a single and a run scored.

    Ramirez reported to training camp 2 1/2 weeks after the rest of the club, not agreeing to a new $45 million, two-year contract until 10 days ago.

    “Age is catching up to me,” said Ramirez, who turns 37 in May. “Maybe it’s a bad investment. I just have to be patient, that’s what I’ve got to do. Only God knows what’s best for me. I have to just try to get healthy.”

    Ramirez said he has been arriving at the club’s new Camelback Ranch-Glendale facility around sunrise every day for extra drills as he tries to catch up to his teammates in conditioning. He said Sunday morning he took an optional yoga class in hopes of increasing his flexibility.

    “Now I have to take it day by day,” he said. “Today in practice, I felt real good, I didn’t feel anything. I’ll come early tomorrow and test it again.”

    The Dodgers play a pair of split-squad games on the road Monday. Before Sunday’s game, manager Joe Torre said he offered Ramirez the designated hitter role for one of those games, but Ramirez said he wanted to play the outfield.

    Ken Gurnick is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

  22. Bill Russell says:

    I’m beginning to think Pedro may be a good investment.

  23. lawdog says:

    Pedro will sign a one year deal, he’s got command of all his pitches and he’s throwing in the mid to low 90s on his fastball with good late movement. Why not sign him? Schmidt is never going to get back to the flamethrower he wasa and he is not a finesse pitcher. No command. Sign Pedro. Let Schmidt walk.

  24. mark says:

    1. Pedro wants more than $5 mil a year – he’s been injured too and is older than Schmidt. I think you have to see what Schmidt has;

    2. Schmidt pitches tomorrow – that should give us some insight;

    3. No way I give Martinez $5 mil!

  25. lawdog says:

    Schmidt has had two shoulder operations and his arm is still ready to fall off if he tries to really bring a fastball. He still has pain 3 years later and throws straight fatballs around 90 on a good da. He’s going to get bombed if we try to pitch him in the rotation. Remember Sadder but Lowisa? Lowisa has better stuff than Schmidt and that’s saying something because a junior high school pitcher has better stuff than Lowisa.

    Pedro is demanding $5 mil. Where’s this new tougher McCourt? No one else wants to pay him that either. He’ll probably take $3.5 million with incentives. The way he pitched in the WACKY league–we’d be nuts not to take a flyer on him when right now we have only 4 starters and only Wolf looks like he’s dependable. Kuroda has looked good–but his arm almost fell off last season and he’s older than dirt too. Kurveshaw is probably still two years away from being a real pitcher and Bills is inconsistent. To go into the season with no one we can count on in the 5th spot in the rotation is nutso when we can have Pedro for that kind of money and a one year deal.

  26. Blue Haze says:

    Bastard!!! We’re doomed, the kiss-o-death as been uttered. Sunday, 3/15/09, mark the date down.

  27. SpokaneBob says:

    a lopsided loss……

    Manny’s hamstring……

    no 5th starter…..

    Joe Torre’s hemroids…..

    There all Mark’s fault.

    Somebody call Monster Red Sox Fan and see if he can disable the D key on Marks computers.

  28. Todd says:

    Hey guy’s i just got back from the game today at Camelback Ranch….I’m not impressed with Milton or Vargas…They looked bad today…It’s a very nice ballpark

    Take care all


  29. mark says:

    Schmidt doesn’t throw straight pitches. His pitches have always have a lot of movement. I saw him pitch on the “strings area” of Camelback, and while there was no gun, he has excellent movement on his pitches. He hit 91 twice in a B-squad game and there is no reason to think he can’t add a couple of MPH with more innings as he increases his arm strength. The key is that he has no pain for the first time in 3 years. Like Pedro, he doesn’t have to hit 97 anymore, and I can give you $15 million reasons why the Dodgers want him to win the #5 spot.

    Pedro is just as big a risk as Schmidt in my opinion. If Schmidt, Milton and Company don’t make the grade, then we can trade for a real #3, #4 or #5. Forget the retreads!

  30. mark says:


    The Rockies were’t impressed with Milton or Vargas either!

  31. Badger says:

    Whose idea was it to sign Ramirez anyway????


    Destiny’s Dodgers. Not once. Not twice. NOOOO, it has to be said over and over and over. The words weren’t on the page but a few minutes and BAM! – a hammie on our best hitter.

