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Russ Martin Has It Right…

Ken Gurnick of  reports this:

Nobody’s really talking about Manny that much,” said catcher Russell Martin. “Everybody is focusing on what they need to do. If we were closer to the start of the season, maybe it would be different. The bottom line is, either he signs or he doesn’t. Everything in the meantime is just wasted breath.”

I hope he signs, but we will just have to wait and see.  According to Gurnick, Matt Kemp said this:

“I compare him to Kobe Bryant,” said Kemp. “He makes everybody around him better. Manny’s the Kobe Bryant of baseball. Of course we want him back and of course we need him. He’s a freak.”

So is his agent!


  • Jason Isringhausen is in the Dodgers sights – One more pitcher never hurts.
  • By the way, there is no way the Dodgers will sign Orlando Hudson – he will cost us the 17th pick – no way!  I did not realize he was offered arbitration by the D-Backs, so that door is closed!
  • Dylan Hernandez reports that Chin lung Hu’s eye problems are not completely over with.
  • He also reports that Kuroda’s shoulder is pain-free for the first time in a year (Kuroda did strengthing exercises all winter and skipped the Wold Games to make sure it would be OK… and it is).   That’s very good news.
  • Andre Ethier’s arbitration hearing is today.
  • Tony Jackson writes about the preplexing and talented Greg Miller.  Is is Miller Time?

Here’s a few Videos of Spring Training (most are compliments of via





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46 Responses to “Russ Martin Has It Right…”

  1. Badger says:

    If I knew Hudson would be there every game for the next 3 years I would sign him in a heartbeat. What kind of guarantee would the Dodgers get that their 17th pick would even make the Major League team, let alone be a .300 hitting Gold Glove All Star?

    Having said that, knowing the Dodgers, I too believe they won’t sign him. The 17th pick is more important to them.

  2. Mark Timmons says:

    … and Hudson has gotten hurt the past two years and missed substantial time. He’ll be 31 and I think Blake DeWitt will step it up a notch or two.

    I could see DeWitt at .270 with 15 HR on his way to .285 and 20+ HR in 2010.

  3. Badger says:

    Point taken.

    DeWitt has potential, I’ll give you that. He will never be a Gold Glove infielder, but he could be ok there and I agree that .285 is possible, but I would think that would be his ceiling. Good player, hard worker, bottom of the order hitter.

    And who knows, maybe that 17th pick will be another Koufax. In 5 years. When I am 65. And maybe walking with a cane and sipping my groul through a big straw cashing my Social Security checks. If Social Security is still there.

    Go Blue.

    Think I’ll take a nap.

  4. ken says:

    Like a baby Penny is making strong comments about the Dodgers. However I also believe that Honeycutt is the worst pitching coach that the Dodgers have had in 50 years.

    SD won the war to hire Maddox. He would have been a good replacement for Honey Butt.

  5. lawdog says:

    The Dogs made their decision on O-Dog when they decided to move DeWitt to second base (a position he botched completely earlier in his minor league career). You can’t create a log jam at second after giving 3rd base to a geezing mediocreman who’ll probably hit .220 for the next three years while laughing at Frank all the way to the bank. You can’t create a winning team by changing your mind all the time and running around in circles like a headless chicken as we did with Pierre. We’ve got a shortstop who can’t bend over anymore due to advancing age and major back surgery which knocked him out for most of last season. We’re still paying 22 million to Andrew Jones who couldn’t compete with a bench player from a second division T-ball team and the two top starters from last year’s rotation are gone and will not be replaced. In stead we sign a bunch of minor league washouts with flutterballs or no fastball and no command the best pitcher we obtained missed most of the last season he pitched for us due to major surgery to his left arm. So now the Wolfman has to be crafty to get outs since he lost his fatball. Only problem is, his control isn’t good enough to m ake him an effective finesse pitcher. But that’s okay. He’s an adequate #6 pitcher who’ll keep his era under 7.

    Meanwhile, back at the ranch, we get to watch Frankie continue to try and stare down Boras while the most important piece to the 2009 Dodger puzzle slowly walks away back toward the Dominican sunset.

    Brace yourselves sports fans. This is one ride that is going to be long and ugly. Fasten those seat belts. We’re about to be treated to a terrible sight–we’ll be watching the Dogs implode in a year they should have gone all the way to the world series courtesy of Frankieboy McCourt–the dumbest owner in a business filled with the intellectually challenged possessing wide wallets and empty heads. :shock:

  6. Badger says:

    So ldog, tell us how you really feel about the 2009 Dogs.

