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Check Camelback Ranch Photos

dodger-baby-1I will add more photos every day.  I am picking the best ones (I have about 200-300 everyday and it takes a long time to upload them).  I hope to have about 30-40 pictures posted within a week.  Keep checking the above CAMELBACK RANCH PHOTOS link.

Here’s a photo of 3-month old granddaughter, Wylie – I have converted her to the Dodgers from the “darkside.”  Her dad is a Red Sox fan, so I’ll have to perform an exorcism for him.

Here’s Joe Torre’s starting lineup verses the Cubs in Mesa today (have fun with this-Joe sure is not afraid to mix it up):

  1. Kemp, CF

  2. Wolf, P

  3. Loney, 1B

  4. DeWitt, SS

  5. Ausmus, C

  6. Mientkiewicz, 3B

  7. Paul, RF

  8. M. Jones, LF

  9. Hu, 2B

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42 Responses to “Check Camelback Ranch Photos”

  1. ken says:


    Do you know of a team that needs an outfielder and has extra starting pitching?

  2. Blue Haze says:

    Looks like Joe got that lineup from Tony LaRussa. Then again, maybe Wolf was signed to be our everyday #2 batter.

  3. Badger says:

    Wolf is probably going to go 1 or 2 innings, with one at bat, then that 2 hole will come up again several times later in the game.

    Or, he thinks Wolf can hit better than Hu.

  4. DRomo says:

    A lot of managers put the pitcher in the 2 hole during spring games to get them to bunt and get them out of the way. The pitcher wont see a second at bat anyway. Another intersting thing I heard was that many clubs like to see the colser come in in the 3rd inning. This way they face Major League hitters.

  5. DRomo says:

    I meant teams bring in their closer…damn spell check

  6. Bill Russell says:

    By the looks of Joe’s lineup, I think he pulled names from a hat. I think he got Hu right however. Joe must have folded Hu’s name in a different shape to avoid putting him in the lineup any higher. 8)

  7. Bill Russell says:

    I also like seeing them test DeWitt at SS. Just in case Furcal’s back act’s up.

  8. GoNzO says:

    On yesterday’s thread someone mentioned they don’t like Blake and would like the Dogs to uload him. Well, I happen to think he is the “fit” for this team at 3B. While he won’t WOW you with his play he does have the intangables(sp) that a lot of people including myself like. He actually reminds me of Scott brosius, not very spectacular, but got the job done. If you go back in playoff and WS histroy, it’s ususally these types of players that step up and not the big dogs. So, while the contract may not be the best in our interest Blake signed erly and got his dough can’t blame him for that. I think he will be productive this year and next and become a utilty player on the third year. You heard it here first.

  9. mark says:

    Right on Gonzo

  10. mark says:

    Torre plans to use Wolf as a pinch hitter this year .

  11. Bill Russell says:

    I too like Casey Blake and was happy that the Dodgers signed him early. I was just trying to say if DeWitt continues to step up his play that trading Blake to the NYY could be an option.
    3 years is a long time for Mr Casey and if McCourt would turn around and put that money towards pitching it might help us. I’m not against Blake for the record.

  12. Badger says:

    Blake’s ok. Nothing to get too excited about. He’s the guy we should have given two years.

    Interesting blogslop on Pierre ken. Who is that guy who wrote it? To compare Pierre with Garrett Anderson is kinda apples and oranges. They have similar batting averages and play outfield, but other than that they are completely different players. And Anderson was paid about 33% more than Pierre last year.

    I don’t understand the wrap on Pierre. Of course he is overpaid, they ALL are. That isn’t his fault. This is a guy that, if in the lineup everyday, will steal 50 easy, score 85-100 and hit .290 while playing a decent outfield. We posted his defensive stats when he was an everyday centerfielder and you may not believe it, but he was at the top of the league. Check this out:

    It was only when he came here that all of a sudden people felt he couldn’t play ball anymore. He does what he does, he does it everyday with a smile on his face and his mouth shut. MLB needs more like him, not less.

  13. Bill Russell says:

    I for one don’t care how you twist the Pierre stats on Defense, He sucks. He can’t lead off because his OBP is too low, His defense is shakey at best and his arm ranks at the very very bottom of the barrel. Ned just made a mistake on this one.

  14. mario says:

    Really Badger, with a smile on his face and his mouth shut..
    I remember the guy was talking alot during the run they had last year
    The guy would rather play everyday than win a championship..
    No class…

  15. Badger says:

    Opinion Bill, the facts state otherwise. I just posted the stats. That ain’t twisting anything, that is just reporting the facts. He is a decent defensive outfielder.

