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Save it…

camelbackranch-2009-117I would advise everyone not to pay much attention to what is happening right now with Dodger hitters and pitchers because it just doesn’t mean a lot.  James McDonald, Randy Wolf, Hiroki Kuroda, Eric Milton, et al have gotten roughed up recently.  It means very little.  The last two weeks of spring training will tell the tale.  Players are just getting into shape or aching from trying, and these at bats or pitches don’t tell the tale.  Give it time and let it play out.  They sent six (6) down today (Tony Abreu, Lucas May,  Victor Garate, Brent Leach, Jesus Castillo and Travis Schlichting) and more will follow soon.  Then, we will see what everyone has the last 8-10 days of Spring Training.   Right now, we have 49 on the Major League Roster and when  we get down to below 40 things will get serious, and interesting.  I would be shocked if we make any trades!

I have to go to Chicago for a convention tomorrow and will not be back until Friday sometime.  My son’s 4th Grade Basketball Team won their first tournament game tonight and we play the final chmapionship at 8AM on Saturday, so it’s possible I won’t post until after that.   (I feel like Phil Jackson – people think you are a great coach when you have Kobie Bryant or Michael Jordan, and I have the league MVP on my team).   I’ll check in from time-to-time, but my wife and I are taking a 3-day semi-vacation to Chi-Town.

The Dodgers set an ALL-TIME CACTUS LEAGUE ATTENDENCE RECORD TODAY WITH OVER 13,000 in attendence.  Now, do you know why they are not in Vero anymore?   Jamie McCourt replaced Frank McCourt as CEO of the Dodgers.  What does that mean?  I haven’t a clue.  Well I have clues, but I’m not sure!

Great read by Tony Jackson about the “Dodger Clubhouse.”  I think this attitude bodes well for the Dodgers.

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  1. DRomo says:

    Hmmm? Frank puts the team in someone elses name. Names someone else the teams COO? Very interesting! What next? Mark is right, I have an idea but I don’t want to say what I think.

  2. Bill Russell says:

    OK, they must have 200 at bats to qualify and here’s the grading catagories.

    best three out of five…..

    Are we on for 200 pushups?
    MAN UP Mr Badger
    I triple dog dare you

  3. Bill Russell says:

    Why is Frank turning over the Title to McJamie? Come on Romo say it. I don’t get it.


  4. ken says:


    Triple Dog Dare? Does that mean that your tongues have to touch the carpet for the pushup to count?

  5. Bill Russell says:

    Pushups must be done on a frozen carpet. LOL I don’t know why I’m even betting, My back and neck hurt so bad today I’m on the push up DL.

  6. DRomo says:

    OK I am in. 200 push ups. The bet is between Blake & Precious Andy right?
    best three out of five…..

    Lets add, bunts with bases loaded and time on the DL too. I’m kidding. I will take Casey Blake. But I think we are comparing apples to oranges. C Blake was brought in to stabilize a position that has been up in the air for years. He isn’t really expected to put up numbers that lead the team in any way. He is a bottom of the line up guy. LaRoche has potential, but has never been able to put it together. I will conceed the OPS to Precious Andy because the guy loves to walk. But with his history I think DL time will keep him from leading in hits and RBIs.

    B Russ, my concern about Frankie is he may have legal action against him or a bankruptcy in the future. Why else would you make the changes he just made.

    Do you remember the movie “Casino”? I know it is different but Robert Deniro ended up running the Tangiers casino with the title of “Entertainment Director”. Maybe Frankie will become the Dodger dog master chef and still run the team.

  7. Bill Russell says:

    Andruw Jones unlikely to make the Rangers roster. What a surprise. He’s finding out that you actually have to work at something other then twinky consumption. :mrgreen:

  8. Badger says:

    I am in hozers.

    But cept for that double or nothing thing.

    I don’t see it as apples and oranges, I see it as comparing the 3rd baseman we dumped to the 3rd baseman to whom we gave a multi-year multi million $ contract.

    Jamie’s large and in charge. Could be a minority tax/grant angle. Whatever it is, it has to do with money.