    I hope you are wrong, but I fear you could be right.

    DeWitt is no Hudson, but then Hudson hasn’t been Hudson much lately. If it weren’t for that 17th pick issue, I think he would be worth the risk. Heck, I might do it anyway as the upside is – IF he and Furcal remain on the field all year, our pitchers would benefit greatly. Another BIG if. This team has more holes than the back nine. But, we do have that 17th pick.

    BTW, what did we get for losing Lowe?

  7. lawdog says:

    Can anybody tell I’m not particularly optimistic about our chances of signing a “happy” Manny? Or that I’m completely depressed about the moves we’ve made this off season? :roll:

  8. lawdog says:

    We got a sandwich pick and a second rounder. Seems the 1st round pick of the team signing Derek was exempt.

  9. lawdog says:

    That surprised me actually. I didn’t follow the Braves that closely last season but I didn’t realize they were so bad they couldn’t give up their #1 when signing a top FA. Me wonders what we’d have gotten if they’d managed to keep their mitts on Furcal and his surgically rebuilt back?

  10. lawdog says:

    What’s Bad Penny saying about his old team Ken?

  11. DRomo says:

    Can a brother get a SPLASH?

  12. Mark N says:

    Mr. Lawdog, why don’t you change your loyalty to another team so we don’t have to read the garbage you write and tear our team apart. Being a fan, as it is if life, is being optimistic and making the best of what you have. This is our team, for better or worse. As for me and most of the Dodger fans, I’ll stand behind them, root for them and enjoy the growth of the young talent, try to figure out who the unexpected hero will be and see what pieces of the puzzle we add during the year. Looking at what we have now, I still think it’s a team good enough to win the West again. That felt good, I feel better now.

  13. Bill Russell says:

    LOL Romo you kill me. It’s starting to sound like the Dodgers may pull the trigger on Hudson. Someone besides Mark please tell me that Hudson wouldn’t be worth the 17th overall pick. A golden glove / Allstar that hits .300. These guys don’t grow on trees.

    You would be real lucky to pick someone like Hudson with the 17th pick and then wait 3-4 years for them to develop. If the Dodgers are serious about making a run in 2009, Hudson and Manny would be the ticket. Can’t a brother get a splash?? :smile:

  14. lawdog says:

    If we manage to not sign Manny an d go to war with the team we now have in place–I will yell and scream for probably about 48 hours; then I’ll suck it up and root for the team I’ve rooted for since 1958.

    Just because I’m a fan doesn’t mean I have to be blind. Nor do I have to whistle in the dark while our beloved owner figures he just needs to pull a magic bean out of his butt to win the division. Our management and our owner are grossly incompetent. If I pretend they are wonderful and chant that this is the best of all possible of worlds when I know it’s Frank’s stupidity which is standing between us and a trip to the series–I wouldn’t be doing anybody any favors.

    Sometimes those of us who care the most will scream the loudest when we see our beloved dogs damaged by an owners’ wide open spaces between his ears.

  15. lawdog says:

    Seems Bad Penny’s main grudge has to do with the fact Honeycutts never taught him how to throw his splitty properly. That, and Bowa is a mean bastard who hurt his tender feelings by calling him soft.

    Here’s the column from Yahoo Sports:

    Brad Penny’s escape from L.A.
    By Tim Brown, Yahoo! Sports
    Feb 16, 5:43 pm EST

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    FORT MYERS, Fla. – Though he loved Los Angeles and in its place was subject to the softest free-agent market in years, Brad Penny is happy to be free of the Dodgers.

    And though they were left to rebuild a pitching staff that could use another power arm or two, the Dodgers are happy to be rid of him, sources close to the team said.

    The way Penny saw it, he pitched for them until his aching shoulder would no longer allow it, and then they asked him for more innings, potentially risking more damage.

    The way they saw it, Penny hinted he’d pitch down the stretch in return for them picking up his 2009 option, worth $8.75 million, the paycheck more important than the team.

    The way it ended, Penny cleared out his locker and went home long before the Dodgers’ season was over. He signed in early January with the Boston Red Sox, a one-year contract worth $5 million guaranteed. He’s expected to be their fifth starter for at least as long as it takes John Smoltz to get healthy, and the situation will sort itself from there.