    I don’t recall Pierre being mouthy and disruptive mario. In fact, I read just the opposite – that he was a good clubhouse presence. He has always been a quiet hard working guy. Because we decided to pay him so much isn’t his fault. If somebody wanted to overpay you, would you turn it down?

    Look, I am not saying he is an All Star left fielder, I am just saying that .290, with 50 steals and 85 runs scored should help somebody win a few games.

  16. GoNzO says:

    Pierre only has speed Badger. That is why he made it to the Bigs. He will get his occasional xtra base-hit, but the dink and doink hits he gets are not during crunch time. if someone is soft it’s Pierre. Pitchers know how to pitch him and know his batting routine, I saw it live two years ago against the rockies. Fastball down broadway no swing. Fastball on an outside corner, no swing. Waste pitch no swing or foul. Offspeed pitch grounder to middle inflied. THREE times. Watch him. If football has system QB’s JP is a system player.

  17. mario says:

    Im not saying he was disruptive, but I remember him saying he was not happy
    not playing after Manny got who wants to hear that after we start winning? Im all for players that want to be on the field everyday and compete,
    but the guy has to realize he is a bench player on any winning team….

  18. Badger says:

    Tough crowd.

    He wants to play? And that is a problem? Yoiks. Imagine how that must go over with the other players on the team?

    Yeah, I agree Pierre is a speed player Gonzo. That is why he has a career .300 average with a career .346 OBP (both numbers better than Casey Blake) with 100 runs scored 3 times, over 90 runs scored 6 times and 429 stolen bases. He will play somewhere and do all of that and it will help a team win games. I don’t see him yet as a bench player and I wish him well.

    At least we all agree on one thing – time for Juan to be gone.

  19. mario says:

    Can he play 3rd base?

  20. Badger says:

    Can Blake? I haven’t seen his name anywhere in the top 15 either defensively or offensively. I think his best fantasy ranking was 19th. He shows up nowhere in defensive rankings for the top 3rd baseman in the league.

    Only Loney and Ramirez have a higher career batting average than does Pierre.

    I’m done.

  21. mark says:

    1. Name all the leadoff jitters in baseball with more than 1,800 AB’s who have a better OB%;

    2. Mario, All the Real baseball people say Pierre kept his mouth shut and was a pro – maybe you’d like him better if he quit on his team, like Manny. Dude, you have an incredible double standard!

    3. Name all the players with over 2,000 AB’s who have better than a .300 BA and .346 OB%.

    You guys kill me!

  22. mario says:

    Dodgers’ Juan Pierre isn’t happy about latest move

    DODGERS FYIThough he endorses trade for Manny Ramirez, Pierre says moving from left field back to center isn’t easy for him. He also worries his playing time may be cut if Andruw Jones starts hitting.
    By Dylan Hern and Ez
    August 04, 2008

    Juan Pierre reiterated Sunday that this has been the toughest season of his career.

    “Without a doubt,” he said.

    The Dodgers’ trade for Manny Ramirez last week forced Pierre to change positions. Again.

    And the fleet-footed leadoff hitter is facing the threat of being sent to the bench. Again.

    “All I’ve ever done was be Juan Pierre,” he said. “I don’t know why, for some reason, they’re just sticking it to me this year. I applaud the move. Any time you get a chance to get Manny Ramirez, you get him. But from a personal standpoint, it’s putting me in a tough position.”

    Pierre was moved from center field to left to make room for Andruw Jones. But with Ramirez’s place in left set in stone and Jones mired in a season-long slump, Pierre is back in center, a position Dodgers management wasn’t comfortable with him playing because of his weak throwing arm.

    Pierre, who is hitting .303 with six runs in nine games since returning from the disabled list on July 25, has started the last two games in center and Manager Joe Torre has said he would receive “the bulk of the time” at that position.

    “It’s kind of like riding a bike, as far as center field goes,” Pierre said.

    What was unusual, he said, was moving from center to left in the ninth inning of Sunday’s 9-3 victory over the Arizona Diamondbacks, as Jones entered the game as a defensive substitute.

    Pierre, who started the season as the team’s fourth outfielder and had a consecutive-games streak of 443, longest in the majors, broken on opening day, said he took no comfort in Torre’s statement about how much he is expected to play.

    “To be honest, if we’re winning and Andruw starts hitting, I’ll probably be back on the bench,” he said. “That’s that power they went out and got in the off-season.”

  23. mario says:

    He even bitched about moving back to center field.

    Dudes a little bitch in my book

  24. mark says:

    So what’s Manny when he quits on a team or punches a 64-year-old? Juan has never refused to play, like Manny!

  25. mario says:

    Never happened in L.A. and it wont happen
    And dont compare Pierre to Manny..