    I demand an apology. If it comes quickly enough, with a promise to never utter those words again, maybe the Gods will heal the hammie.

  32. Roger says:

    Mark, the makeup of the Dodgers is special. I agree . . . but take off some of the make-up and we see leg injuries, arms about the fall off, old pitchers trying to make a comeback, Pierre with not place to play, more arms about to fall off.

    I must remember, both Ned and Joe like vets on the club. So stock up on tape and mirrors.

    But in the end — most teams are made up this way.

  33. Badger says:

    “Spit!” (mark)

    I’ll take that as an apology and accept it.

    May the baseball gods forgive you as well.

  34. lawdog says:

    Mark–if you’ve seen Schmidt’s pitches this spring and tell me the fastball isn’t going straight down “hit me” lane, I’ll take your word for it. I was saying the opposite based on a comment by either Tony Jackson or Diamond Leung or one of the Times commentators based on what they had seen. I’d trust your eye before the observations of some fish hack.

    But even if he has good movement on his fastball, can he throw his off speed stuff where he wants it, or is it “let it fly, duck your head and hope for the best”? He never was a pitcher with great control.

    In any event, throw 11 pitches and then take two weeks off due to soreness in the arm isn’t going to make us a 5th starter. Make him throw 100 pitches every 10 days and I’ll bet his arm does fall off.

  35. lawdog says:

    From Tony Jackson today:

    Joe Torre said this morning that there is still a chance club officials will want Schmidt to begin the season with a couple of rehab starts before he is thrown directly into the fire. That would require him starting the season on the disabled list, something you can’t legally do unless the player is injured. But because Schmidt has been battling his way back from an injury for such a long time and hasn’t pitched in a regular-season major-league game at any point since undergoing his first shoulder operation in June 2007, it would be easy enough to make the case that this is still part of the recovery process. The problem as I understand it is that Jason is still learning to trust his body after all the adversity he has been through over the past couple of years. Joe said the first two or three outings — the second one is tomorrow against Oakland — are there for Jason to hopefully get that secure feeling back, and only then will he start to build up his innings in preparation for starting during the season. With only three weeks left in camp, that might not allow enough time for Jason to be game-ready by the fifth game of the season on April 10 at Arizona, which is when he would make his first start if he becomes the fifth starter. … Eric Milton, another fifth-starter candidate, gave up six consecutive hits in the first inning, including a bomb to left by Ryan Spilborghs and then a bunch of singles. If Xavier Paul hadn’t gunned down Dan Ortmeier trying to go first-to-third, the inning might have gone on much longer. As it is, the Rockies have a 4-0 lead after 1.” :shock:

    Better open the check book and sign Pedro. :;):

  36. DRomo says:

    seriously, did I not say this morning :”As the DL goes so goes the Dodgers” Manny must stay healthy or we are toast!

  37. ken says:

    The Dodger pitching staff is just part of Ned and Joe’s new strategy. Get a lousy number 5 starter and make him/her the number one starter. Of course they will lose that game because that will also be the rest day for all of the old players.

    The real Dodger #1 pitcher can then go up against the other team’s real #2 pitcher, etc. This improves the probability of winning the 4 games where the starting pitchers are offset and will counteract the guaranteed losses with the #5 starter.

    Winning 66.66% of the 4 offset games and 10% of the #5 games results in 90 wins which should be enough to win the West!

  38. lawdog says:

    From Plashke March 12th:

    It’s time to bring Pedro Martinez home.

    One year after an opening day in which the Dodgers ceremonially connected with their past, they could do it for real by turning a humongous mistake into a homecoming king.

    Bring back the giant they thought was too small. Bring back the fighter they thought was too brittle. Bring Ramon’s little brother home.

    Martinez is available; he’s a 37-year-old free agent coming off three injury-plagued seasons with the New York Mets.

    Martinez is accessible, he wants to pitch for a contender in the National League, and wouldn’t mind being reunited with his buddy Manny Ramirez.

    And, once again, Martinez is artful.

    Did you see him pitch for the Dominican Republic in the World Baseball Classic? In a span of four days, he pitched twice: six innings, zero runs, one hit, six strikeouts.