    So the Dodgers set a Cactus League attendance record. During THIS economy. Who would have thunk?

    Me that’s who. MLB will draw again this year. Bank it.

    Getting warm down there in the desert.

    I was hitting 3rd in a MABL game one year, came up with 2 outs, runners on 1st and second and noticed the infield was playing way back, so I dumped a perfect bunt down the 3rd base line and practically walked to first loading the bases for our clean-up hitter. I thought it was brilliant, so did our number 4 hitter who singled in two – but our manager, a guy who is really old school was pissed. It really isn’t strategically what should be done, but if they are giving it to you – don’t you take it? Guess not. Andy will never live it down. That guy, our neighbor in Napa, gave me grief about it for years.

  9. Badger says:

    I guess it wasn’t a double or nothing it was a triple dog dare.

    I got confused. I am old. I am on a countdown to Social Security. 354……..

    I think that tongue carpet comment automatically gets ken in this thing. Pick a side kenwisenheimer.

    Jones might end up in a league south of the border. Why not? He is getting paid already.

  10. DRomo says:

    I think comparing Blake to Precious Andy is wrong. Blake we know what blake is, he is a adequate 3B who plays a little 1st/OF. With Andy he is a decent 3B but unable to perform at bat in the big leagues thus far. He got a boat load of playing time after the trade and was able do dazzle with Andruw Jones type stats (Jones circa 2008). So don’t tell me he didn’t get a chance. He is on thin ice in Pittsburgh too.

    For me the bottom line is we gave Andy away for 1 1/2 yrs of Manny Freaking Ramirez! That is a positive to me right now. Who knows 10yrs from now when Manny is gone we may be looking at it like the Jeff Bagwell from Boston trade? But if I had to guess I will be buying tires from Andy & his brother 10 years from now. Andy LaRoche will be the answer to a Dodger trivia question, right next to R.J Reynolds & Sid Bream (Traded to Pitts for Bill Madlock).

    While I am at it I want to thank Pittsburgh for taking Jim Tracy off our hands a few years ago too. Peace.

  11. ken says:


    This is a difficult bet in my opinion. Blake was on track for one of his better years before allegedly becoming injured last September. LaRoche seemed to me to be lazy, undisciplined, and prideful resulting in him not staying in shape or shortening his swing. Maybe a different coaching approach would have helped LaRoche.

    I do hope that Blake has a good year and that LaRoche has grown up.

    For 2010 I pick Blake but will be very happy for LaRoche if he has a better year.

    Regarding 200 pushups, old sports injuries may cause me to chose the Nestle Sherbet kind which I will committ to consuming before booking a trip to Spring Training next year.

    Maybe Jamie becoming CEO has to do with which rooms Frank will be allowed to enter in their new Malibu bungalow.

    Since we have all been annointed as attorneys by Mark I need to ask you for a legal interpretation of “wisenheimer”. If you mean the informal noun version “smart aleck”, then I can not disagree. If you mean the noun version then I must protest because then you would appear to be accusing me of being a person with the personality of a trial attorney.

    Have fun for the rest of the week, I am off to LV!

  12. DRomo says:

    Wait I forgot Cecil Espy in the Madlock trade. I do regret giving him up!

  13. Badger says:

    LaRoche has 316 career at bats, about a half a year’s worth, and most of them while nursing various injuries. If he can get healthy, he will do at the ML level what he did at the minor league level. I am betting he is over his injuries.

    wisenheimer is indeed a noun ken. But of course not the obnoxious smart aleck, more the clever smarty pants.

    Can’t believe I just said smarty pants.

    I get the Manny deal thing, and at the time I was not at all against letting LaRoche go. In fact, I fully supported it because his opportunity of both playing and bringing back disgruntled fans here was nil. We got Manny and made the play-offs. LaRoche got a full time job. We both win.

    I am just tired of hearing how a guy with around 150 at bats with the Dodgers was being dismissed as a bust. Tough crowd around here.

