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The Real Story About Jason Schmidt

jschmidtJason Schmidt has been maligned by many.  Most Dodger fans felt cheated that he took $30 million of Frank McCourt’s money and produced ZIP!   Some felt that he didn’t really care or was just intent on collecting his paycheck.  Now, it turns out that after missing nearly two years of pitching, it may be that Jason Schmidt didn’t have to miss all that time… if only the doctors had listened to him in the first place!  Ken Gurnick of broke the story when he wrote:

Jason Schmidt told them so.

Before doctors operated on his labrum, bursa sac and biceps tendon in June 2007, he told them the pain he felt was located somewhere else altogether, in the acromio-clavicular joint, where the collarbone meets the scapula (shoulder blade) at the top of the shoulder.

Armed with the most sophisticated diagnostic equipment known to sports medicine, doctors told Schmidt to stick to pitching and they would handle the surgery.

But Schmidt was right. The pain persisted after the first operation and despite several false starts on the rehab trail, he never made it back to the Major Leagues last year.

It wasn’t until doctors removed the arthritic tip of the clavicle last September that Schmidt noticed “instant relief.” Now, he said, he wants his starting job back and he’s physically capable of doing it.

“Last year, I had to talk myself into it. I felt all right, but I wasn’t the same,” he said. “Now, it feels better than it did. There are still a lot of unknowns. But it’s definitely night and day from last year.”

It turns out Jason Schmidt was right, and if anyone questions his will to pitch, consider what Gurnick writes next:

Schmidt was the first Dodgers pitcher on a mound when they gathered for bullpen sessions on Saturday at the club’s new Camelback Ranch-Glendale complex, the lack of hesitation symbolic of his renewed optimism.

“There’s no stretching, no heat pack, no message. He can feel natural again and that’s a great sign,” said pitching coach Rick Honeycutt, who monitored Schmidt’s session. “A pitcher knows how his arm feels. Now, he’s working without any maintenance. There’s a lot of freedom for him to just go out there and be one of the guys again.”

Manager Joe Torre indicated the 36-year-old right-hander is the favorite for the fifth-starting spot in the rotation. The cattle call of competitors includes Eric Stults, Claudio Vargas, Ramon Troncoso, Shawn Estes, Eric Milton and possibly Jeff Weaver, James McDonald and Scott Elbert.

“I’d like to believe that,” Torre said of Schmidt being his fifth starter. “You don’t say for sure, because he hasn’t competed in so long. But I hope he can be that guy because of his experience. He’s got to work his way back, not earn his way, but work his way to be comfortable competing again. He seems to be fine.”

It’s Year 2 of the comeback, but Schmidt is starting this one with something else he didn’t have last spring: a smile.

Schmidt said he wants to be on the same throwing program as any healthy pitcher in camp, although he concedes that management will be careful not to push him too far too soon, as Honeycutt has said. Schmidt has thrown off a mound five times in the past two weeks.

“From Day 1, I feel I can keep up,” he said. “I want to get out there and let my kids see me pitch. I have a 5-year-old who’s never seen me pitch before. That’s a big motivation right there.”

While we really won’t know for a while if his velocity is back or if his shoulder will hold up, all indications, including his attitude are positive.   On a pitching staff who has lost Greg Maddux, Derek Lowe and Brad Penny, a healthy Jason Schmidt could go a long way in making 2009 a magical season for the Dodgers.  Imagine an ace in your #5 spot …  Just imagine!


  • Pitchers & Catchers and Matt Kemp, Chin-lung Hu, Juan Castro and Delwyn Young reported Saturday.  It’s good to see Matt Kemp reporting early.  That attitude bodes well for the Dodgers.
  • Dylan Hernandez of The LA Times has a good article on the state of the Dodgers starting pitching.
  • Hernandez also reports that Chad Billingsley, when asked about his melt-down in the playoff and failure to pitch inside after Brett Myers threw at Martin and Manny, sait that f he were to do it over, “I may have thrown inside a little bit more instead of letting the hitters be a little bit more comfortable at the plate.”  Pitching inside more often may be all that stands between C-Bill and a Cy Young.
  • Hernandez also writes: “As for Kemp, among the Dodgers’ nucleus of young players, no one creates as much buzz among opposing scouts. Because of his great potential, observers tend to focus on what Kemp could do instead of what he’s actually doing. But he showed substantial improvement last season (.290, 18 home runs, 76 runs batted in, 35 steals) and could make another leap this year. He could turn into the game-changer that the Dodgers need if Ramirez opts to sign elsewhere.”
  • Diamond Leung reported this:  Billingsley said his goal for this season was to reach about 220 innings. He also appears to be a little trimmer this year. “You can’t just sit there and eat junk food (while rehabbing),” he said.
  • Leung also wrote that Scott Elbert said his surgically repaired shoulder: “is the strongest it’s ever been.”
  • Finally, a sad story about the Sacred Ground of Dodgertown from the AP.    