    Yes, both times he was facing a group of bat-wielding speedskaters from the Netherlands. But he still threw 75 pitches in four days, 58 strikes, and dominated a team that beat the Dominicans twice.

    Scouts were impressed. Teammates were impressed. His manager was awed, and Felipe Alou has been around far too long to be easily awed.

    “I could sign him if I had the money,” Alou said.

    Well, the Dodgers actually could sign him, and truly do need him.

    I brutally realized this need in Arizona on Monday, when Jason Schmidt threw a bunch of still-life fastballs to the pounding Texas Rangers.

    Even though Schmidt gave up three runs and two hits in two innings, Manager Joe Torre said Schmidt was the default leader for the fifth starter spot.

    But after two shoulder operations, Schmidt needs to learn to pitch with reduced velocity. He is no longer the same guy who once blew batters into McCovey Cove.

    Can he make the adjustment?

    “We’ll have to see,” Torre acknowledged.

    So why not sign a guy who has already made the adjustment? It is clear that Martinez has figured out a way to pitch with a rebuilt arm, and questions about his endurance have been answered with his frequent WBC work.

  39. Roger says:

    Opening day rosters are just that — a roster on opening day.

    I remember, as a 14 year-old, when in 1955, Brooklyn called up two pitchers in mid-season, in July — Don Bessent and Roger Craig. They both made a difference and help them to win the pennant and first World Series.

    We might now have the starting 5 we need in the end this year — but I believe that Ned will do what he needs to do to make that happen. Someone from below, a trade, or maybe they call me up.

    So be kind in 09.

  40. lawdog says:

    Geez Ken. If you want to accept an automatic loss every 5th day to keep the squad fresh and improve chances of winning the other 4 days, why not just sign Tommy Lasorda to be the 5th starter and letting pitch his batting practice curve to the opposition. :roll:

  41. ken says:


    Most accredited law schools teach better issue recognition skills then the level that you are exhibiting.

  42. mario says:

    I agree with the smart fellas here
    sign Pedro…we have nobody for the 5 spot..

  43. mark says:

    Dang Ken,

    That was a little rough on the old barrister.

  44. Badger says:

    We didn’t come close to 90 wins with Ramirez hitting .396 and Lowe in the rotation.

    What makes us believe, in an improved division, we can win 90 without Ramirez and with no 5th starter presenting himself?

    What Romey said. Ramirez needs to anchor this lineup or we are in trouble.

  45. Badger says:

    Here’s a prediction:

    if LaRoche has anywhere near the at bats as does Casey Blake, he will outperform him.

  46. Badger says:

    Manny’s injury is not a muscle, it’s the tendon. That is actually good news. He should be fine.

    Broxton hit 97 yesterday. That concerns me. Why is he throwing that hard this early? Remember Penny. Take it easy Jon. Who cares about the WBC?

  47. Blue Haze says:

    B/C Broxton obviously has the same rocks for brains that Penny does.

  48. mark says:


    1. Manny may be the straw that stirs the drink, but the Kids are the key to this team, not Manny. I look for breatkouts from Ethier (.300/30/100), Martin (.300/.400 OB%, more HR and RBI) and Kemp (.280, 30/30). Loney? I think he’ll be pretty much the same, maybe more power. Also, if Furcal and Hudson can have their “normal” years, we will be looking good.

    2. This is what happens when you sign older players like Manny – they do breakdown more often, which is why I am was so against a deal longer than 2 years;

    3. Blake will give us a guy who is a leader, knows how to play the game the right way and probably will hit something like .265/20+ HR from the #8 spot, but I do agree that Andy LaRoche will beat his numbers (I wish we had him back).

    4. Andy LaRoche currently has 13 hits in 25 AB (.520 AB) and a .606 OB%. He has 2 HR and is slugging .760. Why do the Dodgers always get rid of 3B that I like? Damn YOU!