    It was an apparently content, seemingly healthy Penny who last week began his 10th big-league season by throwing without pain, he said, for the first time in a year.

    He needed to move on, clearly.

    “A lot of stuff went on last year,” Penny said. “There were a few people I didn’t get along with on the coaching staff that don’t respect people. I mean, me and Joe [Torre] got along fine. I just feel like nobody had my back there. You’re in the clubhouse and you have players coming up to you saying coaches are saying this to them about you. And that’s just not a good situation to be in.”


    “Your boy Larry Bowa.”

    Anyone else?

    “You know what, injuries are out of my control,” said Penny, who did take a cortisone injection in September. “I was hurt. Obviously they didn’t believe me, because of what they were saying. But, they’ll learn. You’ve got to listen to your arm. It’s not all about giving someone a shot. I was hurt. I’m not going to make that up.”

    The season before, Penny won 16 games and finished third in the National League Cy Young voting. In 2008, his record was 6-9 and his ERA was 6.27. He pitched only nine innings after mid-June.

    “I was trying to protect my career,” he said. “Obviously I don’t throw 88 miles an hour. If they’re too blind to see that, that’s out of my control. It’s funny, man, I don’t know. … They should look at it like I tried to do more than I should have. From the start. They knew I was hurt in spring training. I wouldn’t have been of any help. Yeah, I could pitch. I wouldn’t have done any good.”

    In Red Sox camp, he’s latched onto trainer Mike Reinold, a shoulder guru. And he’s waiting for the right moment to glom onto Smoltz, who throws one of the great split-fingered fastballs in the game. Penny has dabbled with a splitter but has never been completely content with it.

    “I’ve had no one to help me out with the split,” he said. “I came up with it on my own, I threw it on my own. Nobody ever showed me any way to throw a splitty.”

    After that, he said, he’s simply looking forward to being in Boston, being a Red Sox, and not being, well, you know.

    “I’m so glad to be out of there,” he said. “I think it was the right thing for me and them.”

    See? Everybody’s happy.

  16. lawdog says:

    Andre Ethier signs a one-year contract with the Dodgers
    9:56 AM, February 17, 2009

    Before their scheduled arbitration hearing today, outfielder Andre Ethier and the Dodgers settled on a one-year, $3.1-million contract. Ethier can earn an additional $100,000 in incentives based on plate appearances.

    When Ethier and the Dodgers exchanged salary figures last month, Ethier asked for $3.75 million and the Dodgers offered $2.65 million.

    Stay tuned to for full spring training coverage.

    – Dylan Hernandez

  17. lawdog says:

    Watch Andre’s weight baloon now that he’s a millionaire. The guy has a blog on where to find the best eats all over the world. He’s a true gourmet and he knows and loves his food. The Dogs should have put a clause in his deal to pay him an extra $200,000 if he just eats bologna sandwiches packed in a brown bag for him by Frank’s personal butler, Jed during the long season.

  18. Mark Timmons says:

    Some people see the glass half empty (most of you).

    I see the glass as half full.

    Lawdog see it as bone dry!

  19. Bill Russell says:

    And some just want to win another championship.

  20. lawdog says:

    Naaaah! Mover, I don’t see everything in the glass as bone dry.

    It’s like we have an Emperor who is giving us all mandatory fashion advice. He thinks he’s dressed to the hilt when he’s actually buck naked. I’m just not going to shake his hand and tell him he’s a smart dresser–or reinforce such lies when others can’t see his nakedness. I’m going to call him an ass and point out that he’s not leading us wisely.

    We have a team without Manny which is good enough to be one power slugging weak fielding left fielder away from being the favorites to win it all. You have to have some talent to be in that position.

    That just makes it all the harder to take when you watch someone who had it all just fall in his lap screw the whole thing up and feels arrogantly superior to everyone else while he’s in the process of taking us out of contention through pure stupidity.

    Frank and Fred started with a glass 60% full. Now as Frank keeps staring down Boras, he’s too stupid to have noticed that he’s spilled half the glass on the ground through inattention. He still thinks he has more than a half glass when he’s managed to turn the glass into one that’s only about a third full at this point.

  21. lawdog says:

    You have to have a glass that’s at least half full to contend for the title.