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36 Responses to “The Real Story About Jason Schmidt”

  1. Michael says:

    If Jason “believes” he can, he will. Anything he can give us is like gravy, since many, myself included, have written him off. Spring springs optimism.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    I was hopeful about Schmidt last year.

    This year I am optimistic.

  3. lawdog says:

    The reason I’m so upset with Dodger management over the handling of Manny is that if they were serious about getting him into the fold and less interested in playing “chicken” he would have already signed by now. No one with an ounce of business sense plays this kind of stupid ass game with their franchise.

    So I’d like to hang Frank by his heels and dip him periodically into a barrel of saltwater.

    I think there’s about a 1% chance Manny might still sign with us. Blame the loss of the franchise for the next three years or so on Frankieboy. He’s a total ass.

  4. Badger says:

    “He’s a total ass.”

    I believe he is only half assed.

    Jason Schmidt huh? OK. I am willing to see if he can nail down the #5 starter. $15.5 million for a #5. There’s a bargain – and proof of Jed’s ability to get the good ones for a reasonable amount. Add to this the fact that Jed knew Jason wasn’t right when he signed him. There’s your total ass. Together, McJamie and Fred are an ass and half.

    I sure hope Bills does get 220 innings. We still haven’t successfully replaced Lowe’s 211 and 1.13.

    I can see us picking up a quality player at the deadline. Matt Holliday maybe? A pitcher from Canada? Somebody. The team as it is now is not the one we will finish with.

  5. lawdog says:

    The team we finish with will be lucky to be a .500 squad if we don’t sign Manny. If we were going to sign Manny it would have already happened. Boras will take great joy in signing somewhere else for an extra lucky buck and never coming back to Frankieboy-whom Boras has come to hate. Count on it! Frankie and Jed are both dumber than the proverbial sack of hammers. :roll:

  6. ken says:

    For those of you who do not understand the nuances of negotiation, mediation, and arbitration, especially in the business and baseball niches, I have tried to discuss the similarities of Borass’ approach and investment banking.

    The process of Investment Banking is difficult to understand and most business owners are extremely frustrated when they attempt to sell their business. Just the knowledge that negotiations are occurring is very frustrating to employees. Of course most Dodger fans are frustrated.

    The process is a bizarre bazaar. If you have never been to a bizaar then do not be surprised that you are frustrated. You may not understand the process and you can not control it. Just watch and learn.

    I am sensing good news based upon the news being released that imply that FRANK/NED understand the process and Borass is changing his approach to the style that fits the current situation.

    Manny/Borass want to save face and demand a contract that is better than what Manny gave upo 2 @ 20.

    Months ago I thought that 25, 20, 15, 10, 5 guaranteed yearly salaries plus incentives was fair. No longer. Borass has fiddled while Rome burned. Now I think that they should be happy with 20, 15, 10, 5 plus incentives with an opt out after 2 years.

    Surprisingly Frank and Ned are finally playing the bizaare bazaar game correctly.

    Don’t worry, be happy.

  7. DRomo says:

    Hey BRuss, Splash-Watch 2009: Update:

    Apparently the Dodgers have a locker reserved for #99. Maybe a sign the splash is coming? No word on the O Dog. Hopefully this is the week.

    Kevin Kennedy said something interesting: Manny traditionally reports to camp late. He wondered if Manny is in no hurry to sign because he doesn't want to have to spend the whole month in Glendale. It made me feel better…a little.

    Peace guys

  8. lawdog says:

    The good news bolted and left Frankieboy holding an empty bag when Dunn an d Abreu signed without our as much as making a bid for their services. Mark my words. Frankieboy doesn’t know what he is doing and does NOT have the situation under control. If Manny comes back and signs with us it will be just dumb luck–and the fact the Manny happens to be bigger than the two grown babies that have turned his contract into their personal war. If Manny doesn’t sign with us it will take at least two more years of mediocre play before our kids will be ready to play in the finals. That’s assuming they ever get to that point without having a model like Manny to show them the way.