    5. When you can throw 101, 97 is taking it easy! :smile:

  49. mark says:


    We all know that Lawdog is an attorney (To which I say: “The first thing we should do is kill all the lawyers.”), but did you know that there is at least one other attorney on this board? I am not going to say who it is, because he did not announce it, and I won’t tell you if you try and guess, but I just thought I’d keep you in suspense. :smile:

    If he wants to tell you then you’ll know. I would have never guessed because he doesn’t sound like a pompas ass! :lol:

  50. Bill Russell says:

    When will all the crying over Andy The Roach finally stop? If I would have picked the correct 6 lotto numbers I wouldn’t be in here talking to you numb skulls. IF IF IF
    If Andy The Roach plays enough games? Do you guys really hear yourselfs? We shouldn’t have made the trade. We shouldn’t have enjoyed Manny last year because we don’t want to lose Andy The Roach and his bases loaded bunt attempt and his injury prone hampered body. Let’s hold on to all our propects just in case they have a good year. Lets never make a trade because it may not be a good one. Andy sure looked good in Pittsburgh last year. So he has a good spring hitting off the rookie pitchers.
    Some of you guys can’t enjoy what we currently have. It’s like a bunch of back seat drivers or arm chair quarterbacks. Why aren’t you guys still crying on the Pedro/DeSheilds trade? MOVE ON

  51. mark says:


    Tell us how you really feel…

    Actually, of all the young Dodgers I liked Andy’s future better than the rest. Time will tell, but I still like him and pine for Adrian Beltre.

    Why do they always take away my 3B?

    Why? Sob! Snifff!!


  52. Bill Russell says:

    What’s to like, he was always injuried. My thumb hurts, my back hurts. I will take the bet that Casey has a better year. Minimum at bats must be 200 however. Who’s the takers? :mrgreen:

  53. lawdog says:


    Another attorney is posting here? But he doesn’t sound like a pompous ass???

    Sorry Mark. That’s definitionally impossible! He must not have taken the bar but decided to do something constructive with his life instead…. :lol:

  54. ken says:

    The real topic underlying my post yesterday was about what in the world Ned and Joe might be doing to win the World Series. I never stated that I agreed with my guess regarding what they might be doing. I just tried, in a humorous manner, to guess what they are doing.

    My opinion is that the Dodgers need more pitching.

  55. lawdog says:

    Recognition skills defective, eh Ken? I don’t know about that. I guess it depends on what you expect to be recognized.

    I can easily recognize a personal attack by someone who can’t take a joke–even when the joke he can’t take was made on a joke of his own or one of the more foolish statements anybody has ever put forth which he happened to make on this blogging board.

    When you deal with the intellectually challenged it’s hard to tell whether what they write is a joke or a demonstration of their mental handicap. So which is it, pray tell? :roll:

  56. lawdog says:

    If you’re comparing a .232 average with a .238, 12 hr with 14 and rbis from both around 65@, who can say which liability is the better player.

    I’ll take LaRoche because even if he resembles HollensI’mHurt more than Cey, he’s still young. Blake was already a geezer when we got him last year.

  57. ken says:

    Dog you just simultaneously proved my point and Mark’s.

  58. lawdog says:

    Ahhh, so that’s it. I thought it must be so. You’re obtuse enough to make it clear that you don’t want to discuss some issue on the merits because you are intellectually challenged. But you want to attack me without telling m e exactly why–you just don’t like me. What was your IQ measured to be, or is that too painful a subject for you Kennyboy? I’ll wager a guess. About 85?

    It’s hard to defend yourself against charges that are implied and never actually stated.

  59. Badger says:

    We got Manny handed to us and we ended up losing in NLCS. It cost us LaRoche which seemed like a good idea at the time, and probably was. But the truth is, having Manny made everyone of those kids better but even with that, and a 211 inning 3.24 1.13 starter in the rotation only got us so far. Now, if Manny leaves at the end of the first year, we get no compensation. Good deal? Sure, for the owner who had an extra 4,000 B.I.S. for the second half of the season, and the extra $$ play-off money. Didn’t cost him anything really. But now, he has $25 extra large on the line and this is THE year that it must get done.

    The only reason I made the comment I did was for those who keep saying La Roach is no good. Put your body where your mouth is – I got 200 push-ups that says LaRoche is a better hitter, and fielder, than is Casey Blake. We on?

  60. mark says:


    I think Ken sees nothing to fight about and I doubt he’ll be sucked in.

    Re-read his post!

  61. Bill Russell says:

    Badger, I’m on for 200 up’s and down’s if you are signing up to 200 minimum at bats. I wouldn’t want him to go 3-6 and have a .500 average before he gets injuried this year. Are we on?????