  22. Bill Russell says:

    I’m banking on Lawdog’s glass being pretty much empty must of the time. If I lived in mossland my glass would be empty also.

    Look we all want the same thing and we just have different opinions on how to get there. Mine just happens to be the correct one. :smile:

  23. Badger says:

    We get a sandwich pick for a guy who pitches 211 innings of 3.24 and a 1.13 WHIP? And another guy who only played 100 games, is coming off surgery to a wrist, costs the 17th pick? Somfin smells like catfish. An overhaul of compensations must happen quickly.

    What does Penny mean he had nobody to teach him the split? I could teach him the split for crying out loud. It isn’t quark physics. Is Honeycutt REALLY that bad? Seems to me our collective pitching is always near the top of the league. I think it’s possible that 100 mph All Star appearance scroinged his sublabarium shoulderecti. He might have thrown half his sense to the plate that day too. He sounds like a butterhead to me.

    Not that you need it ldog, but I happen to be one who likes your perspective. I know better than to, every single freakin’ year keep saying “this is our year to win it all!” Not when you can look around both leagues and see a half dozen teams that are, at least on paper, much better than your own. Hope springs eternal, but I am too old and too experienced to fall for the same b.s. year after year.

    Sign Manny and let’s get this season tee’d up.

  24. Badger says:

    BTW, ldog, you tell the emperor he is an ass and it would be the last thing you ever said because by this afternoon your tongue would be on a hook and used for bait. And you can kiss having any kids good-bye as your family jewels would be on display at the town square.

    The court would rather you just get in line with the other peasants and tell the emperor he is a god.

  25. jerry says:

    could some one explain.the draft..for some one who know nothing about it …what happen to 1 – 16 ,,, 17 th doesnt sound to good to me. every one keep talking about the 17 th pick.,, it should making any difference..

  26. tired dodger fan says:

    I keep reading that if the dodgers sign hudson they loose the 17th pick, do we even know who that 17th pick might be what his upsides are. Im thinking its probably a couple of players that might fall to that pick. Does anyone have any info on that?

  27. mario says:

    I’d rather have Hudson then the 17th pick..
    I think we will end up signing him, hopefully for 2 years

  28. lawdog says:

    I haven’t looked it up Jerry, so take my opinion for what it’s worth. I’m pretty sure we have the 17th overall pick in the draft and if we sign Hudsen we have to give up our #1 plus his old team will get a sandwich pick between rounds #1 and #2.. We didn’t get the Braves #1 pick for Lowe because it was “protected”. The Braves were so bad last year they get to keep their 1st rounder and give us their second rounder.

    Hudsen is a superior second baseman. But i we were going after him we shouldn’t have given the 3 year 16 million dollar contract to that geezer who pushing 40–”Casey at the Blake”. To sign Hudsen now would be an admission by managmenent that they didn’t know what the hell thney were doing when they signed Casey Blake. They’ve already taken enough crap- for proving themselves felony stupid by siginging Pierre and the Andruw Jones whjen one was goping to have to sit. They then compounded the whole problem by aquiring Mannhy who makes both the other two lolok loike T-ballers.

    Confound it! Frank and Fred can’t admit they have no clothes on by creating a log jam at 2nd with the “future” DeWittyOne being moved to a position he’s already proved he can’t play to make room for Casey Blake. Now if you bring in Hudsen what do you do with DeWitt? platoon him with your 16 million dollar third baseman who hits around the Mendoza line? No, you can’t do that. DeWitt will have to play second where by his own admission, things did “not go well” when they played him there in the minors.

  29. lawdog says:

    Oh, and Badger, that sandwich pick we get for Lowe is pure pork! :shock:

  30. DRomo says:

    Check out Bowas reaction to Penny! I was rolling!! Penny was fat, out of shape, and wasn’t a team player. Remember him going after Kenny Lofton in the dug out? Go get crushed in the AL East Fatboy! Bowa is a beauty!

    As for Hudson, he is an upgrade! DO IT!! We lose the 17th pick? Big freaking deal. We gain a pick with Lowe going elsewhere. Besides, this isn’t the NFL. If we develop our kids properly we should not be crushed by 1 draft pick going to someone else.

    Thanks for picking me up BRuss! I am dying over here. Is Hudson the drip before the splash?

    Food for thought: If we sign Hudson we will have a surplus of middle infielders (Hu, DeWitt,Loretta, DeJesus). Does that open up a trade opportunity? Not sure what these guys would bring us in return, individually, but I have to believe that in the right package of players, they will help.