    No offense intended, but if you think Frankieboy is playing his cards like a pro you’re whistling in the dark. Only if Manny finally signs with us can you make a case for that. Right now there’s an excellent chance that Manny will play for us–when pigs fly.

  9. Badger says:

    I find myself in between these two positions. It certainly isn’t Boras’ fault he snookered the Dodgers more than once and it looks to me like the Dodgers are once bitten twice shy. As all of you know, if I were G.M. I would have made the three year offer a long time ago, and if refused after a reasonable amount of time, I sign Dunn/Abreu, Hudson a couple of good arms and tee it up.

    I have no idea whether Frankie and Jed are playing this well or not, but I think they are risking tampering with the temperment of a guy who is capable of severe mood swings. In my world, if Manny wasn’t happy with 3 years and $66-69 million then adios and thanks for the memories and welcome aboard Adam, Orlando and Wolf/whoever. Now, with the other sluggers off the market, Manny has to come here (or sign a 1 year with the Gints) and if it’s for a reduced price we might get the pouting Manny.

    I hope I am wrong about all of this, but I refer you to Colletti’s track record for references.

  10. lawdog says:

    You’ve got it right badge. The best resolution is a mighty long shot– We sign a pouting Manny who thinks he’s been jobbed. He’ll want to play on “another day” with “another crew’. But that’s the long shot. Odds are 99-1 he’ll sign with some club that will come out of no where while Frankieboy continues to try and bluff Boras into the long shot that won’t work for us anyhway and the poor fool dosn’t realize he’s already screwed up his own wet dream by freezing himself out of the market for Dunn and Abreu while poisoning the only outcomes that may come for Manny.


    I’ve seen a lot of people playing “dumb-ass’ before, but none who were as ‘dumb-ass’ as Frankie-boy.

  11. jerry says:

    why do we have to sign manny to get hudson..cant we get hudson any dont make since to me..

  12. ken says:

    Good analysis Harold

    As soon as Lance Carter stops giving up hrs it will be time for LA v. SD 4 + 1

    Watch how Anderson is greated in the dugout and then consider what caused him to need elbow surgery

    Watch how Nomar is greated at home plate and then consider what caused his thigh muscle to pull

    Unfortunately there is always good in the bad and bad in the good

  13. Mark Timmons says:

    Badger wrote: “but I think they are risking tampering with the temperment of a guy who is capable of severe mood swings. In my world, if Manny wasn’t happy with 3 years and $66-69 million then adios.”

    Which is precisely the reason there is NO MARKET – I REPEAT NO MARKET for Manny. No matter how much you pay him, you run a huge risk. That is not based upon his 2 months as a Dodger, but rather upon observing 16 years of his career.

    Ned and Frank KNOW that they are going to get Manny, and while I think a lot of your are very narrow minded in what we need, I believe that Ned, Frank and the rest of the Dodger brass did not think that Dunn or Abreu were fits on this team. Couple that with the fact they wanted Manny or none of them and you will see it is playing out just the way that they want it. Ned and Frank refuse to play Boras’ games and I think you will soon see the RedSox and other teams refuse to cater to Scott Boras, which will affect his clients’ pursuit of contracts.






  14. Mark Timmons says:


    Bill James is a stat nerd who tries to quantify the human spitit with figures.

  15. Bill Russell says:

    I agree with Ken’s analysis except there’s one exception to the negotiations that is being left out. WHAT IF, the Yankee’s, Met’s, Braves or shall we just say a large market team gets a key player injuried/hurt in preseason? Someone that they need to replace in their lineup to still stay competitive in their division. And let’s say Manny is still being considered by the Dodgers and the negotiations are still stalled. Now the bidding war begins and the Dodgers may or maynot win. However the salary will sky rocket up. Now Abreu and Dunn are gone. Griffey and Anderson will probably be gone. Pierre isn’t the worst option in the world but he’s not a fan favorite and attendence will probably drop off more then just the economic fall. All I’m saying is not all the factors are being considered in stucking it to Boras with the Manny negotiations.

    On a new subject, why are we not signing Hudson? Hudson would be a great signing with or without Manny as someone else stated in here earlier today. It would give our lineup more flexibility with DeWill, Blake and Pierre moving around depending on who’s hot.