  26. GoNzO says:

    Whoa Whoa guys. All I’m saying is that Pierre is not a fit for us anymore. Comapring him to Blake is comapring apples and oranges. Pierre can only play OF while Blake can play 3B, 2B, 1B and the corner OF positions. So while offensively, you can’t compare them Blake is more valuable to the Dodgers.

    MM, why are you comparing what Manny did in Boston to what he will do in LA? If that was the standard you may have not gotten a 2nd chance in life brother. Bottom line is it doesn’t suck to have JP, we just don’t need him.

  27. Bill Russell says:

    I’m with Mario and Gonzo on this one. Why are we bringing Manny up in this equation? We were talking about Pierre I thought? Pierre can’t bunt when there’s a runner on first and he needs to move them over. I was in attendance during many of these games last year and the prior year and was very frustrated. Pierre’s arm is weaker then most little leaguers arms. I am not trying to be funny. Pierre hardly ever walks, so his speed isn’t as important as it could be. Pierre’s defense isn’t very good despirt what Badgers stats are showing. I watched him run circles around balls hit in his direction last year and the year prior. Base hitters go first to third and 2nd to home without any hesitation knowing he’s in the outfield. Yes he is the first to warm up before games. Yes he’s got great speed, Yes he’s a hard worker. No he’s not what the Dodgers need. Mark, why do we kill you? If your opinion isn’t agreed upon , we kill you? Why do you have to throw Manny in this discussion? I thought you wanted him back? You kill me.

  28. ken says:

    I just wanted to know if there is anywhere for Pierre to play other than for the Dodgers and if yes then does that team(s) have any pitching that they might trade for Pierre.

    Florida – platoon with Cody Ross?
    San Diego – restructure contract and then throw in 5 player deal for Peavy?

    Any legitimate ideas?

  29. Bill Russell says:

    Ken, there’s no team that would take Pierre’s current contract. If anything, We would have to package someone with Pierre just to trade him or pay his salary while he plays for someone else. If your question is can we get a pitcher for Pierre I truely don’t think so.

  30. mark says:

    I’m on my I-phone – I will have a very worthy response when I get back to the hotel.

  31. ken says:


    I am not concerned about the finances. Even if you restructure his contract to $1,000,000 for 40 years would anybody want him.

    The starting point for a possible trade is does he fit in some where and if he fits in some where does that team have some body, like a pitcher, that the Dodgers want. If yes, then money and other players are subsequent issues to discuss.

  32. Bill Russell says:

    Ken, All I’m trying to say is Pierre is negative trading value. I’ve read your posts and I know your highly intelligent so I know I don’t have to explain this. My Pierre radar is very high right now and I can’t for the life of me figure out why Mark throws Manny under the bus when we were all hoping to sign him a few days ago. I wonder if by not signing Manny and playing Pierre in LF is what Mark was hoping for? One has to wonder.

  33. Mark Timmons says:

    How come no one answered my questions above? Do the facts confuse you since your minds are already made up?


    1. “And don’t compare Pierre to Manny..” I just did! It was in the way that they have asked to be traded. Not as player, but in how they went about asking to be traded.

    FACT: The often contentious relationship between Ramirez and the Red Sox included him requesting trades after the 2005 and 2006 season.

    MANNY QUOTE: “The Red Sox don’t deserve a player like me. During my years here I’ve seen how they have mistreated other great players when they didn’t want them to try to turn the fans against them. The Red Sox did the same with guys like Nomar Garciaparra and Pedro Martinez, and now they do the same with me. Their goal is to paint me as the bad guy. I love Boston fans, but the Red Sox don’t deserve me. I’m not talking about money. Mental peace has no price and I don’t have peace here.”

    FACT: Two days before he said that, he was scratched from the starting lineup when he said his right knee was sore. MRIs later that day on both knees “came back fine,” manager Terry Francona said.

    FACT: Ramirez also knocked down team traveling secretary Jack McCormick in the visitors’ clubhouse before a game in Houston when he asked for tickets, the Providence Journal reported.

    FACT: The Red Sox had tried to unload the remainder of his eight-year, $160 million contract after the 2003 season when they placed him on waivers. No team claimed him. Then they tried to trade him for Alex Rodriguez. That didn’t work out either.

    2. Juan Piere has asked to be traded.

    FACT: On August 4, 2008 Juan Pierre said: “All I’ve ever done was be Juan Pierre,” he said. “I don’t know why, for some reason, they’re just sticking it to me this year. I applaud the move. Any time you get a chance to get Manny Ramirez, you get him. But from a personal standpoint, it’s putting me in a tough position.”