  31. lawdog says:

    Edit!!! We need an edit button here Mover. Age has robbed me of the ability to spellcheck in these small fonts. Once I see what I typed in the larger fonts—well it’s embarrassing is what it is. How can I sound intelligent when I can’t spell?

  32. lawdog says:

    I think Badger hit the nail on the head regarding Penny.

    I used to like Bad Penny until he pitched in that all star game and flirted with 100 mph on the gun. He looked like aces in that game, but was never the same again.

    I think he probably damaged his arm throwing 5-7 mph harder than he ever threw in any other game.

  33. lawdog says:

    Dromo: Those four guys would probably bring you an autographed Carl Furillo card, a couple of cupcakes and a can of flat Coors–not a downstream beer, but Coors!

  34. Mark Timmons says:

    Brad Penny was (is) an fat, stupid, lazy, slacker who has a $1,000,000 arm and a 10 cent brain.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish!

  35. lawdog says:

    Brad Penny has pitched just 3 complete games in his career!

    But how come nobody on the Dogs coaching or pitching staff taught him how to throw his “splitty”.

    Honeybutt strikes again!

  36. Mark Timmons says:

    … or maybe Penny is a moron who can’t get anything through his thick skull!

  37. mark says:


    For years, Penny routinely hit 97-99 on the gun. I’ve seen it hundreds of times. He threw about 1 or 2 MPH faster in the all star game.

  38. mark says:

    Penny = Broxton

  39. Bill Russell says:

    Mark, are you looking at Broxton as being full?
    I happen to like this kid and think he will shine in 2009. Come on tubby , prove me right… :smile:

  40. mark says:

    Hopefully, he can learn to pitch.

    Penny almost did at times.

  41. Bill Russell says:

    Heyman just stated on the MLB network that the Dodgers are the favorites to land Hudson. I have my fingers crossed.

  42. mark says:

    I’m calling Ned right now and telling him not to do it.

  43. Roger says:

    Saw the A-Rod address and question time this noon.

    He really lost me when he said two things:

    A – Yes, I was injected.

    B – 36 times.

    That is not some kid in the alley, experminting. That is buying, planning, doing, and doing it again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again

    So what will basebase do to him ????

  44. Bill Russell says:

    Ned must of answered your phone call because the lastest report has Hudson going to the Royals. Who knows. If we want to win next year we’ll sign him, if we want to save McCourt more money for the third Malibu beach house we will go with DeWitt at 2nd. DeWitt could use one year at triple A to work on his skills. I predict DeWitt’s average to be around .240 with 12 homeruns. Not what the doctor ordered for a championship run.

  45. Badger says:

    Penny had the best stuff on any 6 inning pitcher I ever saw, he just couldn’t throw strikes. 243 GS and 3 complete games? That stat is ridiculous. If he had any command, he could have completed many more games. He threw way too many pitches. And yes, he was never really the same after that All Star appearance.

    ARod is a guy who never tells the truth. He is an example of a celebrity whose every step is handled by publicists. I was young, I was stupid. Yeah, that’s true, but you also knew exactly what you were doing. If was “over the counter” then why all the secrecy? AFraud sums him up for me.

    But we also get back to the reality of owners and the union knowing it was going on and by purposely doing nothing actually supporting the policy. There is a lot of complicity here, which brings me back to my point about a lack of integrity from top to bottom in this game. It’s about the money. It’s ALWAYS about the money. Can we really hold the players feet to the fire when it in reality it was accepted by those who run the game? Where is Kenesaw Landis when you need him?

  46. GoNzO says:

    Probably rolling in his grave Badger. Although ARod did juice lets not forget these freaking money hungry owners that turned a blind eye. I also think that the third party to blame are the fans. We kept going to the park eventhough we knew something was up.

    Oh for the days Fred McGriff led the league in HR’s with 36. I remeber when 12-15 HR’s as a middle infielder made you a stud 20+ a superstar. But, like Berkman said they’re all guilty by association now.

    Doesn’t it seem funny to you guys how Pujils all of a sudden decided not to particiapte in the WBC? Come on the guy makes 15 mil+ a year and he won’t find anybody to insure him or pay out of his own pocket? Or could it be that the WBC has strict testing policies?? HHMMM


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