    We will be at Camelback in 2 short weeks. I can’t wait. :smile:

  16. Badger says:

    So mover, you were wrong about Furcal, (maybe not your fault) wrong about Martin, wrong about Kemp, sort of right about Loney, wrong about La Roche, DEAD WRONG about Jones, wrong abut Kent (Kent should again be very good this year) and not so right about Schmidt – man, you are overdue aren't you?

    So you think 3 years for Manny is wrong. OK, that's your opinion and of course you are entitled to it.

    Did you guys read what Joe Torre said about having Manny around the younger players? Here is just a piece of it:

    "He joined the Dodgers for the final two months of last season and sparked them to their first National League championship series in two decades.

    "He'd come early, sit at one or two guys' lockers and talk to the young kids and then he'd grab his bat and go down to the batting cage," Torre said. "He has a great work ethic. I think what he really injected into these guys was that the fact that he had some fun playing.

    "I thought this club needed that because these young kids are very intense and I think sometimes had trouble digesting what we were trying to do. But I think once Casey Blake came over and sort of became a role model, and Manny came on board, it really changed the personality of the club."

    Yes Harold, the success of the Dodgers depends on the young guys all maturing collectively, and I contend, as does the manager of the Dodgers, that having Manny around will help fascilitate that maturing process. That lineup, with Manny in it for three years would, in the course of those three years, get better and better. For the next three years the Dodgers would be awesome offensively, and that is something none of us have been able to say for years.

  17. Mark Timmons says:


    I was pretty close on Martin, Loney and Kemp.

    Furcal, LaRoche and Kent were injured and thus the stats were not what I expected.

    Not many saw the Jones Debacle Coming, but I was dead-wrong about that.

    Bottom line:

    Manny will be a Dodger!

  18. Badger says:

    Well we do agree on that.

    And with him here all those young guys, who we both want to reach your projected numbers, will have a better chance at actually doing so.

  19. lawdog says:

    The main error in logic made by those of you who think Frank is doing a “great ob over here” kind of like Dubya and Brownie boils down to the fact that Frank has put himself in the position of not being able to contend this year no matter what happens with Manny now and therfe was absolutely n o reason for his doing this. As spring training approached he had to know sitting at the table staring at Boras–waiting for him to flinch while Dunn and Abreu got tired of watching the kids play “who’s the fastest gun in the west” and moved on to sign with other clubs without even talking to the Dogs put himsellf in the position of having to sign Manny or be a total loser. On top of that huge blunder, he’s played chicken with Manny for so long that if he loses he loses and if he wins he loses. If he breaks Manny down and gets him to sign a deal that makes him unhappy he’s much better off losing and having Manny get paid by someone else to be unhappy.

    So tell me again why this moron is so damn brillant! He just misplayed his hand into at least two years of mediocrity when he could have been a contender by either signing Manny a few weeks ago or telling Manny to take it or leave it and then signing Dunn who was said to be leaning towards the Dodgers and would have at least let us contend. Now we’ll contend for the toilet bowl to see who’s the worst team in the league and we have one jackass to thank for this. Frankieboy–the people’s choice for the job of scooping up dog turds in the park.

  20. Michael says:

    I believe Manny is cool. The ego that has been bruised here is that of Mr. Boras. What must be done to make him save face and retain his status?

  21. Bill Russell says:

    Daytona 500 ….. NBA Allstar game
    This would be a good day to make the Big Splash, if the Dodgers are gonna do it.

  22. Badger says:

    Boras is too freakin' rich to give a crap. He will make his near 2 million when Manny signs, then it's on to the next deal.

    Boras is a lawyer. He doesn't have feelings.

  23. jerry says:

    i said it after the season was over..dodger sit back a wait .till all the good player are gone….. and here it is again…havent pick up any top players yet..just the ones that on the down side..

  24. Mark Timmons says:

    I happen to believe that we can win without Manny, but that is academic beccause we will sign him.
    And insofar as someone getting hurt, well what if A-Rod dies in a plane crash. Yeah, we sould rush to sign Manny in case that happens. And what if Teixiera is crippled by a plane hitting his house and what if Ryan Howard and David Ortiz are murdered by an outraged fan?

    I would do what Frank and Ned are doing: Deal in Strength and Not in Fear!