  62. mark says:

    Sometimes I write something just as an idea. Others may do the same…

  63. Badger says:

    Bill – yep, we are on.

    We both could likely use the work, so, this is good.

    By the way, 3-6 is exactly what I hit in college. I was ruled ineligible the first week because I had played college football at a school in Nebraska 5 years earlier. That was back when you couldn’t transfer and play right away. Bummer for me, as the next summer I blew out my left wrist in a motorcycle accident and my college baseball career was ended. Still played competitive softball and MABL for years though – just lost most of my HR power.

  64. Bill Russell says:

    OK Badger, we are on. I will be surprised if Andy The Roach out plays Casey at the Blake but one never knows. 200 minimum at bats. That could be a big mountain for Andy to climb. I am rooting for him. I will need a month to repay this one if I lose. My Bow Flex has mucho dust on it and my tread mill is now a clothes rack. They should make Tread mills with clothes hangers. I bet they wouldn’t be able to keep them in stock. It’s always a good idea every year to get in shape, but no one every wants to find the time. :mrgreen:

  65. mark says:

    Billy and Badger,

    I can do 20 pushups for everyone of yours.

  66. SpokaneBob says:

    How come Casey Blake and others are considered “geezers” and a 37 year old Martinez coming off a three year history of injuries does not get the same lable?

    Speaking of Lawyers, I heard this yesterday. Many of you may have heard this.

    How can you tell when a Lawyer is not telling the truth?

    When his lips are moving!

    And then there is my favorite Law Firm…

    Dewey, Cheatham and Howe.

    As far as the pitching goes, I do believe that Frank and Ned will fill the need at the deadline if none of our young pitcher step up.

    I don’t trust Weaver.

    Badger, of course you are right about not getting a draft pick if Manny opts out. But there is some compensation. That would be that we could spend Manny’s 2nd year money on Matt Holiday or Jason Bay.

  67. Mark Timmons says:


    Only I can tell lawyer jokes here…

  68. Mark Timmons says:

    Mafrtinez is a GEEZZZZERRRR!

  69. ken says:

    After seeing the LA OAK box score today my opinion remains that the Dodgers need more pitching.

    Stults appears to be the new #5 top candidate after Torre’s 3 day competition. 3 Starters who are Lefty’s is disconcerting to me.

    Mark – Know any good available right handed pitchers?

  70. Badger says:

    Mark, ok, 20 for 1 it is.

    Who you got?

    Geezerdome shouldn’t be an issue until post 38. Some guys maybe a year or so before that, depending on injury history. Manny is workout warrior, has 1484 ab’s in the last 3 years, 1311 as a LFer. I am rather surprised by this hammie thing, if you look at the film he wasn’t even running hard into the corner when it scroinged. As for Blake, I don’t know his health status. but I would think 3b is harder on the body – less overall running but more ballistic movements and awkward throws. Blake has over 1500 at bats in the last 3 years so, he hasn’t missed that much. Played 106 games in ’06 so something happened. But who knows, like I said, everybody out there is one play away from the DL.

  71. Chucky says:

    All of our 5th starters are getting lit up in spring training. Schmidt is out, so we have no choice but go for Martinez. I still think we need another left hand reliever (Beimel??)

  72. lawdog says:

    Hmmm. So I’m failing to recognize issues to the satisfaction of Ken. True, I misread his intent. He’s obviously not just some punk kid who wants to engage in a flaming contest.

    If you’re making reference to the fact that a lot of my posts lately indicate I am responding to a straw man in the sense that my post is not truly responsive to the post it is supposed to be responding to in the first place–I plead guilty. I’ve been sloppy in my reads and too quick to hit the “say it” button to satisfy any of my old professors. But why do you find that offensive? At least my posts are humorous or informative most of the time. What’s it to you whether my post addresses yours on all fours on something as whimsical as a fan posting board (no offense Mover)?

    But to address your issue–I don’t think Jed and Fred have any more of a plan for fixing the Dodger pitching than they’ve demonstrated with some choice previous double signings.They shoot from the hip and leave holes in the lineup hoping some geezer will do the job like a phoenix rising from his ashes or they’ll double up high dollar players for the same position.