  14. Bill Russell says:

    LOL, Romo you kill me, Cecil Espy. By adding the catagory of most bunts with bases loaded, we will lose that one. Most days on the DL, we will lose that one too. Let’s stick to the stats that will truely compare the good from the lazy/under achievers.

    I don’t know if I have a bet with Badger or not. Badger appears to be the type of guy who won’t commit and then if he wins will claim victory. Getting Badger to commit is like getting my wife to agree on a paint color. It just isn’t gonna happen. Not even the triple dog dare could pencil him in.

    If no agree can be reached by the end of this working day, 5:00 pm PST, I will consider this issue dead / buried and never to be dug up again. Not even Scott Boras can get this deal done.

    Changing the McJamies names on the owners chair, I wonder if this will affect the pursuit of Pedro Martinez? He is sorely needed in Blue with Manny still lobbying for his little buddy. I hope we get him. Pease OUT

  15. Badger says:

    Your wife is right about you Bill. You just don’t listen.

    I said I was in and I am in.

    Are trying to get out of this?

    Where did the lazy label come from? You don’t get the Major Leagues if you are lazy. LaRoche has been injured, not lolly-gagging.

    But he looks good now doesn’t he.

    Boy, I am so on the Andy Train. He has much more natural talent than Casey Blake ever had.

  16. Bill Russell says:

    I didn’t see the I’m in part of your post but I’m glad this summit convension is finally over.
    We will have concrete grading catagories now.
    Romo is in , who else want’s a piece of Badger?

  17. Bill Russell says:

    When you speak of Hozers I automaticly skipped over that part of your post. Not being a hozer, I didn’t think it pertained to me. Now we’re on the same page. Now all I need is for Andy to get his 200 at bats before he breaks.

  18. DRomo says:

    “Where did the lazy label come from? You don’t get the Major Leagues if you are lazy. LaRoche has been injured, not lolly-gagging.”-Badger

    Really, I don’t know where the lazy tag came in but “making it to the Major Leagues” is tough to throw on Andy. Has he MADE it? When he gets a full season in maybe we say he made it. All the same, I still don’t see what Andy has ever done that proves he is worth Badger killing himself doing push ups :) .

    His minor league stats were good. He was a prospect. Big deal. I still think of Billy Ashley or Greg Brock. They were great prospects but never much in the majors. This isn’t the typical make fun of B. Ashley here, I mean it. Some guys just don’t make the cut. I can’t beleive we are crying over giving up Precious Andy for MANNY RAMIREZ!!!! I would have given up more and still slept well!

    B Russ, Don’t ever make fun of my man Cecil Espy or I will find you. Espy had the smooth jerry curl! :)

    Speaking of the Jerry curl… I feel a Pedro signing coming soon. I will be rocking a Jerry curl wig under my hat at the stadium. I don’t need, no stinking dreadlocks!


  19. DRomo says:

    Hey does Andy’s 200 ABs include rehab assignments?

  20. lawdog says:

    If Andy manages to get 200 official at bats I will take that as a sign that he has gotten over his show time mental breakdown. I mean, how can a guy play like Mike Schmidt at every level of the minors and the hit like Jeff Hamilton when he gets to the show?

    LaRoche has all the talent in the world if he can get over his mental problem about the show. Blake’s best years are behind him and he used to hit 9th in the order for is old team.

    If you guys let mover insert the 200 ab condition precedent to your “contract” he will win. Blake will it .240 tops with about 15 hrs. LaRoche, if he gets over the fact that he is major league player which 200 abs would indicate he will most likely hit at least .280 with 20+ hrs.

    Think before you bet. Push ups are hard for 60 year old bodies.

    Now I’m sure Ken will tell me I missed a law school issue here–but do I care? Hell no! :shock:

  21. lawdog says:

    Anybody else take Manny’s comment after the hammy injury, (something to the effect that he is getting old and 25 million might not have been a good deal for the Dodgers), as a very poasitive indicator? I think Manny, as evidenced by those words, is now a man on a mission to prove the Dodgers are not overpaying him.