    You seem to forget that we have a lot of really good young players who are going to get a lot better. Some guys want Hudson and i wouldn’t mind him eithet, but DeWitt and Loretta could be every bit as good… maybe better! (Bill James projects Loretta at .278 BA and a .355 OB% and DeWitt at 10 HR and a .261 BA – they would hit #8 and I don’t think that even if we fail to resign Manny, Cabrera would be a more viable #2 hitter than Pierre).

    Bill James list his TOP 25 Young players each year. These are PROVEN major leaguers, not prospects. On that list are Matt Kemp (he’s #7, ahead of Joes Reyes, Evan Longoria, Stephen Drew, Grady Sizemore and Adrian Gonzolez) and James Loney (he’s #20, ahead of Drew, Cabrera, Sizemore and Votto). In fact, James says that the Dodgers young talent (Kemp, Loney, Ethier, C-Bill, Martin, Kershaw and Broxton) is “VERY IMPRESSIVE.”

    Fear not, we will win the division, whether or not we sign Manny, but we will sign him – on our terms.

  25. Mark Timmons says:


    James projects Kemp at .311/19 HR/80 RBI/37 Doubles/32 SB/ /360 OB%… which isn’t bad.

    I think it will be more like .298/28 HR/110 RBI.

  26. Mark Timmons says:

    More on the Dodgers chances tomorrow.

  27. Bill Russell says:

    Who’s Bill James? :roll:

  28. Badger says:

    Please don’t yell mover. It frightens me.

    I get it. You think Borass is an idiot and you think ldawg and I are felony stupid. And I think anyone who would vote for George W. Bush – TWICE – is insane. So, I guess we are even. (insert smiley face here)

    I too think we will sign Manny. But I stand by what I said, and have been saying all along – 3 years of Manny on this team is something I WANT, not something that worries me. And that is why I would have offered it and had it been turned down, let somebody else have him.

    I believe that our young players could get better. I have seen your projections before and I don’t remember any of them coming to fruition. I don’t see Kemp with 100 rbi’s, let alone 110. And James projects Kemp ahead of Sizemore huh. Interesting, I wonder how many people would trade them straight up? But, I digress – last year Bill James had Kemp projected at .322 with a .365 OBP. He had Andy LaRoche at .275 with a .825 OPS, Andruw Jones at .253 with an .834 OPS, he had Loney at .302 and Martin at .292 so he missed on all of them. And let’s also add that he had Jason Schmidt with 145 IP and Brad Penny with 195 IP.

    The Dodgers know the value of Manny Ramirez on this team and that is why they did not sign Abreu or Dunn. They want Manny, they NEED Manny, they know it and that is why Manny will play in Blue. I just hope he doesn’t feel “dissed” by the team. You know how these guys with egos the size of Wyoming feel about getting dissed.

  29. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, in your analysis of David Ortiz being murdered, I still don’t think Boston will bid on Manny. Plane crashes and murders wasn’t what I was thinking of but they could also play into the equation I suppose.
    When will the madness end??????


  30. Harold says:

    I have absolutely no doubt we will sign Manny. We are impatient, but that is too bad. Ned isn’t working on our schedules. He never intended to sign Abreu or Dunn. It has been Manny all the way. Who here thinks the Giants will top the Dodger offer? What does Many take – two years at $50M or four at $75M?

    I am interested in Manny for only one reason and the reason is not that he is Manny. It is because his bat in the lineup should help the young players progress. Without him they will progress, with him they will progress more. It is not that I think he is a great leader and I do think he is capable of being Manny if he is not happy with his contract. Tough nuggies – he should be paid what the market will bear, not what Boras thinks it should.

    If the kids don’t begin to really stand on their own two feet, Manny is just an expensive add-on. If they develop as we expect, then he becomes the missing piece required to push us over the top. The season depends on the kids, not Manny. I think their September experience gave them a taste of post season play and their first real disappointment. It’s hard to play for the gold ring when you don’t know what it is like. Now they know what it is like.