    FACT: On March 5, 2009, Juan Pierre said: “I understand the situation, and if they hadn’t signed Manny, it would have been a surprise. I’m not bitter about it. I totally get it, you know what I mean? But I want to play. So they gave us permission to talk to teams and try to find a situation that can work out for everybody, and that’s all I can ask for.”

    FACT: Juan Pierre is the first one on the ball field and the last one to leave the lockerroom.

    FACT: Juan Pierre runs out EVERY play and is the hardest worker on the team.

    FACT: Juan Pierre has never hit a traveling secretary or bad-mouthed his team.

    FACT: Juan Pierre has the respect of his teammates and baseball people.

    FACT: Juan Pierre can’t hold a candle to Manny!

    FACT: Juan Pierre has politely asked for a trade and has kept his mouth shut about it, so as not to be a distraction.

    FACT: You can disparage Juan Pierre’s talent, but you can’t question his character – EVER!

    FACT: I generally find that people who disparage Juan Pierre have never actually played the game themselves to any degree.

    FACT: There are 21 players in all of baseball who have at least 3,000 AB’s and a .300 BA. Two of those players are on the Dodgers – Ramirez & Pierre.

    Why is Pierre a “bitch” when he has done nothing wrong, but ask to be traded? If you apply that standard to Pierre, then apply it to Manny, or don’t apply it to Pierre.

    3. why are you comparing what Manny did in Boston to what he will do in LA?

    FACT: I didn’t! Go back and read what I said! I’m just saying that if can Pierre be called a “bitch” for just asking to be traded, why don’t you hold it against Manny when he did so much worse? Use the same measure

    4. If that was the standard you may have not gotten a 2nd chance in life.

    FACT: I didn’t get a 2nd chance, because I never blew my first chance.

    FACT: I think Manny has learned his lesson and will not repeat what he did in Boston.

    5. “I can’t for the life of me figure out why Mark throws Manny under the bus when we were all hoping to sign him a few days ago. I wonder if by not signing Manny and playing Pierre in LF is what Mark was hoping for? One has to wonder.”

    FACT: It’s not even a question as to who I would rather have, but the point I was making/and am trying to make it that you can’t call someone else out for doing something that you do and you can’t call Juan Pierre a “bitch” unless you are willing to call Manny a bitch.

    Juan Pierre has no place to play on this team, but what is wrong with sports when a guy who has exhibited character flaws is idolized and Juan Pierre is called a “bitch.” That’s just plain wrong! It’s as wrong as owning slaves, it’s as wrong as being racists. I would be proud to call Juan Pierre my friend, he just can’t play on my team. You don’t have to trash a guy to not need/want him on your team! And, if I had to pick a role model for my son, it would be Juan Pierre. Manny has rare talent, Juan Pierre has rare character and in life (unlike the baseball field), character wins out!

  34. Bill Russell says:

    You’ve lost it man….

  35. Bill Russell says:

    sip lightly my friend. The hot weather is getting to ya.

  36. mario says:

    Just got home…
    I ain’t reading all that shit…
    What he say Bill?

  37. Mark Timmons says:

    What I wrote was fact, if you don’t like it it’s because you don’t want to be confused with the facts. YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!

    And you think I’ve lost it?

    You guys are becoming LIKE Giant fans who looked the other way while Barry Bonds walked around with needles hanging out OF his butt.

    Have I lost it because Juan Pierre is one of only 21 players in ALL of baseball who has a .300 BA with over 3,000 PA’s?

    What Manny did in the past happened. It’s a FACT, but I think he has learned and has moved on. I do not think he will repeat any of that in LA, but while Juan Pierre is not close to the player that Manny is, he is a very good guy.

    I think those of you who have never “played” the game, don’t realize how hard it is to do what Juan Pierre has done. Juan Pierre has none of the talent of Manny Ramirez. Manny works hard, but he has talent. Juan Pierre has very little talent, but is still one of only 21 players with a .300 BA – we can all learn something from that.

    If speaking the truth means I’ve lost it, then so be it!

  38. Voldomer says:

    Excellent post, Mark.

  39. Badger says:

    Right on Mark. You tell them.

    They likely won’t listen, but tell them anyway.

    The Dodgers have 3 lifetime .300 hitters and only one of them can run worth a crap. Somebody saw Pierre one time do something that wasn’t perfect. Well, I saw him a few times get to a ball quickly and throw a strike to the relay man who threw out the runner trying to advance. I saw him routinely backing up bases when the other outfielders were standing and watching. I saw him slap a single to the opposite field on a 1-2 pitch, steal second, steal third and score on a short fly ball. We got NOBODY else on this team that can do that.

    He isn’t worth 11 million to us, but he is worth something to someone who appreciates all the facts that Mark just posted.

  40. Mark Timmons says:

    Thank you, Gentlemen.


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