    And that is good news! :lol:

  22. lawdog says:

    If Frank and Jamie are shacking up and haven’t gone through a marriage trip, his giving title of the Dogs to her would only make sense if his businesses are about to go down the toilet. If Frank is on the verge of bankruptcy–it makes sense. If they are actually married it would still make sense if the businesses about to go in the toilet were his before they got married and would be his seperate property.

    See what happens after 6 months pass. It takes that long for a transaction to lose it’s preferred creditor status.

    He’d still be vulnerable to a fraudulent conveyance lawsuit, but the burden would be on the planitiff to prove he made the conveyance with the intent to defraud creditors–which geys harder to prove with the passage dof time.

    His reqal exposure is that Jamie might get bored with him and leave him high and dry–and without his ball club.

  23. Badger says:

    Jamie’s the brains of the outfit:

    “Raised in Baltimore, Md., McCourt grew up as a secular Jew “with a strong connection to Israel.” At the age of nine, she told her mother she wanted to own a baseball team. She went on to study French at Georgetown University, receive a law degree from the University of Maryland and earn an MBA from MIT, where she wanted to do her thesis on buying a baseball team or building a ballpark but “not a single professor would sponsor it,” she says.

    Transforming the Dodgers into a family business is nothing new for McCourt. After 15 years with her own law practice, she spent a decade as vice president and general counsel of The McCourt Company, her husband’s real estate development firm. “We have completely different skill sets,” she says of working successfully with her husband. “He’s the visionary and I’m the one who actualizes the vision.”

    Frank just has the bags of money, mostly from his family. He is Bushian in that respect.

    What’s reqal exposure?

    OK Bill, we finally have reached an agreement. 200. I think ldog summed it up nicely, Blake is on his way down, LaRoche is on his way up, I like my chances on this one.

    And Romey, LaRoche is on a Major League roster and in fact is penciled in the starting lineup (batting 5th) so he has indeed made it to the Major League level. We’ll see how well he does with his career, but if he can avoid injuries, he will be a solid pro. .

  24. Bill Russell says:

    Batting 5th in Pittsburgh is equivalent to batting 10th on the Dodgers. Blake is not as washed up as some of you guys are saying. He was hitting 4th/5th in Cleveland not 9th. We all know this bet will never be consumated because Precious Andy will never make the 200 at bats Badger insisted on having before he would sign the bet sheet. It’s all just one big pipe dream for all of us to discuss in here but my arms will never become larger because of any of this talk.

    We are truely in need of Pedro. I hope the Dodgers excused Manny from ST to fly to Pedro’s local bar and get him signed. I am for a Pedro signing this week. 8)

    PS Cecil Espy???? I would never make fun of this guy.

  25. Bill Russell says:

    Romo, which game should we get tickets for this year? Are you in or out????? Bobble head night?
    We have to go to the big park this year. Bernie gave me a headache WOOOOOO

  26. Badger says:

    Bernie again?

    “the 200 at bats Badger insisted on having before he would sign the bet sheet.”

    I again refer to the following quote:

    Bill Russell

    March 16, 2009

    11:06 am

    “What’s to like, he was always injuried. My thumb hurts, my back hurts. I will take the bet that Casey has a better year. Minimum at bats must be 200 however. Who’s the takers?”

    So, you are just pulling my lanyard right?

  27. Badger says:

    Here’s another one:

    “He was hitting 4th/5th in Cleveland not 9th.”

    Mayhaps it would be a good idea to check that out. In the two years before he came here, he hit 4th a total of 4 times. 9th? A total of 80 times.

    There we go with those pesky stats again.

  28. Badger says:

    Looks like Beimel doesn’t want to pitch in post season.

    USA getting their ass handed to them early.

    LaRoche down to .483 this Spring. I am getting worried.

    I got nothin’ else.

  29. Voldomer says:

    What’s this talk of ownership transfer? All I have seen is Jamie McCourt getting a new title (CEO rather than president). Frank is still listed as the owner on the Dodger homepage, which has been updated to reflect the new titles for Jamie McCourt and Mannion (but still lists Mattingly as a special assignments coach–see

  30. Bill Russell says:

    Mayhaps I just checked and found the following for Blake. This is where he hit in the order for Cleveland.