  31. Mark Timmons says:


    Yes, I like to frame Broas as an idiot (a smart one) and you and Lawdog are just wrong, not felony stupid. :smile:

    My predictions are like most other peoples – right and wrong! Here’s what I wrote last spring training (analysis in bold):

    1. Furcal – He should be healthy. It’s his contract year. He’s in his prime. He’ll have a career year. I expect him to put up .310 BA/.370 OB% and clsoe to 50 SB. He has to hit 1st! (He was on his way to a career year when he was wounded)

    2. Martin – Power, Speed, Good OB%, Good Clutch Hitter. This is a guy who can hit .300 with 20 HR/20 SB and 85 RBI from the 2 hole. Nobody can do it better. (He was a little less than that, but not much)

    3. Kemp – He should be speedier, stronger and smarter than last year, and he was pretty good last year! Matt Kemp will be more like a “fast Matt Holiday” this year. 30 HR and 30 SB are probable with a .900 OPS. (I was wrong about the 30 HR)

    4. Loney – I like Loney at #4 to split-up several RH bats. While not a prototypical cleanup hitter, he excelled in the spot last year by just hitting the ball where it was pitched. I personally do not like a free-swinging strikeout-prone player like Jones at cleanup. I’d rather see Kent there than Jones, but I think it makes perfect sense to put a guy there who has shown he can hit in that spot who has a LH bat to improve matchups. (Pretty much what I said)

    5. Jones – I think Jones will comeback and have a typical “Jones-year” with 35+ HR/100+RBI and a BA of .260-.270. He’s perfect in this spot and with Jeff Kent having his back, he should flourish for us in the #5 spot. He’ll also make the two guys ahead of him much better hitters due to his power. (I was dead wrong)

    6. Kent – It may seem like a demotion to have Kent hit #6, but the talent level of this lineup requires it. Kent should again be very good this year. I do expect him to rest more (i.e., more days off and coming out late in games for Tony Abreu), but I think he’ll hit about the same as last year. Not many teams have such a professional hitter at #6. (Injuries played a big role here)

    7. LaRoche – I am counting on Andy LaRoche winning the 3B job and I think he would hit well ahead of the pitcher (that’s right I am hitting the pitcher #8, not #9). While he didn’t hit extremely well in his cup of coffee last season, he did demonstrate that he could lay off bad pitches and take a walk, with a high OB%. If he can maintain a .350 OB% from the #7 spot, he’ll be a huge asset! (Injuries again dictated what happened)

    8. Pitcher – Of course, Brad Penny will love this spot, but I did this because of who hits #9.

    9. Pierre – Low OB%/ .300 BA/60 SB – having Juan Pierre at #9 is like having 2 leadoff hitters back-to-back after the 1st inning. This would give us something that few teams in all of baseball could do. I think I would attempt to trade Andre Ethier for another arm or strong prospect(s) this spring and put Pierre in LF until the arrival of Andrew Lambo is 2 years (see below). (what I said)

    Unconventional? Absolutely! But, this could be a very potent lineup for us. I expect that we will see lots of different lineups as I believe that our subs will play more this year. Nomar, Abreu, Young/Repko will all see lots of time and it looks like we may still sign Sweeney or Clark. Does Joe Torre have the inclination to try Juan Pierre at #9? I think he should give it a try.

  32. Mark Timmons says:

    I would be remiss if I didn’t tell you that Casey Blake, Juan Pierre and Andre Ethier also showed up early for Spring Training.

  33. Mark Timmons says:

    With Boras, it’s no longer about the money. It’s about the art of the deal and he is not faring well in this one. He has more money than God. Maybe he’ll be our next owner…

  34. Roger says:

    I just turned on the new, MLB channel, and the Dodger / Padre game is on —- where the Dodgers hit 4 HRs in a row.

  35. Blue Haze says:

    I love it when a plan comes together.

    Some people just don’t get it, no matter what it is.

    Nice to have Ken and Harold get in on the BorassBlewThisONe-wagon that i have been driving since December. Nice to hear some other business types chime in (Mark and I have been fairly lonely voices crying in the wilderness).

    There isn’t a market for Manny, Manny’s market is THE DODGERS, PERIOD!!!

    In all reality, the Dodgers outbid themselves from the get go, their first offer was way too high, now they HAVE set the market (Dodgers) and will have to overpay, now that was felony stupido.

    “we will now accept serious offers” — Scot Borass (agent for Manny “where the hell is the market you promised me” Ramirez)

    Damn, some of you are making me wish I would have met you at a negotiation table in my past business endeavors. “Rape and Pillage” — Vandals (diplomacy in early Ireland)

  36. Badger says:

    “It’s about the art of the deal and he is not faring well in this one.”

    Really? I don’t know yet as there is no contract signed.

    “Damn, some of you are making me wish I would have met you at a negotiation table”.

    Me too OD.


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