    Like Pierre and Andruw, Blake and O-Rod when they already had DeWitt. I think they’ll go with a bad 5th starter only because Frank is a cheap SOB. He doesn’t figure he’ll lose 90% of the time from the #5 hole–he hopes he’ll catch lightening in a bottle with someone already being paid on the squad.

    Pedro at $5 million would probably pay for himself based on the extra fans who’d come out to see him pitch the same way fans will come to see Manny. I know I wouldn’t be disappointed if I found out the game I could see had him starting for us.

  73. Roger says:

    About 10 days ago, Mark and I looked into Joe’s office in the Dodger complex. He was talking with several players.

    I would not want to be near that office today.

    I listend to bits of one game today on the web-radio broadcast. I followed both games, from time to time, via box scores.

    The Dodgers were playing like a last place Pittsburgh or KC teams in their worst year.

    Ball over Ethier’s head, ball over Loney’s gove, Ethier strikes out 3 times and zip hits, Frucal zip for 5 . . .

    Kuroda 7 hits, Strickland in .1 inning gives up 3 hits to loose the game (he should not even be allowed to pitch batting practice), Randolph in .1 inning gives up 1 hit, 3 walks and all 4 ERs.

    Estes 6 hits, Weaver 4 runs and did not record an out!!!!!

    Yes, we need more pitching. I am not sure that Joe will have 11 good pitcher ready come April 1.

    Spring Trainig is a time to try stuff, work up into playing shape, but some of these guys are working backward.

    The A’s broadcasters gave some quote of Manny’s today that he said, maybe his deal was not a good deal for the Dodgers? Will Manny be ready?

    Who do we t-up on tomorrw?

  74. Badger says:

    Mark, we got you down for 4,000 push ups. Who you got, Blake or LaRoche. Be sure.

    Things with our pitching staff are no different than they were weeks ago. We have no 5th starter that is going to give us 100 innings of 5.0, let alone 180 of 4.5. Our pen is suspect. Some of us have been saying this for a long time, and the numbers seem to support it.

    We still have 3 1/2 weeks to get this all figured out. No rush. gulp

    I think ken is the other lawyer. I won’t say why I think this, he may prosecute me.

  75. Mark Timmons says:


    I said I will do 20 pushups for “everyone” you do. I didn’t say I would do 20 pushups for “every one” you do.

    Therefore, you do 200…

    I do 20!


  76. Badger says:

    That’s weak man.

    I need a legal opinion on this:


  77. Mark Timmons says:


    You have to read “carefully.”


  78. ken says:


    You have a simple math word problem.
    The 20 to 1 multiple appears to be to Mark’s disadvantage.

    “Billy and Badger,

    I can do 20 pushups for everyone of yours.”

  79. Mark Timmons says:

    I’m just a hack, I don’t know what that means….

  80. Badger says:

    math word problem?

    sounds like a contadiction in terms to me.

    “Everyone” is a typo and it’s implication is clear. He can do 20 push ups for every push up I can do. So, if in this bet I can do 200, he can do 4,000.

    Can we litigate implied intent?

    OK ldog, you’re up.

  81. Bill Russell says:

    The way I read it is if Badger does 200 and I do 200 then Mark has to do 8,000. I believe Ken is a math major not a lawyer and hopefully he will side with me. If not then Badger’s screwed because LaRoche will never make 200 at bats this year. I figured all this out after returning from a birthday party and drinking 7 Corona’s with 7 limes. Peace. :mrgreen:

  82. Badger says:

    Bill, the way I read it, it will either be a push or one of us will lose. If La Roche doesn’t get at least 200 ab’s, then no bet. Right?

    And Mark, you have to type more carefuller. You can do 20 push-ups for everyone of ours? If that doesn’t mean “every one” it doesn’t make any sense. Or, maybe, that was what you meant to do? It’s not like it would be first time that happened. Doh!

    My predictions, Blake will do what he usually does – .264 with a .334 OBP, 18 HR’s and 75 RBI’s. LaRoche – .265 with a .335 OBP, 18 HR’s and 75 RBI’s. LaRoche is the better fielder, everybody knows that already so, he has the better year. I win. Mark and Bill lose.

    And that will be 4,200 push-ups.


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