    1 0
    2 14
    3 4
    4 1
    5 31
    6 12
    7 18
    8 1
    9 26

    1 0
    2 78
    3 13
    4 1
    5 8
    6 14
    7 4
    8 14
    9 23

    Mayhaps your stats are a little skewed as well

    I see the majority at #5 in 2006
    and the majority at #2 in 2007

  31. lawdog says:

    Hey! I was just quoting Blake himself! He said he hit 9th on his former team–Cleveland. It was in an aticle on the LA Times or The Daily News. My short term memory isn’t what it used to be, but I know he said that–because when I read it I thought it was a very curious thing for him to say–and hardly justifying the big money he got from the Dogs over 3 years which will take him from geezerhood into his dotage.

    $16 million for three years for a #9 hitter who’s 37?

    Bad craziness!!!! :evil:

  32. Bill Russell says:


    I could figure how to break it out between LA and Cleveland but here’s the totals for Casey Blake in the batting order.

    1 0
    2 7
    3 2
    4 9
    5 19
    6 34
    7 34
    8 28
    9 19

  33. Bill Russell says:

    Couldn’t figure out

  34. Voldomer says:

    I also saw the quote about batting 9th and assumed that was his regular slot. I guess it was a humorous come-back to indicate that he really doesn’t care where he hits.

  35. DRomo says:

    BRuss, I am in for a game this year lets work it out. The wifey and I are expecting our second little Romo at the end of June so I hope we can get out before then. Bernie was a little much, I know but hopefully I can keep my promise to Mark about getting some pictures of up and comers for this site. Speaking of the 66ers I will be out at their field Saturday watching some high school ball. If Bernie is there I will send him your love , LOL!

    Badger, Don’t let Precious Andy break your heart! a .400 avg in spring is like the Anaheim of Disneyworld Angels celebrating their championship last year in September. “What A Season!” As for him just being on the roster qualifying him as making it? Well OK. I am not saying the guy completely stinks but until he does something on this level he has made it the same way Oscar Robles has made it.

  36. lawdog says:

    Hey mover! Why did you delete Diamond Leung’s link? He usually has some good information from the inside on our Dogs?

  37. Voldomer says:

    Unfortunately Diamond’s employer at the Press-Enterprise deleted him–and many, many of his colleagues. I think this happened the day of (or the day before) the Manny signing.

  38. Mark Timmons says:

    Andy LaRoche

    29 AB’s

    .483 BA

    .600 OB%

  39. Badger says:

    I guess what I was responding to was Bill saying Blake hit 4th and 5th in Cleveland, not 9th. And you can clearly see by his own posts that Blake hit all over the lineup, but in those two years before he came here he hit 9th 49 times 4th and 5th COMBINED only 41 times. Splitting hairs here, but, what else we got to do for now? And since I am not really a Casey Blake fan, I can get anal about this if’n I choose.

    Having said that, I am rooting for him of course. This is a bet I would be happy to lose.

    Notta to worry Romey. I know which way the wind blows in this game. I was an Andy fan long before it became unpopular to be so. I thought he was our best prospect, the only one I saw really at the time, that looked like a .900 OPS guy. Kemp could get there too once he gets his head out of his ass, but Andy looked ready to do it sooner, and he was a 3rd baseman – a position we have needed to fill for some time now. I hate to see prospects derailed by injuries, but it is part of this game. A lot of baseball’s best prospects are lost before they ever make it to the bigs. Stuff happens, just like the Dick says.

    Weather is really beautiful in Sedona these days. Spring is here, 76 and sunny – this place rocks. Seriously, literally rocks – red rocks everywhere you look.

  40. Chucky says:

    I am heading to Arizona to see a few games this weekend, any advice anyone can give me on Camelback. I am staying with relatives and know the area fairly good but (of course) have never been to Camelback or the Cleveland Indians place in Goodyear. Dodgers vs. Cleveland Saturday in Goodyear and then Dodgers vs. Rangers at Cambelback on Sunday.

    Life doesn’t get any better than this. This is why McCheap moved spring training to Arizona.

    Thank you McCheap.


  41. Bill Russell says:

    I just hope you like the sun. Their isn’t very many seats that shield you from it. If you are a sun lover, there isn’t a bad seat in the house. If you’re like my wife and have fair skin, there are umbrella’s on picnic table’s in Left field. Have fun.

  42. Badger says:

    Bill’s right about that one. Bring the sun screen.

    I’ll be there on Sunday. Look me up and I’ll buy ou a beer. I’ll be the one with the Dodger hat on.

  43. Bill Russell says:

    On by the way Badger, Bernie is the mascot for the San Bernardino 66ers that I was talking to Romo about yesterday. I’m not sure if you knew that or not. It was not a reference to the Weekend at Bernie’s guy that Mario thought you looked like. I just thought of that while thinking about Chucky finding you with the Dodgers hat. Peace

    Bring on the Pedro

  44. Bill Russell says:

    Oh by the way EDIT

  45. Badger says:

    Oh, yeah I thought I was being called a dead guy again. As you know, it’s all about me. We’re cool.

    Yep, bring on Pedro. I think it will happen. He will fill Dodger Stadium the first couple of times he is there, and if he can actually get some guys out for 5 innings, we could really use him.

    I am drinking fresh squeezed o.j. sitting on my veranda on a perfect day. Life is good here in the Arizona. It would be even gooder if our pitching starts coming around.

  46. Badger says:

    Not surprised really.

    But more interesting was this, buried in Voldy’s post:

    Lindblow promoted to Big League camp: (I thought he was already there)

    By Tony Jackson on March 19, 2009 9:29 AM

    De Jon Watson informed him this morning. Haven’t had a chance to ask Torre yet, but this probably means Lindblom, last year’s second-round pick out of Purdue, is at least COMPETING for a spot on the opening-day roster, even if he is a long shot to get one. You may recall that both Clayton Kershaw (who turns 21 today, by the way) and Blake DeWitt were promoted from the minor-league side in the middle of camp last spring, and both of them wound up in the big leagues during the season, with DeWitt actually making the team out of camp in starting at 3B on opening day. Lindblom was a dominating closer his junior season at Purdue, but the Dodgers immediately sent him straight to low Single-A and immediately set about converting him to starting, which he had done in high school, as a freshman at Tennessee and for most of his sophomore season at Purdue. Not sure yet which role he’ll be pitching in the rest of this spring, but the Dodgers need help with both.

  47. Badger says:


    review capability please…….

  48. Chucky says:

    try this link to “Fire Ned Coletti” it is a pretty good review:

  49. Roger says:

    Mark, my doorbell rang late this afternoon, and a woman handed me a large envelope. It was “the package.”

    I took it, put it on the table, wondered . . . so an hour later I called 911 and they sent out a bomb squad. They placed it in a bucket of water in case it had explosives in it.

    I had a choper hovering over my house, three squad cars outside, two fire trucks, and channel 4 News set up across the street.

    It all went for nought. Just a key and a wet piece of paper.

    Thanks for “the package.”

  50. Roger says:

    I have a special offer for one of you –

    Last year I purchaged vfrom the Detroit Historical Society, a seat back from old Tiger Stadium. Plan to hang it in my study near my pair of Dodger seats.

    Anyway, today I received in the mail a letter from the Detroit Historical Society. A personal invitation to attend the Dossin Great Lakes Museum Annual Gala event. Friday, May 1, 2009.

    With complimentary valet. 6 – 10 pm. Cocktail attire, strolling supper, casino-style gaming.

    You can go as a:

    High Roller at $200 per person

    Shark at $150 p.p.

    Snapper at $100 p.p.

    If any of you want to go in my sted — just let me know and I will get Mark’s delievery gal (above) sent this invite along to you.

  51. Bill Russell says:

    I don’t need the bomb squad coming to my house.



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